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    I made this 2 years ago, and that I remade it in my deviantART account. But since I'm too lazy to type it, I copy and pasted it:
    Link to the real one:

    A 12 year old boy named Bob. At May 27th, 2009. He talks in a geeky voice, he is boring, he is super annoying, and he gets constantly bullied. At lunch, his friend got sick and went home. But when he got his food, he tried finding a place to sit. He then went to a table, where his main rival(he forgot he is), Beck, and his friends are there.

    "Hey Beck, can I sit there?" Bob asked.
    Beck was talking, then he looked at Bob, having a blank face expression.
    "Seriously, can I sit here?"
    Beck's friends stared at Bob.
    "Uhhhh..... I don't know....." Beck said.
    Bob then left."Okayyy......... freaks."

    Beck is really mad. All the things Bob did that really annoyed and ticked him off. He then plotted revenge for this.

    "Ok guys, about "bobo"(Bob), we should tell him to go to the park."
    "Why?" one of Beck's friends say.
    "We should beat him up, put him in a sack, and on Monday, we should humiliate him to the whole school!"
    "Yeah, I think that this chatternerd should really get beaten up." said another one of Beck's friends.
    " At 3:00, we would bring him to the park, me and him. When I say "Hey Bob, I got something for you!", when he asked, that's when you attack him."
    Everyone then starts to like it and then laughs about what they will do to Bob.

    3 hours later, Bob and Beck head to the park.
    "Hey Bob, I got something for you!" Beck said.
    "What, is it from the Digimon Frontier franchise?" Bob answered.
    "No, but it's something really fantastic. Wait here, I'm getting it."

    Beck then ran to his house, bring his friends, they were hiding. Beck then came.

    "Bob, here is the surprise."
    Bob was happy, until he got hit by a baseball bat.
    "Hey what gives?" Bob whines.
    "HERE IS WHAT YOU DESERVED FOR BEING SO ANNOYING!" Beck and his friends say.
    They choked Bob, broke his arms and legs, slammed his face to the wall, and punched him in the stomach.
    "AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Bob screamed in pain.
    They then used a stun gun, and he passed out.

    "Let's use the sack, tie his arms and legs, and make his scream when he wakes up." Beck laughed.
    They then threw him to the sack, tied the sack, and then they came to the school and put him there.

    Three days later, 2 girls were talking about Justin Bieber. Then they saw the sack.
    "Hey, there's something in the sack!" said the blonde girl.
    "Do you think that we should open it?" said the brunette.
    They then nodded, and when they tried opening it, it squirmed, and they ran and told everyone about it.
    Bob came out, crying, and he was tied, while he stinks badly.
    "Ohhhhhhhhh......" Bob is very sick.
    People then laughed about how he is bullied badly. But his best friend is crying about how he was being bullied.
    Everyone then told people on Youtube, and recorded this. Then Bob tried getting his arms and legs about of the rope, but he failed.

    Everyone then left, except Beck, his friends, and Bob's best friend, Derek.
    Derek then untied Bob, and Bob ran away, crying, Beck felt bad. How can someone try to do this? Derek went to look for him.
    Beck and the others laugh.
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      When Bob went to his room, he wonders why he is getting beaten up a lot today. He hit his own armor, it's a bit weaker than yesterday. He then worries why. Is it because he stinks? Stinkiness can weaken some things. He can't smell, but breathe due to his eye holes and other holes(arms, chest, legs, back). He then took a bath, the water finally went inside Bob's body and cleaned it.

      He is still wearing the armor. When he tried using soap to clean the cast, it went through the eye holes to Bob's eye. Bob then screamed, and he fell down. A while later, his armor is as hard as steel. The next day, when Bob tried saying hi to Derek, Derek didn't respond.

      "Derek, why won't you talk to me still?"
      "You don't get it do you Bob?" A girl said.
      "Miranda, get out of this, I'm trying to talk to Derek."

      "No Bob, the reason why I don't want to talk to you, is because, like do you know how you can live wearing this armor for the rest of your life!? Your skin can get damaged if it outgrows it, by now, it's going to. And you won't even make new friends. People think of you as some kind of Pupitar monster or something. Or a zombie. Also, do you think you can even play gym with this? It's like you love it as a wife or something." Derek said.
      "Derek, you don't get it. I am trying to protect yourself so I won't deal with stress, plus, I endured many things using this thing. I'm wearing it until I won't get bullied or made fun of."

      "Dude, really, just leave Miranda and Derek alone. Derek has a point. This cast won't help you succeed with many things. Plus, the more you wear it, the possibility you can die. Like, you are still growing, the cast is going to burst and explode, you will be in this too. I seen a guy do this, he is very afraid of everything like you, he died by this. Plus, quit being a crybaby, grow up, and be a man." A guy said.

      Everyone looked at Bob, a lot. Bob can't even eat easier, plus, he can't even pee or poop too. His skin is starting to put pressure on the metallic cast. When Bob started going to lunch, he then started feeling a pain going on in some areas on his body. It's getting worse, and then the robotic cast immediately switched to defense mode, resembling a real Pupitar(except it's metallic and he is not a pupitar). Bob can't even move his body, then he pushed a button that can make him fly.

      Once he did that, people started to get annoyed of Bob for making sounds because he is flying. One guy threw a milk carton(full one) at Bob's face. Bob then became angry and slammed the dude with one hit. The person is bleeding badly. Dislocated arms, neck, etc. The nurse came and took him. People dislike Bob more. Bob then pressed the button back to human armor position(the same as before).

      "Are you sick of something? Trying to kill a guy for throwing a milk carton at you? You take everything to the extreme when someone attacks you slightly weak or didn't attack you but looks like it. Do you know how powerful the cast is. You hit him full force, very fast! You will be a monster if you keep this up." Derek said.

      "Derek....... I'm sorry. I just got carried away. This cast is just getting loose because of you guys, it's giving me a headache. You guys caused it to make me be in pain."

      "No we didn't do this. We warned you about the side effects. But no, you didn't listen. I thought we were friends Bob. Before, you used to take problems easily most of the time, now, it looks like you have no common sense."

      "Oh so I don't have common sense. How about you, you don't know how to understand how it's like living in this cast. I'm wearing this forever."

      "You are insane. Derek is right, you have no common sense. Look how you almost killed the boy. You could have gone to juvie for this. Do you want me to call them for you to take off this monstrosity."


      Bob the turned into offense and defense mode, and he tried slamming the person, but the guy caught it. Bob tried ramming, but no use. People tried throwing rocks at Bob, the armor reflected back at them, injuring their arms. Bob then finally got the upper hand and attacked the guy, he fell down, unconscious.

      "Now you are the monster to this school. Congratulations, you are a senseless beast and is the worst crybaby with a safety suit on. And you shouldn't be proud of this."

      Everyone left, and Bob didn't even feel bad, he then became frustrated and went to last block. During Honors Algebra, the teacher stared at Bob, scared of him. He thinks in his brain.( How can I deal with him? I heard how he almost killed that little boy). When math started, the teacher said a simple equation of square roots.

      "Ok, what is the square root of 297? Remember how we practiced this last week." When Bob tried writing, the pain happened. He then ignored it and wrote that the square root of it is 17.2. But a guy raised his had up before Bob, and he said the answer. Bob got upset.

      "But I got the answer before him! Bob whined.
      "Bob, but he raised his hand up first, remember?"
      "But I should have said the answer first!"
      "Quit it Bob. Don't go off on me like you did on lunch, just stop whining and move on."

      Bob became angry, and then he yelled. The sound inside the cast rattled, creating a stressful sound. Then he chased the person on the way home, while the dude went to his house, he pinned the door. But Bob broke through the door, and the pieces of the door came off. The person went running. But Bob has an idea. He then went outside, and he broke the bottom of the house, and the boy fell down, getting a major accident. The house is in pieces. the boy is crying, he can't get out. Scratches, and his legs are stuck, and it's cut off. Bob ran away.

      Made by me, but lazy to type this, so copied and pasted. original thing:

      If you don't understand, look at this link, look at my gallery, see "Bob's Adventures". Click it, and see all 19 episodes. No hate comments please, comment on what you think about this.
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        Just for a little disowner, I'm just going to be completely honest here and say don't take my bit of criticism in the bad way. Now that's said, let's get started.

        Don't just copy + paste without looking because there could be some major styling and format changes when you switch between different websites. You can copy and paste, just make sure you look over the final results. I figured this out after seeing your text in the quote box, with indented paragraphs and the works but it doesn't work when you post it.

        Originally Posted by Volcanix769 View Post
        When Bob went to his room, he wonders why he is getting beaten up a lot today. He hit his own armor, it's a bit weaker than yesterday. He then worries why. Is it because he stinks? Stinkiness can weaken some things. He can't smell, but breathe due to his eye holes and other holes(arms, chest, legs, back). He then took a bath, the water finally went inside Bob's body and cleaned it.
        Where did this guy get armor? I'm just basing this off from your previous post, or chapter, and there's almost nothing mentioning Bob wearing armor. If it's mentioned in a chapter between these two, then post them. I'm not going to go through the trouble of looking at all your other chapters posted on some other website.

        This is the first paragraph of your chapter. It's very boring. Other than the fact that his name is Bob, of all names, it's full of repetition and unnecessary rambling. I don't even get it. Bob can't smell? What? I kind of hate saying this about another's literature work, but this is just so vague and off. It doesn't flow at all. It's just Bob does this. Smelling is this. That's so bland. Add in description and vary your sentences.

        So I took the time to bold two parts of the text. One is the parenthesis, where you could just say, "the holes on his arms, chest, legs, and back." Or a better way to say it, "holes all over his body like swiss cheese." The next bold is a comma splice. That means two independent clauses are conjoined by a comma, when it should be separated by either a period or a comma.

        Also, stinkiness isn't a word.

        Originally Posted by Volcanix769 View Post
        He is still wearing the armor. When he tried using soap to clean the cast, it went through the eye holes to Bob's eye. Bob then screamed, and he fell down. A while later, his armor is as hard as steel. The next day, when Bob tried saying hi to Derek, Derek didn't respond.
        This is jumping everywhere. It makes it confusing and I can barely comprehend what's happening. There's just nothing happening. He tried taking a bath, I'm assuming, and he got soap in his... eye hole? No further comment.

        There is another comma splice. This is a lot more obvious than the other one and you should have seen this. Are you proof-reading this?

        Originally Posted by Volcanix769 View Post
        "Derek, why won't you talk to me still?"
        I need a space here
        "You don't get it do you Bob?" A girl said.
        I need a space here
        "Miranda, get out of this, I'm trying to talk to Derek."
        Okay, first, format it correctly. Space out everything by another line, which I have noted for you in the corresponding places.

        Next, this made me so lost. I have no idea where Bob is, nor Derek. Then a girl comes out of nowhere. You're lacking actions. Also, please put in some imagery. This is getting ridiculous.

        Okay, I've decided to stop saying things specifically at content, because I'd get agitated. You have a lot of problems with agreeing in the tense. You started with present, then switched to past right when you began typing up dialogue. Please choose a tense and be sure to be consistent.

        Your opening sentence about Bob, in the first chapter, told the reader everything about Bob. You should never do that. This is a story and in stories, characters are revealed. This is when you discreetly say little things, like if Bob hid in a locker readers could tell that he is a timid person. Or if he doesn't speak much and other characters comment on it. It is not the narrator's job to just hand out character sheets with their personality decked out.

        Your characters are unrealistic. It doesn't matter what genre you're writing in, your characters have to be believable. I have no idea if these characters are human or not, but I guess that's irrelevant. If they talk, they have a mind. And as far as I'm concerned, they should be able to think properly. None of the characters like Bob, and it seems like it for no reason. It's just not plausible. I mean no one likes him. Now Bob isn't the worst person on the planet, so why does everyone hate him? He's not stuck up, frightening or anything. He's just... well... nothing to me. Just there. Please explain it.

        There are a lot of grammar problems. Oddly enough, there's almost no problem with spelling. Your sentences are the root of the problem, since everything is placed so awkwardly and they sound terrible. The dialogue sounds almost robotic to me. There are too many commas and a lot of them unnecessary. I'll say this: Proof-read. Please read over what you wrote before posting it on some forum.

        I suggest you get a beta reader or someone so that they could tell you what needs work before posting it. It helps a lot.

        Sorry if I sounded a bit harsh. I'm just saying a few things you need to work on, which is a lot. You should just revamp a lot of it, then we'll see. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me.

        I'll see you around.
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          When Bob he opened the door to his middle school, he was vastly astonished on what he is just seeing near the principal's office. Derek is hanging out with new friends. They're a bunch of hot chicks. Derek is laughing with them, until Bob came.

          Bob was pretty angry. He stormed off and and punched Derek in the face. Derek fell down to the ground at a loud thud. He clenched his fists hard as tight as possible. "Derek! I thought you were supposed to be with me!"

          Derek got up stared at Bob with annoyance. The girls are giggled on how Bob talks. These girls are actually popular at school, and Miranda is one of them.

          "Derek, you know this weird guy? He's pretty geeky and he actually knows you?" One of the girls questioned.

          Derek was sweating very fast, and he's pretty quite tensed. "N....... noooooooo......... I don't recognize him, I never even seen him in my entire life......"
          Bob is crying very loudly. His face is red and boogers came out of his nose, not only was his face turning a deep shade of red, the mess streaming out of his nose made the audience turn in disgust.

          "DE..... DEREK!!!!!!!!!! I THOUGHT WE WERE FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY WOULD YOU BETRAY MEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!"

          Bob was about to punch Derek, but the girls countered his fist, they're very angry and annoyed. One tall girl grabbed Bob's shirt and pulled his cowardly face to her intimidating grin.

          "Listen. We don't need your whining and unpopularity here. And he doesn't even know who you are. Why are you here?! Get away from us or your definitely in BIG TROUBLE."

          The girl pushed Bob to the ground. Bob ran away got up and ran away fast, crying hard. Derek felt kind of bad for what he did to Bob.

          (Why did I have to lie that I don't even know Bob? Why? He's very lonely and he's gone so much....... Just because I can't help him enough doesn't mean that I have to leave him..... If they see me with him, they will not be friends with me...... What choice do I have?) Derek is frustrated. Most of the girls left except Miranda, feeling concerned. She slowly walked to him and placed her yellow nail polished hand on Derek's shoulder.

