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Originally Posted by Rune Alchemist View Post
True, but remember this is an RP. Posting in smaller manageable pieces may ruin the flow, but that's not the point. Providing less, you allow another to respond to what you did.

You never know, my character could show up and have a double-battle.

... Also, I might not be coherent right now, as it is just about 5 A.M. here.
Umm, I did say that my normal posts won't be long-winded. My regular posts have about 2-3 paragraphs; the prologues are non-interactive with each other's characters.
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Originally Posted by Lilizuki View Post
Umm, I did say that my normal posts won't be long-winded. My regular posts have about 2-3 paragraphs; the prologues are non-interactive with each other's characters.
Sleep, go away. I just woke up~


-looks up at the two 'official' posts-

Ugh, fine. We can't plan this.

And who's to say we can't interact with others?


Why can't we at least see each other?

On another note, OoC thread is up. Let's take this there, shall we?
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I suppose I should say the OOC thread is up, but you found that out yourselves...but...still...

---------<---- ((OOC: Line of doom. All OOC posts go to the thread or in parentheses. Players you may now "officially" post your prologues :D Chapter 1 will be up in a bit.))

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Let's get this adventure started
Littleroot Town
Oliver Riverwood

Stunned, Oliver called back out to the voice, his own voice muffled by the eternal blackness that surrounded him from head to toe. No reply. "Helloooo?" No reply.

Oliver looked around
frantically. "Where did that strange voice come from? Why isn't it saying anything? Can it even hear me?" he thought. He couldn't have imagined it. Yet again...he didn't know where he was; for all he knew, this could simply be a dream. His head began to throb again. the numb feeling crawling slowly toward his temple. "Arrgh" he groaned, rubbing the sides of his forehead. "What is this?"

"So...are you a boy or are you a girl?"The manly voice echoed once more.

"What sort of questi--" but Oliver was interrupted mid-sentence by a soothing sensation. His eyelids flickered before closing shut gently. His muscles relaxed and his voice became weak and wispy. Oliver had fallen asleep.


The sunlight creeped its way through the curtains, dancing with the wind's gentle push. Nearby Tailow perched on the twisting branches of an Old Oak tree, its leaves swaying to and fro. Oliver slowly opened his eyes, they burned as they saw the glimmering sunlight. He pushed himself up, observing his surroundings. "This isn't my bedroom." he muttered, taken aback. The room was decorated with an odd assortment of Pokemon Dolls, the floors polished wood, the walls covered in a striped wallpaper pattern. Oliver couldn't help but feel an odd sense of deja vu, almost if he'd been here before. Oliver threw of the silk blankets that seemed to keep him warm for what he assumed was a cold night. He decided to further investigate his new surroundings. In the corner of the room he found a rather old desktop computer and a machine that seemed to resemble a Gamecube.


A series of super quick knocks banged against the bedroom door, catching Oliver's immediate attention.

"Good morning!" came a sweet, motherly voice.
"Uhh, good morning." Oliver responded hesitantly.
"Honey, may I come in?" The voice asked. "Your mother wants to see how her son is on his first day of becoming a Pokemon Trainer!"
Upon those words reaching his earns, Oliver stood silently. "Pokemon Trainer?" he asked himself. "There's no such thing as a Pokemon Trainer, they're only pure fiction."
"Is this some sort of joke?" the confused teen grumbled.
"Uh, honey? No? Joke? Don't be so silly!...Oohh you're nervous sweetie aren't you? Aw don't worry, I'm here to see my young man grow up to be a mature and independent individual!"

The door opened smoothly.

A relatively tall woman approached Oliver, a proud smile stretched across her face.

"Give your good ol' mother a hug!"

She stretched out her arms and Oliver felt obliged to accept the kind gesture from whom apparently was his mother.

She had long shiny black hair tied into two uniform loops, her fringe held back by a rather elegant headband. She wore sandles of a similar style which highlighted her pure white dress with a very faint triangular pattern scattered across its centre.

"Now darling, the proffessor mentioned something about meeting him at his laboratory and I told him you'd be over there as soon as you woke up. First though, you should really set your clock to the right time! That thing has been puzzling me for ages, I just can't seem to get it to work! Perhaps you'll have more luck. Also, your father said he's sorry he couldn't be here to send you off. He had some work to attend to at the gym." Oliver's mom blurted in what seeemed to be in less than a second.

Oliver looked at her blankly, confronted by such a collection of information. It only really hit him when he heard his father was Norman whom was at the gym working. His heart sank, but at the same time he felt an immense feeling of happiness and excitement. "Is this even possible?" he mumbled to himself. He was living his very own Pokemon Game

"Oohhh I almost forgot sweetie," his mother began again, "I might as well give you these as well as advise you that'd you better visit Martin. He's been looking for you everywhere!"

"Uh thanks mom." Oliver replied gracefully.
"I'll leave you to it then! Are you hungry? I'll cook you a scrambled Tailow egg if you like!"
"No thanks." Oliver declined.
"Oh well, I'll see you soon then!"

She smiled and walked quickly out the door. Oliver could hear the flip flop of her sandalds, down what seemed to be a staircase.

Let's get this adventure started [II]
Littleroot Town
Oliver Riverwood

Dressed in his usual clothing, and having fixed his clock, Oliver zoomed down stairs. He seemed to almost immediately enter an open plan living area. For an open space, it seemed extremely cosy.

"Ah there you are! I've been looking for you everywhere!" yelled a young boy to Oliver. He looked around about the same age as Oliver, he had light brown hair that was held straight by a rather hideous headband. He had deep green eyes and he seemed to bulge muslce from his even greener t-shirt.

"Martin!" Oliver exclaimed, uneasy; trying to conceal this by smiling.

"Tone it down a bit Martin", Oliver's mother wihspered.
"Sorry Mrs Riverwood." Martin apologised sincerly.

He then turned sharply back to Oliver, his eyes glistening with energy.

"Have you recevied your partner yet? Well...have you? I have! He's so awesome, come look, loook!" Martin said, raising his voice again.

Oliver's mother shot Oliver a sharp look which Oliver received as "Get him out, pronto."

"Ugh, let's go outside, I've got to find the proffessor anyway to get my Pokemon." Oliver requested.

"Sure." Martin replied.

They both stepped into the crisp morning air. A gentle breeze blew, blowing several oddish across the paddocks adjacent to the opposite line of houses to his home.

"Ooooodish" the little voices screamed in laughter.

"So what's this new Pokemon of yours?" Oliver asked, curious.

"He's a beauty alright." Martin answered enthusiastically.

He pulled out a pokeball, and clicked the perfectly rounded central button. The ball opened and so released a small green, leafy creature. When it came into full focus, Oliver knew exactly what is was.

"Ah a Treecko!" he exclaimed.

"Indeed, and he's a fine one at that!" "Use pound!" Martin ordered.

The small Pokemon readied its fists and punched the ground with a decent amount of strength. Martin smiled at Oliver proudly.

Before Oliver could respond, he heard a distant voice. It sounded as though someone needed help!

"Help aaahk, someone help, get of me Zigzagoon!"

The two ran stricly west toward route 101 where the pleading got louder. Surprisingly, Treecko kept up, even out running the teens at some points. A droplet of sweat ran down Oliver's face, yet his eyes remained locked on the location of the cries for help.

When they reached the source of yelling to their shock, they found the professor.

"Argh boys, argh ouch ow, come help me! Owww." the professor yelled.

A pack of Zigzagoon circled him,running on their tiny, spiky legs. The two remained cool.

"Alright,"Martin said, "I'll distract Zigzagoon while you grab the professor!"

"Got it" Oliver replied, determined to help the struggling man as soon as possible.

"Treecko!," Martin ordered, "Pound, now!"

Treecko gathered its strength, and charged toward the pack of Zigzagoon. Dispersing in all direcrions, the pack, focusing its attention now on the small leafy Pokemon. Angry they thrusted toward Teecko in a burst of light, leaving a blazing white path behind them.

"Ack, they're too quick!" Martin yelled to Oliver, "Get him now!"

With the Zigzagoon distracted, Oliver leaped at the opporunity. He yanked the proffessor. The professor grabbed his bag full of notepads, his state of the art laptop, and pokeballs and ran out of view.

"Martin, let's go!" Oliver called.

"Rodger that!" Martin winked cheekily, grinning.

"Treecko, leer!"

Treecko shoot a sharp look at the spiky Pokemon who began to flee.

"Return!" Martin declared. A red beam of light safelty transported the tired Pokemon back to its home.

Let's get this adventure started [III]
Littleroot Town
Oliver Riverwood

The trio ran back to the professor’s lab. Safe and secure and after a small recovery period, the three regrouped and formally introduced themsleves to eachother.

"I can't thank you enough for helping me back there you two." "I'm Professor Birch, pleased to meet you, even through abnormal circumstances."

"Likewise." Oliver replied.

"Ah, so you're Oliver?" Birch asked.

"That's right." Oliver replied.

"Well, I've been informed that you're without your starter. So I'm here to give you one! I'm sure you two will be excellent trainers, especially from what I've seen back on Route 101."

Birch ruffled through his desk, opening and closing drawers until he finally came across a small little Pokeball.


"Here you go. This is quite a rare Pokemon despite it's perceived dim-witted nature. It's only found in the very depths of caves and underwater crevices."

Oliver smiled. He couldn't help but keep in his excitement. Martin jumped on the spot. Anyone couldn't help but see his curiosity on the type of Pokemon Oliver received.

Birch handed the tiny pokeball over to Oliver. The newbie trainer clicked open the Pokeball and out came his very first Pokemon.

"Feeeebasss" it groaned stupidly.

Olivers eyes darted down to the Pokemon, flopping aimlessly on the cold laboratory floor. At first, Oliver was a little disappointed. But then he just smiled.

"So you're my first Pokemon huh. I'm sure you're pretty good battler even though you don't necessary look like one." Oliver whispered to himself.

"Is...that it?" Martin chuckled. "What a weakling!"

"Feeeeeeb" Feebas blew a muddy bubble that popped over the surface of its rough, dirty face.

"He's not that bad." Oliver claimed.

"Let's see then. Let's have a Pokemon battle!" Martin suggested.

"Sure." Oliver accepted.

"Will you be our referee Professor?" Oliver asked the man, who was fiddling with what looked to be a special type of Pokeball.

"Wynaut?" he said, giggling..."aaaah, wynaut, get it get it? Ahaha a classic."

Awkwardly, the three made their way out to the laboratory's back paddock. Martin and Oliver took their own ends of the paddock and Proffessor Birch began the usual pre-battle procedures.

"Each side will use only one Pokemon each. A winner is determined when one side has no Pokemon remaining to battle. On the count of three, one, two, three...BEGIN!"

"Feebas let's go!", "Treecko, show them how it's done!" Both yelled, sending out their Pokemon in a flash of red light.

"Feeeeb aaassss" the pokemon groaned again.


"Alright, Treecko, Pound!"

Treecko jumped into the air and focusing its energy. It then struck downwards, landing a direct hit. - But not before Oliver was able to reduce its impact.

"Feebas, splash and absorb some of the impact!"

Without water, Feebas flailed crazily. But Oliver's plan still worked. It had absorbed some of the impact, even if only little. Oliver thought he might try an attack of his own, but wasn't sure if it would hit accurately.

"Feebas Tackle!"

The flopping pokemon launched itself sternly, hurling itself toward Treecko, but the agile Pokemon was easily able to dodge the flopping mess. Feebas crashed into a nearby tree.

"Hah, is that it?" Martin teased

"Hmm" Oliver hummed.

"Now finish with Pound again."

Before Feebas could respond, let alone comprehend what was happening, Treecko hit it with a forceful Pound.

Feebas groaned and fainted.

"Feebas is unable to battle, Treecko is the winner! Therefore, the victory goes to Martin!" Birch's voice echoed.

"Nice work Treeks!" Martin said to the exhausted Pokemon.

"Damn nice try Feebas. You did your best. I'm proud." Oliver said softly, smiling.

Weak, the fish Pokemon smiled faintly and rested its head back onto the soft earth beneath it.

"Time for a rest." Oliver said, returning it to its pokeball.

"Good game." Martin said.

"Yeah good game." Oliver replied softly.

"Nice battle boys." Birch said, smiling. "Let's head back inside where we can heal your pokemon up."

Oliver smiled and breathed a sigh of relief. It had been a long morning already and Oliver certainly needed a break.

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ミハラ Ariel

Ariel is slowly coaxed awake by a gentle rocking and the low hum of an engine. She peered an eye open, then rubbed the drowsiness away. Noticing that she's in a room -correction, moving room- filled with moving boxes (as in those used for moving things, not actual moving boxes. Well, they are moving, but that's just inertia) she sat up against a stacked pile, trying to remember what happened.

Reaching up to touch the top of her head, she felt the fedora resting on it and things clicked.


Suddenly, the truck -or so she thinks- stopped, causing a light box to fall to her side.

'ミハラ ありえる
LittleRoot, Hoenn'
She read.

