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Old September 20th, 2012 (3:42 AM).
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    Update #2 on Crystal.

    Defeated Whitney.
    Defeated Morty.
    Caught Sparky the Chinchou and Lapis the Lapras.
    Many of my pokemon evolved.

    LVL 27


    LVL 27


    LVL 27


    LVL 27


    LVL 27


    LVL 27

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      Ooh, this looks like fun! Let's start with bugs and work our way through the Ultimates, shall we?

      For this challenge, the heroine is Cora, who travels throughout the five regions with her bug Pokemon on a dare from her older brother. Updates will be written in short journal entries, with Pokemon and trainer stats at the bottom.

      NOTE: Because of the connection between Kanto and Johto, I'll be switching around some of the narration once I get to the Johto region so that she'll beat Red right after beating the Elite Four for the 'first' time (I'll put in a few non-journal entries so you guys can still see my real progress). Most of the Pokemon will also remain the same from FireRed to SoulSilver, to keep that continuity. After SoulSilver, things will proceed as they normally would and the teams will change accordingly.

      Username: SanityStealer
      Single or Ultimate: Ultimate
      Game(s): FR - SS - S/E - D/Pl - Bl/Bl2
      Monotype: Bugs
      Team: Butterfree, Beedrill, Parasect, Venomoth, Scyther
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        Update #3 on Crystal.

        Cleared the Lighthouse.
        Covered the sea routes.
        Defeated Chuck.
        Croconaw and Chinchou evolved.
        Defeated Jasmine.
        Completed Team Rocket Base at Mahagony.
        Defeated Pryce.
        Completed Ice Path.
        Trained my pokemon to lvl 40.
        Poliwhirl and Slowpoke evolved.
        Defeated Clair.
        Completed Victory Road.
        Trained my pokemon to lvl 45 for the Elite Four.
        Slowbro soloed Lance with Shadow Ball and Icy Wind.
        Quagsire soloed Koga with Rollout.
        Lanturn and Slowbro defeated Bruno with Hp Flying and Surf and COnfusion.
        Feraligatr and Lanturn were used for defeating Karen.
        Lanturn sparked Gyarados and rest of them were defeated by Lapras.
        Receaved S.S. Ticket.

        LVL 46


        LVL 45


        LVL 46


        LVL 46


        LVL 46


        LVL 46

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          Update #3 on Crystal.

          Reached Kanto.
          Defeated all the Gym Leaders.
          Trained to level 65.
          Defeated Red.

          LVL 65


          LVL 65


          LVL 65


          LVL 65


          LVL 65


          LVL 65

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            Property of Cora

            KEEP OUT!

            (If found, please mail to Daisy in Pallet Town. HER I trust.)

            Day 1

            I started on my quest to make Kendall eat his words today. He thinks that bug Pokemon suck? Fine. I'm going to prove him wrong. You know, after I kick Xavier to the curb for being an - um - word best not written down here. Just in case somebody reads it and thinks I'm some foul-mouthed little girl. Which I'm not, since, you know, Xavier deserves being called words way worse than jerk and I'm twelve. So. Not a little girl anymore, ha!


            I was all set to go down to Viridian Forest and catch a Caterpie, but the stupid Professor wouldn't let me leave Pallet! He nearly gave me a heart attack, jumping at me like that. Come on, Professor, get with the program. It takes about half an hour to walk to Viridian and I've done it loads of times before. When I told him my plan, though, he got this look in his eye, let me pick a Pokemon, and told me to go 'hurry along, then'. Which would almost make him cool, except then I had to waste half the day walking back and forth delivering stuff to him - and now, apparently, I have to fill up this stupid thing called a PokeDex. Blah.

            And some old dude shoved an old TV in my face. I dropped it in the first dumpster I found. It was REALLY heavy.

            Okay, so, dumped the TV, went into Viridian Forest, found this adorable little Caterpie, caught her, named her Victoria (she and Shelly - oh, yeah, Shelly's a Squirtle - got along really well) - and then was forced to fight weirdos in shorts with bug nets who called themselves bug catchers.

            Victoria pretty much kicked their butts. Well, one of their butts. After the first guy, this little Weedle attached herself to my arm and wouldn't let go, so I caught her and named her Honey. She's really affectionate and hasn't poisoned me yet!