          "Derek! You're coming to English Honors?" Miranda answered.

          "Yeah, sorry about me holding you up. I was worrying about Bob."

          I know how you feel, I used to hate Bob, but I actually felt bad for how I did to him. But it's hard for me, like everyone hates Bob because he is a crybaby, very geeky, sorta childish, and yet he's a big fan to Pokemon and Digimon. But I wish that I can help him, but if the girls see me with him, I'll be kicked out of their group."

          "I won't let this happen, there must be a way for me to be with Bob."

          They walked to English Honors late and walked to Ms. Alborn. She's marking them late on her gradebook.

          "Derek Chatman and Miranda Arisawa, you are late." Ms. Alborn explained.

          "We're sorry Ms. Alborn, we were........." Derek was confused to say, then he thought of an idea. "We were trying to help someone get to class, he's new here."

          They fake smiled, with their invisible aura of negativity is emitting from their bodies that no one can detect it.

          "Fine, but you two will serve morning detention, I know that your parents don't allow you to be after school late."

          Derek walked to his seat and sat next to Bob. Bob's crying hard after what the mean girls did. Miranda walked next to Bob and sat at her desk, she turned around. Derek feels regret for what he did to Bob, so he poked him.

          "Bob, can I talk to you, Miranda wants to talk to you also." Derek asked.

          Bob is sobbing harshly loud. "Why are you here? You betrayed me, Miranda hates me also, I remember when she poisoned me and she was laughing." Bob cries louder.

          "Bob, it's okay, Miranda changed, she doesn't want to hurt you anymore, she wants to say something to you."

          Miranda shoved her seat next to Bob. "Bob, I'm sorry about what I did to you, I didn't know what I was doing. The reason why I was angry is how you embarrassed me back in 6th grade, you made me be in a huge accident at the party before we moved to 7th grade. I was also embarrassed when people keep believing that we like each other."

          Bob calmed down a bit. "Tha...... That's why? And Derek, why didn't you want to be with me?"

          Derek is astonished. He doesn't even know what to say, because if he does, Bob will lash out and have a mind of an ape. "Uhhhhhhhh................"

          Ms. Alborn is annoyed of Bob. "Bob, stop crying or I will call your parents." Bob stopped his continuous amount of sobbing.

          "Bob, I will try to hang out with you and Bill, but you have to not be in the way sometimes."

          "WHY!? I thought we WERE best FRIENDS!" Bob started to cry again, and he's so peeved, he went off on Derek, everyone is ran away for the 1st seat from the door, hiding behind the teacher's desk, seeing on what's happening.

          Ms. Alborn took the telephone from the wall and called security. They came after 2 minutes took away Bob while he thrashes around with his annoying amounts of his bawling and screeching.

          Ms. Alborn is so angry, she told them on what happened. "Bob, he was crying over something. So I tried helping him, but he's too hard to understand. Then he was crying harder, and he abused a student that was trying to."

          The security guards stared at Bob with a menacing grin. "Bob, this is your last time. If you do this again, you'll be suspended, like how you burned your elementary school last year. I know that middle school is a hard year and that you are not getting used to it, but you will someday grow up."

          Bob stopped crying. Everyone surrounded Derek and they began staring at his black eyes, his heavily bruised skin and his tethered clothing. Miranda was so amazed of what Bob did. "Derek, did he hurt you?" Miranda questioned.

          "I'm fine, but I actually don't want to be friends with Bob anymore, I had enough with him. I'm done." Derek said.

          "Wait, because of what he did to you? If so, I'm not going to help him either, because he'll stay like this forever! He's afraid of himself and he's hard to fix. I don't want to be a friend status with him."

          People agreed and nodded their heads. They actually don't want to be with Bob, so they started a quiet discussion about him.

          "Pokemon Science nerd." A guy whispered.

          "A monkey." A girl said while giggling quietly.

          "And he's a big crybaby, "I thought we WERE best FRIENDS! WAAAAAA!!!!!" A boy pretended to be Bob.

          EPISODE 20:

          PREVIEW: A few hours have passed since an incident happened. A fight? But what kind of fight? A numerous amount of gossip has been spreading around the whole school because of this "fight". But what fight are they talking about?

          NOW: Derek rushed out of the school's front door at a fast pace, slamming it very hard. He paced very quickly, because he knew that Bob may come to him. Droplets of saline water erupted out of his skin. And Derek quickly made it to his destination at time.

          Meanwhile, Bob is on his bed, sobbing wildly. His room is a monstrosity. It's tethered up and the wall is slashed. Dampness of the bed dripped out of it and ruined the paper at the floor he is supposed to turn in. Bob's face is red, a stream of green disgust dripped out of his nostril.

          Bob remembers of what the girls said: ("Listen. We don't need your whining and unpopularity here. And he doesn't even know who you are. Why are you here?! Get away from us or your definitely in BIG TROUBLE.") He thinks that he's not supposed to be in this world. Then he gawked at his pillow, he hallucinated it as Derek's face. He punched it in anger, and he cried all night, giving everyone a fright.

          The next day, Bob came to school with dry mucus and tears all over his unhealthy face. He is in a mess. He walked slowly to his seat, but he realized that Derek has a new partner. He sat down at his desk quietly.

          Bob raised his hand. "Ms. Alborn, why is Derek sitting with Miranda!?"

          "Bob, you should know that already, there is no excuse for asking me." Ms. Alborn explained.

          "I don't know! Why is Derek sitting with Miranda!?" Bob caused a tantrum, he screeched like a bat. He jumped and was about to attack Derek, but Derek grabbed him. He punched Bob in the stomach very forcefully. Bob passed out with a stream of saliva coming out of his mouth. Bob is having a detention at Friday.

          When Bob was at recess sitting at the bench under a tree, he is still upset about what happened yesterday and today. His head is down, then he looked up and saw Derek standing and talking to his "girl"friends. He knew that he had the chance to apologize to him. He ran to Derek to talk to him with tears of joy and hope coming out of his eyes.

          "De...... DEREK! I MISS YOU!!!!! I want you to be my friend again!" The girls turned around and saw Bob with Derek, they were behind him. Bob turned around, then he was astonished and fell down at the sharp particles of the ground. He then stood up, shivering in fear.

          "Loo....... Lookkk....... I........It's not wh........what it lo....... looks like............"

          Bob stuttered very fast. One of the girls grabbed Bob by his shirt and pulled him up to her face. "Look, I thought that you were told to stay away from us." The girl snapped her fingers, Bob ran away. But the girl grabbed his back.

          They pulled him back kicked him in the stomach, Bob ejected a red liquid out of his mouth. They choked him harshly and they pushed him. Bob was laying at the ground with sharp projectiles. The saline liquid came out of his eyelids. Then the girls put a bag over Bob head and tied it. Bob panicked and tried breathing, but each time he does that, he loses breath. He passed out and fell down in a loud thud as it's like an aftershock. The girls left Bob, with a pool of blood.

          A few hours later, Bob was walking home, he saw Derek, he knew that since that the girls aren't here, he could have a chance with him. He limped towards him. He's still bruised.

          "Derek...... Why can't you be..... *sniffle* friends with me??"

          Derek was disgusted of how Bob always bothers him. He ignored Bob and ran away. Bob is starting to lose his energy, as he's in the heavy downpour with no umbrella. He reached his hand.

          "DDDDEKKKKKRREEEEEKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Bob cried loudly and passed out.

          The next day, Bob went towards a mass of people. He is astonished, Derek has changed. He's a goth. Spiky clothing, gold and black stripes, spiky hair, gothic makeup, shiny sneakers, and a spiky necklace. Bob realized why Derek doesn't want him, because he just wanted popularity. Feeling betrayed, Bob ran towards Derek and punched him.

          "DEREK! WHY BETRAY ME!? YOU STUPID ATTENTION SEEKER!" Derek isn't injured, he smiled evilly. People ooed.

          "FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!" People are so happy.
          "Derek, beat up this [email protected]$$ nerd!" One of the popular girls screamed.

          Derek turned around with an infuriated expression and picked up his massive backpack. The strongest he could, he swung it around and thrashed Bob right on his back.

          Bob let out a loud screech, though others laughed at him. With an expressionless face, Derek beat Bob everywhere. Bob started shivering, and he felt sick to his stomach.

          "Please..stop.." Bob tried to let the words out, but it had come out as a scratchy, quiet voice. Derek showed no concern, then took out his spiky belt and whipped Bob like a horse. The spikes pierced his skin, and blood seeped out as fast as a river current.

          "Here Derek, use this baseball bat!" a bystander giggled. Derek accepted the bat, then whacked Bob harshly, leaving him on the ground. Bob held his heart, while hoping this madness would someday stop. Bob tried to get up, but was punched back to the ground.

          "Here Derek, you should use this. It'll be funny," another bystander said, handing Derek fuel and a match. Derek dumped the fuel on Bob, then lit him on fire. A big, hungry fire sprang up. The flaming fire ate at Bob's clothing.. The fire then subsided, leaving Bob's socks and his Pikachu boxers.

          "Ha! Idiot!"

          "Put some clothes on!"


          Bob's face lit up red with embarrassment. The next thing he knew, he was knocked out by Derek. People started leaving the situation and went to their classes, stepping on Bob as if he were a doormat.

          At 8M, Bob is crying so loud, even the whole house can hear it. It's worse then before. His face is very red, Bob has a major headache. Rick, Bob's younger brother came, and he knew why Bob is in so much pain. He sat next to Bob's damp bed and put his hand over his shoulder.

          "Bob, you need to move on. Your life can be better if you need to control yourself." Rick said calmly. "But it's hard to with all of these painful distractions!" Bob screeched, he put his head on his dry pillow. "Bob, you need to stay strong and to just move on. If Derek doesn't want to be friends, and if he doesn't seem to be a good friend, just do it.

          He's just another idiot that abandons their static friends for freedom. You need to stop being static and make new friends. I know that you have a problem, but you need to listen what people tried telling you. I'll be there for you Bob, no matter what. We're brothers, we are trying to help you, and I kinda feel bad about you having this problem." Bob then cheered up and hugged Rick.

          Placed it in the wrong forums. o-o
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            Fanfics should be posted in the main section of FF&W. I'll move it there for you.

            Quickly glancing through this now, though, it doesn't seem complete. There's a lot of missing description, and it's hard to tell what's going on and why. It's really unbelievable too. I don't think that school officials would allow a student that started fires in elementary school, physically assaulted another student, and caused major distractions to be punished only by one detention. Not to mention the possible murder (suffocation and bleeding) happening on school property that no one gets punished for.

            Wait. They set a kid on fire? In a public area with witnesses and teachers?

            And everything gets solved by a simple speech? With no one getting punished?

            Moving on to something simple, your word choices are very odd.

            Droplets of saline water erupted out of his skin.
            Why not just say sweat?

            The saline liquid came out of his eyelids.
            Or tears?

            Dampness of the bed dripped out of it
            What? If he's crying that much that his bed is soaked through enough to leak tears, then he's at least massively dehydrated.

            This story was very hard to take seriously. Everything was over-the-top that it's almost comedic and completely unbelievable. Bob's reactions make him a character that comes off as more annoying than someone to care for, and all of his classmates should seek some help because they're little murderers.

            And don't the adults care? At all?

            I'll still move your thread, but it seriously needs improvements.

            "Bob, I will try to hang out with you and Bill

            The prologue begins now! Before you start to run
            Reach out with your hand and grab your freedom
            An absolute protagonist, a perfect hero...
            Sadly, these are things I'll never become

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              Thanks for telling me that. And that I'm not much of a good writer but I try to sound more descriptive. But thanks anyways. And I originally wrote this like a few years back. And that when I posted this in another website, I was like told to give more description from people so I just did that so that's why I did saline water and things like that. And are you actually kind of weirded out when I written Bob and Bill? e-o
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                Here's more of my writings if you want to know what's going on: You may get scared by this.

                When Bob went to Science Class, Mr. Ghramer was in charge of the science fair in March 25th, 2010. Bob obtained a bottle that makes people more calm for a while. And it relieves from stress and makes them carefree.

                Miranda doesn't want Bob to exceed. It's the end of the 3rd marking period. So when Bob wasn't looking, she slowly went to his desk as slow as the wind.

                She then poured chemicals at Bob's drink secretly without Bob noticing. Bob then went in front of the class to talk about his experiment.

                "Hi. I'm Bob." People snickered silently on his nasally voice. "This is a mood experiment. It's about a person being relieved from stress and to calm down. They even forget about the harsh memories they have. I'll drink it now."

                Miranda is going to laugh. She thinks: (Watch and learn, Bob will get an F for this project. I'll laugh on my butt when he fails. I don't care about what the principal said about him, I just like doing my job).

                She smiled with an vile grin, and put her head on her cupped hands, watching Bob at the front of the class as when the part Bob was about to proceed to the bottle.

                When he drank it, something went wrong. Instead of feeling relieved, Bob grew bulkier like a Machamp, angrier and hot tempered liked a Primeape. He roared like a wild gorilla.

                People are scared and ran behind the teacher's desk at the back of the school. When Miranda was laughing, a guy was next to her. Bob thinks that the guy is making fun of him. He ran to him and thrashed him with his bulky fists.

                "Bob stop this madness!" Mr Ghramer tried pulling him, but Bob struck him vigorously in the balls with his leg, which caused excruciating pain, and threw him to the ground, flat out.

                "Bob! F! You have a detention after school today! Your experiment is a complete disaster!" Mr. Ghramer struggled to get up, then he collapses. Some people ran to the wounded teacher.

                "Is he alive?" A student asked.

                The other student tried checking his pulse, his heart, and his wounded areas.

                "He is still living and breathing, but he's bleeding enormously. Someone call the nurse, while I'll deal with this "baboon" who tried killing us all. Really Bob!? You drank your "potion", then you went all flared up, then you decided to take it out on your teacher!? What is this!? Wrestling in WWE!? Seriously, get some medical help."

                After hearing her speak, Bob was about to get all crazy on her, but some students went up and grabbed him. his saliva drooled vigorously, his body heat is exceptionally high(yet that he's supposed to be sick, but he's not). His muscles are all bulked and tensed up, and that he went from a full weak and defenseless wimp to a wild monkey.

