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Old November 29th, 2012 (3:32 PM).
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    Welcome to something that I love to do, review. I review games on another site, but I thought I will review some games here, as it is a new site, and I enjoy new faces (even though technically I'm the new face). Since this site is devoted to Pokemon, is figure that my first game is a Pokemon game. A spinoff to be more exact.

    Name: Pokemon Trozei
    System: DS
    Genre: Puzzle
    Developer: Nintendo/GameFreak
    ESRB Rating: E

    This is one of my first DS games, having it before D/P. I played it nonstop, trying to complete the game 100%, and OH BOY is that hard...

    First, I'll discuss the story. Apparently some jerkwad corporation is doing EVIL things, those being stealing Pokemon for no really specified reason. You are an agent of SOL, another corporation that plan on freeing these Pokemon. So you go to warehouse to warehouse freeing these poor poor Pokemon from... Evil things. Yeah the story is not all that great

    The real shine of the game is the gameplay. Imagine a mixture of Bejeweled and Tetris. You get a grid full of miscellaneous Pokemon at the start of the level. You got to line 4 of the same Pokemon in a row, and that clears those Pokemon from the board. After making a line, you enter this trance called "Trozei Chance" where you can line up Pokemon in smaller rows. The Pokemon Ditto is also a wildcard, acting as any Pokemon to line up with. The goal of each level is to make enough lines to clear the stage. Pokemon do fall from the top, and if the grid fills up, its gameover. What makes this game so dang hard, is the "rare" Pokemon. There is around two or three per stage, and if you want to get them, you need to remove them or only in less than a minute, they disappear. There is a Pokedex to this game, in which needs to be completed. It is only up to Deoxys however, because this game came out before D/P. Oh yeah, there are also points, but that don't really matter.

    The music, meh. Nothing really all that memorable or catchy, only one or two songs.

    The bosses are pretty much just standard puzzles, just with added obstacles like rocks just to annoy you.

    There are also a couple more game modes. Forever and Endless. If you ask me what the difference is, I cant tell you. They are what you think they are, just Trozei till you stop. There is also a multiplayer mode, but I wasn't able to play with anyone. So I can't go into much detail about that.

    Is say tat does it for my first review on this site.
    3/5 great game for the right person.
    If I get a mostly positive reception, I will post more reviews if you guys want.

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