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Game Development Team Recruitment/Volunteering

Thread Rules
  • Provide as much relevant information as possible
    Whether you are recruiting or looking for work, you must provide as much relevant information as possible. If you are recruiting a team member, provide information about your team (who is on it, what they do, etc.) and what game you are (or will) be working on. If you are looking for work, state what you can do and what you're looking to do. In both cases, you should give examples of what you've done previously.
  • Don't repeat your advert
    Once your advert has been made, you shouldn't repost it again later. If something changes (such as a position being filled), you can edit the advert to reflect it - you should not make a new post about it.
    If, and only if, your last recruitment post is at least 6 months old, you may delete the old post and make a new one reflecting your progress and new needs. Ensure that you delete your old post first, to avoid cluttering up this thread.
  • No conversation
    This thread is for adverts only. There is no need for any kind of discussion. This includes answering adverts.

Advert Templates
Below are templates for you to use when making an advert. You must include all the details listed. If you cannot, then you can't make an advert and it will be deleted without warning.

Recruiting a team member
  • Position(s) being recruited for: (be specific, "a spriter" may not necessarily get what you want, perhaps you mean "someone capable of making 4th-gen style sprites for custom fakemon")
  • Team name:
  • Team members:
  • Game title:
  • Current progress made:
  • Link to the game's PokéCommunity thread OR At least 4 screenshots unique to your game:
  • Preferred method of contact:
  • Additional information: (optional)
Free agent looking for work
  • Area looking for work: (e.g. sprite artist, mapping, scripting)
  • Relevant examples of your work:
  • Preferred method of contact:
  • Additional information: (optional)

TopRequirements written by Maruno, Cilerba, and Abnegation.
Some parts rewritten from older threads, by Avatar, Neo-Dragon, and Maruno.
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Relevant Advertising!

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    Recruiting a Team Member
    Team name: Pokémon Deep Balance
    Team Leader: P-Sign
    Current Members: Just me.
    Current Game title: Pokémon Deep Balance
    Current progress made: Two beta's released. Third will follow soon.
    Position(s) needed: Character Design (Drawing the trainers and writing about their personality and story) and Spriting
    Timezone: GMT+02:00, Central European Summer Time (Amsterdam)
    Preferred Method of contact: Windows Live Messenger, Skype, PM, E-mail, you name it ;)
    Link to your PC thread:
    Additional Info: If you need any information, feel free to send me a message. I'd be more than happy to answer your questions.
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      Recruiting a Team Member

      Team name: TBA
      Team Leader: DaSpirit
      Current Members: Rocket-Dock, xAlien95 (deviantArt), Pokemon-Diamond (deviantArt)
      Current Game title: Pokemon RisingEmerald
      Current progress made: We are currently in progress of rewriting the game engine. Not much progress is made so far in terms of programming the actual game. We have a working 3D overworld and a textbox engine so far (I started programming 5 days ago).
      Position(s) needed: Spriter
      Timezone: Any will do. I live in the US, while the other team members live in Europe.
      Preferred Method of contact: Skype(preferred), MSN
      Link to your PC thread: Link (This project was renamed to Pokemon RisingEmerald and we are restarting it)
      Additional info: We are looking for spriters who would sprite anything, including Overworlds, Tiles, and Menus. Right now, we want to change the overall style of the game to make it a unique remake. One of the things we want to do is to increase the resolution, so tiles would have to be 2x bigger. We also want to have bigger OWs as part of the new style. The game is in 3D (similar to BW) and is being created in GameMaker 8. Our team uses a shared folder on Dropbox so we can easily upload resources and a group chat on Skype to keep in contact.
      Note: Still looking as of 7/17/12!
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      Posts: 10,832

      Team Leader: Abnegation
      Current Members:
      Leading Team

      Abnegation - Eventing, Scripting, Mapping, Spriting, Writing, Leading.
      Scarf - Pixel Artist
      TyranitarDark - Pixel Artist
      Litera-sure - Pixel Artist