                The bell rung, and everyone tried walking to 3rd period. Derek ran out of the bathroom, saw Bob walking fast, and ran to him. "Bob? What happened to you in Science class? One of my friends told me that you went off on someone."

                "Nothing! I have a lot on MY MIND!" Bob is very tensed, wishing that he can destroy something. A guy was walking, until he saw Bob's horrifying appearance, then he started laughing at how Bob's eyes are big and red.

                Bob growled louder and louder, he then stood on 4 limbs like a wolf, he snarled like a wolf, then he chased his super fast, fast as a cheetah, and jumped on him and started slashing him. He stabbed him with his big pencil, a sharp one, with led.

                Poison seeped into the guy's lungs, Bob then squeezed his neck like a water balloon, and that was where the guy's pressure point is at. Bob threw him to the dirty surface, and stomped his head, he put him in a sack and threw him to the dump. Derek is astonished.

                "This isn't you. Why are you stronger, even without the armor?" Derek asked. "None of your stupid business!" Bob then ran to gym class. When Gym proceeded, some of the people that are in Bob's Science class 2nd period are astonished of having Bob.

                When gym started, Bob is a bit calmer. A lot of guys didn't want Bob as their partner. Derek is at the bathroom, and Bob doesn't know he was going to pick him. Seeing this, this is where Bob breaks.

                His muscles bulked up, they are as big as a footlong. He sweats more often, releasing heat. The heat then went under the ground, they were so strong, that the plate tectonics was affected by it. He then forget who he is, and he thought that everyone was his enemy.

                Bob then screeched so loud, fissures appeared. The ground shaked and it cracked like ice, the cracks are as big as a Tyrannosaurus Rex, and the cracks look like that people can reach the end in forever. People ran away from the fissure.

                "This guy has totally lost his mind."

                "Seriously! Tell me about it, he also did it in Science class!"

                "And that when he was in the cast, but this is worse!"

                Derek came out, he saw Bob screeching so loud as a loudspeaker. The ground splits quickly. Light bulbs fell down, the windows way up the walls fell down, Derek then ran to Bob and kept forcing him to calm down, Bob shoved him to the end of the crack, Derek then hanged on to it.

                It got worse. Derek tried getting out of there, but the entrance got separated. Derek jumped, and almost failed to reach it. He grabbed the top of the floor, he was going to fall, the fissure got worse. Derek jumped out of it, and got out and ran with the others. The fissure stopped.

                Major destruction happened. Bob's voice is so strong, it can destroy the world if he becomes the overlord of the earth. Bob then lost his power and passed out.

                Bob sat alone by himself, stabbing his meatballs. People saw and laughed at Bob for how he raged out in Gym. His eyes are bloody red. Bob threw a fork at them, it stabbed their arms.

                Blood seeped out crazily, they ran away, as they were afraid of Bob. During recess, Bob was sitting down, Beck then went to Bob.

                "Bob, why are you like an ape?" Bob stared, growling. His skin is so hot. Beck was sweating. Bob growled louder. Beck and his friends ran away, since that they were afraid that he was going to eat them.

                And a guy saw Bob. He laughed about how bushy his hair is, then told his friend about him, they made fun of Bob's hobo like appearance. Bob then snarled, his skin is so hot.

                He chased them, and that he opened his mouth, the sharp teeth then was engulfed in flames, then he crunched them at their hands.

                "AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Fire erupted out of the bite mark(part of the drink had fuel, added by Miranda. The area is hot too), he ran. Bob spit at them, a big amount of spit.

                The spit then turned into fire and shrouded them. The inferno became worse, people saw, then the boys was formed into ash, as the fire subsided. People ran away, afraid of how dangerous Bob is.

                "Seriously, have you saw that fire!? It was as big as a skyscraper!"

                "And that he is so fast, he can even outrun a plane!"

                During Honors Math, Bob saw his test grade, it was a 70. He is in shock, his mom told him to get As because she was proud of his straight As last year. Bob got up, threw his paper to the ground then he screeched again.

                A fissure occurred again, some tried to get out of the dangerous earthquake, but it grabbed them, then 9/26 students fell into the abyss, never returning.

                The rest jumped out of the windows, down to the tree, and that they were safe. 5 minutes later, the fissure stopped, and that it resembles as rubble.

                After school, Bob was in central detention(after so much destruction). Mr. Ghramer looked at Bob. Bob is snarling, spit drooled to his desk, smoke came out. "Bob, can you stop growling and snarling, be quiet and read your book."

                Bob then threw the book to the ground. He came to him. He grabbed his arms, and ripped his fingernails off. Then Bob launched out fire out of his mouth, causing an inferno at the top of the school. Mr Ghramer had a heart attack and passed out. Bob ran away at the end of the school, screaming.

                The fire-fighters ran inside the engulfed school after 20 minutes, they used their hoses and shot out a forceful ray of H20.

                During that, some of the brave men quickly ran inside and found some survived students under the fire, and took them out. Then they destroyed the evil destroyer that tried eating away the school.

                EPISODE 19:

                A few days after Bob caused fissures, inferno, and violent rampages, a horrible world began. In the world, violence is allowed. Bad guys got guns and shot wimpy kids and burned them into ash.

                Meanwhile, the school is terrorized. Principal Kumar is in a tank full of eels, the eels shocked him. Bill(Miranda's twin) was forced to guard the overlord, Bob.

                Bob is wearing black clothes, he has blood red eyes, spiky hair, frightening appearance. He is sitting at the top of the palace. Miranda then saw the palace. She then thought back of what Bob did.

                When he eradicated the school down after gnawing Mr. Ghramer's nails, something went wrong, someone is possessing him. Even that thing that possessed him was in that drink. She then thought of it hard, and she realized that an unholy death spawn is taking over Bob.

                She then went to her house, Bill came, with a baseball bat, then he quickly jumped out of the roof and swung Miranda with a bat, she fell down got a black eye. She then got up. She caught the bat, the bat broke in half. They clashed, one by one.

                They both got tired, then they recovered and continued thrashing. Miranda then blocked the last hit Bill had, she struggled, then she stabbed Bill's balls, he fell down, his eyes are blank, he passed out, he was purified.

                She then got the drink that made Bob lose his reason. She then extracted it. She examined it, but what kind of chemical was that ghost in? She then realized that the thing that she put in that mainly made Bob go insane is the fuel added by coal.

                The darkness in them was tainted near the Earth's Core. She then prayed about how she was sorry for what she did to Bob and she then asked for a cure. A light came, and a potion was revealed. She then realized that she needs backup.

                Miranda then called her friends Jessie and Carly with her. They got flame resistant clothing, armor on their head, arms, and legs, even at the chest and back.

                They also got a water gun, a pole, and a backpack to store most of their inventory. Then ran to the palace. 2 guys are seen guarding the palace, as they saw then enter, they charged.

                Miranda then used her pole and shields herself, she kicked them forcefully and they fell down, they got back up and got a gun out of their pockets.

                They shot them in the leg, red liquid seeped out quickly. Miranda then covered the bullet and then jumped and strikes them with the pole, they were pushed to the fiery acid below.

                Carly and the others then walked up in the palace, when they get closer, an earthquake started. Finally, in 1 hour, they made it. Bob then turned around and saw them. A frightening appearance astonished the crew. Miranda calmly walked towards Bob.

                Bob saw then, he has a red vision, then he had nightmarish hallucinations, thinking that they were hairy beasts trying to kill him. "Bob, you are possessed by a devil from down in the earth, you have to fight it!"

                Bob then rapidly shifted and forcefully sends a huge blows towards Miranda's gut, where she ejected blood. she is hurt so much, blood came out of her stomach, she got up, all 3 of them fought.

                Carly tried kicking, but Bob dodged everyone, he then tried spitting fire, no use. Then Carly punched Bob in the stomach, no effect, then Bob kicked Carly between her legs, she gasped hardly.

                Then he grabbed her arms and swung her, twirling around at a 360 degree circle, he launched her to the sky. She was flying as fast as lightning, then Bob shifted out of the ground, and bicycle kicked her to the ground, knocking her out and sending a huge crack.

                "Pyro Barrage!" Bob then spit embers out of his mouth, it was so fast that Miranda caught on fire. Soon after, 10 seconds to be exact, the fire subsided due to the armor.

                She then used the pole and then stabbed Bob, no effect, she did it again, and it broke in half. Bob then started to screech, a very horrible distress. came out. A screech stronger then a teacher slashing the chalkboard. The ground split, a mass of fiery acid was under it.

                Miranda tried jumping out, but the ground seperated, she jumped from the rock, then it split for the ground, and almost fell, the ground was going to fall in the lava, she almost fell in the lava, but her friend grabbed the half pole and quickly tried giving Miranda the pole, and Miranda grabbed it, she was rescued.

                Miranda then thought about Bob's weakness. She then thought back on how Bill was purified after he was hit, at a certain part of his body, she then thought about it carefully, and the weakness is his balls.

                Miranda tried running, but Bob quickly barraged her with 47 blows, she was in the air, then she fell down, HARD. She shivered, spitting out a large amount of blood. Then she thought of a plan.

                Bob then became unresponsive. He regained some control: "Wait, what am I doing?" He went back a few steps. "Gotta stay calm, these guys are my friends." Then he rethinks: "Wait a second, if they ARE my friends, why are they attacking me?" Bob then had nightmarish visions. He growled so loud, and lost control completely.

                Her friend then distracted Bob, she irritated him. Then Bob lost focus and started attacking her. He growled so loud, and roared a very loud screech. Then Miranda then stabbed Bob's balls, some effect happened, then she did it again, harder.

                He then held it, blood came out, and the drink did too. The ghost came out, he was destroyed. The world then became normal, after 1 week, everything is back.
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                  Other episodes:

                  A splendorous day arose since Bob and Derek stopped being friends and staying away as possible. A bright warm light reached through the windows like it's breaking through. Sparkles erupted inside the soothing light. The halls seem to be quiet, until the bell rang like a siren, releasing the young pack of wolves who seem to be in a rush. Bob quietly came out of his Art class, still thinking about what happened between him and Derek.

                  He walked to his locker near his Language Arts classroom and then he saw a girl, a cute one, he was distracted by her looks. Bob's mouth opened and a stream or water came out of his mouth like a waterfall. His heart beated rapidly like it's going to burst. She has short jeans, orangish-red hair like the orange fruit, her blue eyes are like the clear blue sky. Her lips are pink as a cherry, she wears a short blue jacket with a pink shirt with a heart logo.

                  Seconds later, Derek and his buddies are walking to lunch, then they went back to Bob, giggling about what he is doing. Derek put his hand over Bob's shoulder.

                  "Hey Bob, what cha doing? You lost your mind?" Derek said, sarcastically.

                  Bob shaked his head and got over the hypnosis of the girl. "Uhhh..... Is this girl....... new here? And...... who is she......" Bob slowly murmured.

                  "Her name is Natalie, and yes, she is new here." Derek then though of a plan to embarrass Bob, he giggled silently.

                  "Derek, why laugh?" Bob questioned.

                  "Bob, maybe you should go to her and introduce to yourself, so you can meet her more easier." Derek said, sarcastically again.

                  Bob gulped. "OK........ I'll do it."

                  Bob gulped again, then he slowly walked and walked. The boys were giggling on how nervous Bob is. "When he gets to talk to her..... something funny will happen." Derek quietly said. When Bob was about to talk to her, she accidentally slammed Bob's face with her locker.

                  He fell down. The guys laughed pointing at him. "Oh, sorry for that!" Natalie said. Bob quickly came up, shivering. "H...... hiiiiiii..... My name.... *twitches* is---" Bob then twitched, Natalie got annoyed, more people came and saw Bob twitching.

                  The girl went back a bit, scared about what he's doing. "My.... name.. is. is. is." Bob is twitching worse, then he choked when he was trying to say it, then he passed out, and Natalie ran away. People laughed so hard and pointed at him.


                  "Wow, this nerd makes a fool out of himself AGAIN."

                  "Seriously, this is funny as in the episode when Josh twitched in Drake and Josh!"

                  "And this is the funniest thing I've seen since he got whipped badly by Derek!"

                  People just left, walking down the stairs in lunch, while Bob is curled, unconscious. Then after Lunch ended, the class when to their final period classes, chattering like a parrot over and over. While in Honors Math, Bob then look at the back of his seat, and saw Natalie, he then sweated and put his head down, thinking about how cute she is.

                  "Ok class, you will be assigned in a special project worth 10% of your grade. It's a project where you work on a model city, with making cities, towers, and any other places out of shapes. It's due on May 11th, Friday. Please get a partner, it's pairs of 2s."

                  Everyone quickly got out of their seats, and chose their partners, then Bob went to Natalie's desk slowly. He's still nervous about what happened. (Oh......... what if she turns me down like Miranda did in 6th grade? I don't want her to find me weird. *inhales, then exhale* Calm down Bob, you got this.) Bob then got his seat and sat down.

                  He then inhales deeply, and exhales softly. "Uh....... Natalie, I was sorry about me acting weird, I was nervous to meet you and--" Natalie put her finger between Bob's lips.

                  "It's ok, I've met guys that reacted like this when they mert me, but you are funny." Natalie said.

                  "Wow, thanks. Plus..... How old are you, and when's your birthday?" Bob questioned, then he gulps again.

                  "I'm 13 and that my birthday is in February 14th, 1997. And for additional information, I came from Florida, but I moved here because it's more safer. Plus, how old are you?" She stared at him, smiling.

                  "I'm 12 and my birthday is in a few weeks, and how was it like in Florida?" Bob moves a bit closer to Natalie.

                  "It's ok, the humid yet breezy air is refreshing, but the animals from the sea are dangerous so I moved here. Plus, you seem to be a nice guy Bob. And you want to sit with me at lunch?" Miranda said.

                  Bob gulped and sweats frequently. "Wait, wait's wrong?" Natalie questioned, as she placed both her hands at Bob's shoulder, then Bob frowns and stops shivering. "Oh nothing, but ok."

                  57 minutes passed since then, then the bell rang, again. A numerous amount of students came rushing down like they were running away from an earthquake. Everyone quickly got their food, and that Bob then picked his tasty Pizza, his nutritious milk, with his Doritos "Cool Ranch" bag, he sat at an empty table, waiting for Natalie to come.

