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Old September 17th, 2012 (11:32 PM).
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It looks like a good start to a fakedex. I like the designs of the fakemon you have so far, and most of them are quite well sprited, however I feel as if some could use a little work, such as the eye on newtiny, it just doesn't really seem to look right. But overall, they're really cool.
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Old October 8th, 2012 (3:19 AM).
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it looks fantastic the color blends with the Fakemon keep it up
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Old October 18th, 2012 (11:42 PM).
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Your fakémon are greats! See this motivate me for spriting fakémon :3
In deviantArt there are more no? xD

I want see more
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Old October 20th, 2012 (3:47 AM).
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OMG! That fire knight thing is damn awesome!
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Old November 13th, 2012 (8:58 PM).
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Hey! No offense. But where are the legendary Pokemon? And how about some more Eevee-lutions! Uh..erm..plz. :3
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Old May 16th, 2013 (8:48 PM).
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Woah nice work :D your fakedex look pretty Great and what i like most is the fire knight sprite you made it really looks so Epic wish i could see more of your Art Work
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