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Old October 21st, 2012 (7:56 PM).
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I know I'm resurrecting quite an old thread, but hey, why not?

My nicknames:

Emolga - Flaichu (See what I did there?)
Zoroark - Starfox (Couldn't think of anything better.)
Sigilyph - Psy-Fly (Quite proud of this one.)
Lucario - Anubis (Egyptian god of death [takes on the form of a jackal].)
Flygon - Burninator (Not too proud.)
Golduck - Confucius (Worked better on Psyduck for obvious reasons.)
Sewaddle - Count Pie (Because it's obviously a vampire Caterpie.)
Purrloin - Tenderloin (Because yeah.)
Patrat - Notata (Because, as you're probably keen to, he is not Ratata.)
Pidove - Pidgin (Because of the awesome Pidgin client.)
Magby - Glenn (Shut up. He does so look like a Glenn.)
Minccino - Chinny (Would have been better if I could have made it Chinny-Chin-Chin.)
Snivy - Smugleaf (Yes. I shoved him in a box and have advanced without him thus far in Black 2.)
Deerling - A Deer (Would have been A Beautiful Deer. Reference to something personal.)
Audino - Poopizore (You can't tell me he shouldn't be called Poopizore.)
Ampharos - Lighthouse (On top of him being used as one in Pokemon lore, it's also a reference to G/S/C's Ampharos in the lighthouse.)

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Old October 21st, 2012 (8:06 PM).
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I don't see a shame in this being resurrected!

As for me, I don't use nicknames. When I go to import fully evolved Pokémon from SoulSilver or other earlier games, I will likely nickname them as exactly what they are. I'll have to be careful that they're fully evolved, however, or I might have an Alakazam named Kadabra or somesuch that I won't be able to change. (Why do I do this? Looks nicer than "KADABRA" does. )

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Old October 21st, 2012 (8:07 PM).
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Well while you have good intent, unfortunately it remains that the thread is dead and you'll need to make another in order to discuss nicknames in the games (due to members not being able to revive threads)! If there's something else from the past you'd like to see revived though that had good discussion - feel free to bring it up in the feedback thread.

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