                  Then Natalie was walking with her tray with a Cheeseburger, fries, ketchup, and a water bottle. She smelled them and they smell just like a perfect lunch to eat. Then she was quickly taken to an empty room with no distractions.

                  "Wait, who took me here?" Natalie timidly said.

                  "Ssshhhh..... Bob may notice." An anonymous voice answered.

                  "Ok, why did you take me here because of Bob? Does he have anything to do with this?"

                  The mysterious person didn't respond.

                  "Does he have anything to do with this!?" Natalie yelled.
                  "Yes he does, and that I am his ex friend Derek. You see, the reason why I took you here is because that Bob is a really negative and annoying brat."

                  "He's not, he's a really nice guy! Why say that he is?" Natalie yelled.

                  "Ok, here is the reason why I left him. Because he gets angry of the littlest things. When I am not with him, he gets all upset and starts hitting me. He is also violent too. Remember seeing an emperor exactly like him, taking over the world a month ago?" Derek questioned.

                  Natalie then think hard inside of what Derek was trying to say, then she remembers. "Yes I do, but really, what I don't get is why I see him as a funny and nice guy when you find him annoying and violent."

                  "Ok, so I actually do want to be with you and that I can help you get more friends without being with that annoying brat every single day. So you want to hang out?" Derek reached his hand right in front of her face.

                  She then thinks harder and harder, until it popped out of her head. "Yes, you seem to be more exciting, cool, and trustworthy. And that I heard that Bob said that you were a punk, you are a punk, only a cool one."

                  She then grabs his hand and then they sat at a different table, talking to each other, while Derek's friends came to sit and that they get to know her too. Meanwhile, Bob sighed of how she never came. Tears began bursting out his eyes, like if his eyes where a cloud raining, while a stream of disgust began streaming out of his nose. Bob began to think inside of his shallow skull. (Why Natalie why? I thought we were friends, you seem to be a really nice girl but yet you left me, why?) Bob put his head down, crying as he pounds the table with is clenched fist.

                  After 20 minutes, Recess began. A group of 7th and 8th graders began rushing up the stairs down to the door to the back of the school. They came out talking, playing football, and any other miscellaneous stuff. Bob then slowly came out of the steel door, while his head is down. He then slowly walked to the bench, and sat there, putting his head at his hand. He sighed.

                  "Derek, you are so cool!" Bob then heard a voice similar to Natalie, he put his head up, then he heard it again, he tried finding the voice, until he found Natalie sitting over Derek. He ran to them as it's like a real situation.

                  Derek was showing videos of him skateboarding at a high ramp. Derek then stopped playing his laptop and looked at Bob. He groaned at a horrible tone and slapped his own face with his hand. Bob then took Derek away from Natalie.

                  "Derek, why did you take Natalie away from me? She's supposed to be with me!" Bob questioned.

                  "You see, this is why I left you. You overreact of the littlest things, even when it's not my fault, when I don't show up, you say "Oh... *sniffles* why didn't you show up!? Why didn't you be with me?"

                  I don't do that, and that why be ungrateful of me showing up sometimes and that you still complain and that you tend to act violent, beside, she agreed to be with me, because she finds me cool, funny, and awesome, unlike you, because YOU are ANNOYING, WHINY, BORING, IRRITATING, AND VIOLENT. And you will NEVER change, NEVER!"

                  Derek the pushed Bob to the ground, Bob was shivering, while his scraped back started to bleed rapidly like a wave of water washing down to the sea. "Derek...." Bob emitted a small noise, but Derek ignored him and went back to Natalie.

                  "Natalie, let's go to back to the back of the school, where we WON'T get distracted by annoying little pests." Derek then took her hand, she got up, then they walked away, passionately. Bob looked at them, they were happy together, and that this is what always happen when he loses friends. He cries silently and passed out while he is still on the rocky surface.

                  Then at night, Bob wasn't eating his dinner, silently, and his dad was staring at how Bob seems to be depressed badly lately. Tears came out of his dull eyes. "drip" "drip" His dad then felt anxious and took Bob to his room.

                  "Look Bob, what's going on? You hardly ever talk to me about your problems. Look, I'm your buddy right?" Mr. Martin said.

                  Bob still has his head down, his his sweater having dried tear and mucus stains. "Dad, it's just....... Derek..... he dumped our friendship......" Bob quietly said.

                  "Huh, he did? but why? You two always look happy together. Why would he do that?" His dad questioned.

                  "Because... *sniffle* he finds me annoying, boring, unchangeable, and whiny. And he's right. And he dumped me for popularity, we got in a fight, and that he whipped me by his belt, he whacked me by a baseball bat, he slammed me by his heavy backpack, and he put me in fire!

                  And he got new friends, every single day, they beat me up, and many people call me weak! Plus he stole my new friend who seems to understand me, but now she hate hates me! And I can't toughen up, IT'S IMPOSSIBLE!"

                  Bob then cries more and more, while he stomps multiple times. His dad then put his had over Bob's shoulder.

                  "Bob, I know that you want your friends back and that you want to beat Derek's @$$, but you have to get over it. And I can't believe that he did this to you! I'm going to call his parent's house and to explain about what he did to you!

                  And that you go straight to your new friend and tell her about what Derek did to you right away! Bob, I don't get why people pick on you, you are a special boy and that I know that." Bob's dad then hugged Bob, opened his door, and went downstairs. Bob then fell down to his bed and slept.

                  The next day, Bob was walking about of the door like he always does for recess, and that he tries to search any nook and cranny for Natalie, then he saw Natalie walking with Derek, laughing. Bob then ran to them again, and interrupted them from laughing.

                  Derek then groaned in an unpleasant way. "Ugh..... why are you--"

                  Bob then blocks Derek's lips from opening with his palm. "Derek, shut up! I am sick of you trying to make me miserable, huh!? And it's wrong for you to take my friend away from me!

                  Really!? I've now understood friendship, it's about hardened trust, giving each other help, sympathy, comparability with positive relationships, and to not complain over little stuff. And that I've seen that you have taken her because that you only like her for her looks, not for her personality."

                  Bob then turns to Natalie, smiling for real.

                  "And for Natalie, I'm really sorry about me being uncool, I just want to get to know you, and that I'm not good making friends. Plus, when I met you, you were very pretty, but I've realized that I was a fool for that, and I really want you to help me be cool, be like everyone else, and that so I can be like you. And that you are smart, pretty, and special.

                  Plus, Derek made his girl beat me up and put my head in a sack. And that he whipped me with his belt, he whacked me by a baseball bat, he beat me with his big bag, and he set me on fire. Plus, he talks behind my back and that he didn't care about me getting hurt. I actually want to be like, for being like everyone else, and for not being made fun of." Bob said.

                  "Wow..... Bob, I've never seen any boy tell me what when they were friends with me, they just want be with me because they think that I'm pretty, plus, I feel bad for you. Everyone seems to not understand for who you really are, and that I really want to help you. You seem to be a really nice and interesting guy, I'm sorry about me rejecting you."

                  Natalie and Bob then hugged each other passionately. Then she turned around to Derek, with a stingy grin at her face.

                  "And for you Derek, why would you try to beat up an innocent and misunderstood kid? He is a guy like us and that he shouldn't be picked on like that. And that I can't believe that you used me to get Bob away from me, I've seen guys do that to me back at my hometown, and you are the coldest jerk I've seen. And that you are sick for badly abusing this poor fella. GOOD. DAY."

                  Natalie took Bob, then she got Derek's backpack and swung it hard at his gut, he was in so much pain. Natalie and Bob walked away from the injured punk.

                  EPISODE 23:

                  At May 11th, 2010 while the sun rises up to greet the morning with it's bright warm shine, Bob woke up from his heavily slumber from bed. He sat on his mattress yawning loudly. Then he felt a stuffy sensation that's in his nostrils. He drugged out of his bed, then he felt a very painful sensation coming from his right calf, it felt like if a car just ran over it with full force. He slipped and fell down at the rug, splattering his mucus out of his nose.

                  "Uggh..... what's with me just now......" questioned Bob.

                  Then he struggled to get on his legs. Then he went to the bathroom, looking at the his own reflection. He was shocked on what he just saw, he appears to look like a ghastly manifestation of himself, while his mucus slithers down from his chin.

                  As he limps downstairs, his father and sister stare at the condition he's in. Bob covers his face with his arms, so no one would think that he's a beast. The mucus still persists to slither down from his nostrils and dropped to the floor like a faucet.

                  "Drip." "Drip." The two then lost their attention from flipping through the newspaper and watching TV, turning their attention to him. Bob shivers, whimpering of what they thought about him. He ran away, crying as he tries to get away from the house, leaving traces of blood and mucus.

                  "What do you think is wrong with him this time?" said Vanessa as she watches TV.

                  "Don't know, don't care." responded the father as he reads the newspaper.

                  Bob quickly tries to get to school as he masks his wearily face from various residents as he passes them in the sidewalk. As he sees 2 high school students about to cross through the street cautiously, Bob jumped and pushed them away like if he's the large gust of wind, leaving his remains of glutinous snot on their shoulders, faces, and in their mouth.

                  "What's wrong with that son of a b****?" said the victim.
                  The other guy clenches his fist and recognized Bob. "That bastard! He's going to pay for what he did and for what he did to my cousin's legs!"

                  When Bob quickly tries to dash through the street, he felt the bone on his leg pop like the sound of popcorn. He lost his balance, and fell down face flat, unable to get up. Blood oozes out of his nostrils. Not only his blood was seeping out as fast as a river current, the stream of mucus coming out of his nose becomes more adhesive, encasing half of his body like a moth caterpillar weaving a cocoon.

                  A driver in a gray van got a view of him laying down at the sidewalk like a piece of paper. Then he lost the possession of his vehicle and the van bashed Bob at full force, flying him to his school nearby. Then the car slipped on the mess made by Bob and it flipped. It collided with a house, causing an evil fire. It's eating the innocent people, laughing and dancing on what's happening while it travels to other places.

                  Later, Bob is at the front of the school, laying down face flat, with blood oozing out of his mouth like a waterfall.

                  "*coughs* *coughs* as he coughs out numerous amounts of blood. He looks around and notices that no one's around, that means that everyone's inside. He tried getting up. Then his leg yanked him down, causing his neck to collide with the ground, slashing his neck heavily.

                  Then he tries getting up enduring the pain. "Drip" "Drip" Bob slowly enters the school and limps upstairs to English Honors. He stands outside of the classroom, observing Ms. Alborn discussing about making a poem to the class.

                  He looks at the clock, he's astonished that there's a few minutes left as the big hand of the clock is 20 minutes past 10. Ms. Alborn stopped talking as Bob's blood and mucus excessively drips at a never ending cycle. Every student lost their attention. They focused on Bob's tethered clothes, his wrinkly eye sockets, and blood all over him, it looks as if he was mauled by a bear.

                  "Bob....." said Ms. Alborn.

                  People snickered quietly. "Bob's so weird." whispered one student.

                  "I know right, I never seen an idiot like him." said another one.

                  Bob ignores them and slowly limps to his empty desk at the back. Everyone quickly moved back, fearing that they don't get blood all over them. 2 minutes later, the bell rang. People watched Bob slowly limping out of the door, then he fell down on the floor while so much blood and mucus seeped out. Everyone felt sick to their stomach and fled from the classroom.

                  During Recess, Bob slowly limped to the playground, holding his heavily injured right arm. As he tried finding Natalie, he lost his balance and fell on a student.

                  The guy was so ticked off. "Watch it you pervert!"

                  He then punched Bob's stomach, triggering him to chuck up all over him with a forceful blast. It pushed him to a tree. As it hardened, he was knocked out, unable to move.

                  He wiped off his mouth and he slowly tried to walk to Natalie as she's chatting with her friends. As he placed his soaked hand on her pink knitted sweater, she and her friends turned around and saw his damaged body like if he got hit by a bodybuilder.


                  "Hi...." He greeted. He put up his head, while the mucus fell on her shoulder. Then he felt an irritable sensation and ejected many germs on them, causing them to be heavily contaminated.

                  Beck and the others were so angry, they kicked Bob in the stomach hard.

                  "AHHH!!!" he yelped in pain, as blood dripped like a faucet. People thrusts him in the balls like a bull. He coughed out blood. Then Beck forcefully managed to rip Bob's shaggy clothes, causing him to be naked like a helpless shaved kitten meowing for help.

                  Beck cupped his hand, popping his fingers and clenched them so hard, then he released his full-force blow on Bob's mouth, managing to disorganize his teeth. He coughed out more blood, while it streams from his mouth and nostrils.

                  Beck then got hold of his steel hockey stick and whacked Bob on his back like if he were a horse. He fell down and barfed out more food that he ate during lunch.

                  People watched as Bob get abused once again. A guy tapped Derek's shoulder.

                  "Hey, here's a match and a lighter." said the guy as he put them in Derek's palms.
                  Derek grabbed them and placed them in the pocket, having an evil smile.

                  Derek then slowly went to Bob, snickering as he splattered fuel all over Bob's body. Then he took out the lighter from his pocket, and threw it on Bob's head. Once again, the fire sprung up to the size of a house, laughing so hard on how Bob's body is getting devoured by it's power.

                  Natalie has an expressionless face as of what she's just seeing. Her pupils are the size of a grain of sand, and her blue eyes are expressionless, shaking in fear.

                  (Is this just happening right now? Is this for real?) though Natalie, but she knew that she knew that she had to do something. Bob screams in pain, wanting someone to help him from this abuse for the evil entity that's roasting him down from the core.

                  When everyone heard of how Bob's crying for help and how the fire's eating him up, they began to feel sorry for how they didn't even help him and how they used to make fun of him or what Beck and the others did to him.

                  "Poor Bob......"

                  "No one deserves to be treated this way......"

                  Miranda quickly stormed to Beck from behind and punched him in the face angrily.

                  "Beck, this is crazy! Why would you even try to do this to Bob, a guy like him doesn't deserve to be treated this way!"

                  Beck chuckled crazily as he sees Bob running in circles, shrieking painfully, influencing people as they try to plug their ears with their palms. Derek turned around to her.

                  "Come on, lighten up a bit. Just seeing this nerd getting abused is very funny, and I don't see on how it's bad." said Derek, laughing on how Bob's screaming. Then Bob fell down, and then the fire dissipates into the air, having it's last laugh, managing to keep Bob's tidy-widies.