            I was kinda surprised by how fast these things evolve, though. Victoria and Honey evolved TWICE while I was lost in Viridian Forest! So now I've got Butterfree and a Beedrill! It was really helpful, actually. They got a lot stronger, plus they got wings, so they could help me get out of that stupid forest.

            I'm in Pewter City now. It's HUGE. I found the Pokemon Center and I'm staying the night here. In the morning, I'm going to challenge Brock. I think we can handle it.

            Day 2

            Whew. What a day.

            Okay, so Brock was not easy. I still don't know how I managed to beat him. I think I got really incredibly lucky. And it took forever!

            One of the Professor's aides tracked me down afterwards and gave me a pair of sneakers. I'm not sure what was wrong with my old ones, but these are nice. They're even in my size. I bet my mom's behind this. I put them on, and now my feet hurt because the shoes aren't broken in yet. Blah. I hope they'll be better tomorrow, since that's when I'll be tackling Mt. Moon.

            I'm so glad I have a flashlight.

            Right, so, got to the entrance of Mt Moon and they have a Pokemon Center here. Too tired to write anymore. Night.

            Day 3

            I hate Mt. Moon. I hate Team Rocket. I hate science nerds who get all possessive over crap that I don't even want. I hate Zubat.

            I HATE ZUBAT SO MUCH.

            There are thousands of them in Mt. Moon, and they're EVERYWHERE. Seriously. I checked. After the seventh one attacked me, I aimed my flashlight at the cave ceiling? It didn't look like a cave ceiling. It looked like a blue velvety mass.

            I was very quiet after that.

            Or at least, I tried to be. Turns out that there's some group of fanatic idiots wearing black with red 'R's on their chests calling themselves Team Rocket. I'm not entirely sure what they doing, but they kept on getting in my way and challenging me to battles, which disturbed the Zubat and sent them after me. They weren't hard battles, just... annoying.

            I made a new friend, though. Poor Agatha was hiding behind a boulder from some Zubat, so I beat off the Zubat and she's been following me ever since. I finally put her in a Pokeball so that I'd stop accidentally stepping on her.

            Anyway, I was almost out of Mt. Moon, and some lunatic in a lab coat screamed at me that the fossils were his, darn it, and that he wasn't sharing! He made me fight him (Agatha's not bad with her claws, and I pity the person who makes Honey angry), then tossed a fossil at my face, grabbed the other, and ran.

            Ugh. What is WRONG with people?

            So. Got out of Mt. Moon. Spent another fifteen minutes walking to Cerulean and another twenty trying to find the stupid Center.

            My feet hurt.

            Day Four

            Well. Today was weird.

            Xavier cornered me today. I was trying to go up to the Cape, and he barreled down the bridge, called me a loser, and challenged me to a battle before I could say anything. I have to say, I'm proud of my Pokemon. They were awesome and kicked his butt. He didn't admit it though, and just insulted me again, gave me something called a Fame Checker, and left.

            I don't know whether to feel pleased or mad. One on hand, insults. On the other, present. Whatever. It's not a really useful present anyway, since I don't CARE about famous people.

            Not that it matters much since I keep on running into them...

            ANYWAY. I crossed the bridge, beat the trainers, got the prize - oh my Arceus, THIS IS REAL GOLD - and then ran into a badly disguised Team Rocket member who tried to get me to join up. Since he wouldn't listen to reason, I had to have my Pokemon beat up his Pokemon before he'd leave me alone.

            And I might have punched him in the face. Maybe.

            But yeah, he left me alone, so I wandered on up to the Cape, went inside this house and...

            ...Met. Bill.

            Who had somehow managed to fuse himself with a Clefairy.


            Think about this for a second.

            ...I helped him get unfused, he gave me a ticket to a boat party that's not until next week, and then ran. What is wrong with everyone? I haven't managed to go ONE DAY without meeting some weirdo!


            I decided to try to beat Misty, and... it was really easy. I'm not sure why, but it was. So, yay! New TM and shiny badge for me~

            I'm leaving this place tomorrow. Misty's cool, and I've got a nugget of real gold - I still can't believe they give this stuff away - but I can't wait to get out of here. Please let me meet normal people tomorrow. Please.

