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Old October 20th, 2012 (6:58 AM).
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This should be a fun topic and it'll help me with my uni course so win-win

What sort of IT topics did you learn in school? (this can be anything and everything from when you were in elementary/primary/whatever all the way up to university/college)
Was there anything that you wish you were taught in school? (eg. computing being mandatory in your school?)
What was your favourite part of IT in school and what part would you say is most useful? (also try and say why for both parts of the question!)
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Old October 20th, 2012 (8:03 AM).
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I learned a lot of computing when I was in school, but most of the hardcore IT stuff were learned in college/university. Keyboarding, graphic designing, and using tech materials were taught in school. When I was on the newspaper staff in high school, I was taught to use the scanner. In college, I learned a ton of computer stuff. Linux, Windows 7, networking, server administration, and a lot more. And today, I am only taking an intro to programming class which focuses on Visual Basic and Javascript.

I don't think anything was mandatory to be taught in school, but I kinda wish the "Intro to Computers" class, like the one my college has (aka computers 101) should be taught in high school. That way students can know what a computer looks like, what services can be used and become familiar with word or excel. So that way in college, they don't have to be complete noobs about it. xD

My absolute favorite thing that was taught to me in IT was definitely Linux. It came to me like this...brand new OS even though it exists for quite a long time. I learned that everything we use requires Linux, and it's the granddaddy of Windows. :P Messing around with the terminal, and executing commands is something I adore to do, I find it a lot more professional than just clicking an item on the desktop or menu.

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Old October 24th, 2012 (5:38 AM).
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I only ever did the mandatory ICT courses, the reason I didn't do any further courses being that what we were learning wasn't useful to me. Our projects for ICT were to design paper models of cartoon characters and to make a game - the first of which I'd never use again and the second of which I already knew how to do. We never learnt anything useful like how to use Excel efficiently, tips and tricks for using the internet, how to construct databases, basic coding/design, etc, so I never really got on well with the IT courses on the basis that I didn't see a use for what we were doing when there was much more useful things we could learn instead. I'm sure some people found the stuff we did useful, but I personally didn't and would have much preferred to learn the stuff mentioned above since I still don't know most of it now!
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Old October 24th, 2012 (11:19 AM).
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In the school I currently reside in, the only teach using business applications. They never teach anything outside of it. There is no teaching of programming and the developing of actual programmes, instead they're just a tutorial for most IT jobs.

Schools need to cover the actual development and creative uses of IT rather than dull spreadsheets.
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Old October 25th, 2012 (3:58 AM).
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I consider myself pretty lucky to get decent tech-related courses from early on. I remember I had one back in fifth grade or so that taught us how to use a computer, the MS Office applications, software and OS concepts, computer history, those nifty keyboard and mouse shortcuts, etc. which were a bit basic since I pretty much taught myself (that or my brother taught me) some of these things, although it was really fun to learn all the same. That was really lucky because they just started to teach that topic in the curriculum then, what with the recently finished school computer lab. After that, there was a lack of IT-related mandatory topics to take for a while.

Then came high school, which placed us into a science intensive curriculum (which included computer science, yay) and allowed us to choose between programming courses or web development for the rest of the four years. That was a bit cool, because after getting through an introductory, mixed course of basic HTML and such in freshman year, I picked the programming path (which I sort of regret now, because the only reason I picked it over web development was because I felt I wasn't artistic enough for the latter). From that I got taught basic programming for C++, Java and Python, one for each remaining year, and I enjoyed it a lot. I suppose I should be happy I learned to program in those languages (the early interest actually got me into ROM hacking and eventually, here in PC, but that's another story), but I don't even remember much apart from the most recent one I learned, from years of not practicing. Like, if you were to ask me to code a basic C++ program and I don't get to review some of the basics, I'd just stare at you. So much for having an advantage with mandatory courses. And anyway, I thought web development was a bit more useful for IT anyway, or so I've been told. :\

I'm still actually pretty interested on the IT scene at present, despite having a major that has nothing to do with it, so I could say I wish I were taught some of the web development tricks that I opted to shy away from back in high school (although I heard the guys who picked that path had topics that focused more on web design). Besides that, I can't think of anything I wish I learned. I guess I could try to take a course on web development some time, or learn some of the basics myself.

To answer the third question, my favourite part of IT in school would probably be learning my first programming language, C++. It was really fulfilling to get the hang of it, and I found out that knowing how it worked also helps in studying Java and Python. I guess that means it would probably be the most useful one I learned, too. Wait, no. I don't really use that knowledge at the moment, so it's not that useful. I'll go with the HTML courses back in freshman year. It helped with learning CSS here at PC, so yeah. :)
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