      Primary Team

      Cilerba - GUI's & Misc
      TheGuitahHeroe - Composing

      Part-time Team

      LogiedanT-T - Pixel Artist
      Elaynii - Artist
      Dasgust - Composing
      xnyk - Mapper
      innocentdrive - Artist
      rezfan - Artist
      hellopeopleoftheUS - Pixel Artist
      Rafael-animal - Scripter

      Current Game title: Pokémon: Phoenix Rising
      Current progress made: Engine progress: 90% 1st Demo progress: 80%
      Position(s) needed: Scripters, Pixel Artists, Tilers
      Timezone: London time
      Preferred Method of contact: MSN, Skype.
      Additional info: I am only looking for experienced and talented artists and programmers. If you're interested please PM me.
      she's the greatest adventure I'll ever know
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        I'm no longer a free agent.
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        Arr teh Pirate
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          Location: Bregenz
          Age: 27
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          Nature: Relaxed
          Posts: 44
          Recruiting a Team Member

          Team name: Pokémon Legendary Crystal / Allstars
          Team Leader: FlipelyFlip
          Current Members:
          FlipelyFlip (doing nearly everything)
          BoogatieRoll (technical suport for the Updater)
          Current Game title: Pokémon Legendary Crystal / Allstars
          Current progress made: Beta version will be soon available in German, I'm working on the translations into english, so it will also be soon available in English (:
          Position(s) needed:
          Spriter for editing Pokésprites and creating a few hybrids (front- and backsprites)
          Spriter for charsets and trainer (if someone is able to do both spritejobs, I wouldn't say no :D)
          Scripter ('cause I'm sucking at scripting on the Essential kit)
          Lector for the English language (Sometimes I don't use the right words to say what I mean in the games)
          Timezone: Western Europ Time, London, Lissabon, Casablanca
          Preferred Method of contact:
          PM, MSN, Skype
          Additional info:
          It would be cool, if there is someone who want to help me (:

          ~flipy (:
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          Lead developer for Pokémon Millennium
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            Location: United States Of America.
            Age: 20
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            Nature: Quiet
            Posts: 287
            Recruiting a Team Member
            Team name: Pokemon Enexta Version
            Team Leader: Rick1234
            Current Members: Me, Rebekah Howard and Jeremy Diver (Facebook)
            Current Game title: Pokemon Enexta Version
            Current progress made: Barely any. Only one person working on it slows me down. Mapping is something I am making progress on. The story is something that people say is good so I am going to stick with it. New character designs are coming in soon from a friend.
            Position(s) needed: Scripter,Design artist, Mapper so on so forth
            Timezone: (UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)
            Preferred Method of contact: Gmail,Skype, Facebook, Yahoo, Youtube any form of contact.
            Link to thread:
            And additional pictures:

            Additional info: Yes barely any game progress has been made. This is why my request is coming in. I wish to get all the positions filled. If anymore info is needed please feel free to ask.
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            - Lonely Shooting Star -
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              Location: Vietnam
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              Posts: 75
              Recruiting a Team Member

              Team name: Pokemon Shooting Star
              Team Leader: Ramond Hikari
              Current Members: Ramond Hikari, kid1513
              Current Game title: Pokemon Shooting Star
              Current progress made: Pretty close to the first beta - first gym
              Position(s) needed: Scripter, Spriter (rivals, gym leaders, etc.), Artist (Tileset, Title, menu, etc.)
              Timezone: GMT +7
              Preferred Method of contact: PM only

              Additional info: I appreciate any help, even the smallest :D

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                Recruiting a Team Member
                Team name:
                Team Leader: khkramer
                Current Members: khkramer, musketeer, littlered
                Current Game title: Pokémon Nox Online
                Current progress made: Pre-Alpha
                Position(s) needed: Scripter, Spriter (Trainers, overworlds)
                Timezone: GMT +1
                Preferred Method of contact: MSN, Xfire
                Link to your active PC thread OR At least 4 screenshots (One of these are required. Posts without these will be deleted)
                Additional info: Spriters will be mostly doing trainers and overworld for them.
                Scripters need some experience with Client - Server programming. (RMX-OS)