            Pokemon Stats

            Tackle/Sleep Powder/Supersonic/Confusion

            Poison Sting/Focus Energy/Twineedle/Fury Attack

            Effect Spore
            Scratch/Stun Spore/Poisonpowder/Leech Life

            Trainer Stats

            Cora, Female
            Age - 12
            Badges - 2
            PokeDex - 8

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              I've been busy so I haven't updated in a while, but I did get some more stuff done.

              Kanto Update 3:
              • Beat Team Rocket for the Silph Scope
              • Beat Marowak and got the Pokeflute
              • Beat Snorlax
              • Got the Super Rod
              • Caught Staryu
              • Caught Poliwag
              • Evolved Staryu into Starmie
              • Evolved Poliwag into Poilwhirl then Poliwrath
              • Taught Pokemon a bunch of TM moves
              • Got the Surf and Strength HMs
              • Beat Team Rocket (again)
              • Got Lapras as a gift
              • Beat Mini-Gym
              • Currently fighting the Psychic gym

              Current Team:

              BLASTOISE (M)
              LV 40
              Surf/Ice Beam/Bite/Protect

              GYARADOS (F)
              LV 42
              Surf/Secret Power/Bite/Twister

              LV 40
              Psychic/Surf/Rapid Spin/Recover

              POLIWRATH (F)
              LV 39
              Rain Dance/Hypnosis/Surf/Brick Break

              LAPRAS (F)
              Lv 25
              Surf/Body Slam/Confuse Ray/Perish Song

              HM Slave:
              Meowth - Cut

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                • Username: ゆりあき
                • Single or Ultimate: Ultimate
                • Game(s): G → HG → S → P → B → W2
                • Monotype: Grass
                • Team: TBD
                A-ahaha... I had a hard time deciding which games I want to play, so the list might change slightly in the future.
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                  Update #1 on Emerald

                  Started a new game and got Mudz the Mudkip.
                  Defeated May.
                  Caught Wings the Wingull and Weeds the Lotad.
                  Defeated Roxaine.
                  Mudkip and Lotad evolved.
                  Saved Peeko.
                  Reached Dewford.
                  Delivered the letter to Steven.
                  Trained my pokemon to level 20.
                  Defeated Brawly.

                  LVL 21


                  LVL 21


                  LVL 20

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                    I'm in!

                    Username: Inkblots
                    Single or Ultimate: Single
                    Game: Silver
                    Monotype: Fire
                    Team (currently): Quilava, Vulpix, Magmar

                    Day 1
                    - Got Cyndaquil, delivered egg, beat rival, blah blah blah
                    - Explored Ruins of Alph
                    - Beat Falkner (badge 1)
                    - Cyndaquil evolved to Quilava
                    - Got Flash from the Elder in Sprout Tower
                    - Got egg from Elm's assistant
                    - Head through Union Cave, which I thought would be difficult considering it's all Rock types, but was surprisingly easy
                    - Rescued the slowpoke from Team Rocket
                    - Beat Bugsy (badge 2)
                    - Beat Rival
                    - Rounded up the Farfetch'd that ran away from Charcoal Guy's apprentice
                    - Taught Cut to Quilava so I can get through Ilex Forest
                    - Egg hatched into Togepi, which I took to Elm
                    - Dumped Togepi in the first PC I came to after showing it to Elm.
                    - Got to Goldenrod City.
                    - Checked out the prizes at the Game Corner, but couldn't see them because I don't have a coin case, so went to the Underground shops.

                    Quilava: lvl 27. Tackle/Cut/Smokescreen/Ember

                    Day 2
                    - Found the coin case and beat all the trainers in the underground shop. Proceeded to forget that the whole reason I was looking for the coin case was to see if there were any worthwhile prizes.
                    - Beat Whitney (3rd badge). Was doing awesome against all the trainers and her until Miltank, at which point I only won because of a critical hit.
                    - Got the bike, radio card, and squirt bottle
                    - Delivered a spearow carrying mail to a guy on route 31
                    - Beat Sudowoodo
                    - Finally encountered another fire pokemon: Vulpix! But it used roar and scared Quilava away
                    - Entered a bug catching contest. Didn't even place. Dumped Weedle in the PC.
                    - Beat all the trainers in National Park
                    - Looked for Vulpix again. Knocked out the first one, but caught the second one.
                    - Beat the trainers on Route 35
                    - Got to Ecruteak City
                    - Beat the Kimono Girls
                    - Beat Morty (badge 4)
                    - Taught Rock Smash to Quilava so I could get through Burned Tower
                    - Beat Rival, and all the other trainers, in Burned Tower.
                    - Catch Magmar after FIVE FREAKING TRIES. Wasted so many pokeballs...