                  Derek and Beck walked to Bob and forcefully bends his limbs, trying to tear them off one by one.

                  "AHHHHAAAAAHHHHHHHAHAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!" Bob wished for this to stop as he heard popping from his shoulders, then unusually he "passed" out, while his arms curled and his pupils widen. Then the principal, Principal Kumar Catskill stormed to Beck and Derek. He pulled them from Bob's body.

                  "Boys, I had it with you two! I heard enough what's been happening to poor Bob here, and there's no reason on why you should try to murder one of your people!" yelled the principal.

                  "Come on, it's fun watching him getting abused!" whined Beck.

                  "But why would you do this for entertainment? Because this will cause a person to think that they have no right to live, they have a reason! This is beyond breaking the rules and both of you two and your gang is expel----"

                  Beck kicked him in the balls, causing him to scream in pain. Derek ran to the tree and carried a gray hard rock that's as big and heavy as a baby elephant. Then he bashed it on the principal's big shiny head, causing him to have a gash, while he passes out. So much blood quickly squirted out of his head like a water fountain, disturbing people.

                  "Did you just see that......."

                  "Yeah man..... Derek and Beck is scary....."

                  Derek and Beck fled with the other people of B.U.L.L.Y, laughing on what they did to the principal.

                  "Stupid principal!"

                  "Yeah man! He's so annoying!"

                  Everyone started to cry while they see Bob's roasted shell of a body. Bob's spiritual entity woke up as he saw his body getting far away from him. He sees an odd chain attached to his soul to his physical body, having it felt like if he was sucked into a vacuum.

                  "What is this!?" Bob tries to pull it off as hard as he can, then his chain began to rust slowly.

                  "AAAAHHHHHAAAHHHH!!!!!!!" Feeling afraid that he might lose his life, he quickly swam down his body, causing him to regain sensibility, waking up. Then the first thing he sees in Natalie's lips approaching to his eye.


                  He fell down a bit, causing her to giggle. Then she started to break down in tears, and then Bob got up, feeling bewildered. Then Natalie hugged him, happy that he's alive and well.
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                    As Bob cowardly sprinted from the demolished house, the police cars dashed as they were targeting Bob like if he was robbing something. Bob's excruciating pain from the cast is wearing him down, so he leaped to a bush, concealing himself like a Trapinch as he glances them not being able to find him. Bob spotted a paper on a pole that said: "Wanted. Rock Monster, if you seen this violent monster, the reward is 5,000 dollars."

                    Bob was astonished by the paper, then he flees away from the bushes. As he tries to go to his house, 2 kids saw him run there.

                    "Rock Monster!"

                    "Die, you villain!"

                    The kids grabbed multiple rocks and tossed it at Bob like it was 70% precipitation of Hail.

                    "STOP! PLEASE, LEAVE ME ALONE!" The kids didn't comprehend on his pleading like if he was a bug and they continued to blast rocks on him. Bob was about to lose his temper, but the strain of the cast weakened him. Then he quickly ran to his home.

                    When Bob was thinking of how he caused loss of trust to everyone due to the cast and how he caused collateral damage to every place he touches like if he were an alien, he though that apologizing to Derek will be the right decision. He then tries to rip off the armor, but it's unable to not let hold of him.

                    "What should I do? I can't be like this." The day after that during Recess, Bob spotted Derek all by himself. He ran to him and when Derek saw Bob, still in the armor, he groaned while he slapped his face with his hand.

                    "Derek, I'm sorry for trying to kill people. I was mad at you and the others for this cast. I can't seem to get it off. It's too tight because my skin is starting to be a part of it now. I was also sorry for how--"

                    Multiple people walked to Bob and Derek, feeling agitated with their teeth clenched and their eyebrows showing that they mean business. When Bob saw them approaching to him, his heart sank to the drain, causing excruciating pain to his chest.

                    "Hey Bob." Beck said.
                    "Uh.... Beck...... Why are there 100 people with you?"

                    Beck stomped the ground, breathing menacing like a tiger. "We are here because of how YOU ALMOST KILLED MY FRIEND FROM SCHOOL! Really, why did you chase him!? Can you control your anger!? He's sent to the hospital! His legs are cut off! Your cast addiction has got to go to the garbage!"

                    Bob shivered very strong. "I'm sorry, really."

                    "Sorry, SORRY!? How are you sorry if you made us get injuries at our palms!?" Beck showed his palm, heavily scarred, shocking Bob.

                    Bob then became extremely annoyed. "You were the ones that made your arms hurt. You threw rocks at me and it got it back to you. And shut your face and move on. I'm----" The strain from Bob's cast is wearing down his arms and legs.

                    "I'm....... I'm...." Bob slowly walked to Derek like if he were a zombie. Feeling annoyed, Derek strongly gripped Bob's head and threw his whole body to the pole of the flag. Bob was extremely injured as blood seeped out as fast as a river current.

                    "Guys, he's sorry! He really means it! If you don't believe me, tell BOB! Don't injure him!" Derek pleads.

                    "We can't trust Bob. Look how he destroyed my friend's house. He's a monster because of that "thing" taking over him. He's in "LOVE" with it. And he could do it to others. Look at his eyes."

                    Beck walked to Bob. He grabs his head, and squeezes it, causing excruciating pain. "AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!" "SHUT UP!" Beck then threw his whole body to the ground very fast, causing dust to fume across the area.

                    Tears and blood erupted out of Bob's eyes. *cries* Then he turns to Derek, trying to say something.

                    "De..... der...." Bob is painfully saying like an elderly man.

                    "Bob, don't..... don't die! Tell me what you are saying! Please, don't die! You are my best friend! I understand how you feel sorry! You can't die here!" Derek screamed while crying.

                    Tears came out of Bob as he sees this reaction. He slowly got up and walked to Beck.

                    "Be........ ck." Bob said.

                    "Oh no, is it when you go off on me? Oh I'm so scared." Beck is annoyed. Bob attempts to punch and thrash Derek, but he fell down on him. Beck fell down with the weight of a car crushing his bones.

                    "You see! He's not sorry! He went off on me! Attack him!" Beck said angrily.

                    One by one, numerous people tried to attack Bob, due to this, numerous dents start to become visible from Bob's cast. Bloods spurts out of his back when a person used a razor on it. "AHHHHAHHHHH!!!!!" Then he was slammed by a football player, being crushed by him and the concrete wall of the school. Bob then lost consciousness as he stops hyperventilating. Blood seeped out very fast.

                    Derek then started to cry. "Bob..... please... don't leave me! They don't understand you, but I do. You were meant to this world, and you don't have to leave this Earth! People don't understand how you are good. And I don't want you to leave me!" Derek then cried hard on Bob's armor.

                    Rattling started to appear as people were amazed.

                    "He's still not dead!?

                    "Let's kill him!"

                    Beck held them off. "No, he had enough." People saw as something was about to emerge out of the damaged shell.
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                      Bob's parents went on a honeymoon. Vanessa is having a sleepover. Rick went to his friend, and Bob is going to Derek's house. When Bob's parents left, Bob then quickly dashed out of his house and ran to Derek's house.

                      "Bob! Remember what we are going to do to Vanessa and her friends?" Derek said sarcastically.
                      "Yeah, that robotic bunny, they will think it's harmless, then it will start attacking them!" mocked Bob, with a snicker.

                      "I got the bunny and the remote!"

                      Vanessa was waiting at the front of the house. Then her quietly walked to her house and knocked the door. Vanessa then opened the door, she was happy.

                      "Hey V! Are your parents home?"

                      "No, they just left for their honeymoon for a week."

                      "And is that super nasal geek here? He irritates me."

                      "Bobo just left? You get it? Bobo, Bob is just a stupid hobo, and a stupid lowlife brother!"

                      Bob and Derek saw them talking as their were laughing about Bob. They went upstairs to Vanessa's room. Bob and Derek went to a tree. They quietly walked to her bed and placed the bunny at Vanessa's laptop as they went back to the tree. When they saw, they were attracted by the bunny's cute appearence.

                      "Aw what a cute white bunny! It's so white as snow and ice cream! Vanessa did you just buy this!"

                      "No, I never had, but I would own it. I think my mom wanted me to have it."

                      When the bunny stopped touching it's feet, it stared at Vanessa with an evil grin. It then jumped to her friends, ripping their hair and their clothes. Vanessa got Bob's baseball bat at her drawer and smashed it.

                      "It's not a cute one all right.... and I know who's responsible for this...." Vanessa saw a tracking chip, it went to Bob. Vanessa just jumped out of the window, and bit Bob's head hard!

                      Bob screamed, blood came out of his head like a water fountain, she then beat him up, and he fell out of the tree. She saw Derek, she did a bicycle kick on his stomach, he fell down on Bob. So much of them were laughing as they see Bob and Derek being abused. Blood leaked of them at a fast pace.

                      "Bob is so annoying and boring at the same time!"

                      "I know! Why do I have him as a brother!? He never helped me and I always help him! What a baby! He doesn't know who JB is!"

                      "What!? What a super geek. Who likes Pokemon and Ben 10. What kiddie shows!"

                      Bob then opened the door. He came to Vanessa, he then punched Vanessa and hurts her. She then went on a tantrum. She had it with Bob. She punched Derek to a tree, he passed out.

                      Bob then jumped on to Vanessa and started attacking her. They rolled out each other, when Bob accidentally spit on her, she then get more angry, she got hotter. A fissure happened. Bob then got scared.

                      She thrashed him. Punched him in the mouth, kicked him in the balls, bit him in the eyes, choked his neck, etc. Bob then pushed Vanessa and grabbed Derek and ran away. They ran out of the house, they ran for 1 hour, to the woods, when there was a dead end, she was going to attack him, but a bear came.

                      The bear slashed Vanessa's stomach, blood came out, she bit her, and she tried eating her, Vanessa grabbed the mouth, when she was about to be eaten, she then kicked the bear and ran away. Then the bear body slammed her, 600 pounds of a bear, and she slashed her so many times, Vanessa passed out, in blood. Blood soaked out. And the bear threw her out of the woods. Bob and Derek ran back home.
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                        I revised this episode. o3o

                        In Feb. 12, 2010, A numerous amount of chatter spreads around the cafeteria as 7th and 8th grade student dashed down the stairs to to retrieve their tasty and mouth watery delicious food.

                        As Bob walked out of the line full of ravenous packs of wolves trying to grab their selections while holding his tray, he then saw Derek, with him having a glum facial expression. He looked up and saw Bob remotely away from him at left half of the caferteria.

                        "Bob, I need to tell him!" He pleaded.

                        Derek quickly dashed to him, until he saw his tray with a bright red apple, a small brown milk carton, and a slice of warm, delicious pizza. Bob slowly approached to an empty table where there's no people to come and torment him. Derek slowly walked behind of Bob and lightly tapped his shoulder.

                        Bob turned around with a state of awareness. "Hey Derek, what do you want?"

                        "Bob, uh........" Droplets of sweat erupted out of his skin as he slowly starts to shake with feelings of anxiety, concerning Bob.

                        "Come on, spill it out." Bob pleaded.

                        "Bob, I'm going away for the day as I need to celebrate my younger cousin's birthday. So...... can you please take care of my pet snake? I know he doesn't like you, but please, can you watch over him while I'm gone?

                        Bob then placed his 2 fingers on his chin and began to think as he quickly taps the pavement with his black sneakers. "Ta ta ta ta ta ta" as the sound emits from the reaction.

                        (What should I do? I haven't even seen or kept in touch with that snake for a long time, and I'm scared if he tries to abuse me again, based off what I did when I first met him. I'll do it then, for a friend.)

                        "Fine, I'll do it, but I'll make sure your snake stays relaxed." he groaned.

                        Hours passed as Bob agreed to keep watch of the aggressive grass snake. He walked of Derek's house quietly and pinned the door with his golden key. He slowly walks as he looks at the glass cage. In there remains the grass snake in a sand filled society as he's coiled up, resting peacefully as there's no distractions to enrage him in his peaceful slumber.

                        Bob approached the door of his abode. He reached the right pocket of his pants and used the key to unlock the door. He pushes the door as he hears it slowly creak like a crow's cry. He slowly walked up the stairs and placed the cage on his drawer next to the TV. He forcibly tapped the clear blue glass of the cage, releasing the serpentine entity from his peaceful slumber.

                        The snake slowly opened the light yellow eyes, then he turned his head to Bob's face. The snake's face is in denial, as his eye dilates.

                        "Hey, you get to see your own buddy again." Bob happily said, with a smile full of longing for the snake.

                        The snake hissed with annoyance, wishing that he just get out of his life. Bob then turned on the TV, with a very high volume emitting out of it's speakers, then he walked to the bathroom.

                        Feeling irritated of these ear ripping distractions, the snake then continuously bashed the glass. The cage was shoved forcibly very slowly, then it dropped, releasing a huge pool of water, cuts of grass, sand, and quantities of feces everywhere.

                        When Bob ran out of the bathroom, he was in shock on what he's just seeing. He grabbed his heart very tight, breathing in and out anxiously.

                        "Wh.... WHAT HAPPENED TO THE CAGE!?"

                        "Sssssssss......... ssssssssss......."

                        He froze, hearing the faint whispers of hisses below him. He slowly put his head down with the feeling of being afraid, looking at the tamed snake with it's elongated wiggling extension of a tongue.

                        It leaped and pierced through Bob's hand. Bob's face is in awe, with his mouth agape as blood quickly seeps out very fast, fast as a water current. The snake forcibly pushed all of his digestive acids and all of his food into his large mouth. Bob's eyes shrunk to a grain of sand as the troubled snake blasts his chunky, acidic, disturbing blast.

                        Bob's face was shot by it with such great force as he slipped from the water and fell down, unable to get up as he struggles to get on his feet.

                        Later, as Derek returns from Six Flags, he quickly ran to Bob's house. He banged the door hard, then he notices that the door is already opened, slamming the wall of his living room.

                        "AAAAGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" "shatter" from a piece of glass.

                        Derek heard Bob's voice, knowing that the snake might have done something to him. He quickly hustled up to his room, then he cannot believe on what he is just seeing. The snake's head concealed Bob's whole head while he coils his whole body, as blood quickly runs from his neck, splattering the whole room, while Derek saw the shattered glass cage.

                        The snake's eyes saw Derek's face, while he sees that his face is full of sadness and regret. The snake felt very sad and released Bob from his very tight binding, unable to be found.