Taking a cutter from her bag, she crossed out her name then cut the packaging tape and peeked inside. The contents of the box is a pile of her clothes, from casual to sleepwear, and a red beret. She slipped it in her bag, then stood up, the box now laying forgotten on the floor.

A loud metalic squeaking on one side of the room caused her to turn. The shutters on one side of the wall opened, forcing the girl to raise her arm to block the intruding light. From the other side of the veil, two arms reached in and took stacks of boxes, letting Ariel see a glimpse of them.

One pair of arms seems to have white fur growing all throughout its length, and instead of hands has a set of claws. To the girl, it seemed to be very familiar, like she had seen those arms before but couldn't recall where.

The other pair has grayish-blue skin with red tatoo like strips on the bicep and triceps. It also has the thickes muscles Ariel has ever seen, and as it lifted three large boxes labeled for different heavy furniture, she supposed that they're fully functional.

"Airi-chan, hurry up! Look at our new house!" Said a voice.

"That's Kaa-san, but she sounds like Tou-san..." She thought, moving to leave. As she stepped down from the back of the truck (She's right!) she took a moment to admire the little town.

Grass is growing everywhere, with flowers dotting the fields; the houses are evenly spaced, enough to give each privacy without being too far away from each other; a large building loomed at one end of the town, towering over the houses in the area; people walking around the place, some giving her inquiring stares, but most just smiled and waved; she looked ahead to her neighbor's house, seeing someone in the second story window. Unfortunately, the glare from the morning sun in the glass shadowed the face, costing her the identity of whoever was looking out.

"Machoke." A deep voice to her side caused Ariel to turn, finally noticing that she didn't move from her spot since she stepped out. She stood aside to let the creature continue its work, not at all bothered to see something so peculiar. Few things can faze her, and her open mindset brushed it off till she figures out what is going on.

Suddenly, she is dragged inside the house by her mother. "Quite cozy, right? Unova was always too fast-paced for you." her mother said as the house is presented before them. Several of the man-like blue and furry white ape-like creatures moved about setting the place ready for residency.

As Ariel watched the creatures move, she suddenly noticed that they looked suspiciously like real lif-

She glances down at her school bag, there is a key chain attached, that of a Vigoroth[1] The girl remembers that she won it off a gatcha machine when she and her friends went out the first time. Ariel even remembers the comment they made about her and the chain.

'Hah! Ai-chan got a Vigoroth! That's ironic! She has the complete opposite motivation and temper as it! Hahahah~'

A weak boiling inside her makes her want to lightly hit Keitaro for that comment, but he's not here right now and the emotion is too weak to last.

'Vigoroth? Pokemon?' She thought.

"Vigor!" One of the white-furred creatures saluted them, and now that he looks closer it is a real live Pokemon.

"Thank you Vigoroth. Has your owner been treating you well?" Her mother asked. The Vigoroth nodded, then handed a check-board to her.

"Oh, right. Airi, you should check your room. I think they have brought everything in, but you never know."

A quick climb the stairs and a hallway later, she's in her room, facing East and out to the street.

The room looks like it did when she lived in Sumida, every detail, even the PS3 (Her Wii broke) under the Television had the stickers of Puella Magi on it.

She grabbed the stuff toy from her bed, a white rabbit-like creature with beady red eyes and gold rings around its long ears, and then threw herself into the bed.

She stayed like that, staring into nothing, trying to process what happened. Then, she cried.

She cried for a good while.

Ariel came to a short time later, judging that the sun is still shining on her, and then fixed herself up.

Everything is here, everything is fine, everything is alright.

She walked to the window, seeing another person looking at her, and thought 'I'll get through this, like I did the other times.'
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((OOC: Umm, we already have an OOC thread here. This is for IC, and the Mudkip starter is already pending for another character. Sorry.))

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Adelaide Smith
Littleroot Town


The itch was getting phenomenally annoying. It had been clawing at the side of Adelaide's face for what seemed like hours, as she laid upon the sheets of her bed with no sense of time passing by, nor acknowledging the fact that she seemed to be fully dressed between the ****s. This revelation only came to her when she opened her eyes to get up, with no tolerance left for the itchy pillow, and glanced across the bed she'd ended up in. The first thoughts were questions about why she would have went to sleep fully dressed, and whether one of her parents had moved her to the bed after finding her slumbering on the keyboard, but it didn't seem like something they'd do; they respected her privacy.

Then she noticed the simple white sheets of her single bed, which only baffled the young woman further; she had a queen-sized bed, with lovely silk sheets and feather-fluffed pillows. It was nothing like this itchy mess she found herself sleeping atop. She followed the draw of her gaze across the rest of the unusual bedroom, which also revealed itself to be nothing like her own. She could only conclude that she was in a dream or nightmare and needed to find her way out of it. With a confident smile, Adelaide rolled off of the top of the bed and landed on her feet, as she pulled her cap out of one of many pockets and placed it firmly atop her head.

No dream had held dominion over her in two years, for she could manipulate her own mind better than anyone else. So long as she played by the designated rules, it would soon be over and she could wake with a fresh face for the day ahead. Hopefully with a new story to write about in her journal. First, she would scan the area for common aspects of the story; an old Gamecube pushed up against the wall, alongside an outdated television that sat upon a mostly bare floor, so anything that lurked below this floor would hear her footsteps. But, from the corner of her eye, sat an old rig that was turned off and had some form of container beneath it.

It had to be the key to progressing her dream, Adelaide reasoned, for computers were a big aspect of her life and a medium through which she could control her own digital worlds. It made perfect sense that such a significant object would symbolize continuing events, so she crept across the bare floorboards as quietly as her lanky legs would carry her and pushed the power button of the computer, with the expectation of some message of doom or a sudden change of her surrounding area. But, all that appeared as a menu screen that contained a list of commands. All of them were empty, save for a tab marked "Storage" that she clicked with only a moment's hesitation.

There was a click and a whoosh that punctuated the container opening beneath the desk, revealing a single purple and white flask that the computer had labelled as a potion. Adelaide stood crouched in confusion for a few moments before she deduced that it was either a case of the future dream being too dangerous and requiring this enigmatic potion, or a MacGuffin that would lead her throughout the story of her dream. It was a peculiar item to choose for this, but she shrugged it off and stuffed the item into the pocket of her hooded jacket. She closed the safe tight and began to make her way towards the only avenue of progress. The stairs.

As Adelaide made her way towards it, the painting that hung on the wall caught her eye, with vivid colors that depicted a glorious emerald dragon whose rippling muscles and flight through the sapphire sky reminded her of the Quetzalcoatl of Mesoamerican mythology. There were certainly no complaints from her on the style of the artist, but she couldn't put her finger on just whose style was used to create it. With a shake of her head, the young woman remembered that she had a dream to conquer and strolled down the stairs to come face to face with a barely-decorated living room, where half-unpacked boxes were lined up against the wall and a woman dressed in a cream top with charcoal slacks sat at the breakfast table.

It wasn't bad fashion, but it wouldn't have killed the dream-woman to accessorize. Before Adelaide could continue her critique of the older woman's outfit, who looked just old enough to be her mother, the grapefruit-eating woman sprung to her feet and beamed a kind smile in Adelaide's direction. "Oh, there you are, dear! Already dressed and ready for your big day, hmm?" The strangely affectionate woman laughed softly as she approached with a speed that made Adelaide's gut turn; perhaps this woman was about to turn into some form of monster. But, instead of eating her, the woman pulled Adelaide into a tight hug against her motherly bosom. "But you were exhausted from moving, weren't you? I'm not surprised you slept well."

It was with great anguish that Adelaide realized this woman was supposed to be her mother in this little scenario and felt a flush come to her cheeks. This was no nightmare of eldritch horrors or slashy things; it was one of the embarrassing ones, where she'd end up in a hot dog costume and sharing a bed with Poseidon's trident. With luck, however, this dream would go along smoothly if she just followed its rules. So, the young woman reluctantly returned her faux-mother's embrace. "Heh...well, I love you too, mom!" She responded sheepishly, as she grew slightly jealous of the mother's figure; she'd inherited her own spindly form from her mother, but this mother was fully-formed and slender.

"Even though you're beginning your big adventure! Make sure you prepare time to contact me." The mother jested again, as she released her supposed daughter with a kiss on her cheek and handed her a small card. "Now, this is connected to your savings, so you should be able to buy things with the money I've put in there. And to pay others if you lose...but I don't think you will, sweetie. You have your father's genes, and he'll be eager to see you arrive victorious in Petalburg!" She added with a sly smile back at Adelaide, before approaching the door on swift feet. "Go on, leave before I try to stop you! It isn't easy to watch my only daughter leave on her lonesome, you know." Another nervous chuckle. "And don't dawdle for too long; you might not be able to get your choice of Pokemon from the Professor."

And with those words, another fresh revelation hit Adelaide; that was why this all seemed so familiar. Though she wasn't invested enough in the series to call herself a fan, being a PC gamer through and through, the young troper had played through a few of the games before; particularly when she was traveling through the NYC commute. This just made things easier for her to follow the progression of her dream, but she wondered what embarrassment this dream would inflict on her next. She could have ended up getting an affectionate Tangela as her starter, or a water Pokemon that would soak her from head to toe in front of a crowd of people.

"I'll message you as soon as possible, mom! Bye!" Adelaide promised with a wave of her fingers, as she strolled through the door with a smile on her face but a playful dread within her for the next twist of her imagination. The outside world greeted her with a splendorous view of lush green trees, grass, and patches of flowers that littered the boundaries of the town with a rainbow of colors. The air was tinted with the sweet aroma of blossoming flowers for the warm climate and the trees that stretched out on the border of the town promised a forest full of adventures. She resolved not to take one step into the forest, for that was where doom surely lurked, and the teen had explicit instructions to get her starter.

Two buildings stood to the side of the building Adelaide exited, and she chose the slightly smaller one to visit first. It was as good a chance as any that this one would be the home of the Professor, for they didn't tend to make a lot of money to her knowledge, and from her time spent in New York, larger homes always meant the owners were positively bathing in cash. She ran her fingers across the wooden door as she came to stand before it, as she noticed that it seemed to be a mirror image of the home that belonged to her faux-mother. With a shrug of her shoulders, the young woman rapped on the door with her soft knuckles and waited for its occupants to answer.

All Adelaide could hear for a few moments was the soft breeze, until there was a padding of feet from the other side of the door and it was yanked open with surprising swiftness, to reveal the girl that stood behind it. She brushed an errant braid of black hair away from her cheek, but didn't seem to mind her rather large bangs as she shot a smile at Adelaide that was neither menacing nor completely friendly, but with a sparkle in her eyes that spoke of inspiration. "Hey there, Adelaide." She greeted cordially, but shot a glance back into the room that was hidden behind her form and the tiny top hat that adorned her head. "Have you been to Birch's giveaway yet? Are you ready to rumble?"

"Not yet, sorry." Adelaide replied with a struggle to keep both of her eyebrows down, for she had no clue who this girl was meant to be based on from her real life. None of her friends were interested in the gothic subculture this other young woman seemed to sport with a gem-crusted necklace and tightly-wound corset that served only aesthetic purposes. She would have complimented the style of dress, if it had any other color, but she supposed that was a stylistic choice for the fashion. For her part, all she needed to do was not make any big blunders about not knowing her. "I just wanted to say good morning and ask if you wanted to come with me?"

"Sorry..." The other young woman coughed, as she reached beside the inside of the door and took a hold of Adelaide's hand. As she spoke, she began to scribble something on Adelaide's hand in a thick black marker. "Mello has been diving in my wardrobe all morning, so I still need to get my boots on, and that takes a long, long while. But, here you go, so you can call me if we don't meet up soon." She smiled proudly at the guest on her doorstep, as she capped the pen again and the stray New Yorker observed the elegantly written note. It was a cell phone number, helpfully marked with the girl's name, and she was apparently named Anna Tua.

"Thanks." Adelaide smiled, not treading too far one way or the other in case she could inspire suspicions about acting out of character to somebody who was apparently her friend. And, if she were to judge by the size of the town, they were two of the only children present; which meant they'd likely been friends since childhood. That ink probably wouldn't run off for a long time, however. "So, I'm going to go now. Can't miss getting my first Pokemon, right?" She asked with a soft laugh that Anna shared, until she gave a finger wave. "Goodbye, Anna. I'll try to ring you as soon as I get to a phone, okay?" She promised, despite how strangely the girl's eyes seemed to stare.

"Goodbye, Adelaide." Anna said with another flash of her smile and a close of the door. Adelaide lingered for a moment longer, upon which she heard a ruckus coming from inside the house. "Mello Larvitar Esquire, if you chew on my boots one more time, I'm going to flush your Pokeball down the toilet!" And that shouting was her cue to leave Anna's house and head towards the larger building, which she assumed would be the domain of the Professor. That first meeting with her supposed childhood friend in this dream was not particularly unpleasant, although she did seem like a bit of a strange one, but Adelaide realized that most would say that about her anyway.