                    Quilava: lvl 35. Tackle/Cut/Flame Wheel/Rock Smash
                    Vulpix: lvl 25. Ember/Confuse Ray/Quick Attack/Roar
                    Magmar: lvl 14. Ember/Leer/Smog/Fire Punch

                    Day 3
                    - Ended up in Olivine city.
                    - Got Strength. Taught it to Magmar.
                    - Got a fishing rod. Caught Magikarp, then realized it couldn't learn surf, so boxed it. Caught Krabby and taught it to surf instead.
                    - Got to the top of the lighthouse where Jasmine asks me to help her with a sick pokemon, but it seems I can't actually go any farther with this yet.
                    - Off to Rage Lake then
                    - Quilava evolves into Typhlosion on the way
                    - Caught the shiny Gyarados (which is way less special when it's guaranteed to be shiny, but whatever), taught it surf and boxed Krabby (because let's face it, Gyarados is way cooler than Krabby)
                    - Talk to lance, and find Rocket's underground hideout.
                    - Got through the first floor

                    Typhlosion: lvl 36. Tackle/Cut/Flame Wheel/Rock Smash
                    Vulpix: lvl 27. Ember/Confuse Ray/Quick Attack/Roar
                    Magmar: lvl 28. Ember/Strength/Smog/Fire Punch
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                      Havent bothered with Plat in a while but was on a Marathon Streak lately sooooo

                      Beat Iron island Easily
                      Byron Fell to Gallade (lousy not evolving meditite)
                      Candice Fell to MEdicham
                      Cyrus was a Pain in the ASS mainly His Honchkrow you see for Darks i usually rely on my fighters
                      well Honchkrow is FLYING/Dark so that didnt work i DID kill it with 2 flash cannons and a Miracle Eye/Psybeam
                      Heading to Mt Coronet

                      Espeon LV 42 (this thing DIDNT EVOLVE UNTIL LEVEL F**ING 37 THIRTY F**ING SEVEN!)
                      Quick Attack
                      Sand Attack

                      Gallade LV 41
                      Leaf Blade
                      Night Slash
                      Psycho Cut
                      Drain Punch

                      Alakazam LV 43
                      Miracle Eye

                      Medicham LV 42
                      Hi Jump Kick
                      HP Fire

                      Bronzong LV 41
                      Flash Cannon

                      Gardevoir LV 42
                      Calm Mind
                      Magical Leaf

                      Currently heading to Mt Coronet
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                        Another VERY small update:

                        -Traveled to Slateport
                        -Beat Rival
                        -Tailow evolved to Swellow
                        -Beat Wally

                        I've been putting this on the side because I've been busy with school/work. However, expect a larger scale update tonight as I should be catching up!
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                        Wow. It's been a while.

                        HUGE update

                        -trained Cyanide up to level 20 (now a dustox)
                        -took down Roxanne with cyanide with some help from Belladonna
                        -saved Devon goods
                        -went to Dewford, caught a female tentacool named Arsenic
                        -gave Steven his letter
                        -went back to Rustboro and got exp share, for Arsenic
                        -went ahead and did team aqua stuff, then went ahead to route 110 (I think that's the rout that goes under the cycling road) and caught a female gulpin named Mercury and an oddish (decided to box oddish in place for future roselia)
                        -laughed in Brawly's face with Mercury
                        -took down May easily, reached Mauville and took down Wally. Caught a female roselia named Hemlock
                        -trained everyone up to level 23 or so
                        -took down Watson 9had to teach Mercury rock smash)
                        -went up past route 111, reached Fallarbor and caught a female Seviper named Venom on the route just a little below Fallarbor.
                        -Mercury evolved!
                        -oh noes! Team aqua stuff in Meteor Falls
                        -defeated team aqua
                        -took down flannery (it was a team effort)
                        -traded Mercury over to firered to delete rock smash, traded her back and retaught her yawn.