                        Derek quickly ran to Bob, seeing that he's in tears.

                        "Bob, are you OK? I never knew that the snake would do this, I feared that this may happen! It's all my fault!" Derek complained, crying while he placed his hand of his face.

                        "It's all right, at least I survived that event." said Bob as he wipes his face.
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                          A few days after Bob was mutilated by Beck and was in a large sack, he quickly flees away from his middle school. He gets pointed at by anonymous people and got consecutively battered by trash as he sobs of how people treat him now.

                          Meanwhile, an anonymous person poses as Bob with his physical appearance very identical to him.

                          While he tries to be unnoticeable like a fresh zit grown out of a teen, he leaps down and snags cash from the restricted place the employees work at and things Bob heavily desired when he was 10.

                          As he quickly dashed out of that area, a distress signal emitted out of the security system of Wal-Mart. A black, muscular police officer quickly takes a glimpse of this guy.

                          "Oh my..... I WILL BEAT THE LIVIN---

                          As the poser quickly enters Bob's abode, he noticed that Bob's not here. He quickly dashed up to his room and placed the theft goods at his room with Bob's signature.

                          A while later, the police with their cars dashed towards Bob's house, picking up the signal of it. As Bob was watching TV alone, he hears a powerful blast coming out of the front door.

                          He drops the remote. As he quickly dashes to the front door, he cannot believe on what he's just seeing. The police surrounded Bob at the living room and they are very pissed off with their hands crossed. For Bob, it's over for him.

                          "Bob Martin sir, you are being sentenced to juvenal detention to stolen theft." The police officer said.

                          "Wha....... wha.... what did I......" Bob then becomes scared and cowers to the wall, shivering like a helpless kitten.

                          The muscular black man lost his temper and slammed the table hard like an medium explosion, astonishing Bob. "YOU ARE THE ONE WHO DID THE STOLEN THEFT OF MONEY AND REST OF THE WHOLE F***ING CONSOLES!"

                          The police then grabbed Bob up to his room. They busted the door with a powerful kick and pushed his weak shell of a body to the theft goods.

                          "Bu...... bu......... I didn't....." Bob whimpers, not only that, but tears quickly ran through his eyes, annoying the rest of the audience.

                          "Don't trick us with the sad face. Just read the damn signature."

                          As Bob saw at the box of an XBOX 360, he was horrified that the poser stole his signature. Wondering on what the heck is going on here, Bob pushed the man and ran out of the house to the backyard, crying of how it might end up for him.

                          While the police officer is confused where he went, he was thinking about shooting him with his gun, but he thought that it's too harsh for it. This isn't the 1st time Bob hasn't been in juvie. The police officer then found a glass bottle at the floor, he then got an idea.

                          When Bob was spotted at the fence of the backyard, trying to leap over. But he has battered by a glass bottle on his head, while the glass pierced though his bombarded head like a mosquito. He lost consciousness and fell out of the fence.

                          As Bob woke up, he in a cell with 2 roommates, staring at him menacingly with they hands quickly shuffled, quietly giggling at him. Feeling very scared, he ran towards the bars. "HELP! PLEASE LET ME ESCAPE, I BEG OF YO-HUU-HUUU!!!!"

                          He is in juvie. AGAIN! The police told the whole family of this situation. His brother cries hard with his face covered by his hands while his sister is laughing so hard since that he's gone since she doesn't like him.

                          When Bob was told to work, he had to clean the whole juvenal detention with his bare hands for 4 DAYS. When he was extremely weary from hard work, he fell down.

                          "You damn kid, get back to work you piece of s**t!" The warden yelled while he swings his arm at Bob.

                          "No.... I've been working here for over 100 hours..... I'm so hungry and I'm very tired......"

                          "So!? YOU DUMBF**KING PIECE OF S**T! YOU MOFO N***A! YOU RETARD! I HOPE YOU ROT AND BURN IN H**L YOU GAY MOTHERF**KING B***H!" as he yelled, sitting uncomfortably at his seat.

                          Bob slowly tried to get up and leave, but his whole body has been chained to a big, brown, and round boulder. The warden then got a hold of the boulder, and tossed it at Bob.

                          "AHHHHHAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!" Bob fell down face flat with the heavy bound boulder on top of him as if he's some pack mule as blood seeps out as fast as a river current.

                          Every single night, Bob has to get beaten by his 2 vile roommates and always get made fun of. He's on his bed, next to the window as the moon's light shines to his face. The tears erupting out of his eyes shined at him.

                          He cries wildly, as he though of himself as a miserable, homeless kid who has no friends, whose alone, that has a box for a house, and gets bulled in a bad neighborhood getting beaten up.

                          When 2 weeks had gone back, he was released. He ran towards his mothers arms, hugging her. He sobs wildly at her chest, feeling as if she's like a warm white pillow, hugging her very tight.

                          "Dear dear. Don't worry, I'm not mad at you. My poor man......" the mother patted Bob's head.

                          EPISODE 3:

                          As Bob got released from juvie, he was extremely weary. He then tried to walk down the stairs to his living room, then he fell down from them and hit the floor. He then took a bus to school, and he then walked to the door slowly.

                          Everyone knows about what happened 2 weeks ago. Some felt bad for him, some were laughing and pointing.

                          "Stupid kid!"

                          "Wow, why did he end up in juvie?"

                          "Why would a kid steal cash and consoles?"

                          "IDK, that kid is just weird like that."

                          At Honors Algebra, Bob tried staying awake, but he fell asleep in the whole period as a stream of saliva seeped out of his mouth as fast as a waterfall.

                          The bell then rung, and everyone just went to lunch. When his best friend was gone again since he has fallen ill, Bob just sat at an empty table where no one wants to be around him. He then saw the same bullies, but they are different. They are wearing a shirt called B.U.L.L.Y:

                          Force 5

                          They tried ways to make little kids humiliated. They now have stronger weapons, And they want to torture BOB. Once they went to him laughing very hard, Beck whispered in Bob's ear:
                          "Go see us at recess Bob, it will be fun." then Beck giggled evilly.
                          Bob just gulped. "O........ ok........"

                          They B.U.L.L.Y laughed and then left. Once recess started, the B.U.L.L.Y members just grabbed Bob to Beck at the center of the playground.

                          "STAY dog!" Beck said, while he pushed him to the ground. Bob whimpered as Beck left to get something out of the team bag. He then had a loudspeaker and told the 6-8th graders about it as he and the crew is at the center where everyone could listen to him.

                          "Guys listen up!" Beck yelled with his loudspeaker.

                          Everyone then stopped playing and turned right to him.

                          "What the hell is going on?"

                          "IDK, but they have really cool shirts."

                          "Remember this guy?" Beck asked.

                          Beck pointed at Bob. Everyone then looked at Bob, Bob's heart sank to the drain.

                          "He was the one who got stuck in a sack, BY US!"

                          Everyone was then shocked.


                          "So this is the kid who got abused by Beck."

                          "And this will get a bit exciting!" Beck said.

                          Beck then grabbed Bob, and then he swung out a huge bat to Bob's back. Bob then fell down, as he keeps his balance by his hand. He is bleeding, and shivering with cowardice. He tried protecting himself, but he was then stabbed by it with a forceful jab to his stomach. He fell down, holding his heart, bleeding in a pool of blood, shocking everyone.

                          Everyone was very shocked. They wondered.

                          "How did they get these stuff?"

                          "Wow, that kid's life is really messed up..."

                          Bob was then shocked by taizer. He was weakened by it's strong jolt of electricity like if lightning had stricken him. He fell down as blood splattered out and it went on many people's faces.

                          "Wha..... WHAT IS THIS!?"

                          "Get it off of me!"

                          And he was also hit in the head by a big bowling ball to the head. "AHHHHAAHHHH!!!!!" as he fell down and was holding his head while he's in his own pool.

                          Then Bob was shot by a pistol 59 times. "Bo Bo Bo BO BO BO" the pistol makes as Bob's body quickly shakes as it happened. Blood seeped out very fast as light out of his holes.

                          Beck quickly grabbed something out of his pocket, which is fuel. He slowly walked towards Bob.

                          "Get up, you dog! NOW!" Beck screamed as he stomped his right leg. Bob quickly got up on his four limbs, shivering.

                          (What now? Just get it over with! I had enough!) Bob thought. Derek then screwed out the top of the fuel bottle as it rolls as fast as an ant.

                          "Sit dog, take a bath!" Beck then poured fuel over Bob's body, as the oily liquid slowly begins to harden, making Bob unable to move like a caterpiller inside a cocoon. Peopled ooed and awed as they were about to see Beck grab out the biggest artillery out of his bag, a silicon covered flamethrower. Bob's eyes sank as he knew that he was about to get hit by this.

                          Beck slowly walked towards Bob, then he pushed the trigger. The fire was ejected out of the flamethower and it began roasting Bob's body very forcefully. Bob let out a loud shriek as he ran for his life.

                          He cannot take this pain as he tries to endure the evil fire that roasting him to the core. Bob then burned everything, even the middle school. He lost consciousness as the fire dissipates from him. As the bell rung, everyone left from school. The principal saw Bob burning everything, he suspends Bob for a few weeks until June 21st. Bob cried as he's suspended for the last few weeks of school.

                          As summer started, Bob had bad dreams, how would it happen? It would never happen if he never annoyed Beck in the first place. Weeks of painful dreams passed by and school started in September 8th.

                          When cooking class started, Bob tried making pasta, but the B.U.L.L.Y put poison to it. Once his teacher ate it, she was sick and barfed out blood and food, then she was knocked out. F-. Bob was really sad on the result.

                          In science class, he tried mixing chemicals. but he made the wrong solution. So the B.U.L.L.Y put the unstable one. F-, and the class was covered with so much of the solution. Bob still had bad dreams, will he get over it?
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                            After reading episode 1 of this, and then episode 2, it became clear that all these belong in the same thread. They're ongoing chapters of the same story. I merged all the "Bob's Life in School" threads together, since continuing chapters of the same story all go in the same thread.

                            Though, I didn't notice that until you posted consecutive chapters.

                            The prologue begins now! Before you start to run
                            Reach out with your hand and grab your freedom
                            An absolute protagonist, a perfect hero...
                            Sadly, these are things I'll never become

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                              Between February 1st and February 22, Bob and his family signed up for a "Brothers Race" for the Nickelodeon Program, suddenly, they won, and the rules state that:
                              1. They must be ages 10+.
                              2. They must race from Elizabeth to Atlantic City.
                              3. Camping is allowed, get you own materials.
                              4. Your parents are at the finish line.

                              When Bob and his brother Rick is starting to get ready for this race, the person was holding a gun, saying: "ON YOUR MARK, GET SET, GO!"

                              Rick is faster than Bob, since that he is lighter, and Bob has less stamina and speed. As the ran, cars were in the way. Rick jumped over the cars, as Bob wait for them to come. As Bob sees Rick ahead of him, Bob just jumped to the cars.

                              As Bob was over one, he tries to balance, but the car is to slippery. He then jumped over cars really fast. As the race is going on for hours, they then went neck on neck, but Rick saw a pole, he passed it, but Bob lost control of his speed, and he hit the pole, injuring his arm.

                              2 days later, they passed 2 towns, they are at the woods. As they continued racing, Bob, already injured, tries to save his energy, while Rick wasted 20% of his stamina. Then at night, they had to rest. They then were camping together, since that they are brothers.

                              The next day, Bob trained to be faster and stronger, as his injuries heal. This is the first time that Bob has to exercise. 5 days after camping, Bob's stamina, agility, and bravery increased, almost tied with Rick.

                              They started running again, passing a hobo begging for some change. Then when they went to a place named Aamco. As Bob accidentally ran there, he tripped by a rock and fell down. He broke his knee. He then became shocked, how can he win?

                              When Bob went to a doctor, he then told him that he needs his knee fixed. The doctor said to get in a wheelchair, Bob refused, he then fell down, making it worse, then he used a wheelchair.

                              As Bob rolled himself in the line, a family saw Bob racing. They then remember that commercial he was in during the race. They then told Bob to be in their car. As Bob was in the back, he was happy that he got help for real, until the back of the car opened and Bob fell to the sea.

                              Bob was then swimming his way out, until he heard a growl, of SHARKS. When Bob swam fast, the sharks bit him as he swam, blood made them more angrier to kill Bob. As Bob went to a rock, he then climbed the rock, as he was hurt.

                              As the sharks tried grabbing him, the part of Bob's shirt ripped. And Bob just climbed, and his GPS fell down, getting eaten by the sharks. When Bob climbed out of there, he continued.

                              Days passed, and Bob was almost to Atlantic City, with Rick. Bob then passed him and almost went to the finish line, but he lost energy and passed out. Rick won. As Bob woke up, he saw Rick getting the trophy, he then started crying. Bob was in a full body cast.

                              When Bob got out of the hospital, the family tried bringing him out, he was heavy, they accidentally dropped him, the part of the cast, where his belly was, broke. Bob was unresponsive, with a blank stare, he was unconscious.

                              Everyone was shocked. They were crying, they don't want to lose Bob. Bob endured many deadly struggles, even though he is weak, he has a strong heart. Then they heard barfing. But the cast struggles, and Bob then got out, covered in barf.
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                                When Bob went to a bike contest that he always wins, that is live, he makes sure that he breaks his record.

                                "Ok guys, this is Richard Simmons, and this is the National Stunt Contest, or NSC. This will be a bike contest, let's show Bob Martin!"

                                Bob came out, riding his bike, and wearing a fancy bike suit and a helmet. When he waited for Richard to say go, he is getting himself to be ready.

                                "Ok, on your mark, get set, GO!"

                                Bob then started to ride his bike. But he started thinking about the race he had with Rick half a year ago. This caused him to lose control and made him fall at the abyss, making bombs explode.

                                "Wow, Bob lost his 4 year streak and this is the first time he has been battered up. He is disqualified from the NSC!"

                                Bob was then in a Kakuna cast. When he was using the bathroom, people saw him and starting making fun of him, calling him a mummy. Bob then got sad and went to the window. The kids threw rocks at him. Bob got more angrier and fell through the window, hitting his head, causing the head part(the cranium) of the cast to shatter , even though there is a big hole, it's too hard to see Bob's head. Bob was crying, a bit of the eye holes cracked.

