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In-Game Team Help Can't defeat the Elite Four with your current team? Need help improving your Battle Subway team? This is the place for team help concerning in-game and casual play. Teams focused on the more competitive aspect of Pokémon must be posted in the Competitive Team Help sub-forum.

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Old October 21st, 2012 (9:50 AM). Edited October 27th, 2012 by wolf.
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    Mr. Krabs the Krabby @ No Item (lvl21)
    Ability: Hyper Cutter
    Nature: Bold
    - Strength
    - Surf
    - BubbleBeam
    - Whirlpool

    Very strong against Fire Pokemon but very bad against Earth. Should I bother switching Mr. Krabs out, because I got Rage the Gyarados?

    Drowzee the Drowzee @ No Item (lvl12)
    Ability: Forewarn
    Nature: Naughty
    Ev's: -
    - Pound
    - Headbutt
    - Focus Punch
    - Shadow Ball

    Meh, Drowzee is very weak. I really dislike it. So somebody has an upgraded equivalent for Drowzee?

    Shuckie the Shuckle @ Berry Juice (lvl20)

    Ability: Gluttony
    Nature: Relaxed
    - Constict
    - Bide
    - Encore
    - Safeguard

    I have gotten this Pokemon through the game (HG). Useless Pokemon, just as Drowzee. Somebody knows an better option?

    Bellsprout the Bellsprout @ Miracle Seed (lvl15)
    Ability: Chlorophyll
    Nature: Rash
    - Flash
    - Cut
    - Attract
    - Poison Powder

    Bellsprout is slowly getting a bit better. The problem is, I am pretty far to this game now, and Bellsprout loses pretty much every fight, because I battle low-level opponents. That`s why I need better attacks. Somebody has tips for attacks?
    Rage the Shiny Gyarados @ No Item (lvl30)
    Ability: Intimidate
    Nature: Modest
    - Bite
    - Dragon Rage
    - Leer
    - Twister

    Leer is absolutely a move that I am going to remove. Also this Pokemon is one who I got playing through the game. The Master Ball was absolutely worth it! Very strong Pokemon! Absolutely a Pokemon who stays in my team until the end of the game.
    Typhlosion the Typhlosion @ Charcoal (lvl50)
    Ability: Blaze
    Nature: Bold
    - Flamethrower
    - Flame Wheel
    - Lava Plume
    - Rock Smash

    Without a doubt my strongest Pokemon. Absolutely, just as Gyarados, a Pokemon that I keep until the end of the game.
    Drowzee and Shuckie are surely removed from my party. Shall Bellsprout be evoluated and keep him until the end of the game? It is my only Earth Pokemon, and I know Victreebell is pretty strong when he uses the right moves. Should I trade Mr Krabs for an better pokemon? I already have Gyarados, so 2 water pokemons looks useless. And also, I have an Togepi, should I get back to Violet Town and upgrade my Togepi? I think it`s pretty worth it, right?
    Nuff Said the lvl19 Tentacruel
    Togepi the lvl3 Togepi
    Metapod the lvl7 Metapod
    Drahmin the lvl10 Magikarp
    Mr O-Zone the lvl6 Metapod
    Water Noob the lvl25 Tentacool (Logic ^_^)
    Voltorb the lvl11 Ditto
    Prolostet the lvl20 Mantine
    Aardappel the lvl14 Rattata
    Norton the lvl6 Hoppip
    Dipsausje the lvl15 Geodude
    Houtskool the lvl13 Machop
    Fckyea the lvl20 Goldeen

    Sorry if I have bad English, I am coming from the Netherlands.
    Post your teams too!

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    Old October 21st, 2012 (11:23 AM). Edited October 21st, 2012 by YourFavorite.
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      Goodness. I assume you are looking for advice for the game, not for competitive battling, so I'll leave my two cents.

      For Mr. Krabs, you are right that you probably don't need two water types on your team. He already has three HM moves already, so since you seem to like Gyarados better you might want to teach Mr. Krabs Rock Smash or another HM move and use him just for getting from place to place.

