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What is your favorite video game

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Old November 15th, 2012 (12:21 PM).
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Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga. 2003, nostalgia <3
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Old November 16th, 2012 (6:05 AM).
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I'm leaning towards Kingdom Hearts, but I also love the Digimon World games.
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Old November 16th, 2012 (7:44 AM).
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Devil May Cry 3.

Normally, I get a game, play till I finish it once or twice - depending on how long and interesting the campaign is - and just get it over with. But that's not the case with this one. Probably because this game is actually meant to be played over and over again. I mean, there are five-six difficulties, awesome gameplay, pretty good graphics for its time and very solid voice acting along with a decent storyline. I can pretty much play this game forever. Pretty sure I've invested more than 150 hours into it. And it is supposed to be a seven-ten hour game, lol. And I still play it even though it has been almost 7 years since it launched on PC (technically, it is nine years but w/e).

But I don't think I can leave it at that. Apart from DMC3, a game which I still thoroughly enjoy every time I boot it up, there are games like Mass Effect (only the first one), Assassin's Creed II and Metal Gear Solid 2 which gave me goosebumps at times. Those were the only games which made me utter "HOLY ****, THAT WAS AWESOME!" by the time I finished those games. So yeah, they gotta be given their due importance. ;]
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Old November 16th, 2012 (9:08 AM).
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Currently: Xenoblade

One of the BEST games I've played in YEARS. It's truly a refreshing RPG experience and I highly recommend it!
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Old November 21st, 2012 (8:08 PM).
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Any Mario Bros. games prior to the Gamecube are my favorites, with my all time favorite being Super Mario World. Also, I gotta add the new Super Mario Bros game for the Wii, and Super Smash Bros Brawl. Those games are the ones I find myself beating several times and never get tired of it!
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Old November 28th, 2012 (3:54 AM).
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1. Suikoden series.
2. Fire Emblem series.
3. Shin Megami Tensei series.

I recently enjoyed Disgaea 4 and The Walking Dead: The Game. The latter is definitely my favorite game of the year, though.

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Old November 29th, 2012 (11:49 AM).
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other than Pokemon probably the Halo series. I love there story and Gameplay!
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Old November 29th, 2012 (12:02 PM). Edited November 29th, 2012 by Athelstan.
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I'd say Mariokart Wii. That game was beautiful and oh I played it so much. I have high hope for Farcry 3 as well, getting it tomorrow so lets hope it's amazing!

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Old November 29th, 2012 (12:18 PM).
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Can't just choose one! For platforming I'd probably have to say Megaman 2 or Megaman X. Fighting games: Street Fighter II and Smash Bros Melee. Glad to see other people like Grandia and Devil May Cry 3 also! I think Devil May Cry 3 might be the most satisfying game I've played: it just feels really good to go from not being able to get past the second level to maintaining a SSS rating while shredding through Dante Must Die mode. On my computer I've been playing a MMORPG called Remnant Knights and Spelunky when I just want something quick.
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Old November 30th, 2012 (5:15 PM).
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Originally Posted by Aeon View Post
Animal Crossing. I have logged so many hours into those games it puts my Pokemon playtime to shame probably.
Haha, I'm the same! I still have Animal Crossing: Wild World and check it every day to make sure none of my NPCs are leaving. ^,^

Only I wouldn't say it's my favourite game really. I enjoy games like Super Smash Bros. Brawl and New Super Mario Bros. Wii but only if I'm playing with my siblings. Also, Fable: The Lost Chapters for PC and Diablo II bring back a lot of good memories.

My most favourite game of all time would have to be... Bah, this is too hard! I'll just make it my top three most favourite. It will have to be Terraria, Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword and Dragon Quest IX. I could go on forever.
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Old November 30th, 2012 (7:11 PM).
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My favorite games would have to be these three:

1. Lufia the Legend Returns (Gameboy color)

2. Super Paper Mario (Wii)

3. The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess (Wii)

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Old December 1st, 2012 (3:58 AM).
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Phew... i love a lot of games and i still play em... But if i had to make a top 3 it would be atm:

1. Tiberian Sun: Nothing beats this game IMO, the best RTS from Westwood (now EA)...

2. Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2: Dont ask me why, but the campaign is very addicting and way more better than every other CoD game... thought it would be crap but turned out to be awesome...