                                He was then in a Metapod Cast. Kids called Bob ugly and barf. Bob can't move around much, when he tried crossing the street, he can't, and people were complaining. Kids pushed Bob to a store, causing a pipe to break. Water gushed, and Bob was drowning, the back of his cast shattered.

                                Bob was then at the last, hardest, and protect shell that he has, based on a Pupitar. People called Bob creepy, but Bob tackled them hard. The kids were hurt. When Bob went to lunch, Derek was shocked that Bob was in another cast.

                                "Have you been hurt by people because of these Pokemon casts?"
                                "Yes, they would beat me up, yell, and make me feel bad."
                                "Yeah, but I heard that there is a crew of teens that mess with little people who are whiny, trespassing their place, and the ones that look ridiculous, no offense. At new, I heard that they killed a 10 year old kid who was walking to school, burnt him to ash, and sell the ash for money."

                                Bob was then shocked. After School, Bob was walking home, the shell started acting up and was switched to Defense mode. He was very scared, he doesn't know how to switch back. Then a group of teens came.

                                "Lookie here." Said the leader.
                                "A little kid who is stuck at a carriage." Said the bald one.
                                "What should we do boss?" said the mohawk one.
                                "We should torture his shell and him, and we could treat him like a slave."

                                They then laughed, and took him to their place. When Bob saw, there were blood, skeletons, and scratches. When then tried opening the shell, the shell hardened itself, reflecting the pliers.

                                "Let's leave him."
                                "Yeah, he'll starve to death."

                                When they left, Bob then grabbed his pocket(inside the shell), called Derek to get him out. It took him a long time to get Bob. As Derek quickly ran almost the way out, he dropped Bob, and there was a hole at the back of Bob's shell. He is hurt.

                                EPISODE 10:

                                When Bob was dropped, the bad kids came. They were very angry.

                                "Lookie here, it's rag boy that can't move. And a trespasser is trying to rescue him."
                                "We should get that trespasser. Let's get him."

                                When Derek ran to the phone, he tried typing the numbers, but the phone is already busted. He tried grabbing Bob, but it too late. Bob was being beaten a lot, he was in pain. He was getting kicked, spit at him, and tried breaking the shell. When Bob was thrown to the wall, he passed out. Derek was kidnapped.

                                When Bob woke up, he tried getting up(the shell is a lot like Pupitar's, and has no legs and arms. Bob then struggled and saw a message. In bad handwriting. It says:

                                Dear Rag Freak,

                                We have taken your wimpy friend and we are planning to put him in a bucket of acid. So we can show it on Youtube. If you don't hurry, bye-bye to the loser!

                                By: Assassins.

                                When Bob struggled to the parking lot, he saw the teens. And Derek is half a feet away from the pit. He was so shocked, the acid can dissolve anything.

                                "Lookie here, the rag boy is here."
                                "Look how he is crying to see his wimpy friend here."

                                When they surrounded Bob, they had big pliers. When Bob tried thrashing them, he got caught at the bottom of the shell. The pliers are too strong for him. The shell then starts to crack. Bob then pressed the Defend button. But it malfunctioned, and it exploded. Bob was at the ground, with 2 holes at the sides of the shell.

                                Bob then got up. One teen tried charging him, Bob then pressed the Thrash Button, it made the teen flew to the trash bin. Everyone tried, and Bob always defeats them, and they got thrown to a rabid bog's doghouse. The dog then chased them.

                                Bob then rescued Derek. Bob and Derek then went home.
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                                  As Bob tried going to school, people are scared of Bob. They heard about how he got beaten up(cracks in the Pupitar like cast), they are too dark to see Bob's body, also how he beat up 4 teenagers like this. Bob's cast is a bit creepy(dark holes, how ruddy it is, and the eyes of Bob look like Pupitar's eyes). Derek then came to Bob, asking him about this cast.

                                  "Bob, do you think that you need to get rid of the cast? You've been in this cast for a month."
                                  "No way, it gave me protection."
                                  "Yeah, but you never took it off. And it's starting to get stinky."

                                  Everyone that smelt Bob ran away, screaming. Derek then walked away from Bob, because he's somewhat scary and that he's smelly.

                                  "Bob, please take it off. It's creeping me out. The mask like thing that's on the cast is giving me the chills. When you wear it, your eyes look scary and it looks like a decoration for Halloween."
                                  "No I am not. Ever since I wore it, people feared me. Ever since then, the hard blows I took made me have holes, which scared the heck out of them. Everyday, they run away from me, not even attacking me. Ever since then, I am proud of myself."

                                  "Dude, I don't get what you just said. And really? Wearing this cast to protect yourself? Obviously, I tried looking in your holes, and it's really dark. Which scares me. Even your eyes inside that monstrosity scares the heck out of me."

                                  "I don't get you either. Monstrosity? It doesn't kill people you know. Now shut up and I'll just go." Bob left, Derek chose not to be Bob's friend anymore.

                                  During lunch, people then saw Bob walking to lunch. He then asked for a Cheeseburger with a side of fries, the lunch lady then became scared and threw grease at Bob, Bob covered his holes, then he opened them and got his lunch.

                                  People then tripped Bob, Bob fell down, while his lunch is splattered. As he tried getting it, one guy stepped on it. Bob is humiliated. He then tried going to recess. Derek just ignored Bob. Bob then cries in public. People laughed at Bob. Bob then walked home without spending the rest of school.
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                                    In March 16th at 7:46, Beck and his friend walked to the back of the school district where no one can locate their presence. They encountered the 8th Grade team called K.I.L.L.E.R.S.

                                    Force 5

                                    One of the K.I.L.L.E.R.S walked to Beck's serious grinned face, feeling very agitated.

                                    "Hey, Beck, what do you guys want?" he said with a fierce attitude.

                                    Beck pushed the guy and walked to the leader, feeling very angry.

                                    "K.I.L.L.E.R.S, I got a plan. We need help with someone."

                                    "Oh, Bob." The leader said as he thought back of him.

                                    "Yeah, we need to ruin part of his school day. Put some bad stuff at his locker, backpack, any other stuff Bob uses."

                                    "Wait, why are you doing it to him!? He already took enough, seriously, you want to kill him!?" the leader yelled.

                                    "No I don't. It's a week after he recovered the rampage, ever since then, he always pisses off a lot of people and he gives so much people stress it rips my heart out!" Derek yelled as he punched the wall, causing the wall to crumble down like a rock slide, shocking the K.I.L.L.E.R.S.

                                    "We might, under ONE condition."


                                    "We need some of your weapons. Don't use the dangerous ones because it can kill him. I remember when he almost died by the fire and the 59 bullets."

                                    When Bob walked to his locker feeling that nothing wrong will happen to him, an acid bucket fell on his face. It melted part of his skin on his face.

                                    "What just happened!?" Bob whined.

                                    People laughed while pointing at him.

                                    "Stupid kid!"

                                    Bob cried hard as he shrouded his face and went to class. Then in Honors Math, Bob slowly approached to his seat. Then Beck put his leg under his leg tripped him. He fell down. It hurts his face muscles.

                                    He struggled to get out and slowly crawled to his seat. When he sat down, a fart noise came out.

                                    "Bob, no pooping noises in my class!"


                                    When a guy did an equation at the board, he tried explaining the class, but the pooping noise came back, LOUDER THAN BEFORE. So much people got annoyed.

                                    "Idiot!" a girl screamed
                                    "Bob, what's wrong with you!" Beck laughed.

                                    "Bob! Are you stupid!? Stop pooping on purpose!" the teacher yelled

                                    "No I didn't do it!" The pooping noise happened continously. Beck then rolled a stink bomb under Bob's seat, it EXPLODED with a huge noise! The bad smell runs through EVERYWHERE at the school.

                                    "Bob, you will have a Saturday detention for pooping on purpose. I don't find it funny. You made Tyler lose his real legs, and it took forever to fix his house too. And you didn't even show you cared."

                                    Bob then cried and ran to the bathroom, while others laugh and point at him.

                                    As Bob quickly tried running through the halls, the leader of K.I.L.L.E.R.S made an unexpected appearance. he brought a rabid pug with a rug. The pug is big and super fat with a frightening grin. He then charged up stating electricity so much, it then charged so much on his fur. He chased Bob, and he SHOCKED HIM!

                                    Bob is on fire again! He ran, he burnt a poster that is important that the Principal was going to talk about. Then she saw Bob burnt it, he's going to get 2 Saturday Detentions. He cried hard. Bob went to gym late, he got a teachers detention tomorrow.

                                    Then they think about what Bob did to the other people, they think he has a problem, they put him in Special Ed. People laughed so hard. Bob is not in Honors anymore. He learned so slow, he made his parents prove to them he doesn't have it, then they realized that Bob was just suffering a lot of stress, then they put him back to Regular Ed.

                                    Bob then thinks about his future, he remember when he talked to his mom when acting suicidal(the middle of the 3rd episode, in July.

                                    "Mommy! I don't want to live anymore! Life is too hard! I'm tired of people being mean to me!"

                                    "Robert, when you have problems, go talk to an adult who works at school, talk to me, or your father. Why is it so hard for you to do that?"

                                    "They don't understand. I'm too scared. They might not believe what I say, I tried, but they think I'm crazy and I did this to myself for attention. They think Beck is all ok and innocent, but he is a mean killing machine. I can't beat him! He wants to kill me! Look what he did to me! I have major damage at my head and my body!"

                                    Bob is in a cast. 59 bullets, fire, stabbed and whacked by a baseball bat, shocked by a stun gun, and hit by a bowling ball.

                                    Then he remembered when Beck and the others beat up Bob.

                                    ("Sorry, SORRY!? How are you sorry if you made us get injuries at our palms!?"

                                    Bob then became stingy. "You were the ones that made your arms hurt. You threw rocks at me and it got it back to you. And shut your face and move on. I'm----"

                                    The pain from Bob's cast is injuring Bob's arms and legs.

                                    "I'm....... I'm...." Bob then went to Beck, slowly, then Beck grabbed Bob's head and threw Bob to the pole of the flag. The eyes of Bob is slightly bleeding.

                                    "Guys, he's sorry! He really means it! If you don't believe me, tell BOB! Don't injure him!" Derek screams.

                                    "We can't trust Bob. Look how he destroyed my friend's house. He's a monster because of that "thing" taking over him. He's in "LOVE" with it. And he could do it to others. Look at his eyes." Beck then grabbed Bob's head.

                                    He then squeezed it, it caused excruciating pain to Bob, and he threw his head to the ground.

                                    Bob's crying, of tears and blood.)

                                    He just got sick and then went to the principal about it. She then suspended Beck, his friends, and the 8th graders for 1 month! Bob then had a relief. The principal sent a phone call and made an assembly about this, everyone then felt bad for how much sadness Bob had.
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                                      This will be edited later, feel free to review this.

                                      Bob was cringing as he rattled. Parts of the cast came off, Bob is experiencing pain as he tried coming off, then as he did, he then fell down, bleeding. People then came to Bob. Some felt bad for how beaten up Bob is. People then cried saying that they regret hurting Bob. Derek then explained why Bob did this.

                                      "Guys! Bob didn't mean to make our friend get his legs cut off, he was enduring pain in that cast and he wore it so he can get protected, but he's under a lot of stress. He is sorry for what he did and if you are sorry....... go try to comfort Bob." Derek explained.

                                      "Damn, Bob, I'm sorry for stomping your back, I'll make sure to call the nurse about it. Really, I'm sorry man. In case you get better, you want to hang out in the basketball court?" A jock said, and Bob then shaked his hand.

                                      "Tha........... thanks............." Bob rasped. He gave him a bloody hand, then the jock then wiped Bob's blood away.

                                      As you can see it, Bob has tethered clothes, he's smelly, bruises, black eyes, and broken limbs. Bob's weak and he can't talk well.

                                      A girl came. "Bob, I'm also sorry for punching you through your hole at your stomach. I brought the kid you dislocated."

                                      This kid is using cruthes, a neck brace, and a leg cast. Then he came to Bob to apologize to him.

                                      "Bob, really, I didn't know you were on a lot of stress. I didn't mean to throw that milk carton at you. I thought you were just playing around." The dude then brung the guy that Bob destroyed, his HOUSE.

                                      He is very mad at Bob, for his legs getting amputated, and living in the streets. When we went to Bob, he then choked him. It's like Homer choking Bart. He then pushed Bob to the ground!

                                      Derek and the others came! Bob IS WORSE NOW! Drool came out, rocks scraped him, and he is unconscious.

                                      "Dude, Bob was going to say sorry to you! Why would you try to attack him!?" Derek yelled!

                                      "Why would I ATTACK HIM!? Look what he did to my legs, they're gone, I only have a little bump that's a little part of my legs. I like to run and exercise, now I can't do it! I can't even walk upstairs and I get to Honors Math late! And he made me homeless, my house took a month to rebuild before, now since the destruction happened, it can take MONTHS TO rebuild it! MONTHS!" The kid whined.

                                      "Bob was angry at the time, he was paranoid due to the cast. And it gave him stress because he suffered headaches and backaches. He was protecting himself."

                                      "Yeah, but that doesn't mean he would ruin my chance of being an athlete when I grow up! It was my dream! I don't want to race using a wheelchair!"

                                      People then felt bad for both of them, but if Bob took off the cast 4 weeks ago, this wouldn't happen. His injures took a week to heal. And he just wore it for protection.

                                      EPISODE 15:

                                      When Bob went to school, people stared at him. They saw him at the park, getting punctured by a blade, getting his head squeezed and more. Some disliked the way Bob tried slicing the kid's legs off. The principal was on the speaker.

                                      "Hello dear 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. We need to do a fundraiser for Tyler Anderson's house recovery and his legs, when a certain "monster" destroyed his house, and a big piece of the house sliced Tyler's legs off. We have to make Tyler have new legs and a house."

                                      People then had menacing grins at Bob, he then became nervous and went to Gym. Derek then walked to Bob and became worried.

                                      "Bob, people are not feeling bad for you anymore. Remember when you cut Tyler's legs off? And ruined his house? It's a big impact in his life. And he lost his dream he wanted to have, because of YOU."

                                      "Derek I'm sorry. I was just angry."

                                      "I know you were but people are feeling bad for Tyler now. It's worse than how you survived 100 beatings inside the cast."

