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Old November 3rd, 2012 (9:29 PM).
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Have you had any problems changing in a locker room?
How do you feel about getting into a bathing suit?

Pretty much, are you okay with taking off your clothes in front of others, yes or no? Why do you think that is? Are there any conditions that have to be there in order for you to be comfortable doing it?
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Nope. If it's a jumper or a jacket or pants where I have shorts or another pair underneath, yes, but otherwise no. I hate going into public locker rooms and if I really do need to change where I am exposing my body, I'll do it behind a cubical door.

I just find it really...odd.
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Old November 3rd, 2012 (9:45 PM).
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As long as I'm around people of the same sex, I'm okay with it.

I started dressing out at locker rooms when I was in the 6th grade (10 years old at the time) and tbh it was embarrassing. At 7th grade I got used to it, but that was when I switched schools, and most of the 7th graders were hogging the bathrooms trying to change.

I don't like bathing suits. I wear a tank top and men's swim trunks. I feel happy with that.
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Old November 4th, 2012 (12:00 AM).
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Well, in the summer of going into second grade I was in a summer camp...thing that was held at a college. There was an indoor pool and I'd have to change in front of a bunch of other first graders-becoming-second graders, and it never bothered me at all. My freshmen year of high school, however, I was less comfortable about changing into gym clothes in the locker room with other guys. I just didn't like it; I changed in the stall most of the time, but around the end of the semester I'd change near the lockers but I'd hide in a corner away from everyone.

I don't really mind being a bathing suit, but I don't necessarily like being shirtless around other people. I don't mind so much around my friends anymore, since I'm more comfortable around them, but I don't like being shirtless in public very much, such as the beach, water parks, etc. I just don't really like how my body is, I guess.

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Old November 4th, 2012 (1:37 AM).
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I've always been pretty uncomfortable with taking off clothes in front of others even when around my family. It's probably because I'm a bit overweight. When I go swimming I always put my trunks on before leaving the house and I leave my shirt on until I get to the pool. Whenever I had gym class in school or I go to exercise , I wear my gym clothes or exercise gear under my uniform/street clothes. (Or my exercise gear is whatever I'm wearing that day. ) I'm only comfortable walking around shirtless in front of family and I'm only okay with that for a few seconds. If no one is around I don't mind being naked or half naked in my house and I will change literally anywhere in that case.
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Old November 4th, 2012 (2:26 AM).
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I feel uncomfortable when I take my clothes off in front of other people, except my sister. I don't really have an answer for why, but I think it's probably because I'm still in my 'developing' stage. I'm thin.

And honestly, I've never been in a bathing suit. I don't like swimming, even though it's pretty damn hot where I live.

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Old November 4th, 2012 (5:45 AM).
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    Actually, no. But I would if my sisters would tend to stare at me changing in my room. >-> And in the locker room, sometimes since I used wear tidy-widies and when I have gym with the sophmores and juniors, they would make jokes and play with me around(even though I know that they really don't mean it but they find my reactions funny).
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    Old November 4th, 2012 (6:57 AM).
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    Not particularly. It's something I have to do regularly, being in various sports, and I love swimming for leisure, so... if I ever do become uncomfortable with it, I'd go crazy since I have to do it so often. Let's just say I've gotten used to it. Of course, when it comes to showering with others, it's not happening. :x
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    Old November 4th, 2012 (7:03 AM).
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      i'm actually fine with it if i changed out of my clothes in a room with the same sex, but it also depends on how much of my body will be exposed. for example, i'm more okay with taking my shirt off with someone else in the room compared to taking my pants off.

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      Old November 4th, 2012 (7:09 AM).
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      I don't mind changing in front of other people to a degree, but when it comes to swimming trunks that's a whoollleeee different story haha. I'm fine with taking my shirt off in public and, not that there's ever any reason to, I'd be fine with taking off trousers too (I guess if changing into another pair...? Idk xD), but I'd never go further than that. When changing into trunks I always make a point to find a cubical or something to hide in whilst changing, but everyone does so I don't think that's necessarily uncommon haha. It's just not really a comfortable thing for anyone if you're changing completely in front of people. :p

      Also just to clarify, I wouldn't walk around without a shirt or trousers on, I meant I'm just fine changing them in front of people, not walking around without them. xD
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      Old November 4th, 2012 (7:13 AM).
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        I used to when I was back in secondary school because I had a bit of a belly and stuff. It was weird because my arms and legs were like twigs and then I had a belly - bad proportions basically. By the time I got to college I didn't care so much any more. I was still overweight but occasionally I'd take my shirt off - like when I was playing basketball on a hot day for example.

