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Old October 1st, 2012 (7:27 AM).
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    I've had quite a lot of high moments here on Pokecommunity- and most of them include good friends. Chatting with the old DCC gang, Simon, Jorge, Dawg(john), Drummershuff (Matt), Pokejungle (Paul) and the like. Meeting people through PC people (like Liam and of course Corey- who is like my best friend.) And meeting people from PC offline had been so fun, too! Being able to connect with people like this and have them mean so much to me even without meeting face to face is amazing- but then when you get to actually give them a hug, or have a laugh with them, makes it feel like such a high moment. It makes you just say "wow, if not for a Pokemon forum, I wouldn't have met such wonderful people, and people who have helped me learn and grow as a person. People who I wouldn't ever forget and wouldn't give up for anything the world." Some PC high moments were also some fun IRC nights, or fun nights on Skype or MSN chatting with good friends like Abnegation or RazorLeaf or Vendak. Happy to have met so many friends through Pokecommunity.

    My most recent high is this past weekend when I got to meet Went and meet up again with Catdog and Drakow and Captain Fabio. Went is a sweetheart and I really enjoyed my time with him. I am going to write a blog on it later today but it was very fun- and I hope he enjoyed his time too.

    If it wasn't for Pokecommunity, I wouldn't have met my wonderful boyfriend, Captain Fabio, either. And He makes me very happy, and I owe so much to the community for bringing us together.

    I've also had a few low moments on the forums- I really dislike when I see people ganging up on opinions of others just because it's not the majority- or sometimes when I see a highschool-esque attitude with some people, but we are not perfect, so it is fine, just upsetting for me. Some things that have happened here which involved mostly old members upset me, and I've personally been attacked on this forum, and I have left a few times to concentrate on IRL things because it was affecting my attitude offline. But in a sense it is not really a low because I have learned to deal with that sort of thing much better, not let it affect me as much, and become a stronger person through it too. The highs definitely outweigh the lows.
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    Old October 15th, 2012 (6:53 PM).
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      highest moment: getting my first customers for my trade shop

      lowest moment: (actually a few days) making a thread to make a new slogan, getting it locked "because we're not getting a new one anytime soon" and then watching it be made by someone else during the 10th anniversary get together

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