                PC Thread:

                MMO. Thread coming soon.
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                Psychic Trainer of Capricorn
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                  Location: NY
                  Age: 28
                  Gender: Female
                  Nature: Brave
                  Posts: 60
                  Team name: Undecided
                  Team Leader(s): CapricornPsyche, UushiBushii, and WaterMystic277 of deviantArt
                  Current Members: CapricornPsyche, UushiBushii, and WaterMystic277 of dA
                  Current Game title: Pokemon Atomic and Nuclear versions. don't worry, were working on one game at a time and trying not to rush anything.
                  Current progress made: 10% or less on storyline and characters
                  0% on the actual game itself
                  Position(s) needed: Spriter, mapper, scripter, Composer of music
                  Timezone: three timezones, Eastern time US & Canada, Pacific time US, and Austrailia, but we try to meet all together some time durning the night Eastern time.
                  Preferred Method of contact: Skype, three of us make calls on there all the time, my skype name is psygal (very old name) or PM me on Pokecommunity. P
                  oh! and here's the thread currently for the game

                  Please show us examples of your work! I'm looking for some experienced people out here, something that is impressive and catching to the eye. If it's low quality work then chances are they will be ignored.
                  I herped my Derp!

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                  Old July 19th, 2012 (3:40 PM).
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                    Join Date: May 2012
                    Gender: Male
                    Posts: 88
                    Recruiting a Team Member
                    Team name:
                    Team ToR
                    Team Leader: Oldbarrel
                    Current Members:
                    Oldbarrel- Founder, Mapper, Eventer, Editer, Minor Spriting
                    Zusuriki- Fakemon Artist
                    Akuma-Tsubasa- Trainer sprites, minor fakemon sprites
                    Pkmn.Master- Mapping, Title/Battle graphics
                    Littlered- Mapping
                    Typhlosion04- Fakemon ideas/dex entries
                    Current Game title: Pokemon Time of Rebellion
                    Current progress made: Already have about 30 maps done, story is done, plot is pretty much done. Have almost all of the starter pokemon, waiting on the last one. Battle and title graphics are done. Hero sprites are done, and 6/8 gym leader sprites are done. Still lots of work to do though.
                    Position(s) needed: Pixel art (Tiles, Sprites, Overworlds, ect.), Mapping, Scripting (REALLY NEED), Composing
                    Timezone: Any will do. I find it easier when I can go to sleep and wake up to find some work done. Its good to have people in different timezones. That way things are always being worked on.
                    Preferred Method of contact: Private message on here, or we have our own chat for team members only.
                    Link to your active PC thread:
                    Additional info: Need as much help as possible!
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                    Old July 19th, 2012 (7:14 PM).
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                    Shadow Maker
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                      Recruiting a Team Member
                      Team name: ProjectMelanite
                      Team Leader:Rayd12smitty
                      Current Members:Rayd12smitty, ThePancakeEskimo(Not a member of this site)
                      Current Game titleokemon Melanite Version
                      Current progress madetory plot written, entire game and post game planned out, about 10 maps made, many graphics gathered, intro completed, Story playable through receiving starter, following pokemon added, many new public script features added
                      Position(s) needed:MAINLY NEEDED: Spriter: for over worlds and character sprites, NOT NEEDED, BUT WANTED: Scripter with at least moderate experience, no expert needed, just someone who knows how to edit scripts, and maybe make menu changes and such
                      Timezone:Any is fine. I am in Central
                      Preferred Method of contactM on PokeCommunity
                      Forum on PokeCommunity:
                      A few screenshots and maps:

                      Hometown: Lily Town

                      A map for the Post-Elite four I made when I was bored. It is an underwater city: Ruïn

                      Picking a starter scene. The pokemon start in poke balls and pop out so you can see them