"Help me!" A stuttering yell came from over yonder, where Adelaide's head snapped like an elastic band. It took her only a few moments of looking to spot a fluffy ball of brown-cream fur assaulting what looked like a hippie wearing a Professor's coat in a style most offensive to the young woman's tastes. "Hello!" The man yelled once again, while every attempt of his to move away from the giant tree trunk was stopped by the attacking Pokemon. "You over there!" He pointed at Adelaide, as though the racket he was making wasn't enough. "Please! Help! In my bag! There's a Pokeball!" He frantically yelled out to the sixteen year old that looked on with a slightly amused expression.

Being a dream, the man was in no real danger, and likely had plot armor that would save him from ever being mauled by the unusual Pokemon. Which made a strange thought rise in Adelaide's mind; she didn't recognize this Pokemon at all, so perhaps her mind was creating them from scratch. Taking advantage of the situation, she made sure to stretch out her limbs thoroughly before she strolled over to the spilled satchel bag and browsed through the two Pokeballs that rested amongst piles of papers and other miscellaneous Professor's equipment. They were labelled with names, but the teen couldn't recognize them at all.

Once again, it seemed like Adelaide's own imagination was her downfall as she mused over which of the pair to take. Her knowledge of types didn't help, as both seemed equally likely to help her, so she used the age-old tactic of choosing which of the two sounded cooler. Gripping the Pokeball labelled with the name "Torchic", Adelaide sprung to her feet and pondered which pose would be best to take. As this was a dream based on battling monsters, she assumed that the rule of cool would most definitely be in play and flung it high into the air. As soon as the red and white orb reached its apex, a burst of shimmering light appeared and formed a shiny silhouette besides Adelaide.

The Pokemon that appeared could barely reach Adelaide's ankle, as it looked up at her with beady black eyes and flapped tiny yellow wings in appreciation of being let out. "No time to chat." Adelaide smiled down at the pretty orange bird and pointed a swinging finger at the ever-pestered Professor. "Leap at it and slash with your claws!" She commanded the diminutive Torchic, whose eyes bulged out in response and whose beak clamped together in both disapproval and skepticism at the command. The two of them shared a staring contest in the silence, besides Professor Birch's yelling, until Adelaide blinked and sighed. "Just trust me, okay? It will be awesome."

Torchic's skeptical gaze lingered on its apparent trainer for a few moments longer, before it wriggled its lightly plumed behind and tensed the muscles in its legs in preparation for a leap. Onyx eyes focused on the pester of a Zigzagoon, a breath was taken, and the Torchic leaped for all it was worth. To Adelaide's surprise and the Professor's chagrin, the Torchic flew through the air with a great cry; an orange blur that darted through the air in an instant before its claw came down in a wicked slash against the wild Pokemon's side, who stumbled away on its paws and growled venomously at the Torchic that had landed with its plumage facing the foe.

Just as the puff of ragged fur strode forward to retaliate, Torchic's leg twisted in place on the ground as it spun on the spot. Its claws came crashing across the Zigzagoon's face, at which point it collapsed to the ground in a defeated heap and meekly attempted to crawl away. Adelaide noticed that this Pokemon seemed quite happy about its victory, as it stood with a puffed out chest and its beak held high while the Professor regained his composure. Though the young woman still could not recognize the Pokemon, she assumed it had yet to realize its full potential, especially with flames. Then again, the Zigzagoon seemed like a particularly easy foe to defeat.

The Professor, now confirmed of his own health after shaking his bared legs for injuries, let out a happy sigh at his own survival and approached his saviors with a smile on his bearded face. "I was in tall grass, studying Pokemon, when I was jumped..." He explained with a sheepish smile and a jab of his thumb at the smattering of grass just behind his shoulder. "You saved me, so thanks a lot!" He added, with his smile turning into a more genuine grin as he looked between both the proud Torchic and Adelaide; the teen thought he looked a bit of a nutter. "Oh! Hi, you're Adelaide!" He affirmed with a pointed finger. "This is not the place to chat, so come, walk with me to my lab!"

With that, the hippie Professor knelt down beside his satchel and gathered up his spilled satchel to sling over his shoulder, while Adelaide and Torchic shared looks of exasperation and curiosity at the eccentric man before them. "Let's go, Professor." Adelaide said with a smile, as she remembered her manners and began to stride alongside Professor Birch. This dream was quite innovative, if she did say so herself, as endearing herself to the Professor by saving him from a few scratches would endear the man to her, meaning potential loot. "So...cargo shorts and a Doctor's jacket, huh? What gave you that idea?" She asked in an attempt to sound impartial, but she was sure her distaste came through.

The man gave Adelaide a look of confusion, followed by a brief bout of laughter as they continued their walk back to the lab. "Ah, I've heard a lot about your sharp tongue from your father." Professor Birch responded with his ever-jovial disposition. "Including the fact that you don't have any Pokemon yet, but the way you battled earlier..." He spared a glance for the Torchic that walked with a swagger to its step alongside Adelaide's feet. "You pulled it off with aplomb! I guess you have Norman's blood in your veins after all!" He added, turning his key through the lock after a few agonizing moments of patting down his shorts. "Oh, yes. As a thanks for rescuing me, I'd like you to keep little Torchic here." The Professor added, gesturing for his two new guests to enter the organized domain that was his lab. "While you're at it, why not give her a nickname?"

The Torchic, at this proposition, fluttered its wings in excitement and looked up with eager eyes at its new trainer. For her part, Adelaide was unsure of what the process was, and decided to go with a simple naming ceremony. She knelt down with the ruffling of her many pockets before Torchic and placed a slender hand upon its feathered shoulder. She looked through her knowledge of mythology for a perfect name for her little dream companion, until she remembered an obscure creature from Eastern Mythology that seemed to resemble it. "I name you Basana; the bird that breathes ghost-fire." She announced to the Pokemon, whose chest once again puffed out with pride. "Do you accept?"

There was little need to even ask the little bird, who responded with a positive chirp and gave Adelaide a literal peck on the cheek. "That's good enough!" Professor Birch chuckled, as Adelaide rubbed the sore spot on her cheek and Basana tilted her head in innocence of her actions. "Now that you have your first Pokemon, it's about time I gave you the rest of your necessary equipment, don't you think?" Said the Professor, who spun on the spot and approached one of many cabinets in his lab. When it opened, all illusions of organization were broken, as it was filled with cluttered gear and not a single label. The eccentric man rummaged through the cabinet for a few moments longer, until he had his arms filled with a set of trainer gear. "Ah, here! ...Do you have a bag?"

"Oh. I just use my pockets." Adelaide explained, patting along her pockets before she began to take the items from the Professor's hands, before he could drop all of them on the floor. Most of them were the miniaturized versions of Pokeballs, which she put into one deep pocket of her coat and covered, before she took slipped Basana's Pokeball into her jean pocket and took the last device, which was far sleeker than all of the others. A cursory push of a button revealed the function of the device, as it presented a menu and did a brief scan of the teen's form. Then, it revealed all of the Pokemon she'd seen and caught. So far, it was only Basana, whose nickname she typed in next.

"I ordered the Pokedex for my research, but I think you should have it." Professor Birch explained to Adelaide, as she slipped the device into a padded pocket for safekeeping. "It's a high-tec tool that automatically makes a record of any Pokemon you see or catch. And with it, I think you're ready to really start your journey." The Professor added with a proud smile, as he threw open the door to the outside world as if he were presenting a grand showcase. "Go, Adelaide! See the world, Pokemon, and aim to be the best you can! And, oh, make sure to say hello to your father for me; it's been a while since he's called, which I suppose you can't blame him for...anyway, off you go!"

"Thank you, Professor Birch." Adelaide said the eccentric Professor that had given her these items, and although she thought it was a dream, felt genuine gratitude towards this generous bearded man. "Goodbye, and I'll tell dad when I see him!" With that, she strolled out of the Professor's laboratory, with Basana strolling alongside her, as she set out for her own adventure in the world of Pokemon.
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Sarah Morgan

Littleroot Town

“What the heck…” she grunted whilst pushing herself off the dusty surface. “W-where am I?” though she could hear what sounded like an engine; she couldn’t be too sure, as the entire room was dark. The vibrations on the bottom of the floor prompted Sarah to take an “educated guess, “I’ve been Kidnapped!”.

Standing on her own two feet, the door to the back of the truck opened, sending a paralyzing flash of light into the cargo area. Instinctively, Sarah held her forearm over her eye’s trying to protect herself as she glance into the light.

“Hurry up dear!” a sweet voice said, from the end of the tunnel. Sarah stumbled cautiously to the end of the truck, to find a rather frail woman standing with her hands in front of her. “Hello dear, my my, you look tired” she said, with a soft chuckle.

“WHERE AM I!? WHO ARE YOU!?” Sarah quickly snapped, taking her “mother” off guard. “Why Sarah…you must’ve hit your head…I’m your mother silly” the woman said, slowly heading towards their home. “Hurry up now Sarah, I want to show you a few things” the woman said, entering their home.
“Where…am…I…?” she asked again, finally putting her feet on solid ground. “We’re in Littleroot town dear, I bet that was an exhausting ride” her mother said through an open window in the house.

“NO!, this isn’t my house!” Sarah screamed in anger, her face began to swell a thick crimson color.
“SARAH COME QUICK!!!” her “mother” screamed, Sarah strolled idly into the home still disoriented. “Aww, you missed it; your father was on TV in Petalburg City” the frail woman positioned a smile on her face.

“Petalburg city…?” Look lady, I don’t belong here, you’re not my mother, that wasn’t my father. I’m leaving!” she stormed right out of the front door only to be placed back inside the home, by some sort of supernatural force.
“I thought you were leaving?” her mother said, with some concern. “I-I thought I did…” she said, looking at the door. Sarah’s eye’s moved to the huge muscular…creatures moving things around the house.

“Pokemon sure do make moving a lot easier!” her mother said, with her hands positioned on her hips. Noticing the shock on Sarah’s face, the woman moved towards her with some concern.
“Dear, you’ve been acting really strange, why don’t you go upstairs and make sure everything is ok in your room, also your clock needs to be set.

A heavy grimace set in on the face of Sarah, she slowly made her way upstairs; feeling around in her back pocket for her trusty knife. “Drats…I left it at school…” she whispered, slowly creeping in her room.

The room was spacious, even though she knew this room didn’t belong to her, just walking through the threshold eased the small fire burning inside of her. Taking a moment to glance at the clock, she noticed it had stopped.

“Whoa…is that…a GameCube?” the brief confusion caused her to tilt her head slightly at the strange site. Shaking off the confusion she set her clock to the exact time, no sooner than she did; she could hear her bubbly mother running up the steps.

“Dear, why don’t you make sure everything is ok at your computer” she pointed behind Sarah, which caused the young beauty to double back at an outdated desktop computer. Reluctantly walking over to the PC, it booted up without a touch. “What’s a potion?”
“Sarah! Sarah Sarah come quick!” her mother screamed again, this time Sarah sprinted down the steps only to miss her father on TV, again.

“Hey, Professor Birch lives in this town, he’s a friend of your fathers, why don’t you head out to meet him, it’ll give you a chance to get some fresh air”. She really wasn’t sure what was going on, but every time she listened to what her mother said, something new happened.

“Once you accept…you cannot change your mind…” she muttered in the form of a whisper, the realization of what this all was, suddenly hit her. “I’m in a stupid game!” now it sort of made sense, well not really but yelling at her “mother” now seemed pointless.

“Don’t forget your bag baby” Sarah was halted, by the sound of her mother; turning slightly the small framed woman handed her the bag.
She saw more concern from this woman in 30 minutes then she saw from her own mother in 17 years. Strapping the bag across her shoulder the pacific eyed beauty stepped into Littleroot town for only the second time.

The local setting was different than anything she had experienced thus far, the rural setting of this town. Slowly, strutting around the town; the first thing she noticed was the gigantic white building located in the heart of the town. “I guess, that’s where Professor Birch works.” She said, interlocking her hands behind her head.

“I suppose I should try the home first…” she scoffed, heading out towards the house next door. No sooner than she turned the knob and entered, a woman jumped from her seat and ran upon her.
“OH you must be Sarah!” she said, with the same energy her mother expunged. “My husband isn’t here, I think he’s over at Professor Birch’s lab, OH! But I think my son is upstairs!” Sarah glanced at the steps, there was a feeling nervousness running through her body.

“I really wish I had my knife” she thought to herself. Slowly stalking up the steps, she saw a little boy at his computer.
“Jared?” she said, somewhat confused; the boy looked exactly like her little brother! “Jared? No, my name is Xin” the young boy said, offering his hand to Sarah.

The young outlaw glanced at the boy’s hand, and then glared back at him. “Oh, ahem, so you don’t have a Pokémon yet, I can catch you one later if you want?”
Sarah was still incensed by his face. Backing away from him slowly, she ran down the steps and out the home. “HELP!!!!” someone screamed, it was really a faint sound, but her adept ears managed to catch it.

