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Old December 8th, 2012 (11:52 AM).
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I beat the game and after-game and the E4 four times with this amazing team:
Typhlosion (Lord Satan)- Lv. 70
Rock Climb
Cynaquill is my favorite fire starter Pokemon. It kicks ass when it's a Typhlosion. This thing is a beast, good at sweeping.

Tentacruel (Injection)- Lv. 70
Poison Jab
Toxic Spikes
Such an under-rated Pokemon Tentacruel is... The speed stats are amazing, this is a Sp. and psychical defense tank. It's stats are all around great. Toxic Spikes got me through Clair.

Tangrowth (Master)- Lv. 86
Power Whip
Grass Knot
Tangrowth.... is purely amazing. It's Attack and Defense are over 200, it's Sp. Attack & Sp. Defense rock, and it's speed is mediocre. This is the first Sinnoh Pokemon you can get before beating the game without trading- just level Tangela up to 33 with Ancientpower and you've got yourself a tank. I had to get it to Lv. 54 for the E4 so I could have Power Whip instead or Mega Drain. This was a last-minute choicr.

Espeon (Ky)- Lv. 71
Iron Tail
This was a surprise member. I was training Eevee in the Rocket underground place and all of a sudden Eevee starts evolving. Awesome Sp. Attack, Sp. Defense, and Speed. Attack is okay, but like most Psychic types, Espeon is more of a Sp. Attacker. Pretty awesome Pokemon.

Noctowl (Ki)- Lv. 74
Air Slash
Shadow Ball
I have the Insomnia ability, so Morty could do nothing at all against him. Decent attack and defense, but great Sp. Atk, Def, and Speed. Noctowl is sadly under-rated.

Electrode (Emo Kid)- Lv. 70
Charge Beam
While having a slightly crappy moveset, Electrode is good. It can outspeed tons of Pokemon with 229 speed. It's more defensive than it seems. When all hope is gone, I use Explosion and destroy the enemy.

So, that's my team. It took 103 hours to build up this brute force.
Post your HG/SS teams.

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Old December 8th, 2012 (5:22 PM).
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RMT threads don't belong here, as this area is more for the discussion of the games themselves. As this doesn't appear to ask for any feedback and constructiver criticism I'll close this up instead of moving it into In-Game Team Help. If you need any help or want advice on your teams, check out the Battle Center.

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