                      Following pokemon works! This is inside the first gym which is normal type, and led by none other than Joey and his amazing Rattata
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                      Master of everything!
                        Join Date: Aug 2010
                        Gender: Male
                        Posts: 267
                        Recruiting a Team Member
                        Team name: LostSoulsDev
                        Team Leader: Me(Rai Rai)
                        Current Members: N/a
                        Current Game title: More of a project. Pokemon SoulSilver/HeartGold XP Version.
                        Current progress made:
                        Not much.
                        Tiles: 5%
                        Scripts: 8%
                        Maps: 3%
                        Graphics: 11%
                        Position(s) needed: I am in dire need of people who are willing to either sprite or rip outdoor and indoor tiles to help move this progress on a bit faster. I'm also in need of that person to be able to sprite a few outdoor/indoor custom tiles in HG/SS Style.
                        Timezone: GMT+0
                        Preferred Method of contact: On here or through Deviant Art.
                        Link to your active PC thread OR At least 4 screenshots (One of these are required. Posts without these will be deleted)
                        Screenshots of current progress:

                        Additional info: I am willing to trade codes that I am able to do if you require anything in return. If you are in need of any detailed information feel free to contact me.
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                        (/ ゚ヮ゚)/彡 ┻━┻
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                          Location: In a cardboardbox aside the main highway. :P okay?
                          Age: 24
                          Gender: Female
                          Nature: Quiet
                          Posts: 946
                          Recruiting a Team Member
                          Team name: Pokemon Universe Team
                          Team Leader: Mr. Dark and Urmel
                          Current Members: Mr_Dark, Urmel, Froslass_Maniac, Bryan, Zatir, Luqman, Kamaran, PartyPrash, Hiteryan, Declan_23, Spirit, Cortex J., Gammal, Lv5Pidgey, Raikt, Shadowfred, Ponge, Roloc.
                          Current Game title: Pokemon Universe
                          Current progress made: We're very close to releasing the first public beta. All the stuff that still needs to be done can be found here:,4437.0.html
                          Position(s) needed: Pixelartists
                          Timezone: GMT+1 (Not really nessecary)
                          Preferred Method of contact: Add your job assignment here with some of your current work. Our Lead-Developer will contact you.
                          Link to your active PC thread OR At least 4 screenshots
                          Battle Layout:

                          Overworld example:

                          Chat and Quest Markers

                          Additional info: There is no real deadline to anything, this MMORPG is solely made for the fun of making a Pokemon MMORPG. We do not need pixelart battle sprites. The sprites we will use for battling are vector art. What we need are pixelartists who like to create Tilesets, or like to design clothes and hairstyles for the overworld sprites as this game will have a system in which you can choose Clothes for your Trainer's appearance.
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                          Old August 12th, 2012 (8:45 AM).
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                          Knight of The Volt
                            Join Date: Feb 2008
                            Location: North Carolina
                            Age: 23
                            Gender: Male
                            Nature: Relaxed
                            Posts: 98
                            Recruiting a Team Member
                            Team name: Team Knights
                            Team Leader: Nuzamaki90
                            Current Members: Just me at the moment
                            Current Game title: Pokemon True Gale
                            Current progress made: Close to releasing the first beta, finished the first few maps and scripts so the game goes all the way from the starting town to the first Gym.
                            Position(s) needed: Region Editor (help with maps), Composers (Music), Scripters (I'm good but seriously not that good), Programmer (help with game mechanics like battle system, moves, ect.)
                            Timezone: GMT+/-7:00 (I work on this day and night so time doesn't matter)
                            Preferred Method of contact: on youtube (RasenBurst90), facebook, here lol, chatzy
                            Additional info: Really want to complete this game and want people to enjoy it. Also, if you have a project you're working on, I can help with that as well.