“Hey lady, you have to help that man, he’s being chased by a wild pokemon!” Sarah’s eyebrows knitted together; right now she didn’t feel obligated to save anyone. “This is the game, I have to beat it to get the hell out of here” she said, letting loose another sigh.
“Help! AYIEEE!!!” someone screamed again, this time it was clear to see who it was; a man running in a circle from what seemed like a “Pokémon?”
“Please you over there…help, in my bag there’s a Pokémon!” He screamed with his back against the tree.
Running to the bag, Sarah picked the first ball she saw. “Alright…now what?” she said, looking at the ball.
“For heaven’s sake toss the ball on the ground.” Birch said, slowly climbing up the tree. “Right” Sarah very lazily allowed the sphere to fall from her hands. In a paralyzing white light a small navy blue pokemon appear.
“Hera!” it screamed looking ready to battle.
“Ohh…aren’t you just a…ugly little creature” Sarah said sarcastically, which made Heracross immediately resent her.
“Look, little one we gotta help that professor got it!” Sarah hissed, Heracross almost immediately lunched into action.

“Let’s get it Heracross!” Sarah said, pointing at the zigazagoon, Heracross immediately tackled the small Pokémon. “That looks painful…” Sarah said, watching as the small pokemon tumbled in the grass before regaining its base.

“Sarah…you can lower Zigzagoon’s defense by using leer!” the professor screamed from not too far off. “Heracross use leer!” Zigazagoon stood briefly intimidated before launching a tackle attack.
“This goes against everything I stand for…” Sarah said, referring to her PETA membership. “Take it down Heracross, tackle!” Sarah screamed again, the huge bug Pokémon finished the job with a devastating tackle, knocking the small Pokémon into a pile unearthed weeds.

“Good job Sarah!” Professor Birch said, dropping down from the tree watching as the Zigzagoon ran. “Hey…I know this game…” Sarah said, glancing down at Heracross. “My brother beat the ones before it…”
“Well, I would’ve liked to meet on different circumstances; but I am glad you showed up when you did” Birch said, extending his hand in gratitude to Sarah.
Much like she did with Xin, Sarah gave the handshake a cold stare down. “Ahh…ahem ok, why don’t you meet me at the lab” he said, heading off towards his building.
Sarah soon followed. “I need to steal a car or something” she said, already tired of all the walking.
“Ahh welcome Sarah, as a token of my appreciation I want to give you this!” he said handing her a red device. “It’s a Pokedex, and these are pokeballs” Birch said, sticking his hands in his pocket.

“I want you to keep that Pokémon from earlier, travel the world and experience the joy of Pokémon training!” He too was bubbly, but more so in a creepy way. “You want me to keep this ugly thing?” she said, glancing at the Pokeball that contained Heracross.
“Whoa!” a voice interjected snatching both Sarah and Professor Birch’s attention. “Why hello Xin!” the professor said, with a hearty chuckle.
“You have a Pokemon now Sarah, Well…let’s battle!”
Pokemon White 2: Sarah
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@Curious - Nice post~ Glad to see Oliver's doing nicely so far :> I hope having Feebas as your starter makes things interesting (It has, so far ;D)
Feebas is now Level 7!

@Rune - ;w; Seriously... I just want to hug Ariel now. Great prologue~ Just be reminded that the players can't interact with each other yet

@Lilizuki - Interesting... Let's see how long Adelaide will think that she's in a dream. Also, I think you accidentally called Torchic "Onyx" there somewhere.
Originally Posted by Lilizuki
Onyx eyes focused on the pester of a Zigzagoon, a breath was taken, and the Torchic leaped for all it was worth
Yup, there. Nevertheless, good battle thar
Basana the Torchic is now Level 7!
She(?) learned Focus Power!

@Sarah - Yeah, Sarah never fails to scare me >.< Good job with your prologue! Only a slight mistake though. Your Heracross has Night Slash and Endure, not Tackle and Leer. I already changed it in the first post and in the Etherpad. Buuut, I'll let this pass for now
Heracross is now Level 6!

@ Everyone - I'll let you decide the gender of your starter, but wild Pokemon genders will be determined via RNG. That, and please update your team's stats in our update etherpad found on the first posts of both the IC and OOC thread

Chapter 01: Being a Trainer 101

Route 101 is a forest path surrounded by tall grass. Nature has preserved this route from modern world corruption, unlike the forests in the real world. Pokemon inhabit the trees and some make burrows beside the mounds. It seems really peaceful around here, and a good place to camp out as well. It only takes half a day for an average person to travel from here to the next town: Oldale. This is where new trainers usually train their Pokemon, so there are some trainers here, either looking for Pokemon to catch, training, or waiting for a trainer like you to pass by. They may challenge you to battle if you happen to cross paths with them, so if you don’t want to battle with them, make sure they don’t see you.

Some trainers here might tell you a gossip. They say strange characters are roaming the region, stealing Pokemon and attacking big corporations. Of course, this is just a rumor. Something that big would've ended up on the news, and it didn't. But who's to say it's not real? Gossips can be true. The trainer will advice you to be careful on your journey if you plan on beating the league. Also, if you take your time to listen to his blabber, he might give you some berries.

Pokemon found here:




Tasks to accomplish:
- None really. Feel free to RP anything you want

- You are only allowed to capture one Pokemon from this route.
- Level cap here is 10. Your Pokemon cannot level up higher than that.
- You can battle with your own NPC trainers here. (meaning: you can make your own trainers)
- Still no interactions for the time being.

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Being a Trainer 101
Route 101
Oliver Riverwood

Steam danced elegantly toward the ceiling as the kettle had finished boiling. Professor Birch organised a quaint set of mushroom and beef sandwiches for them to snack on, before pouring searing hot cups of hot chocolate into three blue mugs. He handed them to Oliver and Martin before offering them a seat in his office. “Now you two,” the professor began, “Now that you’ve become Pokemon Trainers, what are your plans? Are you going to work your way up into the big ranks by competing in the Hoenn League?” “That’s exactly what I’m going to do.” Martin nodded. “I’ve always wanted to a top trainer, so I suppose so.” Oliver replied back, somewhat enthusiastically. “In that case,” the professor said, “you’ll need to first acquire the eight Hoenn gym badges. In order to obtain them, you’ll need to defeat the right Hoenn Gym Leaders – each situated in different cities around Hoenn. This means, you’ll be travelling far and wide and encountering a diverse range of Pokemon along your journeys, so I have a little proposal for you.”

The two glanced up after sipping their hot chocolates. Martin seemed to have spilt some on down his top, leaving a trickling stain all down the front of it. He looked up, slightly embarrassed. Birch leant over and grabbed an odd looking device. It appeared to be some sort of computerised book. Oliver finally recognised the strange device when the professor hand one of them to the each of them. “A Pokedex.” Oliver said. “Indeed, it’s a handheld device that records data of all the Pokemon you encounter on your journey. What I want you to do is to use it to help me collected information on the many Pokemon that inhabit this land we live in. This would not only let myself and my team find breaking new discoveries, but it’ll also broaden our knowledge and understanding of these wonderful creatures.” Martin chuckled, “Heh not bad. We’ll help you collect some data, sure.” “Splendid!” the bearded scientist exclaimed. “Here, here’s another gift I’m sure you’ll enjoy: Pokeballs.” He handed them each. Oliver rolled them around in his palm, looking into their shiny red and white surface. After staring at them for some time, Olive eventually attached them to his belt.

“Oh! I almost forgot!” The professor yelled, startling a sleeping Shroomish that was being closely examined by one of the professor’s assistants. He quickly snatched the Pokeballs of both Treecko and Feebas and fixed them into position into a large looking mechanism. With the balls firmly attached, he clicked a purple button that released a laser-like stream of light that hovered over the balls for several minutes before disappearing. Birch then clicked the Pokeballs out of the machine and handed them back to the stunned young trainers. “All done!” He said, “Your pokemon have both been healed to full health.”“Ah” Martin muttered, “Thanks for that.”“You-“ but before the professor could reply, Martin ran out the door. “Kay, got to scoot, see you around Oliver, perhaps I’ll see you at the Hoenn League?”Martin scampered off, out of sight.“Well he’s sure lively.” The professor laughed. “ I suppose you should get going too. Don’t worry about your mother, I rang her and told her your plans and she wishes you all the best.”“Thanks.” Oliver replied concisely. Oliver placed his empty mug onto the professor’s desk before waving goodbye and walking out the sliding doors of the laboratory.

The air was fresh and a sweet scent of roses passed his nose as he walked down the rocky lane and back onto Route 101. Route 101 was an overgrown area with tall tufts of grass wherever one looked. Magnificent tress outlined the more travelled on areas, standing tall and strong. Flowers scattered themselves all across the grassy lands of the route, in an array of yellows, pinks and blues. Oliver proceeded to venture through the route gleaming green route, but was cautious of the many trainers riddled throughout. He thought it would be a great time to train, however he didn’t particularly want to battle another person at this stage. He wanted to have a one on one training session with Feebas in order to not only get to know his new Pokemon, but to strengthen her up a bit. Being a water type, Oliver found it only appropriate to train Feebas around a source of water. He glanced over toward a nearby pond. Approaching it, he kept a careful glance at any hidden trainers, but to his delight there weren’t any.

“Alright Feebas, let’s get to work.” Oliver said, releasing the Pokemon from its ball. “Feebas.” It groaned lazily. “So, your current moves are Splash and Tackle.” Oliver began. “While they’re not very effective on their own, as we’ve seen, why not combine them? We can only give it a try.” Feebas smiled contently at Oliver’s suggestion. “Alright Feebas, Splash.” Feebas hopped into the water almost instantly and began splashing around randomly, a spray of water flying through the air. “Good good.” Oliver cried out. “Now tackle.” The fish halted and then shot through the water like a bullet, tackling a cracked rock at the pond’s bottom. The rock crumbled and Feebas rose to the surface shooting streams of water as it smiled, proud of it’s achievement. “Nice work!” Oliver called, smiling. It had become evident to Oliver that Feebas was more at home in water, and could pose a decent challenge in such an environment. But he then realised that Feebas wouldn’t always have the opportunity to battle near or in water, so it would be best to train and develop a tactic to optimise it’s capabilities without it.

“Alright Feebas, hop out now and we’ll try that on land.” “Feebas flopped out of the rippling pond and onto the green grass by its edge. “So I want you to do the same thing.” Feebas nodded and began to flap awkwardly on the crumbly earth, sending dirt everywhere, even into Oliver’s eyes. Then it thrusted itself sharply into an oran berry bush. Oliver had a mental click. If Feebas was able to use splash to send dirt or water into the opponent – interrupting their vision, it would give itself enough time to launch a tackle before the pokemon could avoid it. A simple yet effective technique, Oliver thought. Especially with such a limited moveset.

The pair practiced this technique for most of the day, before finally tiring out. They munched on the oran berries they had found earlier, juice running down the sides of their mouths. “Bleh, my hands are all sticky!” Oliver cried. Feebas just giggled as Oliver ran over to the pond to wash the juices off his hands. All of a sudden he felt a stiff push. Something was pushing him! Eyes and mouth wide open he yelled, before falling face first into the pond. The water was mildly warm, but he felt awfully uncomfortable. His brown ragged hair now wet and drooping over his forehead. Spitting water he looked up sharply to find out the source of his fall. Feebas popped up beside him giggling, but Oliver assumed it wasn’t it that had pushed him in. Oliver shot up to the surface. A wild Pokemon sat at the pond’s edge, rolling in laughter. Rubbing his eyes he couldn’t gain clear view of the Pokemon, but from the current events he could more than estimate that it was rather cheeky in nature...
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Adelaide Smith
Route 101


With the path prepared for her so smoothly, Adelaide was eager to head out and continue with her journey, while her mind plotted out how she could possibly revisit this world in her dreams. One method would be to write down the events as clearly as possible in her diary, but that was a long shot at best. She could possibly make a painting of Basana, who hopped happily alongside her as they walked past the outer boundaries of Littleroot town. While she was not particularly powerful yet, the Pokemon's pride was growing smoothly. Now that she had a competent trainer and had flawlessly won their fast battle, there seemed to be little skepticism in the young Torchic's eyes.

Though, as the teen's shoes scuffed against the dirt path that led across fields of softly swaying grass and mounds of worn-down dirt, she realized that it would be better to enjoy the dream for what it was, now, than to plague herself with reminders of its mortality. She shot a smile down at Basana as they strolled together to the sound of the soft wind, despite the fact that the heat of these lands was getting to her past all the layers of clothing. While her starter had no issues with heat, she assumed, she'd need to pick up a pack of some sort at the next town to store her spare clothing in. As well as some new clothes to change into during traveling, and some soap to wash herself with if a place to stay wasn't nearby.