        That's a photo of me during my university days. You can see my belly hanging out there (it looked even worse during my earlier school days) but I didn't mind posting this on the net back then (and now). It's disgusting I know and you better be scarred for life.

        This is after university, you can perhaps see that my stomach isn't so bad now but I've still got those moobs.

        This is the most recent photo of me without a shirt. I still got a bit of moobs and I don't think I can do much about that to be honest, just the way my body is. Otherwise my body is looking a lot better than in previous years, though I'm still flexing my arm like a douche.

        Anyway, nowadays I have no problems with taking my shirt off or being in a swimming suit or whatever.
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        Old November 4th, 2012 (7:22 AM).
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        I never had any problems changing in my locker room during middle school and the first half of high school, except when swimming is the subject, which is when I get paranoid about someone seeing me naked.

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        Old November 4th, 2012 (7:40 AM).
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          I just can't change in a locker room for PE I have to change in the girl's toilets. I don't go swimming either due to me feel embarrassed in a swimsuit/bikini.
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          Old November 4th, 2012 (8:30 AM).
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            Yeah like a lot of people said, I'm fine changing around the same sex, always have been. I mean when I was younger it was kinda awkward, but it was awkward for everyone else, so we all just got over it lol.

            And since the changing doesn't bother me, wearing a bathing suit doesn't really bother me either (idk, there's just a correlation for me I guess :P). I do go swimming a lot, so you kinda have to get past that fear if you're gonna swim.
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            Old November 4th, 2012 (9:03 AM).
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            No. I absolutely do not like being exposed, Im not comfortable changing clothes in front of and am uneasy wearing bathing suits in front of others. I just dont like the feeling of being exposed around others, even people of the same sex as me. This might seem weird but I feel people judge me based on the way my body looks and I don't want that.
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            Old November 4th, 2012 (9:36 AM).
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              I actually have no problem with being exposed nowadays, if guys are staring at me funny after checking out my frame then that's their problem not mine.
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              Old November 4th, 2012 (9:55 AM).
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              It depends on how the people around me are in their attitude towards it. If everyone thinks it's no big deal, I have no problem changing in front of people. But when I was in high school girls made a huge deal out of it in that they refused to just change normally, they had to put their gym shorts on underneath their uniform skirts so NO ONE COULD SEE THEIR UNDERWEAR and although it was easier and faster to just take the skirt off I would dress the same way as them because falling out of line in a place like a locker room is completely 100% awkward.

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              Old November 4th, 2012 (10:03 AM).
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              I am definitely not comfortable in a swimsuit, that's for sure. I hate skin-tight things..
              Strange enough, I'm totally okay with tanktops and shorts.
              I don't mind changing in front of my friends. It's not like I already see them half-naked in the locker room anyway, haha. But swim suits, no.
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              Old November 4th, 2012 (12:02 PM).
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                No.. not comfortable at all hahaha. I dont even own a two piece bathing suit. I am definitely not comfortable in a locker room if yoy sont know me amd you are not a aurgeon, doctor or esthetician then you camt see me.
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                Old November 4th, 2012 (4:30 PM).
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                I quite frankly don't care with changing my shirt/pants in a locker room at school. I have a nice body (did that sound conceited?) so I don't worry about people looking.

                At the pool's locker room however, I find it quite uncomfortable changing naked in front of strangers.
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                Old November 4th, 2012 (4:33 PM).
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                  Uh... No. I just don't feel comfortable about this at all. I'm socially awkward enough as is. I can't talk people that well with clothes on...
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                  Old November 5th, 2012 (4:08 AM).
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                  God, this was half the reason I couldn't stand PE in high school. I can't stand getting changed in front of other people, it's terrible. I'd always run in and out of the changing rooms as fast as I could when I was in high school, on the rare occasions I actually did PE. I was in much worse shape then than I am now, but even now I think it'd make me uncomfortable. There is just no justifiable excuse why schools make kids do this... or even allow it.
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                  Old November 5th, 2012 (9:29 AM).
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                  I never really had trouble with changing for high school PE. Maybe I was just oblivious to all the awkwardness, but probably it was also that I always seemed to be late for class and didn't want to get yelled at by the teacher so I just moved as fast as I could.

                  Don't have a problem with it now.
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                  Old November 5th, 2012 (9:39 AM).
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                  If the opposite sex is involved...:)

                  But among other men I don't like showing my body, mainly because my curiosity will have me staring at their nether regions and whatnot.
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                  Old November 5th, 2012 (3:04 PM).
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                  I hated changing. I always hid to change my clothes, hahahaha. If I went to a gym now, I probably still would. I'm uncomfortable changing around strangers. Kind of am around people I know, even...
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