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                            Old August 15th, 2012 (2:52 AM).
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                            ClariS <3
                              Join Date: Mar 2010
                              Location: ANIMULAND
                              Age: 22
                              Gender: Female
                              Nature: Naughty
                              Posts: 374
                              Recruiting a Team Member
                              Team name: BlueYami
                              Team Leader: Sukiyami (Me), Varion BlueFire (Nintendork15)
                              Current Members: Sukiyami, Varion BlueFire, Catman
                              Current Game title: A couple projects, but the only one we are showing currently is Pokémon Eon Version
                              Current progress made: Check project thread for this, url will be below
                              Position(s) needed: Spriter, Tiler, Scripter (RMXP preferred, but any others would be much appreciated as well)
                              Timezone: GMT (England)
                              Preferred Method of contact: MSN
                              Link to your active PC thread:
                              Additional info: We only require one of each of the positions listed above (I think we'd prefer one person for each position). PM me or Nintendork15 if you would like to apply, and we will take a look at your sprites/tiles/some demonstration of your scripting ability. Timezone is GMT, but we are online most of the night + day.

                              "I dreamt that you were a dog. And the dog was my husband. Anyway, it was the worst dream ever." — Aisaka Taiga
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                              Old September 1st, 2012 (5:56 PM).
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                                Recruiting a Team Member
                                Team name: No Name
                                Team Leader: Me
                                Current Members: Myself, blackevil165, ClearFog
                                Current Game title: Pokemon Slate
                                Current progress made: Revamping in process
                                Position(s) needed: Any help is nice, Spriters desperately needed
                                Timezone: Any's fine, I'm in EST
                                Preferred Method of contact: PM
                                Additional info: I'm currently in the process of revamping all the graphics, so I need some help. Any help would be awesome; Pokemon, Trainers, Tiles, GUI's, it's all needed. PM me if you're interested and I can show you the style.
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                                Old September 5th, 2012 (6:02 AM).
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                                  Join Date: Sep 2011
                                  Gender: Male
                                  Posts: 50

                                  Recruiting a Team Member

                                  Team name: (No Name)
                                  Team Leader: Me
                                  Current Members:
                                  Founder/Engine Programmer: Xavier
                                  Engine Programmer: Polish Civil
                                  Founder/Content Developer: Mika
                                  Mapper: Professor Oak
                                  Current Game title: PokeNation MORPG -
                                  Current progress made: The game engine is being programmed and we are not that far from finishing it, so content developers will be needed very soon. -
                                  Position(s) needed: Content Developers, content developers can write the story line, quests, populate the map areas, etc. If you need more details pm me
                                  Timezone: Doesn't matter, I'm at GTM+0.
                                  Preferred Method of contact: PM

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                                  Old September 9th, 2012 (6:38 AM).
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                                  Funghi's Den
                                  • Moderator
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                                  • PokéCommunity Daily
                                  Join Date: May 2012
                                  Location: Australia
                                  Age: 22
                                  Gender: Male
                                  Nature: Mild
                                  Posts: 17,009
                                  Team name: No Name
                                  Team Leader: Me
                                  Current Members: Ultimate Dillon, Myself, Niknaks, Kirby9412
                                  Current Game title: Pokemon Opal Version
                                  Current progress made: Mapping has begun as has creation of fakemon
                                  Position(s) needed: Artist and Spriter
                                  Timezone: Mine is Western Australia
                                  Preferred Method of contact: PM
                                  Link to your active PC thread:
                                  Additional info: The game is primarily based on Australia so some research may be required.


                                  "Looks scary. But gentle hearted."

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                                  Old September 10th, 2012 (1:13 PM). Edited June 17th, 2013 by Mateshard005.
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                                    Join Date: Jul 2012
                                    Posts: 45
                                    Team name: Team Prototype
                                    Team Leader: Mateshard005
                                    Current Members: None
                                    Current Game title: Pokemon Unlimited
                                    Current progress made: Just Started

                                    Position(s) needed: I need someone to get there hands on or make them themselves OW sprites in the form of HGSS. You would create or put together Overworld Characters, Animations and Tilesets. They must be in RPG XP format.