Before Adelaide could bemoan the fact that she had little experience with camping on dirty ground and animal-ridden forests, however, a chilling howl came from a bushel of nearby grass along with a glance of white skin. Though Adelaide couldn't see the Pokemon that lurked in the grass, she assumed it would soon be upon her like sunburn. "Basana, prepare for battle!" The teen barely had time to yell, but Basana's feathers ruffled up with a white energy just a moment before a blur of black and grey fur hurtled out of the grass, with its head pointed low and its fangs bared. The new Pokemon collided with Basana before she could even try to leap out of the way with her nimble little legs.

The briefly-paired Pokemon tumbled across the ground with a small cloud of dust picking up behind them, behind which Adelaide watched the diminutive duo regain their senses. The wolf-like Pokemon had its paws pinning the bulk of Basana's form to the tough ground, as it reared its back in preparation for another smash of its body against the pinned Torchic. Little did the wild Pokemon know that a Torchic's torso was not what it needed to beware, as Adelaide commanded her response. "Scratch its eyes out!" The teen commanded, and the bird acted the very moment her command ended, with all the speed befitting of her species.

One of Basana's legs lashed out from beneath the Poochyena's body, the wicked claws scratching across its sneering maw before the next tackle could complete. The assaulting Pokemon reeled back with pain and a howl of pain, while Basana used the momentum from her kick to place her foot on the ground and spin back to her feet. With her stance regained, Basana's onyx eyes met the scowling red of the Poochyena's, who was ready to defeat its prey with the last remaining ounce of energy. The dueling Pokemon stood off against one another in a slow circle around the center of the path, while Adelaide waited for the perfect opportunity to issue a counter.

Although Basana had been hurt by the Poochyena's initial tackle, both she and Adelaide knew that the next tackle would be far more vicious, as they had pushed the predatory Pokemon into a corner. The hearts of the trio beat in their chests like a furious drummer, with each breath taken the precursor to the move that would finish their battle. With a hitch in Adelaide's breath, the Poochyena's hind paws dug into the ground and forced itself forward with a mighty bark. At the apex of its leap, the teen trainer issued her order. "Scratch!" And with it, Basana hopped backwards to prolong the Poochyena's collision and swung her claws with all the might she'd gathered.

Unfortunately for Poochyena, Basana had proven herself to be faster with her scratch, that sent the wild Pokemon tumbling to a whimper before it began to skulk back into the grass, defeated. Adelaide cheered loudly at their victory from the edge of defeat, with one arm pumped into the air before Basana leaped into her arms to cuddle her trainer in shared triumph. Despite herself, Adelaide hugged the fluffy feathered Pokemon back and kissed her on the forehead, with a wide smile plastered across her lips. Not only had Basana proven herself the victor of two battles in a row, but she'd done it with skill and strategy in glorious combination.

A noise came from the tall grass besides them, but was cut off by the calling of another person. "Hey! You!" The voice came from further down the path, as the grass rustled and became silent once again. Adelaide shot a glance down the road, easily forgetting the noise, and came to see a tall boy approaching, who looked just a bit younger than Adelaide herself. He had two Pokeballs attached to his belt, clearly marking him as a fairly new trainer, along with a cap to protect his eyes from the glare of the sun and a light t-shirt that covered his torso. "Those were some nice moves you and that Torchic just pulled off! I've seen nothing but Zigzagoon so far, so fancy a battle?"

Adelaide looked into Basana's eyes for a moment as she pondered the ramifications of another battle; there was no chance she'd lose the story so early, but she could easily be defeated, which wouldn't be good for her relationship with her starter Pokemon. But, if she won, she'd get a cash reward from this trainer stranger, which would easily be able to cover the cost of another potion. So, with a smirk, Adelaide pulled the canister out from one of her pockets. "You are so on." She laughed softly to herself, as the boy grinned and took a few steps back to prepare his battling Pokemon and Adelaide sprayed the potion on her Torchic, which swiftly healed the Pokemon's fatigue. "Are you ready for another battle, Basana?"

If Pokemon could smirk, Basana's reaction would have been it, as she hopped out of Adelaide's arms and landed on springy legs a few feet before her, with her plumage prepared for the battle and its eyes looking deadly upon the sparkle of white energy that heralded the arrival of the challenger's Pokemon. The back of the Pokemon was a soft red chitin that slowly faded into a simple cream underbelly, but beneath it lurked a set of stubby white legs. What caused concern in Adelaide wasn't the fact it looked like a bug, if anything it would only aid her victory, but the yellow spikes that adorned its body like adornments of war. She knew most Pokemon didn't have tribal cultures, but it was something worth noting nevertheless. "Basana, let's start with a scratch!" The teen commanded, eager to test the armored bug's defenses.

"Paepae!" The challenging trainer called out as the Torchic sped towards his Wurmple with a speed that would have been surprising, had he not watched his opposition's previous battle. "Hit it with some webbing!" He commanded, just as Torchic slashed at the side of Wurmple's face with its claws and hopped back through the air with a graceful landing. To Basana's surprise, the scratch didn't seem to phase the Wurmple much as it reared its head back and spewed a thin white line of webbing at her, which she couldn't avoid past her surprise. The sticky substance weaved between Torchic's legs, forming an annoying bond that would slow down her movements for the rest of the battle.

In a panic of what to do next, Basana flung her gaze back at her trainer, who pondered the situation carefully, before her opponent could declare another attack. One of Basana's only advantages was her speed that had saved her from the wild Poochyena, but this Wurmple had strategy on its side, while the two of them had no moves to help diminish its defense. An errant breeze ran across the path their battle was taking place, reminding the teen that she needed to keep a calm mind in this battle, if she was to win again. That shot of string looked a little unwieldy, so if she could upset the Wurmple's ability to attack just a little more, she could turn it into a battle of attrition. "Basana, intimidate it!"

Though the Torchic had her doubts about the command, she obeyed without question and met the innocent little eyes of her foe. She leaped high into the air as their glares met, spreading out her feathered wings far to each side in an attempt to make herself seem bigger, and let out a mighty caw that stung the Wurmple's ears with its ferocity, before she landed in perfect elegance once again. "String shot!" The opposing trainer ordered once again, a little bit intimidated by the display himself, which was a path the Wurmple gladly followed with an immediate string shot that flew far off to the side of its target, leaving Basana unharmed. "Darn..."

"Now, attack!" Adelaide commanded with no small amount of pride at her strategy, as the little orange bird leaped forward once again and lashed out at the side of her opponent's body, who was too slow to try to dodge and now seemed to be feeling the effects of their battle. In desperation, it once again tried to trap Basana within its web, which caught around her wings in a tight binding. Though she struggled briefly against the binds, she knew that victory was only one good hit away, even if she was much slower for these impediments. "You go, girl!" The teen called out as encouragement, though she felt incredibly corny saying it, as Basana lurched forward as best she could across their battlefield.

Thinking himself victorious upon the sight of the barely-running Torchic, the opposing trainer pointed directly at Basana and cheerily yelled out his command. "Finish her off, Paepae!" Although the Wurmple was slow amongst bugs, its tiny legs could let it roll forwards faster than poor Basana, as it trundled over the rough ground and connected the spike of its head with as much speed as it could gather. The two Pokemon collided slightly closer to Adelaide, both of them tumbling over to opposite sides of the field after the mighty thump that came with their crash. Both of the Pokemon laid still amongst the dirt, with both trainers looking on in anticipation of who would stand and be marked as victor.

Moments passed in still wind, before the Wurmple let out a gurgle of exhaustion, defeated. With that, Basana span on the ground until she was once again standing on her feet, but occupied herself with pecking at the frustrating webbing while the opposing trainer looked on sheepishly at his defeat and shrugged his shoulders with a smile, as he knelt down beside his Wurmple and lifted it into his arms. "That was a good battle." Adelaide complimented her opponent with another smile spread across her lips. "I guess I need to watch out for anyone else who tries to slow Basana," She spotted the little bird hop on one foot as it tore another sheet of webbing from its legs and shook her head with a smile. "Down again."

"Yeah, and I need to watch out for anyone with a Torchc." The boy jested, as he pulled a simple card out from one of the pockets on his jacket and held Wurmple in one arm. He held it out to Adelaide with a grin on his face. "Here, you won, so here's the reward! I'd best head to the Oldale Pokecenter and get Paepae healed up. Goodbye!" With that farewell, the two parted ways, while Basana rejoined Adelaide's side and they continued their exploration of Route 101. In truth, the Torchic had barely been hurt by the Wurmple besides the annoying webbing that could have won the battle for it.

The duo of Pokemon and trainer managed to walk along a few more paths before they encountered anyone else, with only a rustling in the tall grass being an indicator of another possible encounter; yet nothing came of it. When they did, though, their arrival was announced by a booming voice. "Hail, traveler!" A man called out from the ledge he leaned against, his voice seemingly appearing from beneath his big bushy beard and burly build. "Stay a while, and listen." He said, with a gesture to the ledge that sat a few feet beside him on the path. As he gestured, his other hand organized small plastic boxes of berries. "I'll give you a box if you do!"

Adelaide's eyes ran over the boxes briefly, each of them filled with assorted juicy berries that made her mouth water at the prospect of tasting. She knew it was not wise to talk with strangers in the real world, but in Pokemon the worst that could happen is getting one's Pokemon stolen, and Basana wasn't about to go down without a fight. "Okay, sure." She spoke with a kind smile at the gentleman that offered her a seat and sat on a patch of grass beside the dirt wall, so she wouldn't get the dirty dust all over her outfit, as Basana climbed into her lap. "What did you have to tell me?" She asked with a tilt of her head, wondering whether it would be old tales about his fishing, or just to gripe about his wife.

"Well, there's a rumor going about, and I think a young lady like you should be aware of it, is all." The rumbly-voiced man explained as he looked around at the trees, and lowered his voice to a whisper. "They say," They of course not being identified in any way; Adelaide understood this was how rumors were spread. "That a bunch o' strange figures are roaming Hoenn, stealing defenseless people's Pokemon and attacking organizations with the ones they stole! I know you're going into womanhood an' all, but you've gotta be vigilant for people like that, else you'll be just as defenseless as kids startin' out!" He explained, before passing one of the small plastic boxes over to Adelaide, who took it into her hands gratefully. "Thanks for listenin', young lady. Be safe out there."

"Thank you, Sir." Adelaide nodded in gratitude at the man, for she'd never met one so kind while she was walking around in New York; most of the people there were understandably stressed, what with how much a mere apartment could drain out of somebody's bank account, while he had given her some advice and a gift just for listening. "I'll be on the lookout with Basana here. Goodbye." She said again with another smile, as she began to walk down the path and gave a finger-wave to the helpful man. She cracked open the box with the tips of her slender fingers, releasing the sweet scent that tickled the noses of both her and Torchic.

As Adelaide fed one of the ripe berries to Torchic, a familiar nose was heard from behind them; not particularly common, but she had heard it earlier, before that trainer had challenged her. With a steady heel, the teen turned around to see what made the curious noise, and was rewarded with the sight of a little green head pointing out of the grass, with a pair of red horns sitting atop the helmet and a face shrouded by shadows as the tiny creature attempted to get their attention. As soon as eyes were upon it, the creature froze in place and gazed in fear of the people whose attention it gained. Though she could only see it briefly, Adelaide thought this small Pokemon looked adorable.

The teen ran her fingers over a few of the berries in her packet and realized that she hadn't yet caught a Pokemon on this route, and she'd probably do well to; the lack of options in that last Wurmple fight had nearly lead to her defeat. If she could get something as appealing as this little creature before her, it would be all the better. But it seemed shy, so she knelt down close to the ground and rolled the berry across the space between her and the curious little Pokemon, as her Pokedex beeped to inform her that this was a Ralts; a psychic type Pokemon, which made a smile come to her face. That would give her some type coverage, too.

The wild Ralts tilted its head in curiosity as the berry rolled between it and Adelaide, building up its courage for a few seconds before timidly stepping out of the tall grass and picking up the berry in its tiny hands. First, if nibbled softly, until it swallowed the whole thing and sized up the duo that stood before it. As it had been doing all day, a soft breeze rolled past them, but this time it was punctuated with a firmer noise from the wild Pokemon, as it pointed towards Basana; it was a challenge if Adelaide had ever seen one. "Alright, little one." Adelaide said softly, as she pointed in at Basana to step up to the challenge. "Start off with a scratch." She directed, not wanting to scare the Pokemon away with a show of prowess.

Basana prepared herself for battle by taking in a breath, before she dashed across the space between them and leaped through the air. She came down upon the Ralts with a scratch of her claws, that sent the little Pokemon stumbling backwards a few steps before it regained its focus and pointed its horns at the attacking Pokemon. The Ralts' form was bathed briefly in wispy purple energy, before the power coalesced upon its horns and shot off directly at Basana before she could even attempt to avoid it. The psychic energy shot across the little bird's heard in such a flash that it made her entire vision appear upside-down, as she stumbled to and fro across the path.

