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Old November 15th, 2012 (7:25 AM).
seeker's Avatar
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Join Date: Apr 2009
Location: Ireland
Posts: 10,576
Just about to get back into playing the Witcher 2 for my second play through, and Skyrim for my 3rd. Looking to get some newer games though such as AC3. But mainly playing Skyrim anticipating the new DLC in December.
Old November 15th, 2012 (9:14 AM).
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Dark-Type Gym Leader
    Join Date: Oct 2012
    Location: Florida
    Age: 26
    Gender: Male
    Nature: Lax
    Posts: 194
    Payday: The Heist and Pokemon Platinum. (multitasking ftw!)


    So sleepy...
    Old November 16th, 2012 (1:16 PM).
    ZetaZaku's Avatar
    ZetaZaku ZetaZaku is offline
    AEUG Pilot
      Join Date: Jul 2012
      Location: Argama
      Age: 26
      Gender: Male
      Posts: 581
      Record of Agarest War and Zone of the Enders HD Collection (First game currently). RoAW isn't really user friendly with the sim dating elements, as sometimes the affection rises or falls completely random (as in, without me choosing a wrong option). And most choices are kinda, choose your way to destination, which kinda cuts some content if you choose the wrong path (aka the one with least events). But I guess that the game kinda wants you to replay it and try different combinations of descendants.
      "Your sight, my delight
      will you marry me?"
      Old November 16th, 2012 (4:50 PM).
      thedestinedblade's Avatar
      thedestinedblade thedestinedblade is online now
      Radiant Cool Boy
      Join Date: Feb 2009
      Location: breathing in the sun (Miami, FL)
      Gender: Male
      Nature: Mild
      Posts: 3,149
      I've been working on Tales of Destiny (Director's Cut) for about 2 weeks. Taking a lot a longer than I expected, but I want to finish since I only got so far in the original version.

      Also playing Black 2 on the side.
      Old November 18th, 2012 (4:05 AM). Edited November 18th, 2012 by Spinosaurus.
      Spinosaurus's Avatar
      Spinosaurus Spinosaurus is offline
        Join Date: Apr 2009
        Posts: 4,572
        -Crash Bandicoot 2 [PSOne Classics on Vita]
        -Crash Team Racing [PSOne Classics on Vita]
        -Metal Gear Solid [PSOne Classics on Vita]
        -Uncharted: Golden Abyss [Vita]
        -Trauma Center: Second Opinion [Wii]
        -Little King's Story [Wii]
        -Rhythm Paradise [DS]
        -Rhythm Heaven Fever [Wii] (DS game is the European version but I got the USA version of the Wii game.)
        -New Super Mario Bros. Wii [Wii]
        -F-Zero GX [GCN compatibility on Wii]

        Good time for video games. Break from the usual time-consuming ones to play the games that are easy to pick-up and play.

        Jak and Daxter HD Collection [PS3]
        Persona 3 FES [PS2]
        Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne [PS2] (I'm in the final dungeon for this one but don't feel like playing it.)

        Twitter - Tumblr
        Old November 18th, 2012 (7:11 AM).
        Pryze's Avatar
        Pryze Pryze is offline
        Straight chillin
          Join Date: Nov 2012
          Location: Florida
          Age: 21
          Gender: Male
          Nature: Serious
          Posts: 110
          Re-playing my favorite games, Mother 2 [SNES], and Paper Mario: TTYD [GC].
          Old November 20th, 2012 (1:41 AM).
          Ace's Avatar
          Ace Ace is offline
          Join Date: Oct 2004
          Location: New Jersey
          Age: 26
          Gender: Male
          Posts: 17,441
          The only game that I'm playing right now is Guild Wars 2.
          Old November 21st, 2012 (6:53 PM).
          curelixir's Avatar
          curelixir curelixir is offline
          Join Date: Nov 2012
          Gender: Other
          Posts: 2,029
          Final Fantasy VII, Metal Gear Solid, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days.

          Probably around halfway through each one.
          Old November 21st, 2012 (7:56 PM).
          Meganium's Avatar
          Meganium Meganium is offline
          Join Date: Jun 2010
          Location: Galveston, TX
          Age: 28
          Gender: Female
          Nature: Brave
          Posts: 16,977
          Playing Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels (Super Mario All-Stars) on the SNES. Hard game, man. FRIGGIN HARD!
          Old November 21st, 2012 (8:10 PM).
          Pvt Tamama's Avatar
          Pvt Tamama Pvt Tamama is offline
            Join Date: Nov 2012
            Gender: Male
            Nature: Calm
            Posts: 53
            -black ops 2 because im a sore loser and my friends made me buy it
            -nhl 12(hockey is a dying sport...)
            -yu-gi-oh online
            Old November 23rd, 2012 (2:53 PM).
            Jordanrocks's Avatar
            Jordanrocks Jordanrocks is offline
              Join Date: Nov 2012
              Gender: Male
              Posts: 6
              Persona 4 - I love this game too dam much....
              Black Ops 2 - Mostly because everyone else and there cat is playing it. Zombies is still fun tho.
              Happy Wars - It like LoL for the Xbox 360.
              Old November 23rd, 2012 (3:25 PM).
              Jung's Avatar
              Jung Jung is offline
              Sica please.
                Join Date: Jul 2010
                Location: Dressrosa
                Age: 24
                Gender: Male
                Nature: Sassy
                Posts: 293
                Fate/Stay Night visual novel, and playing League of Legends on my smurf. c:
                >intrigued when you said LoL for 360. -3-;;
                Old November 29th, 2012 (3:05 PM).
                Nerdy Mojo's Avatar
                Nerdy Mojo Nerdy Mojo is offline
                No Lifer
                  Join Date: Jul 2011
                  Age: 30
                  Gender: Male
                  Nature: Serious
                  Posts: 152
                  STILL playing Sacred 2....also on skyrim,last remnant(friggin awesome game),command and conquer red alert 3, and a little oblivion every now and then.