                                    UTC/GMT +10 hours (Australia)
                                    Preferred Method of contact: Email or Private Message. Email is:

                                    Additional info:
                                    This is what my game used to look like, its just that the screenshots of the current version are unavailable. When you contact me, I will get some screenshots of the game. You will have to email me whenever something is completed, as I have a work Journal I am filling out to keep track of the teams actions.
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                                    Old September 25th, 2012 (7:11 PM).
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                                      Join Date: Apr 2012
                                      Location: The Middle of Nowhere
                                      Gender: Male
                                      Nature: Timid
                                      Posts: 55
                                      Team Name: Team Special Adventures (See what I did there?)
                                      Team Leader: TheAgentBrandon
                                      Current Members: Me.
                                      Current Game Title: Pokemon: Indigo Showdown (Based off the Pokemon Kanto Manga)
                                      Current Progress Made: I've made a lot of maps and cut scenes. I have done this all the way up to the completion of the first Pokemon Gym in Pewter City. If you need proof of my progress check my YouTube videos in my thread for the game.
                                      Positions needed: I'm in dire need of a spriter. Someone who can help me out with cut scenes for the game would also be nice (You'd need experience with RPG Maker XP for this).
                                      Timezone: Central Time. Your timezone is not a concern to me though.
                                      Preferred Contact Method: PM me on this site or send me an email. ([email protected]) I check both of these everyday. But I do check PokeCommunity more often so I do prefer this the most.
                                      Additional Information: If you are worried about how dedicated I am for this project it should NOT be a concern. I've worked on this project for 2 weeks and I already 5 rounds/40 completed in the manga (So if you do the math I'm 1/8 done with the game). If you are my spriter I won't be asking for to much so if you're worried about having to use all your free time on this, don't be. I would like a scripter just for the fact that I don't know everything there is to know about making cut scenes. So though it is not as needed as spriters it would still be really, really appreciated. Thanks for reading!
                                      Link to my thread:
                                      This thread includes some screenshots, but you can really see the progress I've made by looking at the YouTube videos. Okay guys, thanks for reading. I don't want this fan game to be like a good majority of them and to be given up on. I work 3-4 hours on this everyday and hope to have it completed by Winter Break (I might be to ambitious about this, but hey a man can dream can't he? )
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                                      Old October 9th, 2012 (1:50 PM).
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                                        Join Date: Aug 2012
                                        Location: New York
                                        Gender: Male
                                        Posts: 16
                                        Recruiting a Team Member
                                        Team name: Team EndGame
                                        Team Leader: candelariojo
                                        Current Members: Me, D.zurieta(just story help)
                                        Current Game title: Pokémon End Game
                                        Current progress made: Story: 80% done and a few maps and battles done
                                        Position(s) needed: Any help would be great. Scripter, Spriter (Trainers, overworlds). Mappers.
                                        Timezone: Eastern. (New york)
                                        Preferred Method of contact:You can PM or email me

                                        Additional info: Any help at all would be great. You can contact me if interested and i can go into more detail about the game.
                                        Attached Thumbnails
                                        newfile 05.jpg‎   newfile 24.jpg‎   newfile 35.jpg‎   newfile 48.jpg‎  
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                                        Old November 8th, 2012 (11:25 AM).
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                                        Some Programmer
                                          Join Date: Jan 2011
                                          Location: Australia
                                          Gender: Other
                                          Nature: Calm
                                          Posts: 280
                                          Team name: Abimon
                                          Team Leader: Anglican
                                          Current Members: Me and a few friends from school.
                                          Current Game title: Abimon, A New Beginning
                                          Game Language(What language is it being made in?): Java
                                          Current progress made: Very little, first indev beta released in a minute or two. Displays graphics.
                                          Position(s) needed: Tile and OW spriters, as well as GUI spriters.
                                          Timezone: AEST
                                          Preferred Method of contact: Pm, or e-mail at [email protected]
                                          Link to your active PC thread OR At least 4 screenshots:
                                          Additional info: E-mail or PM me and I'll get you working on it right away.
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                                          Old November 25th, 2012 (10:32 PM). Edited September 26th, 2013 by MegamanDX.
                                          MegamanDX's Avatar
                                          MegamanDX MegamanDX is offline
                                          Pokemon/Megaman fan
                                            Join Date: Dec 2010
                                            Location: just move here
                                            Age: 23
                                            Gender: Male
                                            Nature: Hardy
                                            Posts: 54
                                            We are in need for some help in developing a Pokemon game that's quite different from the rest:
                                            This post will be changed as new members join the project and help develop games of Pokemon that has never been invented yet

