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Old October 6th, 2012 (7:39 PM).
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    Does anyone here have their own Gym wishlist for Gen VI?

    Here are mine:

    Gym 1:
    Gym Leader name: Brenna
    Gym Leader gender: Female
    Type specialty: Ground
    Appearance: A woman with brown hair wearing brown work clothes.
    Other Trainers: Hikers, Backpackers (female)

    Gym 2:
    Gym Leader name: Cobaltette
    Gym Leader gender: Female
    Type specialty: Water
    Appearance: A female swimmer with blue hair and blue bikini.
    Other Trainers: Swimmers (female), Fishermen

    Gym 3:
    Gym Leader name: Avogadro
    Gym Leader gender: Male
    Type specialty: Grass
    Appearance: A male farmer wearing green clothes and hat.
    Other Trainers: Aroma Ladies, Pokémon Rangers (male)

    Gym 4:
    Gym Leader name: Leminina
    Gym Leader gender: Female
    Type specialty: Electric
    Appearance: A young blonde with a yellow dress and smartphone.
    Other Trainers: Engineers, Ace Trainers (female)

    Gym 5:
    Gym Leader name: Mintina
    Gym Leader gender: Female
    Type specialty: Bug
    Appearance: A female beekeeper, wearing green beeproof clothes and has gray hair.
    Other Trainers: Bug Catchers, Lasses

    Gym 6:
    Gym Leader name: Scarletta
    Gym Leader gender: Female
    Type specialty: Fire
    Appearance: A beauty queen with red hair and beautiful red dress.
    Other Trainers: Beauties, Ace Trainers (male)

    Gym 7:
    Gym Leader name: Tangrino (CORRECTED)
    Gym Leader gender: Male
    Type specialty: Dragon
    Appearance: A male trainer with orange cape and shirt, purple pants, and spiky white hair.
    Other Trainers: Dragon Tamers, Veterans (female)

    Gym 8:
    Gym Leader names: Blake and Ebonette
    Gym Leader genders: Male (Blake) and Female (Ebonette)
    Type specialty: Dark
    Appearance: Two trainers dressed in Gothic clothing, both with black hair.
    Other Trainers: Roughnecks, Socialites
    Note: The Gym Leader the player battles depends on the version. In the primary version (akin to Red, Gold, Ruby, FireRed, Diamond, HeartGold, Black, and Black 2), the player battles Blake, while in the secondary version (akin to Blue, Silver, Sapphire, LeafGreen, Pearl, SoulSilver, White, and White 2), the player battles Ebonette.

    What does anyone here think?

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    Old October 7th, 2012 (3:56 PM).
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