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Old September 28th, 2012 (3:44 AM).
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Out of the this whole generation of Pokemon Gaming, how many stars one each of your fourth generation games did you aquire on your trainer cards? Did you find some ways of obtaining a certain star hard? How so? Have you got them all? Are you aiming to get them all?

If I can recall correctly, I think I collected 3 (in both my Heart Gold and Diamond versions.) I'm not aiming to aquire all of them, mainly because I wouldn't have the patience or the time to do so. Although in saying that, IU could work on earning them little by little..
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Old September 28th, 2012 (4:13 AM).
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I've got 3 in my was a struggle to break all records of the Pokeathlon, because of Pennant Capture. Shiny Leaves weren't hard. It was just simply talking to your Pokemon that's following you at specific routes depending on nature. I'm aiming to obtain the other stars, through beating up 100 trainers in the Battle Tower. And obtaining (almost) all the Pokemon in the National Pokedex. And they're both hard!
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Old September 28th, 2012 (9:27 AM).
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I earned 1 star in HG/SS for beating the Pokemon League.

In D/P/Pt, I think I earned 2 for beating the Master Rank Cool/Tough contest and beating the Pokemon League.

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Old September 28th, 2012 (6:38 PM).
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In SoulSilver, I have 1 star for beating the Elite Four.

None on my Sinnoh games yet, although on Diamond (technically my bro's) I do have 1 star, also for beating the Elite Four.
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Old September 28th, 2012 (7:57 PM).
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I got 2 stars, gonna get my 3rd one in the next few days
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Old September 29th, 2012 (1:04 AM).
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I tried earning stars on my Platinum but it really is difficult. So far I've only got one star for beating the Elite Four. Since I'm not a fan of the Sinnoh Pokemon contests I'm not going to attempt the Master Contests anytime soon. Right now, I'm slowly working on getting a Platinum flag underground and a 100 trainer battle streak in the Battle Tower along with catching them all.

Heartgold is also one star,I'm planning to win all the Pokeathlon courses since I find them really enjoyable :3. Also I've heard the Shiny Leaves are easy to get if you know where to find them for a certain nature so I'm certainly trying that soon .
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Old September 29th, 2012 (10:14 AM).
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2 on my SoulSilver
One on my platinum tho...
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Old October 14th, 2012 (6:33 AM).
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On HG I managed to get all 5 stars. I didn't even realise I was receiving the stars at first until I read that you could get them, and by that time I already had 4/5. Stuff like the Battle Tower, the Pokéathlon and collecting all the Pokémon are things I do anyway, so I had completed those three (and the Elite Four star) before realising they were even goals for the trainer card. The only one I had left to get was the golden leaf star which seemed silly to me as an achievement comparable to a 100 win streak in BT or beating the league, but I did it anyway and got a nice shiny black card :3

As for Pearl, I only managed to get 4 stars. The Battle Tower, Pokédex completion and contests are all things I strive to complete anyway so once again those were all done before thinking about completing the trainer card, as well as the Elite Four star, but as for the capture the flag star I don't even know what that is lmao. I've never even heard of playing capture the flag in a Pokémon game but from what I understand it's a game you play with other players in the Underground, in which case I won't be able to collect that star since I don't have anyone to play it with. xD
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Old October 15th, 2012 (11:27 AM).
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I'm pretty sure that for Platinum, I only got one star on my trainer card (didn't play it all that much after beating the story). For HeartGold, I got 3 stars on my card, but I still have intentions to get all 5 at one point.
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