      For Drowzee, he probably seems weak because he has terrible, terrible moves. Zen Headbutt would do wonders for your drowzee, but so could Hypnosis and Dream Eater. Drowzee's best stat is its Special Defense, so it would be best at walling a Hyper Beam for example. If you were to let Drowzee have another chance, I'd recommend getting rid of Pound, and Headbutt, at LEAST. I'd get rid of Focus Punch too, but Focus Punch could be really awesome paired with Hypnosis.
      HOWEVER since you seem so keen on getting rid of Drowzee, I'll suggest some replacements. One good one might be Girafarig, since it can learn both Special and Physical moves and use them well. The bad part about Girafarig is that it doesn't have great stats, especially its defenses. A better replacement would be Jynx, which you can find in Ice Path (or evolve from Smoochum if you get the daycare couple to give you its egg, which it looks like you haven't done yet). Jynx gets Psychic and Blizzard, both very powerful moves. I've used one before and it was one of the best members of my team when I played Crystal. You just have to be careful not to use it against Dark or Fire types, but it should help you plow right through the Dragon Gym. If you can get ahold of an Abra, its evolutions (Kadabra and Alakazam) are very strong, but it is a pain to train.

      For Shuckle... that is a very terrible moveset. But you're right, Shuckle doesn't really have great stats. It has AMAZING defense, but that's about it. With the right moves, Shuckle can switch its attack and defense, giving it AMAZING attack, but that is honestly not very practical for just playing through the game. So replacing it is a good choice.
      If you are looking for another rock type to replace Shuckle... I want to say Armaldo, but that would be hard to get. You can get Rhyhorn at the Safari Zone. Teach it Stone Edge and Earthquake, and it will do great damage. Just keep it away from grass, water, and fighting types. Rhyhorn's rock moves can easily take out Ice Types, but it is hurt by ice moves too so be careful. If you don't want to use Rhyhorn, you could try Swinub. If you evolve it into Mamoswine (evolve it into Piloswine, then get the move tutor to teach it Ancientpower) it gets really strong moves like Ice Shard, Avalanche, and Earthquake. However, you may NOT want to use Mamoswine AND Jynx because they are both weak to rock moves.

      Bellsprout... My gosh, those moves are pretty terrible. If you want to use your Bellsprout for battle, I suggest going to the Move Deleter in Blackthorne and getting rid of Flash and Cut right away. Poisonpowder is good, but you need something to do damage. Vine Whip, Razor Leaf, Sludge Bomb, Energy Ball, SOMETHING. It will do much better in battle if it has an attacking move that matches its type. Whether you keep Attract or not is up to you, but it is very situational and there are probably much more useful moves you could use in its place.

      Gyarados, also has terrible moves, but you just caught it so it's understandable. None of those moves are ones you want to keep, though Bite is the best of what you have in my opinion. In two levels Gyarados will learn Ice Fang, DEFINITELY LEARN THIS. With it you can easily take down dragon types, flying types, and grass types. Next, teach it Waterfall as soon as you can, or if not that, then Aqua Tail (which it learns at level 35). The other moves are not as important, but Gyarados can learn a lot of good ones like Stone Edge, Earthquake, and Bounce. I'd teach it Bounce if you can, since Gyarados is Flying type. Gyarados's only real weakness is electric, so either keep it away from electric types or teach it earthquake to kill them with. (Lastly, it's rather unfortunate that your Gyarados has a Modest nature, because this lowers its attack stat and raises it's rather poor special attack stat. It won't be as powerful as an Adamant Gyarados, but I think you'll still find that it's still very powerful.)

      Ah, Typhlosion. It's clear that you rely on this pokemon whenever you have trouble, since it's level 50 and the others are around level 15 or 20. Get rid of Rock Smash when you can, and give that to Krabby if it can learn it. Flamethrower is the best move you have here, and it makes Flame Wheel and Lava Plume redundant. I put Dig on my Typhlosion, which was really helpful when dealing with anything that didn't die so quickly to fire (though Typhlosion can learn earthquake as well). You may also want to teach it thunderpunch in case it gets stuck fighting a water type. Or, instead of Thunderpunch, you may want to teach it Sunny Day and Solarbeam. Sunny Day will boost the power of Typhlosion's fire moves, and let you use Solarbeam without charging. That way, any rock or water types that try to stand in your Typhlosion's way get shot down with Solarbeam. Try to stick with special attacks when possible: Typhlosion is generally better with special attacks, but your typhlosion's Bold nature makes this even more true (its attack stat is weaker and its defense stat is stronger than normal).

