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[RSE] What should be my 6th pokemon on my team?

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Old October 16th, 2012 (8:27 PM). Edited October 27th, 2012 by wolf.
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I am playing through Emerald again and I was hoping to get some suggestions for me 6th team member. Right now I have:

Mightyena Lvl 35

Azumarril Lvl 35
(Need another move)

Gloom Lvl 36
Sleep Powder

Gardevoir Lvl 33
Calm Mind

Blaziken Lvl 40
Bulk Up
Double Kick
Blaze kick

I was thinking about getting a Bagon when I get waterfall, but if you have any suggestions all will be considered.
I've only had 2 shinies.

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Old October 16th, 2012 (8:32 PM).
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I'm getting really tired of moving threads like these lately. ;( Advanced Generation forum is NOT the team help section, guys. If you need help with your in-game teams, there is a subforum in Battle Center for it explicitly named in-game team help. I'm not mad at you Swagmar, this is just a message to...anyone that bothers to read it, I suppose. Anyway, I'll be moving this to in-game team help.

btw, Salamence would be a great Pokemon to really round out your team, I think. Or Altaria.
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Old October 16th, 2012 (9:05 PM).
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Mightyena Lvl 35: Strength Swagger Sand-Attack Bite
Seems to have minimal coverage here, and relies too much on confounding and flinching. Might be good to sub out Sand-Attack at this level.

Azumarril Lvl 35 Double-edge Rollout Surf
Go with Ice Beam. An Ice-type attack is very necessary here. That will give you a wide range of coverage for your aquarabbit.

Gloom Lvl 36 Absorb Acid Poisonpowder Sleep Powder
Two status moves isn't exactly the best idea here, especially when your attack options are limited.

Gardevoir Lvl 33 Confusion Calm Mind Thunderbolt Psychic
Ditch Confusion for Shadow Ball, and you've got a nice special attacker here.

Blaziken Lvl 40 Bulk Up Peck Double Kick Blaze kick
Good set for right now. Covers plenty of types.

You're definitely going to need something that knows Fly, since this is in Hoenn and trekking back and forth isn't exactly the best option. Salamence and Altaria are definite possibilities there, or possibly ditching Gloom for Tropius and putting something like an Aggron, Armaldo, or Manectric on your team. There are plenty of options, and choosing the right one for you is crucial - it might be wise to play around with a few different things to see what balances.
Old October 16th, 2012 (9:48 PM).
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Flygon and Salamence are the best options for good coverage and move pools but if you want STAB on fly Salamence is the way to go (plus it has better stats). At this stage Altaria is doable but later in the game it pales in comparison. If you are okay to use legendaries you might want to wait till just before the E4 and get Raquaza since it basically laughs at everything else in the game.

For alternatives for the Dragons Agron is the way to go, epic movepool and good stats. Can't learn fly though.

Livid is right abotu Ice Beam and Shadow ball.
I'd swap Blaziken's Peck for Arial ace since peck is such a week move. I'd also swap double for Brick Break ASAP.
Gloom has a pretty sucky move-set right now. It doesn't need both powders so I'd maybe swap one for Giga Drain or a more effective offensive move.
Old October 16th, 2012 (10:36 PM).
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Like the others, I'd recommend Salamence or Manectric for your team.

Even though Dragon was a special-based type in Gen 3, and Salamence has higher Attack, its Flying-type moves should get the job done. Fly does get STAB on it and it has good stats to work with.

Manectric is a pretty good choice if you are seeking an Electric-type since it has good Special Attack and its also pretty fast, since Electric is a special-based type in Gen 3, most of its Electric attacks should hit pretty hard.

Also, I recommend you evolve your Gloom into either Vileplume (Leaf Stone) or Bellossom (Sun Stone) cos it has better stats after it evolves. Giga Drain is a nice move since it's special-based (the Oddish line's Special Attack is higher than Attack) and it gives you free healing. Gloom will be weak in the later levels if you don't evolve it.
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