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Script Error? Help ASAP! :(

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Old December 6th, 2012 (11:51 PM).
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Help Me!

So I'm new to the whole scripting thing and I've made my two first flags, I've followed Foullump's videos and i did EXACTLY what he did, with some adjustings.
So, Everytime I try to talk to the "P" I've made in Advance Map. I can press "Z/ENTER"
Then my screens turns red and it crashes. This is the script for the man it happens to:

It is suppose to make so when I recieve a Sunstone from a old man (1200), The other guy (1201) will take it, and dissapear out of my way, and I will be able to move on.
Please help me ASAP!


#org $script
checkflag 0x1200
if 0x01 goto $done
message $talk
$talk 1= I'm so old, that I cant use, my Sunstone anymore.\n Here, take it!
boxset 6
giveitem 0x5D
setflag 0x1200

#org $done
message $how
$how 1 =Joying my Sunstone?
boxset 6



#org $dontgotit
if 0x01 goto $gotit
message $dont
$dont 1= I'm gonna need a Sunstone to let you pass.

#org $gotit
checkflag 0x1200
if 0x01 goto $youhaveit
$youhaveit 1 =You got it!\nNow I'll let you pass.
removeitem 0x5D
fadescreen 1
removesprite 2
pause 0x10
fadescreen 0x00

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Old December 7th, 2012 (8:01 PM).
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You got help in your other thread, so yeah. In the future, hacking stuff goes in, well, ROM Hacking.

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