With a grimace, Adelaide realized that Basana was just as likely to stumble over her own feet than to weaken the wild Ralts further, which was definitely something she didn't want. And the Ralts already seemed to be weakened, so on a snap decision, the teen pulled out an empty Pokeball from her pocket and hurled it at the Ralts, in the hopes that it would hit before Torchic had to suffer through another attack like that. Just before colliding with the Ralts, whose back was turned to it, the Pokeball opened and absorbed the Pokemon into its containment, before dropping to the ground in a single soft bounce. While the Torchic attempted to regain her composure, the colored ball shook.

While the Ralts attempted to escape, Adelaide held her breath with each shake. With three, it would be caught, and her efforts would pay off. With one, the breeze ended its caress. With two, Basana shook her head out of confusion. With three, the Pokeball made a victorious sound while Adelaide let out a triumphant whoop and rushed over to the ball, allowing the Ralts to be free for only a second before she hugged it tight and placed her cap upon its head with a giggle, which the formerly-wild psychic Pokemon seemed to enjoy even past the blush on its pale cheeks.

"Now," Adelaide said, as she pulled out her Pokedex to check on this Ralts' entry. "Let's see what we've got..."

As you said only the gender is what you'll RNG for, I assumed this was what we should do.

Also; please please please please be a female Ralts!

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Sarah Morgan
Littleroot Town/Route 101

“Well if a battle is what you want” Sarah said, still somewhat unsure as to what a Pokémon battle with another trainer would consist of. “Well now, I’ll get to see how you operate as a trainer!” Birch said, standing behind Sarah with his hands positioned in his pockets.
Sarah paced back and forth clutching Heracross’s poke ball, Xin looked so much like Jared, and it sort of made her mad. “Alright, let’s go Heracross!” she said, dropping her poke ball on the ground. Much like before in a paralyzing light Heracross appeared.

“Go Snubull!” Xin said, standing firmly behind his small Pokémon. “Well aren’t you tough with your Pink Pokémon” she quickly antagonized. Xin glanced back at the professor whom was lost for words. “Let’s not waist anytime, Snubull bite!” Xin screamed, sending Snubull on the attack.
“Heracross endure!” Sarah screamed, she chose that attack expecting a physical attack, but Heracross simply stood there and took the hit. “HEY WHAT GIVES!” Sarah screamed, somewhat confused.
“Sarah not every attack actually inflicts damage, some are geared towards a Pokémon status; endure simply braces your pokemon for a hit.” Birch explained with haste in his voice. “Snubull give it a bite!” Xin commanded again, “Screw that Heracross, use Nightslash!” the small bug Pokémon, fired huge dark slashes from its horn.
Snubull did an adept job in avoiding the strategically placed slashes. “Wow, that thing is quicker than it looks” She said in astonishment as the small Pokémon retreated to the base of its trainer. “That’s pretty impressive…” Sarah said, glancing down at Heracross.

“Let’s not waste any more time! Snubull tackle attack” Xin commanded with authority. We got to slow it down…” Sarah said, with her fist clenched together. Snubull rammed directly into Heracross knocking it back, Heracross rolled to a stop right in front of Sarah; though she thought it was ugly she mustered up a bit of concern.

“I have to do something….” She said, watching Heracross struggle to his feet. “Wait….” She said, thinking about how dusty the bed off the truck was. “I got it, Heracross fire a night slash at the ground” The bug Pokémon hoisted its head and fired a powerful slash from its horn towards the dirt.
The loud crash was soon followed by the dense dust rising into the air. “Alright good keep it up Heracross!” she screamed, again; watching as the mammoth bug Pokémon continued its onslaught on the ground.
“Wow Sarah, what a very innovative way to use sand-attack” Birch chimed in; there was a problem though, now Heracross couldn’t see Snubull and vice versa.

“I really backed myself into a corner with this one…” she said, just barley being able to make up Heracross in the dust induced haze. “No more games! Snubull fire fang!” Xin screamed, rushing through the haze Snubull launched itself at Sarah’s Heracross.
“Heracross endure!” she screamed, Snubull’s super effective attack hit hard, but thanks to Sarah’s quick thinking Heracross managed to survive the hit. “Great, nightslash now!” she said, trying to use Heracross’s close proximity to her advantage.

“Hera!” the massive bug Pokémon screamed, hitting Snubull full force with a nightslash, the small pink Pokémon bounced against the ground hard, before skidding in the ground to a stop. Fire fang wore down Heracross a lot, Sarah could see how heavy it was breathing; once the dust settled she could see Snubull was finally down for the count.

“Snubull is unable to battle the winner of the round and match is Heracross!” Professor Birch said, pointing towards Sarah and Heracross. “Wow...we won…” she said, looking down into the eyes of her Heracross.

“Whoa…I was your first win?” Xin said, recalling his Snubull. “Yeah you were…” she said, bending down to examine the damage Heracross had taken.
“Don’t worry Sarah I’ll heal your Heracross for you” Birch said, spraying Heracross with a potion. “As you battle more, you’ll learn about type strengths and weaknesses.” Birch said, with a hearty smile.
“I need to finish this game…” Sarah said in a whisper, recalling Heracross she once again hoisted her bag over her shoulder.

“Perhaps you should head up route 101 towards Odale town; surely you’ll get a lot more training down there…” Sarah turned towards Birch returning his statement with a simple head nod.
“Sarah, I’ll be in touch!” he said, waving her off; though the young trainer didn’t bother to turn back. “This must be route 101…” she said, slowly walking into what seemed like a plethora of trees. The eerie loneliness that came with the trip prompted her to send out Heracross.
Heracross came from the poke ball and instantly turned its back to Sarah. “Oh I get it, you’re still sour from the little ugly comment aren’t you?” she said, somewhat amazed at Heracross’s display of “human-like emotions”

“I get it, I’m sorry…but me and you are in this from start to finish…we can’t be mad at each other” Sarah said, bending at the waist a bit with her hands on her knees. Heracross turned slightly to see Sarah smirking back at her.
“Besides if you think that was mean, you’ll never be able to deal with me on my period” she said, chuckling a bit. “Hmmm, you need a nickname, I’m going to call you Hera” she said, taking her time to think a bit.

Hera fully engaged in Sarah now, turned to express her joy with being renamed. “Here, let’s take a little break” Sarah said, bracing herself up against a tree whilst Hera took a seat right beside her.
A good thirty minutes elapsed, Sarah found herself waking up to the cold air coming in. “I need to buy a warmer jacket” she said, rubbing her arms. Not fully alert to what was happening, she took a step in the tall grass much to the dismay of Heracross.
Pokemon White 2: Sarah
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Originally Posted by Ash_Ketchum123 View Post
Guys, I thought I had time to randomize the Pokemon you encounter. And I don't (dammit school). I'll just let you choose what you encounter from now on, but of course, if you're gonna capture an uncommon or rare one, make sure your battle posts do you justice. I'll change the Pokemon you encounter for the next routes. I won't divide them into rarity anymore.
With that said, I apologize to the players for the inconvenience .___.
@Curious. - Character (or Pokemon?) development! Even though you didn't have a battle, the training has got to count for a little level gain, right?
Feebas is now Level 8!

@Lilizuki - I like the way you write your battle posts :> Basana and Adelaide sure looks like they're getting along well.
Basana the Torchic is now Level 10!
She learned Ember!
Ralts (Level 6) has been caught! [Gender: Female ; Nature: Relaxed ; Ability: Trace]
Moves: Confusion, Growl
Adelaide earned 500!

@Sarah - Snubull has lots of cool starting moves, that I just learned today >.<
Hera the Heracross is now Level 8!
She learned Fury Attack!

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Adelaide Smith
Littleroot Town/Route 101


Not for the first time in her life, Adelaide was thankful for the friendly interface of technology, as she flipped through the status of Ralts on her Pokedex. She slipped the device back into one of her pockets with a smooth hand motion, as she saw Ralts looking around the area from beneath the charcoal hat and felt the breeze roll through her own trim hair; she would let the little girl keep it, at least for now. She had to decide on a name first, though, as she knelt down before Ralts once again and met her eyes. The most defining features, for Adelaide, were the caul atop Ralts' head, the apparent demeanor of a little girl, and the fact that she had psychic abilities.

Those three things pointed to Changelings of various myths; the fairy children who would be left in place of normal children and grow up with unnatural powers, often characterized by a helmet atop their heads. Just like the one Adelaide's cap was covering now. But Changeling wasn't a suitable name all by itself; far too long, and not nearly pretty enough, but the word had no etymology that the teen knew of. So a mutation would be needed, and it didn't take long for Adelaide to decide on Chanel. A word from her mother's home, most often recognized as a company of high fashion named after the visionary herself; Coco Chanel. It was quite fitting, for the little dress Ralts seemed to mimic.

"Ralts," Adelaide spoke with a confident smile to the Pokemon, as she held her upturned hand out to it. The Pokemon turned its head up, with tiny eyes looking out from beneath the front of her cap. "I want to name you Chanel, for it fits every aspect of what you are and will become. A Pokemon of great beauty, power, and mystery; do you accept, and will you travel with me?" She asked, though she was aware that her last Oran berry had already been used, so Ralts would need to be healed. She was fairly sure, however, that there was a healing device in Professor Birch's lab that she'd be able to make use of.

The Ralts was silent for a few moments before it placed its soft hand in Adelaide's and give a small, yet determined nod. This was followed by another happy noise, as Adelaide hugged Chanel tightly against her chest and grinned at her with more enthusiasm than she thought possible so far; her team was two-strong and she had some pockets filled with berries. Before she could mentally gloat too much, however, there was a cough followed by a squawk to the side of the new comrades, as Basana pointed her wings around in the air and tottered about on her spindly legs as if there was something to be aware of. The two saw nothing but grass and mounds, however, and looked back at the Torchic curiously.

Basana frowned in response to their ignorance and took in a big breath of fresh air, before letting herself cough again. This time, its trainer did see what the fuss was bout, as a thin gout of flame blew out from its beak and blew away into nothingness before it could collide with anything. "Your first piece of ghost-fire." Adelaide said proudly, as her starter gave a proud nod in response and let out another burst of the flames that could barely light a candle. "We can't try it out on anything yet, but why don't we heal up and take a stroll through the tall grass?" The trainer suggested with a thumbs-up to the Torchic, who looked down at the ground briefly before giving a nod.

With that decision made, Adelaide returned Ralts to her Pokeball and returned it to her pocket; the Pokemon's legs were a little stubbier than Torchic's and she didn't seem to be the sort to be running about often. Besides, any more than one Pokemon followed her around the paths likely would have attracted more wild Pokemon, and she didn't want either of them to get into any more fights than necessary. Despite the fact that she knew it was only a trip to the Pokecenter to get them revived, Adelaide found herself not wanting them to faint; especially not while trust between her and Chanel hadn't been formed. Besides, the little thing was absolutely adorable. If she could build its confidence to Basana's level, it could grow formidable.

Along the way back to Littleroot Town, Basana walked along with her head facing the sky while she gargled fire in her beak in an attempt to muster up a bigger flame, and they drew no attention from any other wild Pokemon along the way. Just as the pair were about to enter the boundaries of Littleroot Town, however, a pair of black boots stepped out from around the corner of Anna's house, to reveal the girl herself standing there with a few bustled braids but a determined look on her face. Though the girl seemed a bit strange, Adelaide did remember promising to meet up with her at some point, and she was eager for a battle with another trainer.

"Hi!" The teen trainer called over to Anna with a wave of her fingers, as she strolled in the direction of Professor's Birch's lab, and the healing device that sat on the outside walls for ease-of-access. "I just got back from training and catching; and I see you found your boots." Adelaide pointed out with a bit of a grin, as she briefly retrieved Basana and placed both of her filled Pokeballs in the sliding steel device. With a gentle shove, the tray slid into the wall along with a low humming noise. As Anna approached, Adelaide's attention turned to the fact that Anna didn't have a Pokemon following her as she walked around, but then, the one she was yelling at earlier did seem to be acting naughtily.

"Yes. I just got them on." Anna said, as she briefly leaned besides the healing device and looked Adelaide over with her strangely crystalline pair of eyes. It was almost like being strip-searched, but at least a tiny bit less invasive. The girl's eyes ended up on Adelaide's bob of hair, before she nodded and began to walk towards one of the open patches of grass within the town limits. "Would you like to battle?" The black-clad girl called over her shoulder, as her heavy braids stood still in the breeze and pale fingers ran over the two Pokeballs attached to her own belt; one of them marked with a broom and the other branded with what seemed to be a caltrop.

"Wow, yeah, okay." Adelaide responded with a skeptical gaze at her supposed friend, who already seemed quite eager to jump into a battle. But, as she released a hopping Basana, she realized that her own Pokemon seemed eager to get into the fight, too. She strolled up to the patch of dirt opposite the one Anna had chosen and directed her little orange bird into the space before her. "Ready?" She asked with a friendly smile shot her opponent's way, which Anna responded to in kind as she released her first Pokemon. Both Adelaide and Basana's eyes widened at the sight of the bulky creature before them, that stood twice as tall as any of the other Pokemon the trainer had encountered so far, and with far more girth.