                        I may edit in my team and their movesets etc late. :D
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                          Hint psycho go to the game corner and buy thunderbolt and ice beam for starmie it's really good

                          Hi guys i'm back and now it's time for update 9#

                          -I trained jell-o to match up to the rest of the team thus evolving to tentacruel and learning barrier plus i gave him the giga drain tm to attack all those water types
                          -I flew to saffron city and battled all the team rocket grunt all across the building plus i got a lapras that i named ferry and deposited pincer for ferry also i rushed over celedon city to get a thunderbolt tm for ferry
                          -I battled gary in the building and swept him with ferry using ice beam on his pidgeot and venusaur surfed his alakazam and thunderbolted his gyarados to oblivion
                          -I battled giovanny for the 2nd time and it was a teamwork there jell-o surfed his rhyhorn spinner defeated his nidorino and nidoqueen with a single psychic and armor had to finish his kangaskhan with brick break and by defeating him the chairman gave me a master ball
                          - i then battled sabrina and was swept by aquaman's blackglasses boosted bite and spinner psychic for her venomoth and by defeating sabrina i get the marshbadge

                          in the next episode i'm letting you guys vote if you want me to defeat articuno and zapdos or heading to cinnabar island you have the choice



                          armor the blastoise lv.43


                          brick break


                          rain dance

                          draga the gyarados lv.43




                          dragon rage

                          aquaman the vaporeon lv.43(blackglasses)


                          ice beam


                          acid armor

                          spinner the starmie lv.43


                          ice beam



                          ferry the lapras lv.43


                          ice beam


                          perish song

                          jell-o the tentacruel lv.43



                          giga drain

                          Feraligatr and Krookodile Best Pokemon Ever
                          my pokemon alpha sapphire team
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                            This is my first challenge ever.

                            Username: Demon.
                            Single or Ultimate: Single
                            Monotype: Grass
                            Team: Not sure. Currently consists of Grovyle, Shroomish, and Lombre. Plan on getting Cradilily and Tropius.

                            -Got starter, saved professor.
                            -Battled May, got pokedex.
                            -Left on my journey,got running shoes.
                            -Caught a lotad.
                            -Caught a shroomish in Petalburg woods.
                            -Battled team aqua member.
                            -Arrived in Rustboro City. Went past it for some training, evolved lotad into lombre, and treeko into Grovyle.
                            -Beat Rustboro Gym, and got the devon goods back.
                            If you play the pokemon trading card game, or if you're just a collector, check out, and be sure to put my name, demonshade, in the referral box if you decide to make an account.
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                              Right, here I go:

                              • Username: Sam
                              • Single or Ultimate: Single
                              • Game(s): Platinum
                              • Monotype: Steel
                              • Team: TBD
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                                I'm totally in...

                                Username: Koyan
                                Single or Ultimate: Single.
                                Game(s): Black
                                Team: Have not started yet, but hope to use a Ghastly I bred and hatched in White. Edit: NvM, I'll just use whatever ghost I first come across... Or Hack in a Yamask... Stupid lack of ghost Pokemon in this game...
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                                Dovie'andi se tovya sagain
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                                  Accomplished a decent bit since my first update.
                                  -Got to dewford, trained a little.
                                  -Beat the Dewford gym.
                                  -Delivered the letter. Did not feel like finding a pokemon that could learn flash, so i just walked through the darkness.
                                  -Got to slateport, defeated Team Aqua, delivered the goods.
                                  -Continued on my way to Mauville, fighting trainers and doing the Trick House in the process.
                                  -Fought everyone around mauville, defeated the third gym without breaking a sweat.
                                  -Traveled through the firey path, got to that city( cant remember name) and did the whole scene in the cave with team aqua and the scientist.
                                  -Traveled to the mountain, where i defeated team aqua. Acquired meteorite.
                                  -Am now working on the 4th gym, with my grass types and my lombre that doesnt know any water moves.
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                                    I finished up my Ground mono on Black, and of course like usual, I'll put my teams after each gym.
                                    Golett Lv.29
                                    Palpitoad Lv.30
                                    Excadrill Lv.31
                                    Krokorok Lv.30

