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Old October 3rd, 2012 (1:14 PM).
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So, im sure most of you have cellphones. My simple question is what kind of cellphones do you guys have?

I have an iPhone 4~

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Old October 4th, 2012 (5:52 AM).
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    I have a Samsung Galaxy S-II from Sprint. It's rooted with a custom ROM though ^__^ I love android.
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    Old October 4th, 2012 (6:02 AM).
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      I have a Samsung Galaxy Mini 2. Yes, like above, I love Android very much because I can download many awesome application.
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      Old October 4th, 2012 (6:13 AM).
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        I have a Galaxy S3 and I do quite like it.
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        Old October 4th, 2012 (8:00 AM).
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        my sister has a Samsung Galaxy Wave 2.
        i do not have one but i'll get one soon
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        Old October 4th, 2012 (9:51 PM).
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        I don't have one yet, but the one I'm looking for is especially the iPhone line, quite the ones above 3GS.

        I don't want to seem like an Apple fanboy here, but since all of my music is on iTunes and I like to keep track of my song plays...

        If that weren't the case any phone that can surf the web decently quick is fine with me :P
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        Old October 5th, 2012 (6:46 AM).
        Liliana Vess Liliana Vess is offline
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        I have a samsung sidekick 4G, I imported it from the US so I can't actually use the 4G feature but for the price I'm very happy with what else it can do. I've always prefered to get a touch and type phone, I can use a keyboard on a touchscreen phone but I've always liked being able to not have to look at my screen when typing which I couldn't do with an on screen keyboard.
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        Old October 5th, 2012 (7:35 AM).
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        I've got an iPhone 4S. I find it works very well. I've tried using Android phones, but I can't see myself using one for a main one for a while. (Android itself is just fine, My main qualm is the mentality that the OEMs have about support, at least with iPhone I know I'll have OS updates for the entire duration of my contract period and probably a year or so beyond.)
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        Old October 5th, 2012 (10:21 AM).
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        I currently have an iPhone 4S. It turned out better than I thought it would be because of the simple functions.

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        Old October 5th, 2012 (12:13 PM).
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        Samsung Captivate aka the Samsung Galaxy S-I. My sister has a S-II and my Dad has a S-III so you can say I got the short end of the stick even though I kept track of my phone haha. Eh, maybe in the future but even though it's "old" I still like my phone.
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        Old October 9th, 2012 (10:22 AM).
        LividZephyr LividZephyr is offline
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          Like the above poster, Samsung Captivate for me. It doesn't always like me, but I enjoy having a smartphone that isn't made by those jerks at Apple. I'm not brainwashed unlike most of the unfortunate saps in my family.

          I plan on sticking with Android. I especially like that I can play ROMs on it even when it isn't rooted, though I kind of want to root it just to get rid of all the bloatware that came pre-installed (some of it runs in the background too, eww...)
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          Old October 9th, 2012 (11:35 AM).
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          oh god
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            Samsung Galaxy SIII. Boy howdy if it ain't the bees knees. Really though, it's a nice phone.
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            Old October 9th, 2012 (12:20 PM).
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              I just upgraded a couple weeks ago from:

              Now I have a Huawei Ascend g300

              Yay upgrade!
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              Old October 9th, 2012 (6:06 PM).
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              I love my phone, its an LG900G, prepaid phone, given to me as a birthday present last year. I use it a lot to play music, and watch videos, and talk as well. Not so much for internet, its kind of expensive on the phone.

              Kind of a big image - why the timer? When I took the photo, I was baking a cake in the oven
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              Old October 9th, 2012 (11:06 PM).
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              I have a Droid Incredible's both the best and worst phone I've ever owned. I love being able to get online whenever and wherever, but at the same time HTC is slower than molasses with updates, and I've had random features stop working without a factory reset with almost every update. Also, lately I've been getting kind of spotty 3G - and I know it's not Verizon because their signal has always been great around here.

