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Old October 21st, 2012 (5:18 AM).
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    Originally Posted by AChipOffTheOldBrock View Post
    I dont laugh often. Usually just the occasional pity laugh to keep things from getting akward. At school today there was a guy who was blowing a really big bubble and then it popped and got all over his face just like on TV. I laughed at that but I think that was about it for today.
    This troubles me, are you generally a happy person and just don't laugh because nothing is genuinely funny or do you struggle finding things humorous because you're a glass half empty kind of person?

    You know when they say "laughter is the best medicine", well they're not lying. Laughing releases endorphins as well as dopamine's which make you feel good, as well as some other chemicals that aid stress-relief, tissue regeneration and formation of neuro-receptors in your brain.
    Laughing gives you super healing and makes you smart.
    Not to mention prolongs longevity.

    For anybody with a negative philosophical standpoint: (Glass half empty)
    When you're alone, just laugh, fake laugh pretend you've just seen the funniest thing.
    Then think about how silly you must sound and look, and laugh at yourself laughing at yourself. It's honestly hilarious and your mood will shift, you'll become much more positive in life the more often you laugh at nothing.
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    Old October 21st, 2012 (8:23 PM).
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    I was driving around with one of my friends earlier and he told the stupidest joke but it's always those that crack me up the most. I swear I was going to crash... x_x;
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    Old October 28th, 2012 (5:22 AM).
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    I didn't really laugh out loud today, but just chuckled at some funny pictures people shared on facebook.
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    Old November 5th, 2012 (2:07 PM).
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      I watched an episode of Bob's Burgers this morning before going to work, and managed to get all of my laughs for the entire day, if not week. Maaaaaaaaan, that show knows how to tickle my funny bone! "He's a boy!" "Tell that to my vagina!"
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      Old November 5th, 2012 (2:20 PM).
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      I can't go an afternoon bus ride without busting a rib, it's hardly ever lacking comedy. I think most of us just leave our problems as we get on.
      College Bound, Mentally Sound.

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      Old November 5th, 2012 (2:42 PM).
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        Not yet, but it's only 9:40AM so I haven't had much chance to find something funny. Friends are coming over today for a sleepover, pretty sure I'll laugh at least once today though. Also Plumpyfoof is incredibly correct about laughter making you feel better.
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        Old November 5th, 2012 (6:20 PM).
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        I generally make it a priority to look at something funny every day. My witty best friend though makes laughter very easy though.
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        Old November 5th, 2012 (7:56 PM).
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          :D I remember watching some parts of the newest iCarly episodes today for 3 days. In "iFind Spencer Friends", this guy with the glasses and looks nerdy talks in a deep, distorted weird voice. 3 of the funniest parts are "Are you making fun of me?" "In the ALLLEEEYYYYYY" "The guy named Funnnyyyy..." And when Gibby had to talk to the 3 men and sing at the end.

          And in "iLost My Head In Vegas", this weird guy comes to Gibby and gives him a "moon rock". He told him that it's all right twice like if Gibby can trust him. And when he told him that he can hear space inside the rock, he stole the $2500 and ran off. That part really made me laugh.
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          Old November 5th, 2012 (7:59 PM).
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          Yes, I just did! xDD I was envisioning a splice between a male Unfezant and a Gigalith. The end results in my head were sooo hilarious I burst out laughing! Hahahaha! xDD
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          Old November 5th, 2012 (9:30 PM).
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            Nope... sigh pretty =/ today overall. Stuck in both assignments. One I can get help on tomorrow I guess... the other though... large assignment and I don't even know where to start. Essentially, school-wise things are getting worse and worse this semester, and it's all a struggle until Christmas.
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            Old November 9th, 2012 (3:53 PM).
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              Nope. Not today. It's difficult to make me laugh through jokes unless they're exceptionally silly or actually good. My sense of humor is hard to get to if you're an average person. The internet does that to you.

              The internet has its way of making me laugh sometimes though. I like reading arguments. They make me laugh some times.
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