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Are you a good cook?

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Old August 23rd, 2012 (7:24 AM).
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I think I'm pretty good. I make my own recipes for dinner and things like that most of the time, instead of following ones I find online, and they turn out to be bangin' dishes. I don't really bake, though, but I know how!
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Old August 23rd, 2012 (12:08 PM).
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I do very well at work. At home? Eh. If I follow recipe I can make it out okay. Otherwise it's all crap. It's why I mainly deal with frozen food, despite it being very unhealthy for me. :(
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Old August 23rd, 2012 (2:02 PM).
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i like cinnamon :)
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    not yet but eventually i will because i have to travel and live alone for collage
    but my mom is an amazing cook ( she cooks for my family every day ) and my sis is a grate chef ( she has manny certificates and award ) manny well know restaurants in where i live asked here to work for them but she refused cuz she's planing to make her own sweets and bakery shop :D

    i like cinnamon
    my sis always makes me sweets with cinnamon cuz she knows i like it so much :D
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    Old August 23rd, 2012 (2:55 PM).
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    I'd say I'm pretty all right. I don't cook too often so there hasn't been much improvement lately haha... but I'm a fast learner so it wouldn't be too hard to learn if I had the energy and motivation to cook more meals for myself. I prefer simpler things like just pasta or something since it's easy and doesn't take as long. >:

    More complex things I almost never make, sadly.
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    Old August 24th, 2012 (3:27 AM).
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    I like to think I am a alright cook and I will try anything at least once. I enjoy cooking, as it is just nice and you get a good satisfaction from cooking something lovely!
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    Old August 24th, 2012 (3:39 AM).
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    I'm the guy who cooks for my friends during our holidays so I consider myself a pretty decent one! In fact, I have a lot of fun cooking- only give me time and money to buy ingredients and you'll have me entertained for a couple hours. I blame my mom for keeping me in the kitchen while she cooked when I was younger.

    No desserts or sweets though- just 'proper' meals.
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    Old August 26th, 2012 (10:52 AM).
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    I can;t cook to save my life unless it's just microwaving stuff. If I have to use the oven, better have fire and rescue at the ready. Seriously, restaurants cook up the best tasting food anyway, at least from my personal experience. Might have to do with the fact that my parents are mediocre cooks who are deluded into thinking they're better than they are :/

    But in short, I'm not a good cook, nor do I aspire to be since there is the restaurant option available to me.

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    Old September 2nd, 2012 (1:15 PM).
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      If it can be done in the microwave, I can handle it. But other than that, I don't cook. My housemates usually do the cooking, though.
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      Old September 2nd, 2012 (1:36 PM).
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        I can cook relatively simple things, but that's just because simple is all I'm likely to want. I mean, I'll never be a culinary genius, but that's because I don't have much appreciation for 'fine dining.' Like, I can cook you pasta or steam some vegetables for you and I can even bake, but it's nothing that someone with a cookbook and some patience can't do.
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        Old September 2nd, 2012 (1:53 PM).
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        I can cook simple things, but most of the time I'm terrible at cooking.
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        Old September 2nd, 2012 (2:03 PM).
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        If you count the microwave as cooking then I'm good at microwaving things. But if it doesn't count then no. I don't even know how to cook because I'm afraid of ovens.
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        Old September 3rd, 2012 (3:23 AM).
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          Not particularly I do not think, though I can survive on my own at least.
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          Old September 3rd, 2012 (6:31 AM).
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          Oh I love to cook! Give me a recipe and I'll totally make it, heck..I'll make it delicious. :D It's worth cooking rather than heating things up in microwave. It's much healthier and better that way.
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          Old September 13th, 2012 (12:28 PM).
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          Frasier says it best
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            I'm OK at cooking, but I should probably do it more than I do. My diet is heavily reliant on canteen food/take-away/restaurant stuff at the moment. On the rare chance I do get to cook something, it's normally nothing more complicated than a bacon sandwich. Which is a shame, as I used to cook a lot more when I lived with my parents: curries, pasta dishes, noodle dishes etc. My favourite dish was this chicken and spinach risotto that was just delicious and creamy. It took ages to make, so I didn't do it all that often, but when I did, it was so worth it! :D
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            Old September 20th, 2012 (5:22 PM).
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            I am in training. ;-; My parents did most of the cooking. My dad is way better at cooking than my mom. He never really had the time to teach me, so I teach myself. I can make tacos. That's about it, besides making cereal or microwaving something. 8D;
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            Old September 20th, 2012 (5:32 PM).
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            I'm not the best, but I'm not the worse. I don't think that I could just take some ingredients and make a random dish out of them (like they do on Chopped), but if I have a recipe then I'm pretty competent in the kitchen. Just today I had a recipe and I made some Tomato Basil soup. It turned out pretty good!
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            Old September 22nd, 2012 (7:30 AM).
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            Someone else has already said it best:
            "The challenger's ugly food has shown us that even hideous things can be sweet on the inside."
            - Morbo the Annihilator
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            Old October 4th, 2012 (8:03 PM).
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            I like to think I'm a fairly apt cook. I cook for my family all the time and I kind of have to cook for myself since nobody else cooks on a regular basis except for me. Of course, if nobody cooks we end up finding our own things to eat, but that's besides the point. I'm a fan of making my own recipes for things because what I make generally tastes better and is much easier to make (ingredients, preparation etc) than store-bought things and the like.
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            Old October 4th, 2012 (10:00 PM).
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            i own a rabbit heh
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            I discovered at a young age that females like males that could cook, so I took it upon myself to learn. So yes..
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            Old October 4th, 2012 (10:27 PM).
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            I could probably be a fairly decent good if I put effort into it. But rarely do I put effort into it and when I do it's Spaghetti. Maybe someday I'll try and make a recipe I haven't made before and see how that turns out.

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            Old October 5th, 2012 (3:59 PM).
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            Not really. I can make some really good noodles and pancakes. Thats all really haha.
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            Old October 5th, 2012 (7:48 PM).
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            I live at home and we have dinner as a family. So, I've never really had to cook that. Breakfast or lunch though I can do.
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            Old October 5th, 2012 (11:49 PM).
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              Personally I consider "I know how to cook" to be: if I'm given a raw chicken, I got some plans on how to make something out of it.

              So no I don't know how to cook sadly D: I got enough "cooking-like skills" to survive but I don't consider myself to know how to cook.
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              Old October 6th, 2012 (6:18 AM).
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                I had to learn to cook dinner because my dad works nights so I have to make dinner for my younger brother. My special dish is my Spag bol.
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                Old October 8th, 2012 (7:53 PM).
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                  I make a mean bowl of noodles.
                  The Culinary Arts is something that interests me though,and I intend to learn far more then I know now.

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