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Old November 8th, 2012 (3:25 AM).
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For years now legendaries have been disregarded in their place in competitive battling, why do you ask? Because they are considered uber. But now the legendarys are picking sides, N was just the beginning, so pick your legend and join the league that has it all and fight freely with legends by your side!

Follow all PokeCommunity Rules.
No hacked or cheated pokemon.
Only one legendary per team.
Arceus is the only legendary that is Banned.
No two or more players can have the same legendary.

This League will be put in a Gym Leader, Elite 4, Champion style.

Sign Up!
Just follow the format and you'll get an almost guaranteed spot!

Trainer Name:
Friend Code:
Position Wanted:

Legendarys are not compulsory, neither are types

Here's my sign up:

Trainer Name: Shift
Friend Code: To Be Added
Legendary: Reshiram
Position Wanted: 3rd Elite 4

Cheers Shift
Hey Shift here great to be here if there's any leagues opening please let me know as I am quite fond of battling!!!

I specialise in dark and fire types.

"You don't know what you fully have until its taken from you"

Quote at start if battle, Shift.

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