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Old October 27th, 2012 (4:14 AM).
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    Hi everyone.
    I love pokemon black and white 2, i find it to be a very rich sequel to the original black and white games..cheren and bianca grew up..
    Ghetsis tries once again to rule over the world.
    N has been missing for 2 years just to come back and try to stop his "father" from world domination again.
    Several team plasma members decided to leave the organization while others followed ghetsis plans, you all know the story..but one thing that always set me an...uneasy feeling was what did exactly happened to hilbert or hilda?
    In case you're unaware Hilber and Hilda were the original names for the former black and white protagonist choices that we as the players could choose.
    I know if you use the memory link and only if you have beaten the original black and white game..you get more details about you're old character, bianca and cheren mention him or her depending on who you played as and they also even battle you in specific locations which i wont further mention to avoid spoilers.
    But the most....eerie thing about all this, is that when you get to nuvema, the town in which you started off your journey in the original B/W series, if you go inside the old protagonist's mom house she will start talking..with her back turned to you, as if YOU were the old protagonist, she asks if you..found that boy..N which was your friend..but then she turns herself around and sees that you're not her son/daughter..to her shock she seems to faintly recognize you as the child of one of her old time friends..your mom in aspertia city, who once was a nurse that healed you're old protagonist's mom pokemons years ago, back when she was a trainer.
    Appearently in black and white 2 your mom has some roots in nuvema town aswell..
    But my question is..why cant we see the old protagonists? Is it because Gamefreak out of lazyness could not handle putting back either one of them because they ran out of ideas of what to put in?
    Several fans thought..if you can transfer pokemons from one version to another..why not putting the former protagonist you played yourself as, in a certain location in the game with the team you currently have on your original black and white?
    Would it be too hard to handle?
    Why??? As time passed..i grew weary of thinking..as I have come to notice something..
    In nuvema town the old protagonist mom mumbles saying "did you found that friend of yours that you call N?"
    so that leads me to believe that the old protagonist is nowhere to be found at all because he is constantly in search for N but..2 years passed..why would he or she seek for him for soo long without coming back home?
    Could it be that..something..bad happened to them?
    I looked over some stuff and in black and white 2 you can tell that..route 10 aswell as challengers cave has...collapsed..maybe the old protagonist tried to venture into the old victory road in search for N..and got stuck during the time of the collapse..maybe he got trapped inside challengers cave since the entrance is blocked..
    Just a theory..dont hate on me.
    N is well and alive because you can meet him at dragonspiral tower in iccurus city.
    But his old friend..he who defeated ghetsis two years ago and helped N to stop his father's plans momentarelly, he who became best friends with N and who could understand him and the deep connection humans have with pokemons..he vanished without a trace..
    Isnt it unfair? How you're seen as nothing but a lost hero? what...if he didnt made it to find his friend ever again..? A sad story for a hero who saved unova once..and cant really enjoy the peace for the next two years to come or even help you save unova again when team plasma returned..
    Unfair unjust and very strange to say the least..
    give me your thoughts on this..i'd like to hear any constructive opinions and also what you think? could the old protagonist die in route 10 or challengers cave?
    Since pokemon isnt pg 13 gamefreak could've decided that, but never made it official..

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    Old October 27th, 2012 (9:05 AM).
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    Hey! Since you love Black and White 2 so much, I'm sure you'd be happy to re-post this in the thread that this belongs in, in the Black 2 and White 2 section: http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=290060

    Thanks! :)

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