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Old November 14th, 2012 (3:37 PM).
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this deck was meant to be a fun deck and try out an Alakazam I found in a box while reorganizing my cards. his poke-power allows him to move the damage counters on my side of the field however I want (basically letting me divide the damage evenly throughout my pokemon in play) the deck has several strategies to limit what the opponent can do including limit his bench to 4 and even down to 3 given the right setup. unfortanatly this deck uses alot of old cards so it will never be able to enter tournaments, but it is a great deck to play with friends.

20Xpsychic energy

1X Mr. Fuji - return a pokemon and all cards attached to it to your deck
1X Apricorn Forest - flip a coin, show an energy, search your deck for that type of basic pokemon, put on bench
1X Interviewer's Questions - look at top 8 cards of your deck, take as many energy cards you find as you want
1X Brock - remove 1 damage from each pokemon
1X Luxury Ball - search your deck for a pokemon (exluding LV.X) put it into your hand
1X Snowpoint Temple - each pokemon that isn't evolved gets +20 HP (both your's and your opponent's)
1X Expert Belt - pokemon Expert Belt is attached to gets + 20 HP and adds 20 damage to attacks
2X Pokemon Flute - return a basic pokemon from your foe's discard pile to their bench
2X Left Overs - pokemon Left Overs is attached removes 1 damage counter at the end of your turn
2X Potion - heal 30 damage from 1 of your pokemon
4X Professor Oak - draw 3 cards then put a card from your hand on the bottom of your deck

1X Misdreavus - Poke-Body (requires 2 heads to wake up) also has an attack to put to sleep
2X Misdreavus - astonish attack takes one card from foe's hand without looking and shuffles it into their deck
2X Mismagius - horror chant (if your foe has 4 or more pokemon on their bench put one back to their hand)
1X Mismagius - upper hand (choose one attack on defending pokemon, it can't use that attack next turn)
1X Ditto - Poke-Body (your foe's bench can only have 4) if there are 5 your foe discards a pokemon
1X Drifloon - can attack the bench and paralyze defending pokemon
1X Drifblim - can do 60 damage or shuffle itself and defending pokemon back to the decks
1X Smoochum - psykiss (flip a coin if heads shuffle a special energy attached to a foe's pokemon back to deck)
1X Jinx - can move 2 damage counters from Jinx to defending pokemon, if evolved from smoochum move 4
1X Seviper - can stop foe from playing trainers, can poison defending pokemon
3X Unown E - if Unown is on the bench you can attach it as a pokemon tool to the active pokemon (+10 HP)
1X Unown G - same as unown E but prevents all effects of attacks except damage to the pokemon it's on
3X Abra - attack let's it search deck for Alakazam and evolve
2X Kadabra - can remove all damage from Kadabra or attach 2 basic energies from discard pile to Kadabra
1X Alakazam - Pokemon Power (you can move damage from 1 of your pokemon to another unlimited times)
1X Mr. Mime - Pokemon Power (any attack that does 30 or more damage to Mr. Mime does no damage)

The Mr. mime with expert belt is great cause it's attack does 10 plus 10 more for each damage counter on the defending pokemon, in two turns you deal 90 damage, it only has 40 HP so the Belt brings it to 60, using Alakazam Mr. Mime cannot be killed until all your other pokemon run out of HP to move damage, attach Unown G to Mr. Mime and it cannot be affected by anything but damage keeping it's pokemon power active.

using the pokemon flute you fill your opponent's bench with basics that (if their evolutions went to the discard pile with them) are now useless, add Ditto or Mismagius you hinder his/her ability to get pokemon ready on their bench. Mismagius makes it difficult for your opponent to have more than 3 pokemon on the bench at a time, this gives you a huge advantage since your pokemon won't go down easily.

Jinx paired with Alakazam can throw the damage it recieves back to the opponent making them think twice about attacking you, when they get a pokemon ready on the bench use a pokemon flute and Mismagius to get rid of it and send Jynx back out.

If you can't do any damage to a pokemon use Drifblim to get it out of the way, also use Alakazam to place as many damage counters on it as possible before it goes to get rid of damage.

use Mr. Fuji on a pokemon when you have a lot of damage, I usually use it on seviper since it has quite a bit of HP and is only a basic. Unowns can get rid of damage by being attached as tools while having damage on them.

Overall a very fun deck and very affective even without Alakazam. Again Alakazam, Mr. Mime and some of the trainers are VERY OLD cards and makes this deck impossible to use in tournaments and I know this so don't mention it in comments.
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Old November 15th, 2012 (3:05 AM).
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Just so you know;

This guy is still currently legal so you could make a legalized version of this deck using him. He is best paired off with stuff like Reshiram / Zekrom / Kyurem / Regigigas EX where they can use their "Outrage" attack to do loads of damage. Max Potion can be abused in this type of deck too.
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Old November 15th, 2012 (3:54 AM).
Veteran157 Veteran157 is offline
Join Date: Nov 2012
Gender: Male
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thanks, I'm not too familiar with the newer cards yet so I didn't know about this one.
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