              Due for an upgrade in a few months and I'm thinking I'll get an S III.
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              Old October 9th, 2012 (11:49 PM).
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              I use a Nokia Lumia 900 and a Nokia 110 as my phones - the first as the smartphone for general use, and the 110 as the backup phone. Smartphones tend to die early, while feature phones can keep it going for around 5 days at a time even with occasional Internet use.
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              Old October 10th, 2012 (2:05 AM).
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                phone i want a android SO BAD
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                Old October 12th, 2012 (2:12 AM).
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                I have an iPhone 4S. Very convenient, since I use iTunes Match and keep everything in iCloud and it's very compatible to keep all my files in sync with my laptop! Bless iMessage as well.
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                Old October 12th, 2012 (4:06 AM).
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                You people are rich. I once had a Samsung Galaxy Y, but I broke it. No more money to buy a new one. It sucks.

                beep bop boop
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                Old October 13th, 2012 (9:33 AM).
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                Just hit the two year mark with my HTC Desire a few days ago.

                I love it, although I've really got to sit down and root it. I'm getting really frustrated with the fact that most apps are restricted to the phone's memory rather than my SD Card and even that is capped at a certain number of MBs so I have to constantly clear the cache of all my apps and I can't really install any others right now unless they can go to my SD card. I also want to upgrade to 2.3 but that requires a factory reset so I want to do all of it at once. I'm just a little scared of messing it up so I'm trying to wait for a time when I won't need my phone so if I'm without one for a few days, it won't be the "end of the world". :P

                But I really do adore my phone and when my contract is up in a year, I'm not even sure I'll upgrade.
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                Old October 14th, 2012 (7:58 AM). Edited October 14th, 2012 by Nomine.
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                  I have a Samsung Galaxy SIII on AT&T, haha. Any extra info will be below. Switching between that and the iPhone 5 currently. iPhone 5 is my primary, while I go to my S III when I feel the need to customize. xD What really sucks is that I have to use an adapter to put the nano-sim from the iPhone into my S III (because Apple had to change the SIM card size yet again... and now, the industry standard will become the nano-sim!) The only reasons I switch are because iOS is so smooth and simple, while I can customize 'til the cows come home on Android.

                  Phone: Samsung Galaxy SIII (Pebble Blue FTW!)
                  Carrier: AT&T
                  ROM: AOKP Jellybean!

                  as for the iPhone 5...

                  Carrier: AT&T
                  Color: Black/Slate
                  Storage: 32 GB
                  No need to worry.
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                  Old October 14th, 2012 (8:24 AM).
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                  I currently have the Samsung Infuse 4G, been having it for a year and a month so far. It's a really amazing phone, but sometimes it can glitch up and crash every time I run too many apps. xD I blame the specs. lol But overall, it's a really smooth phone and it's pretty big.

                  My mom and I are in the talks of upgrading to iPhones, don't know when but it could happen. xD
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                  Old October 24th, 2012 (12:36 PM).
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                  I have the Iphone 4s in a very unique green Otter Box which I love. I have while before I can upgrade though for discount, but I might just break down and buy the 5 at retail.


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                  Old October 24th, 2012 (12:42 PM).
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                    I have an iPhone 4 (despite strongly disliking Apple).

                    But I'm never going back to an Android, probably. Hopefully Galaxy SIII has picked up SII's pieces, because they're really mediocre phones.
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                    Old October 24th, 2012 (12:48 PM). Edited October 24th, 2012 by Palkia.
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                    I have a Samsung Galaxy Europa I picked up last year. It's basically a old version of the samsung galaxy Y, which I picked up for £50 on a prepay network. For a phone I got a long time ago (having a phone for 1 year is quite rare for me) It's quite good although It has a old version of android (2.3.7, so it's about 2 iterations behind 4.1 jelly bean).

                    My next phone is probably going to be a android, and I'll get it sometime next year, probably one of the once announced at MWC next February.

                    Picture of phone in spoiler -----V


                    And yes, that is cyanogenmod you can see. A old gingerbread version (there is a ice cream sandwich version, but it's really unfinished.)
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