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Old September 23rd, 2012 (1:29 PM).
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I love them all and I think they are the best legendary trio (or maybe on par with the birds). I chose Regirock but they're all equal to me. They're fun to catch and battle with, not to mention unique and cool designs.

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Old October 6th, 2012 (12:33 AM).
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I'm not too fond of the Regis. I never really particularly liked their designs, though I will admit that finding them and catching them was pretty fun. That said if I had to choose a favorite I would have to say Registeel. Like the design the best out of the three.
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Old October 7th, 2012 (3:43 PM).
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Regirock is the only one I can even think about taking seriously. Registeel looks like it's about to topple over and Regice looks like a block of ice that can't move.
Old November 3rd, 2012 (5:31 AM).
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Eh, I've never been much of a fan of the three except for the puzzles you had to go through to be able to catch them to be honest, but I guess out of the three my favourite would be Regice, mainly because I like its design better. I also saw it as the strongest of the three at one point, dunno why, I just thought it was the "leader" because it was harder to find for me at that point, it looked much cooler and was also pretty strong, so it's probably the one I've consistently liked the most out of the three.
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Old November 3rd, 2012 (5:17 PM). Edited November 3rd, 2012 by Cassino.
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I love how Regirock is essentially Gaius of Shadow of the Colossus. It's hardly as big, but probably moves in the same manner and hits with the same amount of power. The concept of a stone construct that simply smashes things is somehow appealing.
Old November 3rd, 2012 (10:58 PM).
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For me it would have to be Regice seeing as I like both its design and move set such as Ice Beam and Icy Wind. I like ice types in general so I think that plays some part in me choosing Regice. Then after Reigice it would be Registeel and Regirock.

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Old November 10th, 2012 (9:36 PM).
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I really haven't used them that much but I vote for Regice because it has a good design and somewhat of a good movepool.
Old November 11th, 2012 (2:33 PM).
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My favourite's actually Regigigas, and that's not saying much, in the grand scheme of things. Getting to them was a really good challenge; it's just a shame that the critters at the end of it were just so bland. In terms of legendary trios, the Regis rank near the bottom for me in design, movepools and even typings. I guess Registeel would be my 'favourite' out of all of these. It has a slightly unconventional design, which is more than can be said for the others, and its stats are kinda nicely divided up... but that's about it. I'd still never use one in battle or anything.
Old November 12th, 2012 (12:04 AM).
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My favorite is definitely regirock. I think they are all cool though, although they all 3 have a face only a mother could love >.<
Old November 14th, 2012 (11:53 AM).
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Regice. Loved the design and typing and before I realized how horribly n00b-ish using the legendaries were it made the E4 a piece of cake. I don't like rock types in general (biasism prevails!) and Registeel's only real use was defense/wall. Regice was definitely good as a special attacker and high/moderate special defense and defense.
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Old November 19th, 2012 (9:50 AM).
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Okay lol, I thought I made this thread, so I edited the poll to add pictures of the trio, then realized I didn't make this. XD So ummm yeah, I'll leave it for now unless the OP has a problem. Just let me know if you want it removed. I feel dumb btw. :3
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Old November 19th, 2012 (10:06 AM).
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Regice by a longshot. ♥

And then Regirock second. I dunno why, but Registeel never carried that much appeal to me. Don't get me wrong, though! It's pretty awesome, just not as awesome as the aforementioned two. XD

Though I like Regice above all of them because Ice is one of(if not my favorite) element/type, so yeah.
Old November 21st, 2012 (9:14 AM).
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I don't like neither of them....I don't know why. If I had to pick one, it would have to be Regirock just because I always give Regirock the dumbest name ever......fudgey lol. Regice never worked for me no matter how much I tried.


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Old March 27th, 2013 (3:42 AM).
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Because he is the first pokemon i catched in 3 regis
He is quite easy to catch ........lovely

(I had through a bunch of balls into Registeel, and he is still THERE! That's why I hate him )

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Old March 27th, 2013 (8:50 AM). Edited March 27th, 2013 by Nihilego.
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This thread is way past a month old, I'm afraid. ;(

One over here, however!

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