Adelaide's Pokedex began to spew information on the armor-plated Pokemon as Anna's challengers looked it over. The Larvitar was covered with lime hide at least three inches thick, that flared into a tail at its behind and a broad horn atop its head that seemed to follow Basana's movements. Its underbelly was cut partly crimson, perhaps revealing the skin beneath its plating, and lead in a black-diamond pattern up to its eyes marked with what seemed to be tribal markings. Those eyes were what unnerved Adelaide the most, as they focused in on its opponents with all the determination of any seasoned battler. While the Pokedex informed her it wasn't weak to fire, it was also the lowest stage of its evolution, and Basana was her best bet for the moment.

At least, until she could see what her opponent could do. "Basana, use your ghost-fire." Adelaide ordered Torchic calmly, while she spotted Anna eyeing up her Pokedex in a mixture between curiosity and envy; it only took a cursory glance over her friend's victorian attire to see that she had no such thing, but the beast of a starter Pokemon likely made up for it. Basana began the fight with a few steps forward, hopping side to side while its chest puffed up in preparation for its first in-battle use of flames, but to both of their surprise, this Larvitar was quite speedy itself, upon Anna's issued command.

"Sandstorm." Anna didn't so much declare the attack as suggest it, but it was enough for Larvitar to leap into the air with its muscular little legs and bring with it a rainbow of colors that seemed to emanate from its body like a lava lamp. Basana was already in the mind for battle, and went undeterred by the light show as she let loose a burst of fireballs from her gullet and hopped back to the side to avoid a potential body slam. This was not meant to be, as the Larvitar came crashing to the ground on its haunches and slammed every inch of settled dust with its collision. The dust swirled swiftly around it to form a shield that simply pushed away Basana's fireball, before it grew and grew to fill the entire battlefield with golden sand.

Before Bana could even attempt to dodge the oncoming storm, she was buffeted by the rivulets of grain that sunk in threw her feathers and misbalanced her feet. A glance back to her trainer gave her the image of Adelaide scrambling to pull up her Pokedex, studying the details of the move and just how she could counter it. If the Larvitar didn't bring down Basana, the sandstorm itself would. She couldn't put just Chanel out against the dangerous opponent, unless...unless she remembered what she'd read in Chanel's entry earlier. The fact that this Larvitar could simple evade Basana's embers let Adelaide know that its ability would let it hide in the sand.

And Chanel's ability was to mimic the powers of her opponent. A smirk of brief triumph came to Adelaide's lips with the forming of her plan; the ability to defend would give her Ralts a chance against the more powerful opponent. "Come back, Basana." Adelaide ordered her Torchic, who happily ran from the sandstorm and back into her Pokeball while the Larvitar seemed to be doing some form of dance on the opposite side of the field. Anna just seemed to watch as Adelaide released Chanel in an aura of white, which was swiftly overcome by the violet glow of psychic energy. Instead of being rocked by the sandstorm, Chanel was embraced within its confines just like the opposing Larvitar.

"Chanel, hit it with everything you've got." Adelaide urged the small ivory Pokemon with an encouraging thumbs up; she knew it was dangerous to put her frail new Pokemon up against this opponent, but she had a better shot with Chanel than Basana. As Ralts wandered into the center of the battlefield with a somewhat determined swagger, though the fact that she couldn't meet her opponent's eyes spoke of her true nature, the Larvitar charged forward with surprising speed as its maw opened wide, to reveal several rows of teeth simply made for biting into things. A lump formed in Adelaide's throat in the moment before they collided with Chanel; she recognized that move.

The bite connected with Chanel's arm, digging into it and causing her to cry out softly. Yet, the Ralts was disinterested by the damage done to her from the attack, as she pulled her arm out of the Larvitar's jaw and slammed her helmet into its armored head, colliding with a burst of psychic energy that caused it to stumble backwards on misplaced steps. Adelaide could think of nothing but what a glorious creature Chanel was for staying relaxed through the attack and coming back with an attack that seemed to have worked quite well on her opponent; with both the sand and the remnants of confusion on their side, there was a far better chance of lasting to the next Pokemon...even if she was close to fainting.

"Bite." Anna ordered again, though her smile was a little less enthusiastic with this command than the last, as Larvitar hopped to its feet in preparation to attack and dashed forward to attack its opponent again. However, each step wobbled a bit to the side on the grass until it ended up far to the side of Chanel and reared its head back, only for its teeth to sink into its own arm and make it yelp in pain at the sudden attack. Adelaide had to bit her own bottom lip to keep from giggling, before Ralts' horns glowed violet and lashed out at the confused Larvitar past the swirls of golden sand. The whips of purple energy overwhelmed the last of Larvitar's defenses, as it crumpled to the ground. "You did well." Anna soothed the beam of energy as it returned to her Pokeball, and she called out her last fighter to face the troublesome Ralts.

Luckily for Adelaide and Chanel, the next Pokemon was both less intimidating and more familiar, as its bulbous blue head emerged from the dazzling white light, complete with a pair of dangling, slimy tentacles and matching red orbs sitting atop its head. By the looks of Anna's frown, she knew about the type advantage as well, which explained her frustration at having lost Larvitar in the last round. Nevertheless, her order was quick and the Tentacool's actions just as swift, as its center orb glowed purple and a triplet of tiny spikes emerged from its forehead, aimed directly at Chanel. Adelaide couldn't let Basana face another Pokemon it would be weak too, and she knew from surviving Larvitar's bite that Chanel had enough bulk to take another attack like this one.

At the sight of the homing spikes of poison, Chanel pulled her arms up to cover her face from potential protrusion, while gathering the last ounces of her energy to launch a counterattack. The venomous edges of Tentacool's barbs scratched along the Ralts' torso and arms as they passed, spreading the hurtful venom throughout the Pokemon. Despite this, she refused to give in to the damage she'd taken so far and let loose an uncontrolled burst of energy at the unsuspecting Tentacool, whose limbs flailed as it attempted to move away, but the wave passed over it too swiftly. They ran over its aphotic skin like the water it was so used to, burning the poison within its stingers and exhausting its own reserves of energy.

The squid Pokemon flopped to the ground, marking Chanel as the winner of the battle even as she swayed from side to side with the poison's spread. As Anna retrieved her Tentacool, Adelaide rushed into the sandstorm and snatched Chanel away from its grip before she could be buffeted by it any further. The trainer came out along Anna's side of their battlefield, stumbling into a roll with the Ralts in her arms, as she swiftly stuffed a Pecha berry between the tiny Pokemon's lips. Although Chanel's chews were quite weak, she hadn't yet fainted, which Adelaide knew very well as Anna loomed over her head and looked down with a smile on her painted lips.

"You're good." Anna complimented, as she pulled out a money-chip from her belt and placed it softly upon Adelaide's torso, before approaching Professor Birch's healing device to use on her own defeated Pokemon. "We'll have to battle again, sometime, like when I've fought against more trainers. I thought I had the theory, but..." With a shrug of her slender shoulders, Anna left the sentence hanging and snatched her healed Pokeballs from the tray. "Bye." She uttered, as Adelaide got to her feet and watched the strange girl retreat back to the confines of her home. She didn't walk with any loss of pride, but she seemed to be disappointed by something.

With that moment passed, Adelaide healed Basana and Chanel with her own use of the healing device and gave the latter a kiss on the forehead, as she released her from the Pokeball to travel along with on the dirt road. She deserved some time to enjoy the stroll, for the victory she snatched from the jaws of defeat, and seemed to find Adelaide well enough on her own. With her abilities, there'd be less chance of an ambush, as the duo began their walk to Oldale Town. For good, this time.
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ミハラ Ariel

"Airi! Breakfast!" Ariel is snapped out of her daze by her mother's call, she placed the doll back where it belongs before going down to eat. The doll bounced at the pillows and landed on its hunches facing the door with its red beady eyes aimed at the door, whoever tries to enter the room will see the doll first, standing guard like an ever faithful sentinel.

Her mother, who just finished setting aside her apron is waiting for her at the table with two sets of tableware, rice, fish, and two bowls of soup. After a soft chorus of "Itadakimasu" they proceeded to eat, occasionally making small talk.

As Ariel and her mother talked, she discovered that her mother seemed to have the memories of her father, though had the body of her mother. Ugh. Is this how other people feel when Kyouko or Imu is the dominant personality? It is creepy. Way, waaaay creepy. Especially how her 'mother' gushed about her 'father.' She briefly entertained the thought of her faux-father and real father holding hands and skipping through the fields. She barely held her meal in before she squashed that thought.

She also learned that her family is friends with the moving company and that her faux-father hand-raised the Vigoroth they had. Also, that her faux-father is a Gym Leader. Now, if she translates that right, it's either a Physical Workout Gym, A Pokemon Gym, a Sports Gym, or the leader of a company named 'Gym' Probably the second one, but the last one isn't to far out there to be disregarded.

"I went into your room earlier to check up on you." Her mother said after they finished. Really, of all the things her 'mother' has to manifest on her faux-mother, she has to inherit her bad habit of sneaking into her room. "I know it's hard to all of a suddenly move into another region, especially since you look really close to your friends there, but I think this will be a good experience for you. We can move back, if you want, but please give your father a chance. You might even like it here."

"Here." Ariel's mother handed her a sheet of paper showing directions to the PetalBurg Gym. The instructions are pretty straight forward. Head north past route 101 to reach the next town, then head East. It'll probably be only an hour or two's walk away.[1] "You should meet Norman first before anything else. I'm sure he doesn't expect us to get settled in this quickly. In fact, I don't think he expected us to move here at all.

A weak urge to make a snarky comment about why they even moved there was quickly buried as Ariel gave thanks for the meal, bid her mother bye, and left the house. For some reason, her usual pairs of boots are missing, so she wore her loafers instead. ...Shouldn't this be in her school locker?

~ ~ ~

The path Ariel is to take is well worn, going through the town and out into the forest. As the girl followed it, she paused a few times to see a girl hopping out of a moving truck, a man running into the forest, and a boy entering a house. She doesn't know why, but for some reason they really stood out from the other townsfolk. It must be their clothes.

Thinking that the man that ran into the forest knows the way to the next town, she decided to trail him. However, as she is about to step into the deep, dark, creepy forest, a wolf, villain, bandit, boy with the most peculiar hairstyle jumped out from behind a tree, in front of little red riding hood, heroine, princess, girl. "Hey kid, where are you going?"

Ariel took one look at the boy and immediately decided that he isn't trustworthy. Only untrustworthy people jump out of hiding in a forest to block another person's way. Besides, he doesn't have a hat. Hats are important, especially to hide that hair.

She side-stepped him and tried to pass him, only to feel him grab her wrist. "I'm talking to you."

Ariel turned to him, then grimaced. She wrenched her arme free then rummaged her bag for something. As soon as she found what she was looking for, she handed it to him.

The corner of the girl's lip twitched into a smile as she watched the boy, fifteen maybe?, place the Alchemist's Hat to cover the white with streaks of yellow hair the boy has. If he's going to talk to her, the least he could do is to wear a cap.

"Petalburg Gym" Hey, he's trustworthy now. He has a cap after all. It's a good cap. Only people with bad caps are bad. He has a good cap, so he's good. But she did give him that cap... Oh, wait! He gave him that cap, and it's a good cap. So now, the boy has a good cap, which makes him a good person. In other words, Ariel made him a better person (By giving him a cap)

"PetalBurg Gym." The boy echoed, a silver brow rising. "Why? Do you have some kind of urgent business there? Leaving without a Pokemon?"

"Tousan." Ariel mumbled, looking at the ground. "Kaasan wants me to see Tousan."

It took a moment, but comprehension lit up the boy's face. "Ah! You mean your father! So you're his daughter? I was sent here to pick you up. I heard you don't have a Pokemon yet. Strange... I swore he said 'son...s' yeah, 'sons'"

"I don't have any brothers" 'Not that I know of, at least. But Kaasan has been very vague about me having sisters...'

The boy shrugged, then proceeded to introduce himself. "Yui Narukami, from both PetalBurg and LittleRoot. My mom lives in PetalBurg and dad makes a living doing something in LittleRoot." he said as he held out his hand for a shake.

"Hajishimashte, watashi wa Mihara Arieru." Ariel bowed, slipping into her native tongue. She was speaking in English, but she doesn't feel comfortable unless she's doing her greetings in Japanese. It seems like she confused the other girl though, judging by how her face is distorting. "Please call me Ai-chan, Airi-chan, or Rie-chan if you like."

"Gomenasai, but... Are you a boy, or a girl?"

Indeed, now that Ariel is taking a closer look, it seems like Yui has a feminine build, and even a fairly feminine name. His/her long hair is tied into a ponytail, looking like a dead animal's tail now that he/she is wearing the hat Ariel gave him/her. He/she wore a white shirt, black pants, and has a blazer tied around his/her waist. He/she has a bandoleer tied around one of his/her thighs with his/her all important (2) Pokeballs on it.

