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What made you like Pokemon?

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Old November 8th, 2012 (10:16 AM).
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    Everyone around me was getting into it, so I did too, it's as simple as that.
    Still young but no longer impressionable.

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    Old November 8th, 2012 (8:15 PM).
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    I remember getting Blue version for Christmas the year Pokemon came out, I remember watching the episode Attack of the Prehistoric Pokemon on TV, and I remember buying a Jungle set Oddish card from a flea market vendor. Put it all together and you have a fan. Now, what made me become a fan to this day...?

    I just loved the idea of catching my own little monsters and having endless possibilities with team building. It's a game I could always beat, if I raised my team high enough. It's a game where I could connect with my twin brother via trading. It's a game I could play using some buttons and on the go, so I took my Gameboy Color everywhere. I played Pokemon Blue to death. It's very likely Pokemon is the reason why I started making friends by 2nd grade. In those days, most kids loved Pokemon. We all wanted to watch the Mewtwo movie in class... The teachers didn't understand the Pokemon craze. My 3rd grade teacher actually took away my Pokemon figurines because several of us were playing with 'em in class. That didn't stop me. I had to get them back. I held B button cuz I had to go fast.
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    Old November 9th, 2012 (4:55 PM).
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      For me, the first thing I liked about Pokemon was the anime. I loved watching the series, and I loved the idea that pokemon had different types, and each of the types had their own weaknesses and etc.

      I remember watching the first.. maybe 3 episodes of Pokemon, and then purchasing the game. It was certainly a more dumbed down version from the show, but in the game, I had an actual choice to make for my Pokemon team.

      I always thought after I bought the pokemon games, I would have to play in Ash's perspective and pick his pokemon. Until I realized I could actually do what I wanted.. and THAT is probably what sparked me to keep playing. That and the fact that unlike Ash, I could catch legendaries :D

      A lot of speculation goes around that the show is just not what it used to be. I tend to agree to a CERTAIN extent. I still enjoy the hell out of the show, and watch it whenever I can.. but the games themselves offer insane amounts of content, a different story, and a different way to progress.

      That's the reason I like Pokemon. :3


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      Old November 9th, 2012 (5:09 PM).
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      I can't think of a specific reason as to why I began liking Pokemon, except for maybe the joy a child feels when watching such an action-packed show or playing such an immersive game. But the reason why I continue to love it is because of two reasons: one, how the games are able to bring together so many people from all around the world and from different age groups; and two, how the games seem very simplistic on the surface but allow for such deep and complex meanings to be brought from it with just a little bit of thinking.

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      Old November 9th, 2012 (5:30 PM).
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        My love for pokemon sprouted when i was a little kid. It was(and still is) mostly the pokemon themselves that reeled me in as well as the anime overworld with all the characters, humor, plot, etc.
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        Old November 10th, 2012 (3:36 AM).
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          I love Pokemon for the ability to catch and collect the ultra cute/strong/cool Pokemon. And when I play Pokemon I feel all my Pokes are my friend which makes me feel better when I'm down. :)
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          Old November 10th, 2012 (11:04 AM). Edited November 12th, 2012 by ashketchum23.
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          I love Pokemon!
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            Pokemon made me feel the need to collect something. It always made me motivated to capture all Pokemon (Pokemon Cards.) Till this very day, I always felt like creating or doing something. It had this happy/bright feeling, and an adventurous one as well (Cliche; I know.) Pokemon always seemed as a funny/newbie show, so it had it's laughs. However; the newer Pokemon series are boring, and brought me to a level of boredom. It just seems as if Nintendo/GameFreak is creating any creature that makes no sense. Read my complaint post of the new Pokemon series, and you will know what I mean.
            I love Pokemon! haha, and here is a good website on learning how to draw Pokemon :D How to Draw Pokemon
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            Old November 10th, 2012 (12:40 PM). Edited November 10th, 2012 by IcyIce.
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              I honestly really don't know. I think maybe because my friends in Kindigarden liked it and that got me into it. I really have no idea. I don't even remember what made me like pokemon. I just liked it and I got my first pokemon game,which was blue at a yardsale with a Gameboy in like 2000. I do remember seeing the pokemon the first movie commercial when I was really young and I liked it before then. So I really don't know. I like the games because they are fun. I really don't even remember the first episode of pokemon I seen. Maybe the 2nd. I think what got me real likeing it was when Pikachu was hurt and Ash stood his ground aginst all those sparrow and Pikachu flew over his back and used thudershock to save Ash. I think that moment is what got me liking it the most. Just thinking about the moment gives me goosebumps and that song that was playing when it happened.

              Anyone happen to know the name of the song in that part? When Pikachu save Ash from the Sparrow?
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              Old November 11th, 2012 (12:14 AM).
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                How it all started, as far as I can see:

                Older sister always watched it on TV in the mornings before School. I watched it with her, from episode 1. I remember just loving Ash as a kid, and I guess the whole Japanese anime style attracted me as a kid, and I loved the way the show was set out, the whole getting different pokemon and using powerful moves against each other to be the best against everyone, the whole battling thing. And all the different types. It was the SHOW that got me into it, and I didn't discover the game about until half a year later.

                Also the fact my sister and everyone at school had Pokemon trading cards made me always think about it.
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                Old November 11th, 2012 (12:56 AM).
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                Watched Mystery of Mount Moon and enjoyed it and started to watch it. Then later I got Silver and Gold and loved it even more. Eventually mu cousin came around and got me into the TCG. Can't really give you exact details though because my memory sucks.

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                Old November 13th, 2012 (9:52 PM).
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                  I got into it as a kid by watching the anime. In Grade 1, I got my first pokemon game. Anime + Game = fan. None of my friends liked it I don't think. So I neglected it until last year, when I met people that shared the same love. And by neglected, I mean no one knew I liked it. In fact No one does other than those people to this day lol.

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