3. FIFA 13: I just love football (soccer for the US people) games, especially Ultimate Team
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Old December 1st, 2012 (6:55 AM).
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of all time? That would be Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

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Old December 2nd, 2012 (6:19 PM).
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I got a LLLOOOOOOOOOOOONNNGGG list of favourites

But as of right now, the game I play most is Gods Eater Burst. I like Monster Hunter Freedom Unite too. Graphics and gameplay are better and all, but the missions take up too much time to clear.

Gods Eater is basically the same as Monster Hunter except that it's set in a more futuristic storyline and is more fast paced and easy compared to Monster Hunter.

This might change soon, however, as I'm getting a PS VITA for Christmas

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Old December 7th, 2012 (11:56 AM).
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Aside from Pokemon, I would say Super Smash Bros. Melee, World Of Warcraft, Day Of Reckoning, Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, Team Fortress 2 and Left 4 Dead 2.
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Old December 7th, 2012 (1:52 PM).
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-Wario Land 4
-Rhythm Heaven. (Both DS and Wii games.)

Absolutely superb games that make me feel like a child playing. (In a good way!) Of course I can explain why I like those two games in particular, but you can search my post history for the reasons for WL4, and RH is hard to explain in a sense that I like it purely because of the experience I had with it rather than the game itself being any good. (It is though! Really really good!)

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Old December 8th, 2012 (6:39 PM).
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Hands down Final Fantasy IV is my favorite.
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Old December 8th, 2012 (8:13 PM).
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My favourite game is Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time. Even typing it gives me nostalgia, it is just such a good game it is my personal favourite. A close second is Civilization 4.
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Old December 8th, 2012 (9:46 PM).
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Wait, wait, wait, wait! So I can only pick ONE of all my favorite games? Aww! D:

Well, I guess I'd go with the Devil May Cry series.

If anybody is interested to know some of the others, spoilers will tell, I presume. ^p^

Favorite Games
~ Devil May Cry series
~ Bayonetta
~ Metal Gear Solid series
~ God of War series
~ Assassins Creed series
~ Uncharted series
~ Ookami
~ Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series
~ Shadow Hearts 2: Covenant
~ Oz - Sword of Etheria
~ Atelier Iris series
~ Sonic the Hedgehog (only Sega Genesis)
~ Ghostbusters (Sega Genesis)
~ Zelda series
to name some
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Old December 9th, 2012 (6:34 AM).
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Mine is a tie between Super Mario Bros 3 and Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
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Old December 9th, 2012 (9:17 AM).
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It's really hard for me to pick one single favorite video game, although if I had to it'd be a really tough time choosing between...
  • Red Dead Redemption
  • Harvest Moon: A New Beginning
  • LittleBigPlanet
  • Pokemon (in general)

But, RDR seems the most likely.
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Old December 9th, 2012 (9:51 AM).
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Mine is impossible to decide on...I've played tons of games throughout my life and I can't decide. I have favourites but nothing in particular:
Destruction Derby 2
Crash Bandicoot (warp room games)
Burnout Paradise
Resident Evil
Super Mario bros

They're some at least!
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Old December 16th, 2012 (2:34 PM).
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Originally Posted by Spinosaurus View Post
-Rhythm Heaven. (Both DS and Wii games.)

[...] RH is hard to explain in a sense that I like it purely because of the experience I had with it rather than the game itself being any good. (It is though! Really really good!)
Spot on. Just add Rhythm Tengoku to that, and that's my list + WarioWare: Mega Microgames (that's the first one).

I guess I could add some shooter collections in there like Gradius Collection on the PSP, as it has kept me entertained for years (my PSP library literally consists of all of Konami's shooter collections, Mega Man Powered Up, Darkstalkers Chronicles and Pop'n Music Portables 1 & 2. That's it, and I mostly just play the shooters nonstop).

But overall, I could literally live off of WarioWare:MM alone.
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Old December 18th, 2012 (12:18 PM).
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Outside Pokemon, the game that I really enjoyed was Okami! It had beautiful visuals that made me want to keep playing. That's really all since I'm not much of a gamer, but now that I'm finally getting a 3DS I think I'll have a lot more to add to my list in the future. :D

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Old December 21st, 2012 (12:56 AM).
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waaah tough question....but I like that :D haha

But my favorite game, right at this moment, would have to be Saints Row 3
Such an exciting game haha

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