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Old September 21st, 2012 (4:16 PM).
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All that rain gives me is a foul mood, wet shoes and messy hair, not to mention the desire to just stay at home and lay on my bed, under the sheets. Preferably asleep.
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Old September 22nd, 2012 (1:30 PM).
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    Really quite annoyed. We get rain all the time; I much prefer a rainy night than a rainy day.
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    Old September 30th, 2012 (10:49 AM).
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    I MUCH prefer rain over sunshine. Sunlight make me feel very sick if I stay in it for about
    half a hour, but rain is very refreshing and cools things down.

    Wish I lived in a rainier area rather than where I live.
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    Old September 30th, 2012 (11:47 AM).
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    I love when it rains, especially at night. The rain is calming to me, and the sound of it helps me fall asleep at night.
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    Old September 30th, 2012 (1:32 PM).
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    It's definitely calming. And whenever it rains it usually puts me in a mellow mood, but it also gives me an excuse to stay inside and play video games. : )
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    Old September 30th, 2012 (3:38 PM).
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      Yeah rain doesn't really make me sad or happy. It does put me in a clam, relaxed state, which I love. That's why I'll put on rainymood when I listen to music haha.
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      Old September 30th, 2012 (6:18 PM).
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      Usually I find it nice and calming.

      Rain's refreshing. I love the noise and the smell outside right after the rain. It can also feel nice falling on me, but only if it's not cold. Cold rain sucks. I could walk for ages in a good temperature rain, though. :D
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      Old October 1st, 2012 (3:50 AM).
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        The sound of rain dripping onto the roof or the ground is really calming, especially here in Dubai, where it rains only in the winter :/ It's really nice when it falls on me, especially when it's cold. But I can't walk in it for long, because I hate it if I'm soaked in cold water too much, and wet shoes are really uncomfortable. I like its effect on my hair, though.
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        Old October 4th, 2012 (8:09 PM).
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        I usually identify with rain as a sign of how someone in the world is feeling, similar to how the weather is often used in anime or movies to coincide a sad moment/death. My mind works the same way, though my feelings are never usually effected by it. A rainy day just means not being able to do anything lest I'm just begging to be wet and uncomfortable for the entire duration of said activity.
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        Old October 5th, 2012 (4:12 AM).
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        I actually like the rain, so long as it doesn't turn into a (thunder)storm. The air gets breezy, refreshing, and cooling -- it makes me feel... nice. :3 I don't even mind walking in the rain; heck, whenever it does, I don't use my umbrella and I politely decline a friend's offer to share theirs. I also like it when it rains when I'm sad; it's as though the sky is accompanying me or something.
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        Old October 7th, 2012 (9:06 PM).
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          I'm surprised that nobody mentioned the smell before it rains. x)
          I love the rain,for so many reasons that if I tried to say it all here i'd be marked as spam.

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          Old October 8th, 2012 (5:57 AM).
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          Originally Posted by Rococo View Post
          I'm surprised that nobody mentioned the smell before it rains. x)
          I love the rain,for so many reasons that if I tried to say it all here i'd be marked as spam. :)
          Don't think you'd be spamming if you're answering the topic lol. What.

          Anyway. How could anyone hate rain? It's the single greatest thing after freshly cut grass.
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          Old October 9th, 2012 (8:45 PM).
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          I love rain. When it rains, I just look at my mom for a second, and she opens the door for me. I run outside. I don't know why people hate rain. It's one of the best gifts God ever gave. Rain is my best friend.

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          Old October 9th, 2012 (8:45 PM).
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            I feel sick. It was raining today, and I didn't get to go for a walk.

            Cold + rain = sick, therefore I don't like it. I like being able to get outside and move around! I'd rather not be at the mall going for a walk when I can enjoy sunshine.
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