                                    Golett Lv.32
                                    Palpitoad Lv.31
                                    Excadrill Lv.32
                                    Krokorok Lv.32

                                    Golett Lv.38
                                    Seismitoad Lv.39
                                    Excadrill Lv.39
                                    Krokorok Lv.39

                                    Golett Lv.41
                                    Seismitoad Lv.40
                                    Excadrill Lv.42
                                    Krookodile Lv.41

                                    Golurk Lv.46
                                    Seismitoad Lv.45
                                    Excadrill Lv.45
                                    Krookodile Lv.45
                                    Stunfisk Lv.47

                                    Elite Four Round 1 and N/Ghetsis
                                    Golurk Lv.53
                                    Seismitoad Lv.54
                                    Excadrill Lv.54
                                    Krookodile Lv.52
                                    Stunfisk Lv.53

                                    Elite Four Round 2(with moves)
                                    Golurk Lv.72
                                    Fly, Shadow Punch, Earthquake, Brick Break

                                    Seismitoad Lv.69
                                    Surf, Strength, Rain Dance, Hyper Voice

                                    Excadrill Lv.70
                                    Metal Claw, Earthquake, Cut, X-Scissor

                                    Krookodile Lv.70
                                    Crunch, Earthquake, Outrage, Sandstorm

                                    Stunfisk Lv.73
                                    Thunderbolt, Surf, Bounce, Mud Shot

                                    I might do another monotype soon, but I don't know yet.
                                    Old October 8th, 2012 (9:29 AM).
                                    niallmuz's Avatar
                                    niallmuz niallmuz is offline
                                    King Of Water Pokemon
                                      Join Date: Mar 2012
                                      Gender: Male
                                      Posts: 51
                                      i finally found my pokemon pearl version so ill carry on my water montype (i dont like using the ds emulator for pokemon games cos i think its slower) and i have black now aswell so ill do that after
                                      Current Challenges:
                                      The Ultimate Solo Challenge Run


                                      The Bagon/Shelgon/Salamence
                                      FireRed, SoulSilver, Ruby, Pearl, Black2, Y
                                      Old October 10th, 2012 (7:22 AM).
                                      MachoPony's Avatar
                                      MachoPony MachoPony is offline
                                      Resident Brony
                                        Join Date: Aug 2011
                                        Location: Equestria
                                        Gender: Male
                                        Nature: Calm
                                        Posts: 245
                                        Update Time
                                        its official i Hate Cyrus
                                        i Absolutely HATE HIM
                                        His pokemon Magically Grew about 4 levels from The Base to the distortion world
                                        and somewhere along the way he magically found a Gyarados

                                        Ok so after being beaten for the umpteenth time i decided to grind a bit
                                        EVEN THEN IT WAS HARD mainly that F***ing Honchkrow Stupid Flying/Dark
                                        Did i mention i forgot my alakazam? (damn Bibarel HM slave)

                                        Houndoom died to 2x EQs from Bronzong (for once im thankful i got Heatproof instead of levitate)
                                        Honchkrow (after Many Many potions) died to about 8 Flash cannon's from Bronzong (damn Full Restore)
                                        Gyarados was pretty easy i just slammed him with 2x Psybeam from Espeon and Strength from Medicham
                                        Weavile had an unfortunate encounter with My Medicham's Foot
                                        and finally Crobat was Annihilated by Bronzong

                                        after about 6 ultra balls i gave up on giratina and just killed him

                                        Compared to Cyrus Volkner was EASY

                                        Heading to Victory Road

                                        Kazza LV 47 Alakazam
                                        Charge Beam

                                        Claire LV 46 Gardevoir
                                        Magical Leaf
                                        Calm Mind

                                        Sexy Arms LV 46 Gallade
                                        Leaf Blade
                                        Psycho Cut
                                        Drain Punch
                                        Night Slash

                                        Metallica (for whom the BELL tolls) LV 49 Bronzong
                                        Flash Cannon

                                        Rarity LV 46 Espeon
                                        Shadow Ball
                                        Quick Attack

                                        Kung Foo LV 47 Medicham
                                        Hi Jump Kick
                                        Hidden Power (fire)
                                        Old October 11th, 2012 (5:58 PM).
                                        Bob III's Avatar
                                        Bob III Bob III is offline
                                          Join Date: Jun 2012
                                          Location: Earth
                                          Gender: Male
                                          Nature: Calm
                                          Posts: 52
                                          Did my Johto Water Monotype as part of the Challenge Bowl '12 event


