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How much HP can you heal?

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Old November 6th, 2012 (5:53 AM).
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This is kinda silly, but just a moment ago I had a random thought: "How much HP could I possibly heal with all these items?" I don't think a question like this has been asked, so here goes.

Basically, you add up all the HP your items recover and post the total. To use Max Potions, Full Restores, Revives, and Max Revives for this, find your highest HP Pokemon.

Lapras - 441 HP

  • Super Potion x4 - 200 HP
  • Hyper Potion x593 - 118,600 HP
  • Max Potion - 441 HP
  • Full Restore x62 - 27,342 HP
  • Revive x361 - 79,601 HP (MaxHP*#ofRevives)\2
  • Max Revive x6 - 2,646 HP
  • Berry Juice x17 - 340 HP
  • Oran Berry x5 - 50 HP
  • Sitrus Berry x90 - 2,700 HP
  • Fresh Water x640 - 32,000 HP
  • Lemonade x49 - 3,920 HP
  • Moomoo Milk x968 - 96,800 HP
  • Total HP healed = 364,640 HP
Was kinda expecting more.. Probably shouldn't have wasted so many Max Revives failing trying to catch Azelf..

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Old November 6th, 2012 (2:13 PM).
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Lol, did you ever heard you only buy what you need? Anyway, here is mine:

Emboar - 367 HP

Potion x4 - 80 HP
Fresh Water x2 - 100 HP
Hyper Potion x39 - 7.800 HP
Max Revive x9 - 3.303 HP
Max Potion x5 - 1.835 HP
Full Restore x4 - 1.468 HP
Lemonade x150 - 12.000 HP
Berry Juice x25 - 500 HP
Moomoo Milk x75 - 7.500 HP
RageCandyBar x42 - 840 HP
Energy Root x12 - 2.400 HP

Total: 37.826 HP

I feel like trashing all this stuff now.
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Old November 6th, 2012 (7:32 PM).
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Whoa, I only have berries left as healing items. x) I used up everything except a couple Max Revives during the game and never bought more.

Max Revive (x3) (~320 HP?) = 960
Oran Berry (x4) = 40

= 1000 HP

Yeah that's definitely a sign.
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Old November 7th, 2012 (1:14 AM).
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I'm not really spending money on healing items much... :D
Oh well... :D

シャワーズ (Vaporeon if someone cannot read katakana :D) - 362 HP

Potion 10x - 200 HP
Fresh Water 35x - 1750 HP
Lemonade 10x - 800 HP
MooMoo Milk 24x - 2400 HP
Revive 2x - 362 HP
Hyper Potion 3x - 600 HP
Revival Herb 2x - 724 HP
Soda Pop 4x - 240 HP
Berry Juice 2x - 40 HP
Max Potion 1x - 362 HP
Energy Root 1x - 200 HP
Max Revive 8x - 2896 HP
Full Restore 15x - 5430 HP
EnergyPowder 1x - 50 HP
Oran Berry 2x - 20 HP
Sitrus Berry 7x - 210 HP

So... to sum it up 16284 HP. Oh... not too shabby... :D
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