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Which is the most hated Pokemon in your opinion?

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Old August 24th, 2012 (7:55 PM).
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i am just gonna say magikarp trololololol jk
i am just gonna say chancy because of its heal and also darkrai because of its dream eater and hypnosis and it also looks kind of derpyyyyyy
lol XD

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Old August 24th, 2012 (10:16 PM).
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Emolga... I hate that annoying troll with Volt Switch and Static. I was stuck on Elesa's gym for a long time and the annoying thing was that Elesa had two Emolga's which was even more annoying. That's why I hate every single Emolga.
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Old August 24th, 2012 (11:33 PM).
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Zubats deserve all the hate they can get. Combine it with their confuse ray/supersonic and watch your blood pressure rise. :p
Old September 2nd, 2012 (5:06 PM).
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Hmm... Most hated pokemon... I love them all, but I don't really care for Claydol or Solosis... They are extremely creepy to me, especially Claydol.
Old September 2nd, 2012 (5:35 PM).
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Either Zubat or Magikarp. Both of 'em seem to get a crap load of hate, which is well earned in both of their cases.
Old September 2nd, 2012 (7:34 PM).
Brendino Brendino is offline
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My answer might be different, depending on what you mean by "my opinion." If you meant what do I believe is everyone else's most hated Pokemon, Trubbish/Garbodor, Zubat and Magikarp come to mind right away.

If you were looking for my personal opinion, I can say that I hate Tentacool the most. No matter how many times I played through the games when I was younger, I would never learn, so I would always forget to buy Repels when surfing somewhere new. Way too often I would see Tentacool, and it just got really annoying. On the off chance I ran into a high-leveled one and couldn't run away on the first turn, I would always be lucky enough to get poisoned by it. This just made my hatred for it that much greater.
Old September 3rd, 2012 (6:41 PM).
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Magikarp for me. I hate those battles where the fishermen throw out 5 magicarps in a row, hahaha.
Old September 3rd, 2012 (9:25 PM).
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Hmmmmmm.... :D
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Woopers, always when i am in safari zone i only find woopers
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Old September 22nd, 2012 (6:47 PM).
poke-world poke-world is offline
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Geodude, Bidoof, Starly, Budew, Ratata, Golbat, Tentacruel, Tentacool. All the reoccuring nasties that make our pokemon journey lives hell.
Old September 23rd, 2012 (7:04 AM).
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Tympole, Palpitoad, and Woobat. God, their designs are just hideous and weird. Woobat's nose is in the shape of a heart, for god's sake! Tympole and Palpitoad look seriously ugly as well. Good thing Seismitoad (or however you spell it) looks cool.

Tentacool and Zubat are just plain obnoxious in the ocean and caves, respectively. For some odd reason, Tentacool still appear even when I use a Repel.
Old September 23rd, 2012 (7:35 AM).
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I really don't understand this thread, it seems like you're asking "what in your opinion is everyone else's opinion?" :\

Uhh...Some people don't like Garbodor?
Old September 23rd, 2012 (10:42 AM).
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I can't stand Weedle. Hate it.
Old September 28th, 2012 (5:54 PM).
xxlazaro xxlazaro is offline
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Geodude is sooo annoying! Also Vanillite is pretty bad :/

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Old September 29th, 2012 (1:22 PM).
Johtoskitzo Johtoskitzo is offline
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Rattata Defeintly my heartgold has 83 of the little pests
Old September 29th, 2012 (1:33 PM).
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I would guess Zubat, Golbat, Tentacool, Magikarp, Woobat, Rattata, and all those Pokemon that get spammed in water, land, or caves.

I spit fire, fr tho
Old September 29th, 2012 (4:41 PM).
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The Vanillite line for sure, and rightfully so. :/
Like seriously, Pokemon have always been based on animals or mythical creatures, but when they base it on an ice cream cone, it becomes annoying. The Pokemon itself is creative, but very contradictory as to its origin. I don't think there was ice cream in Arceus' days O,O
Doesn't make sense and removes any originality as to the designs of Pokemon in general. An ice cream cone Pokemon, pfft. @|
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Old October 3rd, 2012 (2:36 AM).
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Some of the crappy evolutions of Generation one Pokemon are unforgivably bad! Seriously, what the hell is Tangrowth? It's like the Jar Jar Binks of the Pokemon world!

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Old October 3rd, 2012 (2:39 AM).
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I think Magikarp gets too much trash ever since Gen I. :3 Its not that bad, it can at least flail spam, and evolves into a beast at level 10 iirc :3
Old October 3rd, 2012 (3:12 AM).
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I hate Kabutops although Fossil Pokèmon was my favorite. Kabutops had a creepy design and sharp claw. So, I thought it was dangerous for Pokèmon life.
Old October 4th, 2012 (5:02 PM).
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Pokemon I hate? Well design-wise I think Luvdisc,Trubbish,Garbodor,Slugma and Woobat looks awful. Luvdisc is this pink sideways heart with two small eyes and a wide mouth,it wasn't very adorable to me. Then there's the Trubbish line, it's a garbage bag then a huge pile of rubbish filled with rotten food and other old items. Slugma,is this little orange slug with yellow rocks in it and this slimy substance dripping from it's nose which I think is mucus :P.

And Woobat,I kind of dislike for that awful love heart shaped nose,if it didn't have that I might of considered using it.

Moving on,Zubats,Tentacools,Rattatas,Bidoofs and Audinos. Without repels in a cave,Zubat appears everywhere. They're especially irritating to fight with their Supersonics and other status inflictions.

Then there's Tentacool popping up everywhere while you're surfing around. Sometimes you can't escape and get poisoned and badly damaged.

Rattatas,they appear on almost every route.With moves like Super Fang and quick attack,I hate this creature.

Bidoof,looks ridiculous and bulky,it was a pain to kill.Last is Audino,yes it gives you loads of experience :3,but honestly it's annoying to kill.
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Old October 4th, 2012 (5:03 PM).
halcyonic halcyonic is offline
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I seriously hate u know what? Landorus, it's so creepy & its tail looks mutated, gah......
Old October 4th, 2012 (7:00 PM).
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zubat is a pain wooper gets in your way when your in the safari zone audino is hard to find and kill and drapion loves to poison you to much.
Old October 4th, 2012 (7:08 PM).
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I was never to big a fan of Magikarps, or as I like to call them, Magicraps.
Old October 4th, 2012 (9:18 PM).
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Originally Posted by The Amazing Justin View Post
I was never to big a fan of Magikarps, or as I like to call them, Magicraps.
Haha, same :D

I hate Luvdisk. 'Okay, lets make a Pokemon with a crappy design, lame name and a pathetic move-set and call it a day!' - The creation of Luvdisk
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Old October 24th, 2012 (11:27 AM).
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I dislike Emolga. Whenever I go Audino-hunting, what annoys me the most is Emolga popping out of the shaking grass one after another. PLUS Emolga have Double Team which makes it keep avoiding attacks. Doesn't anyone else feel the same way?!

I also dislike Basculin. It's about the only pokemon to appear while I'm surfing, or more frustratingly, while I'm hunting for a specific pokemon. ARGH. But this dislike is less than Emolga's dislike.

I don't really dislike Stunfisk, but it is one of those which have the label "I'm going to run away every time I encounter one" on it.

Hmm..what else? I don't really have anything else in mind..but when something else comes up, I'll pop in here again. :)
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