                  ....i haz no lyfe

                  Old November 30th, 2012 (3:44 PM).
                  RedJ's Avatar
                  RedJ RedJ is offline
                    Join Date: Dec 2008
                    Location: Over thar
                    Gender: Male
                    Nature: Quiet
                    Posts: 1,479
                    Playing through Dragon Age Origins again and trying to finish up Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor. Also making (very slow) progress in Golden Sun.
                    Old November 30th, 2012 (6:39 PM).
                    xxReshiramxx's Avatar
                    xxReshiramxx xxReshiramxx is offline
                      Join Date: Jul 2012
                      Gender: Female
                      Nature: Gentle
                      Posts: 406
                      I'm currently playing my game I just got today: Epic Mickey the Power of Two for the Wii U.
                      Old December 1st, 2012 (1:27 PM).
                      Zozma's Avatar
                      Zozma Zozma is offline
                      I'm a blur
                        Join Date: Sep 2012
                        Location: California
                        Gender: Female
                        Nature: Lonely
                        Posts: 31
                        While I wait for my 3DS and games to arrive, I've been leveling up my dudes on Disgaea 4 (I beat it but I still play through the post-game stuff).

                        My websites:

                        Old December 1st, 2012 (1:42 PM).
                        Brendino's Avatar
                        Brendino Brendino is offline
                        It's Showtime!
                        Join Date: Dec 2009
                        Location: Chiefs Kingdom
                        Posts: 7,832
                        Right now I've been playing Grand Theft Auto IV a lot on my PS3, while I'm eagerly waiting for GTA V. Also been playing WWE and NHL 13 on occassion (also PS3), and I plan on finally starting my White 2 either today or over the next few days.
                        Old December 1st, 2012 (5:11 PM).
                        Seki Seki is offline
                          Join Date: Oct 2010
                          Age: 21
                          Gender: Male
                          Posts: 1,963
                          Playing back my old save on FM 12 (using someone else's steam account), haven't got FM13 cos I am cheap like that. Occasionally playing Dota 2 as well, finally getting the courage to play pub matches but if I don't picked Dragon Knight, I will probably suck.
                          Old December 2nd, 2012 (3:20 PM).
                          Nerdy Mojo's Avatar
                          Nerdy Mojo Nerdy Mojo is offline
                          No Lifer
                            Join Date: Jul 2011
                            Age: 30
                            Gender: Male
                            Nature: Serious
                            Posts: 152
                            still playing the mainstays like sacred 2 and elder scrolls

                            im also playing:Tropico 4(gaming hard on that one),dynasty warriors gundam,and last remannt with a little minecraft and call of duty thrown in

                            dubbed the hardcore gamer after gaming since friday...only taking a break to post here and check gaming sites....

                            Old December 3rd, 2012 (6:10 PM).
                            Zet's Avatar
                            Zet Zet is offline
                            Join Date: Sep 2007
                            Location: Brisbane, Australia
                            Age: 28
                            Gender: Male
                            Nature: Jolly
                            Posts: 7,688
                            I've been playing Persona 4: Golden since Friday afternoon(when it arrived in the mail), and before that I was playing Hitman Absolution and AC3.
                            Old December 3rd, 2012 (11:39 PM).
                            Athelstan's Avatar
                            Athelstan Athelstan is offline
                            Join Date: Jul 2008
                            Location: Valhalla
                            Gender: Male
                            Nature: Jolly
                            Posts: 3,317
                            Moving onto Farcry 3, this game is amazing. This is gonna be the game I play for a while; a lot of interesting characters and I find the whole concept of the game incredible!

                            Old December 3rd, 2012 (11:45 PM).
                            TY's Avatar
                            TY TY is offline
                            Sniper in video games with a huge ego!
                            Join Date: Aug 2011
                            Location: Weedland
                            Gender: Male
                            Posts: 8,699
                            Playing FIFA 13 atm... Trying to buy Agüero... Why is he so expensive???
                            Old December 4th, 2012 (12:45 AM).
                            Xebelleon's Avatar
                            Xebelleon Xebelleon is offline
                              Join Date: Aug 2008
                              Location: Canada
                              Gender: Male
                              Nature: Quirky
                              Posts: 1,545

                              Well, on Facebook I am pla

                              #1 = GTA 4 (x360), San Andreas, and Liberty City Stories while waiting on GTA 5.
                              #2 =Animal Crossing Wild World (DS, on my DSi) while waiting for 2013's new Animal Crossing: New Leaf (for 3DS).
                              #3 = Slowly getting back into Kingdom of Loathing... slowly...
                              #4 = Also working on Guardian Signs multiplayer as my Dex can use the Shaymin/Deoxys registry & convenient Heatran (even if it be Quiet ALL the time)
                              -- --
                              Pokemon Casual
                              Old December 4th, 2012 (1:39 PM).
                              YungKnowledge's Avatar
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                              Kigo & Jori Shipper
                                Join Date: Oct 2010
                                Location: Hogwarts, Tennessee
                                Age: 26
                                Gender: Female
                                Nature: Relaxed
                                Posts: 364
                                Pokemon FireRed
                                Harvest Moon Mineral Town
                                WWE 12
                                Pokemon Soul Silver

                                Old December 4th, 2012 (10:55 PM).
                                Draegast Draegast is offline
                                  Join Date: Dec 2012
                                  Gender: Male
                                  Posts: 18
                                  really enjoying metro 2033 currently
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