                                      Mrs. Mortensen then blowed the whistle. She then held a dodgeball.

                                      "Ok class. Today is dodgeball. We went over the rules of dodgeball for 2 days and it's time to play it. We will have 5 boys and 5 girls playing. Please choose your team."

                                      Bob then chose Bill, Derek, Mike, and Jackson. Adrianna chose Miranda, Jessie, Carly, and Kaytlin. Dodgeball started. Bob then threw a ball, missed. Then all 5 of the girls threw balls at Bob, Bob ran, screaming. Derek then threw a ball at Adrianna, she then reflected it with another ball and it went to Derek, HARD. He passed out, hitting the floor hard. Bob then got hit by it, 20 BALLS! He bled, hurting his nose, a nosebleed happened.

                                      20 minutes later, the boys LOST. People booed at Bob. They hate him because how he lost and how he made Tyler's dream, house, and legs ruined. Bob's parents realized that Bob did this because they saw the poster that says "Rock Monster" and what happened, then they grounded him for 4 months. No playing games, no using the computer, anything, until he fixes this. Bob cried.

                                      Bob then tried working at Burger King. People kicked Bob out because they heard about the Rock Monster. Bob tried selling his own clothes, only 1,000 dollars. 49,000 bucks left. Then Bob tried working in super markets, he got 35,000 bucks. Then a baby started taunting Bob. He spit and bit Bob. Bob screamed. Then he got kicked out. 14,000 left.

                                      He then asked Derek to help him, because he kept getting kicked out and hated. Derek did it for him, then they payed the money to get Tyler new legs and a new house. People clapped at Bob and Derek for doing a good deed. Bob is finally relieved.
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                                        Please give me opinions on this:

                                        13 days swung over the clock of the pendulum as fast as a heartbeat since 2 major tragedies have stricken through people's memories. As Bob slowly got out of his bed, he began to realize that something special will happen to him. He quickly dashed to the calendar like a jackrabbit, seeing that it's his birthday today on May 24th!

                                        "Oh boy, I almost forgot my birthday since I got heavily injured!" Bob swiped the sweat out of his head. As he walked to the bathroom, he glances at his special retainer he now has. Glancing through of what happened 13 days ago, he remembers of how Beck disorganizing his teeth and how he almost "killed" the connection of him and his body.

                                        "That strange feeling I had with my chest. It really hurts when I was like this...." Bob tightly grips his chest, squeezing it like if it was a grapefruit. As he walks down the stairs, he sees Bob's whole family staring at him with various types of faces staring at him.

                                        "What is it?" Bob asked, feeling a bit disoriented.

                                        "Bob, happy 13th birthday!" Rick happily said. He jumped out of his couch and squeezed Bob like a teddy bear. "Rick, it's enough, I still haven't fully recovered!" Bob pushes Rick gently like the wind.

                                        Bob's dad dropped the newspaper and slowly walked to Bob, smiling. "Happy Birthday son! You are no longer a kid! Now you are beginning to become a man! Come on here and hug your daddy!" Bob's dad ran to Bob, with his hands wide open.

                                        Vanessa kicked Mr. Martin to the fridge with full force, smashing it with pieces falling over him. Vanessa put both of her hands at her hips, while she has a somewhat serious grin with her left leg in front.

                                        "Dad, you are beginning to get a bit too happy. He is 13 you know, no need to hug him. That's not manly at all."

                                        "You are right." He said, while his body is upside down next to the demolished fridge.

                                        "I'm going to school. I'll see you." Bob walked to school in 15 minutes, saying sup to various people with nodding his head like a boss. He quickly walked up to the 3rd floor, trying to go to his locker.

                                        Meanwhile, Natalie walks slowly like a goddess as her long silky orange hair began to wave and beautiful appearance began to attract other men as their eyeball widen with their mouth open as they began to see her walk through them as they stairs at her small jeans and her cute butt.

                                        "She's so hot. What's her name, because I really want to date her!"

                                        "Her's name's Natalie DiCapprio. She's a 7th grader, yet she's 13.

                                        "Really!? Because I never saw a 13 year old that hot! I mean really!?

                                        "Yeah man! She even has a cute face with these beautiful blue eyes!"

                                        As Natalie saw Bob trying to open his locker, she was shocked of how he is now! Before he was badly injured like scrap metal, now he's all new like a new Wii U! She walked to Bob slowly.

                                        "Hi Bob, and Happy Birthday!" she happily greeted.

                                        Bob slowly got up and smiled at her face. "Hi, I see that you remember."

                                        "Yeah........" She said as her word began to fade slowly. "So how was your recovery?"

                                        "It was good. I was in the hospital for like 10 days, then when I got out, they gave me a retainer for my teeth. Also when I got beaten up by Derek and Beck, I had this strange feeling. Like when I was unconscious, I saw "myself", as in my body beaten us, and I saw myself getting far away like if it was shrinking. Then I saw an odd chain elongating from it to me, even when I was getting far away. I tried pulling it, then I saw the chain starting to eat itself which caused excruciating pain to my chest, then I was very scared. Is that was death is!?" He questioned.

                                        Natalie began to think of what Bob said of his weird "experience". "Wow, that's incredible. Bob, it might be death, because like depending on how you suffered through this painful beating, you might have died if you didn't return right back on time."

                                        "Maybe, let's go to class."

                                        As Bob and Natalie walk together holding their hands into English Honors, they glance a the whole class, staring at Bob, smiling. Bob got annoyed of the same reaction this morning.

                                        "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" Everyone said. One guy hugs Bob hard. Another one shakes his hand while another one pats his back.

                                        "Wow, when did everyone start to like me!?"

                                        Ms. Alborn dropped the gradebook and walked to Bob's face, looking at him.

                                        "Bob, we never really hated you. In fact, you were thinking of that because of how people treat you. All of us think of you are a very nice student but you are sometimes annoying and ear ripping like a screaming baby. Overall, you are one of my best students, and we are glad to have you."

                                        Bob sniffles as tears began to run through his skin like a faucet. He wipes his face, relieved of what everyone thinks of him.

                                        "Yeah Bob, you are a nice guy." Stephanie says while smiling at him.

                                        Bob sits next to Miranda, seeing that she doesn't hate him as well. But he glances at where Derek should be. Then he thinks back:

                                        (Derek and Beck fled with the other people of B.U.L.L.Y, laughing on what they did to the principal.

                                        "Stupid principal!"

                                        "Yeah man! He's so annoying!" Derek screamed, laughing.)

                                        During lunch, a pack of ravenous students raced down the line as always like a pack of wolves. Bob began to scan for a seat to sit at, until he heard his name chanted 4 times.

                                        "Bob, sit with us!"

                                        "Yeah Bob, come on!"

                                        People tapped an empty spaces between them. Bob happily accepts them and walked next to Natalie.

                                        "Awwww......" People were very interested of how Bob and her make a couple. Bob and Natalie quickly turned around at opposite directions while their face turns into a bright shade of red.

                                        Minutes after Bob and the rest chatter, they began to hear a conversation between 2 people. Bob turned around as they were continue to bicker.

                                        "Hey, have you heard of Principal Kumar?

                                        "Yeah, he's still in the hospital!"

                                        "And that remember of how his head began to spit out goo?"

                                        "Yeah, that means that he might not be principal anymore, it's very sad! And you can not believe that the evil gang hasn't returned since that happened!"

                                        After school, as Bob and everyone else try to walk to his house, laughing and talking about something, a mysterious tall teenager with a somewhat bulky man walked to Bob and pushed him harshly.

                                        "Bob!" Everyone screamed.

                                        Bob fell down, unable to get up. "Hey, kid! Remember us! The one that you made us sick at the sidewalk 13 days ago! That's right!"

                                        Bob got up, shivering with his fingers crossed. "I.... I don't remember......."

                                        "Oh and one thing! Why did you cause my cousin to lose his legs you bastard!?"

                                        Bob's face was frozen in awe like if he was glass. "Do you mean........" Bob shivered strongly as he began to point at him, then he saw the resemblance between those two.

                                        "That's right! I'm his cousin, Lucas Anderson! That's right! I'm a leader of the football team, and that we set this battle now!" He drops his heavy case of a backpack and tossed his jacket to his friend, treating him like a hanger.

                                        Bob shivered as he sees him put his 2 clenched fists up.

                                        "Fight fight fight!"

                                        "You can do this Bob! We believe in ya!"
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                                          A few days after Bob harshly violated, he dashed to school while he hides from bullies and people who made fun of him. He has a terrible headache, as he went to Science class, His science teacher, Mr. Ghramer, is trying to explain this project.

                                          "Ok class, today, you will pair up with a partner, and you have to take care of a baby animal. Observe what it does and how you treated it. There will be 11 baby animals. Those are:
                                          Snake(non venomous)
                                          White Mouse

                                          You can keep them, plus, next week, you have to show me them at the 2nd of October."

                                          Bob and Derek chose a snake, a grass Snake. They went home, put it in a water and grass tray, and fed it mice. Meanwhile in Bob's house, they put the snake in his room. When Bob open the cage, he said hi, the troubled snake jumped on his face.

                                          "AHHHHHHHHH! GET IT OFF! GET IT OFF!" Bob yelled.

                                          Derek then pulled it off of his face, leaving it's saliva.

                                          "Ok, let's observe that this grass snake is coiling itself as it rests". Bob explained.

                                          "Yeah, and should we feed it a toad? I saw on Youtube that one ate a toad."

                                          "Hmmmmmm. I should tell my dad if I can fish for toad tadpoles."

                                          A day later, Bob came back from school, as his jacket is covered with sticky grime-like mud, and he saw that his snake's skin is shaking.

                                          "IS THAT A SEIZURE!?"

                                          The snake's skin ripped open, as the enlarged snake came out. But his fangs are too soft, so they have to harden. But it then came out of Bob, choking him by coiling his body. Bob harshly screamed as it then barfed at him, then it came back to his place.

                                          On Tuesday, as Bob came to school, he was in a mess. Vomit, stomach acid, and a rat's tail. Everyone laughed as Bob walked to class.

                                          "Wow, nerd attack!"

                                          "What do know, this nerd got attacked!"

                                          Derek thinks that the snake thinks that Bob is ANNOYING.

                                          On Wednesday, the snake went inside Bob's backpack. It then ate his books, vomiting, and left to it's place. As Bob went to class, he saw vomit. He was horrified and vomits into it.

                                          On Thursday Night, Bob went to his room and saw shed skin, poop, and barf all over his room, then his parents came.

                                          "BOB! Why did your snake do this!?" his Dad said.

                                          "I.... I don't know......." he said as he constantly shivers.

                                          "You are grounded for not taking care of the snake!" the Mom said.

                                          Bob cries while he sees this.

                                          On Friday, he saw that the snake shed it's skin 2 times, and it's stronger than when Bob had it. As he took it to school, the snake then choked Bob, then he ripped his skin of his arm and bit him. Then he went back. As Mr. Ghramer saw of how the snake abused Bob, he thinks that Derek should have it then him. Bob then cried, but the snake smacked Bob in the face with it's tail. Bob got a C-, but Derek got a B+.
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                                            As Bob was giving Derek the unsettled snake in the hallway full of rambunctious children walking and talking wildly, he then went down to lunch as other students raced down to grasp on their delicious food.

                                            When he got his tray that has a red, clean apple along with a warm cheeseburger that had its scent make its way to his nostrils, he placed it at the Geeks table full of unsociable geeks. Beck and the others slowly waked towards their way as they menacing let out a stare towards Bob, Derek, and the rest.

                                            "Hey Geek Squad. Seems that you might tell us something stupid huh?" Beck said, then he snickered as his friends gave him a high five.

                                            "Beck, I'll get you something that will humiliate you." Bob giggled.

                                            Bob grasped on to the cage as he slowly opens. The next glimpse he can see, the troubled snake quickly landed on Bob as he viciously bites and vomits on Bob's who body. Blood quickly spurts out of Bob as he passed out. The crowd at the lunch table got their attention on Bob on the ground with the snake on top of him. As Bob woke up, he heard people wildly laughed at him as their point towards him.

                                            "Nerd attack!"

                                            "What a loser!

                                            "Look, I am sick of you trying to humiliate me. I'm an outcast because of you. Do you feel any pain towards me? How do you feel when someone does that to you? If you want to battle in your way, fine." Bob harshly lets out.

                                            "Fine, 5 on 5. B.U.L.L.Y vs Geek Squad."

                                            Minutes later, Beck and the others wait, and the rest are looking. The fight begins. One of Bob's friend charged towards them, Loomer then grabbed him, and then choked him as he kicked him. He then beat him with a bat, and he then threw him to the ground, as he is bleeding. He then spit at him.

                                            Bob and the others are shocked. Then another one of Bob's friends came, Billy then punched him. the friend fell down. A nosebleed. As Billy grabbed his leg, he hit him to the ground back and forth, then he slammed him to the wall, then he placed an eel there to shock him. He threw him to the other battered friend, with spit.

                                            One by one, they tried fighting, but one got hit on the head, got a dislocated neck, and got a lot of blood loss. The other has gotten wedgied, smacked, and being suffocated by a bag.

                                            Derek than came. Bob is crying that he is fighting on his own. As Derek then threw a big rock towards Beck, Beck punched the rock. He quickly grabbed the pieces and threw them towards Derek. Derek dodged everyone, but felt a sharp pain between his legs. Blood came out, a lot. He then held his male organs. Then Beck kicked him, letting Derek pass out, in a pool of blood.

                                            Bob became enraged, punching his palm. Everyone laughed. It made it worse, Bob then went to Billy, he cracked his back, and Bob then kicked his stomach, letting him lose and bleed.

                                            Loomer then came. Bob kicked him at the shin, letting him fall down. Bob choked him, letting him almost die and pass out.

                                            One by one, Bob injures then and almost dislocates their legs and arms. Beck is left. They both charged, punching and blocking. Bob won't stop charging, and then Beck quickly got Bob's neck. He squeezed it. And then choked him, he then thrashed him, and then let him bleed. Bob fell down, and he can't get up.

                                            Beck was laughing. Bob then got more furious, he then got up, holding his arm, while he bleeds. He then got his supporters to help. Everyone helped defeat Beck. Beck is knocked out. Unconscious. Bob has few months of no bullying. After that, he rarely gets bulled, everyone went to the hospital.
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