      For your playstyle, I'd guess that Togepi probably isn't worth it. Togekiss, its final form, often relies on slowly whittling down your opponents health while making them flinch. It's a good strategy, but you seem to like to take down pokemon fast (EDIT: This is a pretty big assumption, so sorry if that is wrong), which is usually not what Togekiss is good at. One suggestion I have for your team is adding a pokemon that can learn Fly. Fly is one of the few HM moves that is also a good attack, and the ability to fly to any town you've been in an instant is SO useful. If you decide to put a flying type on your team, I can recommend Spearow and (you won't believe it) Zubat. Spearow is a good attacking pokemon, and evolves into Fearow at level 20. It is fast and hits hard, and also learns Roost (which lets it heal itself without you using an item). If you have the patience, though, Crobat may be the better option. If you evolve your zubat into Golbat, train it a lot and get it to love you (DON'T let it faint, DON'T give it herbal medicine, DO give it massages, DO carry it with you, DO use items on it) then it will evolve into Crobat. Crobat's attack is just as strong as Fearow's, but it is even faster and has better defenses. Crobat also learns a lot of good moves. Try to stick to physical moves, and have at least one physical flying move (eg. Fly) and one physical poison move (eg. Poison Jab) on it if you use it. Also give it X-scissor to take out psychic types (which both Crobat and Victreebel are weak against). Also keep in mind that both Crobat and Fearow are weak against rock and ice types! EDIT: However, both are good against fighting and grass types!

      Well, that'll probably be a big wall of text. My suggestion to you, if you want to have a TEAM of pokemon that are strong enough to actually *help* your typhlosion, is to train them! Don't just let them faint and then switch in your Typhlosion when things are looking bad. Send them out, then switch them to something that can defeat the opponent. If you really want to commit to having a lot of strong pokemon, and not just your Typhlosion, I would suggest putting it in a box and not taking it out until the rest of your pokemon have reached the same level. That's up to you, of course.

      Remember, any pokemon can be strong with the proper moves and the proper training. I hope this was helpful at all. Good luck!

      EDIT2: Sorry if I assumed too much. I've never done one of these team-rating things before! Let me know if I was completely off-base.

      EDIT: You wanted us to post our teams, so I guess I'll post mine so you can see. I played my game weirdly, so I ended up with a 7-pokemon team. It made training take a little longer. x.x;

      Let's see if I can do this from memory:

      Level 64~
      Ability: Inner Focus?

      Baton Pass

      Qilu is sadly one of the weakest members of my team. She knows two strong moves that match her types, which lets her do fairly good damage. However, I usually use super-effective attacks whenever possible, so she doesn't see a lot of usage. However, she can baton-pass a speed boost to another pokemon, which can be really useful.

      Level 64~
      Ability: Battle Armor

      Swords Dance
      Stone Edge
      Headbutt? (don't quite remember)

      I seriously love Pecadillo. He's got good type coverage, and Swords Dance makes his attack strong enough to take down almost anything. However, he's really slow, and is unfortunately weak to water and rock. With a little help from Qilu, though, he can be quite the monster.

      Level 64~
      Ability: Solar Power

      Air Slash
      Leaf Storm

      Lufte is another weaker member of the team, mostly because of her typing. I'm never sure if I can safely put her against water types, since she's so weak to ice moves. I think she's also weak to rock. But still, she has her moments, and Tropius is one of my favorite pokemon.

      Level 64~
      Ability: Levitate

      Air Slash
      Confuse Ray
      Thunder Wave

      Carnot is usually in his fan form, which lets him have Air Slash. I don't remember how, but Carnot did most of the work when I fought Red. I don't know what I would've done without him. He wasn't really that great when I got him (hatched him from an egg) but over time he's become one of the best in my team. If he can't easily take something out with discharge or air slash, I'll usually have him use thunder wave, confuse ray, and air slash, stacking up the odds that the opponent won't be able to attack back at all, and watching them slowly die.

      Level 64~
      Ability: Oblivious? (don't remember)

      Ice Shard

      Truffle has the same deal going as Carnot, he wasn't great at first but over time has become one of the best members of my team. Also, I'd like to mention that I hated Mamoswine before I got Truffle, but now I don't think it's so bad. (Truffle is the only one of this team who I didn't hatch from an egg)

      Level 64~
      Ability: Inner Focus?

      (I DON'T REMEMBER but here's my best guess)
      Aura Sphere

      Ruka is mainly here because I needed a fighting type and a steel type for the run I was doing. She is a stronger fighter than Qilu, so those two are the ones I usually swap for eachother. Lucario is a pretty good pokemon, but not one of my favorite since it's so mainstream.