                                          Bob IV the level 60 Feraligatr
                                          -Rock Smash

                                          WBFS the level 61 Quagsire
                                          -Rain Dance

                                          Unicorn the level 60 Seaking
                                          -Horn Attack

                                          Laserbeam the level 60 Staryu

                                          Sparky the level 61 Lanturn
                                          -Confuse Ray

                                          Jigsaw the level 61 Dewgong
                                          -Ice Beam
                                          -Take Down


                                          Still looking for a better signature

                                          Current Challenges:

                                          On Hold: (Don't have X/Y)
                                          Water UMC (FR/C/S/D/W)
                                          Dragon UMC (FR/SS/S/P/W)

                                          Complete Challenges:
                                          Squirtle->Wartortle->Blastoise Solo Run (FR)
                                          Flying Monotype (FR)
                                          Old October 11th, 2012 (11:37 PM).
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                                          Smile... or go to jail
                                            Join Date: Nov 2010
                                            Location: in a galaxy far far away
                                            Age: 21
                                            Gender: Male
                                            Nature: Sassy
                                            Posts: 82
                                            Name: k137an
                                            Single game
                                            Type: Grass
                                            Team: Sceptile, Ludicolo, Breloom, Vileplume, Roselia and Tropius
                                            I freaking love this challenge!
                                            <3 Love Into The Light <3
                                            Old October 12th, 2012 (10:35 PM).
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                                              Join Date: Sep 2012
                                              Gender: Male
                                              Posts: 6
                                              Username: AyonZ
                                              Single or Ultimate: Single
                                              Game(s): LG
                                              Monotype: Water
                                              Team:Blastoise, Gyrados , Tentacruel, Lapras(think of the rest as I go on with game)
                                              The most important thing is to keep on dreaming, even if it seems impossible.
                                              Old October 13th, 2012 (12:40 PM).
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                                                Join Date: Oct 2008
                                                Age: 21
                                                Gender: Male
                                                Nature: Quiet
                                                Posts: 202
                                                Username: 1ninjadude1701
                                                Single or Ultimate: Ultimate
                                                Game(s): LG-> HG -> E -> P -> B
                                                Monotype: Fire
                                                Team: Charizard, Flareon, Arcanine, Rapidash
                                                Spartan ID

                                                My new pokemon rp


                                                Join if you like a challenge.
                                                Old October 13th, 2012 (3:18 PM).
                                                SnowpointQuincy's Avatar
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                                                Seeker of FRIEND CODES
                                                  Join Date: Jul 2008
                                                  Location: Texas
                                                  Gender: Male
                                                  Nature: Lonely
                                                  Posts: 1,285
                                                  I was inspired by the power of my Garbador to do a MonoType Poison Challenge. (for Black, most likely) I have a few Questions though.

                                                  Can I trade in a team of six eggs? Can I trade them to another game to use TMs? (I have 2 gameboys.)

                                                  I want Seviper to be my "starter", but he has some movepool problems that aren't fixed until BW2. A lot of my picks are from older games, and their movepools are a little lame.

                                                  Here is a list of the pokemon and TMs I want to use.

                                                  Vinny's Poison Team
                                                  ---Cross Poison
                                                  ---Flamethrower / Incinerate*
                                                  ---Night Slash / Pay Back
                                                  ---Poison Jab / Sludge Bomb
                                                  ---Dig / Rock Smash
                                                  ---Toxic spikes
                                                  ---Rock Smash / Brick Break*
                                                  ---Sucker Punch
                                                  ---Rock Slide
                                                  ---Poison Tail/ Poison Jab*
                                                  ---Bulldoze / Earthquake*

                                                  ---Toxic Spikes
                                                  ---Acid Spray
                                                  ---Drain Punch

                                                  *Some attack have a weaker alternative to limit their power until the end of the game.

                                                  I would trade over six eggs, then hatch them at certain points in the game. Like Start with 2 pokemon, then add one after the third gym, adding more as I go along.

                                                  Does this still in the spirit of the MonoType Challenge yall are doing here?
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