                                            Prior to joining requirements: If you want to join and help the development team out,there are somethings we have to consider....
                                            -Have a open mind to anything and everything that comes to you,we will be making Pokemon games that are to some quite strange and maybe even odd or something that has never been thought of yet, We are open to the possibilitys of thinking differently to make games differently...

                                            -I or another person in the team will screen ya so see if you do have the skills for to job that The Pokemon Improvement Project needs,which mean...Examples of your work are needed

                                            Recruiting Team Member

                                            -Team name:The Improvement Project(developing and making unusuall games and coming up with strange ideas is our passion)

                                            -Team Leader: @pokefangames

                                            -Current Members: MegamanDX(designer and story writer) ,pokefangames(programmer and project leader),Nour386(Story and Plot editor),@Phenos Sodazel(graphic artist for "Classic Mode)[4 members]

                                            -Current Game title:Pokemon Battle Network Flame & Grass,Developing Pokemon Tin/Steel

                                            -Current progress made:Post Development Concept phase for Pokemon Battle Network Concept phase for Pokemon Tin/Steel

                                            -Game engine: Unity 3D

                                            -Position(s) needed:As of right now)map artist(able to draw out the Kanto region map in Pokemon Black and White style) and 3D graphic artist(capable of drawing Pokemon,humans with a computer or pen and paper at good quality as well as drawing out how certain game play features with me giving descriptions of the game play)

                                            -Timezone: Im usually online mostly everyday around 5PM-11PM PST,If I dont reply or another member of our project dont reply to you then we will get back to you usually in 24 to 48 hours

                                            -Preferred Method of contact: You can email me at [email protected] which is the fastest method or contact me or @pokefangames with a PM(Private message)on this forum
                                            Edit: or you can contact me via skype and you will be put in the group

                                            -Additional info:This post will be edited when we get farther in development of Pokemon Battle network as more people will be needed to help out to project with development...I was the one who came up with the idea for Pokemon Battle Network as a Pokemon game that will bring anime style battling to Pokemon. We also just got started with Pokemon Battle Network so we dont have much progress othern then me drawing out concepts with my bad art skills and another member wanting to make some change as well as a challenge for his programming skills....
                                            Im also writing the story for it but when I need some help with some beta readers(people who can fix spelling errors and slight edits as well)and help me out on the story...Ill edit this post to reflect this.

                                            This post is subject to change without noticed as more people are required for help on the project, please be aware of this.

                                            Thank you for your help! Your help will make many Pokemon fans happy in the end!
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                                            Old November 27th, 2012 (1:55 PM). Edited February 10th, 2013 by ppooookkkkkkk.
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                                              I dont know why my post got deleted? but i post again

                                              Team name: Amberstonè studios
                                              Team Leader:Me ppooookkkkkkk
                                              Members:None as of now
                                              Current Game title: Pokemon Morning/Night
                                              Current progress made:Very little starter town and events almost all done
                                              Position(s) needed:Majorly a scripter and a spriter
                                              Timezone:GMT OR UTC+5:00
                                              Preferred Method of contact: Pm OR email
                                              Link to your active PC thread OR At least 4 screenshots
                                              Additional info:I really need help im mapping eventing making fakemon sprites (my cousin sometimes she gives concepts and sometimes makes some but she says shes not a member of my team)

                                              Update: just decided the teams name.
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