      Level 65~
      Ability: Sniper

      Dragon Pulse
      Signal Beam

      Murru was my "starter" (I chose totodile, then booted it out for my newly-hatched Horsea the first chance I got). Signal Beam and Octazooka were her egg moves, since I got her from a friend. I mostly have Brine there 'cause it's a little stronger than surf in the right situations, but I should probably replace it for Ice Beam or something. Murru is a great pokemon and has never let me down. :3

      Uh, yeah, so that's my team if that helps you at all. I don't remember the levels exactly, but I knew they were all around level 65, and that I like to keep Murru one level higher than the rest. An important thing to keep in mind when making any team is that your pokemon should try to cover eachothers' weaknesses. I think mine does that fairly well.
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        Thanks for your tips! But I am at Mt. Mortar at this point of the game, and I assume that when I box my Typhlosion, that I have to go back to an somewhat, easier point in the game?

        I think Bellsprout pretty much can cover the weaknesses of Typhlosion. As Bellsprout is almost immune to water. Yet, I think Bellsprout is my "Bulbasaur" or something.

        I probably will get Jynx, if I can get it, until that time, I keep Drowzee in my team. Anyways where can I get Zen Headbutt, Hypnosis and all those moves?

        Shuckle is absolutely the Pokemon I am going to remove from my team. As very first. This pokemon does not do ANY damage. I always try to flee and get to first Pokemon Center on my way when I see Shuckle is my last pokemon.

        Gyarados is great. That`s pretty clear. Just a new moveset.

        True, I can rely on Typhlosion when I have trouble. The Problem is that my team does`nt cover up the weaknesses of Typhlosion.

        And it`s true. I hate long taking battles (I hated when I encountered Metapod`s in the very beginning. -.-). I want to rush to battles as fast as I can.

        Worst moment ever in the game. I had Rage (Shiny Gyarados) as main of my team and I knew Electric is very effective against water (I encountered RAIKOU!!!!)))!)!)!)!). Then I switch to Typhlosion, and then Raikou fled ...
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          With your pokemon I'd take away mr. krabs, shukle, and drowzee. And heres the dedired move set for your remaining pokemom:
          Sunny day
          Flamethrower/fire blast
          Focus blast

          Sadly he can't learn thunder punch but this set uses solar beam and focus blast to counter his weaknes. Fire blast I think gets 100% accuracy in the sun but outside if the sun flame thrower is better. This also uses all special moves so his bold nature won't bother him ^-^

          Dr. Rage
          Dragon dance
          Earth quake
          Water fall
          Stone edge
          I would suggest breeding and getting an adamant (+attack, minus special attack) or a -special attack, +speed.

          Victreebell ability:chlorophile
          Solar beam/energy ball
          Sludge bomb
          Weather ball

          Outside of sun conditions he's useless. On the opposite of a bulbasour he has paperlike defences (/_\) But with chlorophile his speed will double in the sunlight so a super fast solar beam will surprise any water type c[: especially because his special attack will make him a possible sweeper. And reflect is for support.

          Ok I would suggest to get a dragonite. If dragonite gets a dragon dance or 2 infront of lance then you're set and if not he will make you restart the match countless times, and face hom agaon begor beating this champion.
          Dragon claw
          Dragon dance
          earth quake, stone edge, out rage, fire punch, thunder punch, thunder wave roost- pick 2 of your choice

          He is very strong and versetile!!a crobat, and alakazam would would work great on your team.
          that would be a powerful onslot and many unprepared teams will be devasted by a STAB boosted, weather boosted fireblast. Then victreebell covering water, rock and ground for typhosion. Gyarados helping out victreebell then its a good standard trio.
          Adding in a crobat alakazam and dragon will hit the harder-to-hit pokemon
          But if you like togepi I consider this an option
          Thunder wave

          Its the same as rotom but togekiss ability will make it even better and increase paralasis chance atract chance and chance of flinch in airslash. Energyball is a replacement for attract
          Be you because that is all you can be ^-^
          Old October 29th, 2012 (11:04 AM).
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            It takes Drowzee several levels to learn Zen Headbutt, like level 50 or so if I remember right. However, it learns some good psychic moves before then. It should learn Hypnosis fairly soon, if not you can take it to a move tutor to relearn it. Once you use Hypnosis, Focus Punch should be able to hit fairly easily. Dream Eater is found in Viridian City, so I guess it's not really an option unless you keep your Drowzee for longer than you want to.

            As far as the Raikou goes, don't worry, it's not gone forever. Raikou and Entei always run away so they are hard to catch. There is only one of each, but they run all over the map. If you look in your pokedex, you can check where they currently are.

            Also, your Gyarados seems pretty strong. If you buy some healing items, you may not need to backtrack too much... just make sure you train your other pokemon (mostly bellsprout) just as much (if not more).

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