"I'm a girl." Yui deadpanned.

Ariel nodded. A lot of people must have mistaken her for a guy. After all, he's tall, very handsome with her feminine features, a pettanko-

"I'm a what?" Ariel blinked. Did she say that out loud? Uh-oh. Better steer away the conversation.

"What's he doing?" She said while pointing in a random direction. It would have been more convincing if she looked at where she pointed, but Yui glanced anyway.

"I'm not sure. Let's take a look." Yui said as she walked away. Huh, so sh- wait, did she actually point at something interesting?

"Professor, what are you doing?"

Oh, it seems like it was the man from earlier. The man seems to be surprised, since he was doing something in the shade of the trees. Does Yui make it a habit to get the jump on people?

"Oh, Yui. I didn't notice you there. I'm doing Field work." He said, but he seemed to be hiding something at his back.

"What are you hiding" Ariel asked, trying to get a glimpse of whatever's behind the man.

"This? It's noth-" He started, but as he moved to show it the ball slipped from his hand and hit the ground. As it made impact, the red and white ball opened up to reveal a brown and cream colored raccoon with zigzagging fur.

An awkward pause settled in as Yui stared at the man, the man sweating under her glare, and Ariel gazing dreamily at the Pokemon with half-lidded eyes.

"... Professor Birch. Is that the very same Zigzagoon I keep on hearing that's been harassing you every time you do field work? Coincidentally enough for a person who doesn't have a Pokemon to save you with one of your Starter Pokemon?"

"Ahahaha... No?" Birch said, scratching the back of his head, looking quite sheepish.

Her fingers twitched to reach down her bandoleer, but after a second she sighed in resignation. She waved a hand before Ariel's face to snap her out of her daydream. "Rie-chan. This is Professor Birch, a Pokemon Professor"

"Hajishimashte, watashi wa Mihara Arieru." She bowed again. "Ano, Birch-san, what do you do in a 'Field Work'?"

"He stages attacks so that it seems like he's in need of rescuing. I'm guessing other people know, judging how it's only the new trainers that seems to find him and save him with his own Starter giveaways. They get to keep whatever they choose afterwards." Yui answered for him.

Ariel nodded. "It's like a psychological check on how someone will react while on a controlled environment? I see, so it's also a test to see if someone is worthy of the Starters, and a partial lesson on the consequences and rewards of an impulse choice."

Yui looked at Ariel like she just saw a Shiny Mew, unbelieving on what the younger girl just said and how she said it monotonously. "Can you run that by me again? I only understood half of what you said."

Professor Birch on the other hand just guffawed and slung his arms around the short girl. "I like you, Ariel. I'm sure you'll make it far if you choose to be a trainer."

He picked up his satchel bag, showing her several Pokeballs. "Pick one, You'll need it when you visit Norman."

Ariel's eyes hovered over her choices, trying to decide which is best for her. She stopped at one particular ball, and nodded to herself. "This one."

"Ah, Treecko. He's a well-balanced Grass-type. They don't have much support attacks as most Grass Pokemon are concerned, but he is among the fastest." The Professor said, describing as much as he could from the top of his head.

"Do you want him?" He asked.

Ariel nodded, not once tearing her eyes away from the ball in her hands.


"Okay then. Ariel, you're from Unova right?" He asked, earning another nod, albeit hesitantly, from the girl.

"I'd like to borrow your Pokedex if you have one." The words seems late to register, but Ariel searched her bag for her Pokedex. She doesn't know if she does have a Pokedex, but it wouldn't hurt to check.

"Ah that's the one." Birch said as the girl opened one of the many pockets her bag has. Huh. It seems like her school books have been replaced by other things. There's a violet Vial, a cellphone-like device that seemed to be the Pokedex, and some empty cases. He gave the professor the device, who then proceeded to operate it.

"Um, Professor. Why did you press the 'Data Reset' button?" Yui asked from over his shoulder.

"Data Reset bu- Oh no!" The professor tried (and failed) to save the precious research data, Ariel watching passively, only to lose all but one. Everything past the one Snivy data has been deleted, and even then only the name was saved.

The silence was painful to the Professor. He doesn't know how Ariel will react now that he deleted her PokeDex's data.

"Kawaii~" Ariel said, looking away. Birch almost facefaulted, slightly glad that she isn't too angry about what he did. He's wondering what she's looking at and cringed when he saw a pack of Poochyena all snarling at them with fangs bared.

"Rie-chan. What's Kawaii?" Yui asked, grabbing a ball.


"Right. I thought it was something like, Scary, or ugly."

"Girls. I'm pretty sure that this time I'll really need your help." Birch told them

"Yeah, I thought as much." Yui said. "Go! Charmander!"

Yui released an orange-looking Salamander with a flaming tail. Ariel thought they looked very much like Kenru[2] and Flame from Zero no Tsukaima. Must be a Fire type, Ariel nodded to herself.

Ariel mimicked what they did, and from it appeared a bi-pedal, puppy-sized gecko. It dusted off its hands before crossing its arms. It then swiveled its head to take a look at who summoned it, before turning back at the pack of puppies.

"Well, this is your first real battle. Let's go Zigzagoon!" Birch pointed.

With a growl, the pack attacked.

~ ~ ~

"Charmander, use Ember!" Yui called out. The salamander let out a breath that took form into small balls of fire, stopping the charge of half the pack and herded them away with a sweep of its mouth.

The wild Pokemon charged the Charmander, but two are headed directly at Ariel's Treecko. Not wanting to be out-done, Treecko asked its trainer on what she wants it to do from the corner of its eye. Imagining this to be like the Pokemon she always seen on shows and games, she decided to order an attack.

"Pound." she said it when the pair of Poochyena are right on top of Treecko. Moving as fast as it could, Treecko avoided the collision with the lead Pokemon by using its head as a springboard, then it blindsided the following Dark-type by using its Pound attacking tail.

As it landed, Treecko tried to use another Pound attack, this time with its arms, on the Pokemon behind him, but as he turned the Dark-type let out a guttural Growl that threw Treecko out of balance.

"Pound again." Ariel tried, thinking of a way to quickly get the battle over. Even if the puppies are cute, they can't hurt her first Pokemon. She might catch one later, but that's a thought for another time.

But Ariel's command it too slow, and already the Poochyena is about to hit Treecko with a Tackle. Thankfully, Birch's Zigzagoon sideswiped the poor puppy allowing Treecko to escape unharmed.

"Behind you!" Treecko pivoted to the side, narrowly avoiding the Tackle. Treecko, seeing its chance, attacked with a tail Pound. Before it could hit, the Poochyena opened its mouth, allowing it to bite down into Treecko's tail.

Treecko yelped in pain and tried to pull its tail free. The Poochyena, like any other puppy Ariel saw, decided to play a tug-of-war. The struggle between the two continued until Ariel heard a concerned call from Birch.


Birch's Pokemon was taken down by the other Poochyena, which now switched its targets to Treecko.

Thinking quickly, Ariel decided to copy something that happened to her in P.E. Class back at school.

"Use Leer!" As Treecko's eyes narrowed, the Poochyena stiffened as eyes that say 'If you don't release my tail now, I'll make you regret it.' stared.

"Now, Pound!" Treecko seemed to understand what its trainer is thinking, as he lifted its tail for a pound attack, the scolded puppy brought along for the ride and smashed them into the oncoming hostile.

The two Poochyenas tumbled into a heap, dust and grass kicked up as they yelped to retreat.

"Whew, that was a close one." Birch said, referring to their battle. Yui beat back the rest of the pack with her Charmander, who seemed smug at being able to beat several Pokemon at once. Ariel noted that Yui also seemed to have a small smile on her face. It seems like she is the kind of person who enjoys kicking puppies, of course here she uses a Pokemon, but same concept.

"You can hold out quite well Rie-chan. I'm impressed." Yui said.

"It's nothing" Ariel dismissed her praise. Is she enjoying this that much?

"Ah, well. I guess that's enough excitement for me." Yui said, looking back at the direction of the town. "Besides, I have to check if what Norman said is right."

"Are you leaving?" Ariel asked, her Treecko standing beside her with its arms crossed.

"Yeah, I don't think you need a guide anyway, as you have Treecko here." Treecko didn't move, but Yui could still see the slight glow of its eyes at the praise. "I was going to catch you a Pokemon, but what fun would that be? See you around."

After both Birch and Ariel watched Yui leave, Ariel said that she was going to head to PetalBurg to see her father. Birch used a potion to heal Treecko and Zigzagoon before saying his own goodbye.

As she turned to leave, offered her to swap the Unova PokeDex for the Hoenn one to try if he can restore the data. She accepted, but knew that Birch will not be able to fix it.

"Well Treecko, let's get going."
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Being a Trainer 101[II]
Route 101
Oliver Riverwood

The Pokemon kept rolling across the grassy ground for a further few minutes before spotting the Oran berries they two had collected, scattered around. In a quick swoop it scooped them up and began biting into them, enjoying such a fresh treat. “Oi, those are ours!” Oliver yelled, but the Pokemon didn’t seem to care. “Feeeeeb,” Feebas muttered. Oliver could tell it was angry. After all it was the one who actually found the small blue fruits. Feebas launched itself out of the water, sending ripples of water to crash back onto Oliver. The Pokemon too busy enjoying the berries was struckoff-guard by a powerful tackle form Feebas. However, it only took a few seconds for the cheeky Pokemon to process what had just happened, and it sprang up into the air and glided above them. The sun illuminated its body; it shone brightly as it glided over the treetops. “A Tailow!” Oliver exclaimed, surprised by such an unusual encounter. Tailow whistled, taunting Feebas who very well couldn’t reach it. Feebas groaned and lopped vigorously in anger across the banks of the pond. “I think we might have a new companion.” Oliver called over to Feebas. “Let’s get Tailow, shall we?” He winked at Feebas, and the Pokemon immediately begaing flailing in the dirt, sending clouds of dust flying up into the air. Unfortunately for the Tailow it was caught in one of them. Losing its vision for a short time, it swopped down to ground where Feebas was able to execute another tough tackle. Tailow was thrown back, but almost instantly retorted with a quick attack that Feebas was able to just slightly dodge. Flapping its wings, Tailow turned mid-air to slow down, before swooping yet again.

“In the water now!” Oliver sceamed. Feebas flopped back into the depths of the pond. Tailow glided across the surface of the pond, but was unable to reach the brown muddy Pokemon who lurked below. “Now, splash!” Oliver ordered, wiping sweat off his face, water still dripping from his saturated hair. The fish pokemon flailed around crazily, sending streams of water everywhere. The Tailow couldn’t help but get hit by such a spray and soon was forced to take to the land, with its wings wet and heavy. It gasped for air, struggling to stand. Oliver quickly reachedfor his belt and grabbed one of his five Pokeballs the professor had given him. With a firm grip he tossed it at the Tailow. The ball spun as it travelled through the air, its shiny surface glimmering in the sun. It soon made contact with the Tailow and released a jet of red light. The Tailow de-materialised before Oliver’s very eyes and now it was all up to chance. The ball clicked into position but began wiggling. It wiggled once, but remained firmly closed. It wiggled a second time and it seemed to be struggling. It wiggled a third and final time, before it made an echoing clank and rolled to Oliver’s feet, who had now began drying himself off on land. Feebas hopped over, and snatched the pokeball with its head before throwing it up to Oliver, who caught it. “Nice.” Oliver spat, breathing heavily. “Looks like we’ve got another team-member.” Feebas grinned and waddled back to the Oran berry bush where only few berries remained.

It had become darker now. With Oliver and Feebas saving the professor and catching Tailow, the sun had soon began to set. Dusk was approaching. With the day drawing to a close, it had began to get much cooler, so Oliver thought it would be more than appropriate to set up a campfire. But how? He didn’t have any fuel, let alone a match or a lighter. He settled on the fact that he’d have to do things the old fashioned way. He release Tailow for the first time since he caught it, the birds chirped as it felt the cool, evening wind. “Okay Tailow,” the pokemon looked up sharply, “I need you to go fetch me some firewood, could you do that?” “Tay Tay!” The bird replied. It shot up into the sky and disappeared amongst the thick shrubbery. It returned soon after with a collection of twigs and branches and even a few Pecha berries for it and Feebas to snack on. Feebas nudged Tailow gratefully. “Now, wall we need is a stone and a stick.” Oliver grumbled. He ran off looking for any decent sized stone to use. He wandered off into the greenery. He didn’t have long now before it was completely dark so he had to find something quick smart. Instead of finding what he came for, he spotted a mysterious man pacing back and forth as well as a few Trainers eager for a battle. Creeping out of the shrubbery Oliver approached the man who paused and looked at him with a warm and welcoming smile.

“Ah, hello!” the man said, his voice cheery. “What can I do for you?” “Uhh,” Oliver stuttered “Have you seen any rocks of stones around here? It seems to be all just flat, grassy land. I need to make a fire for my Pokemon and I and I’m afraid if I don’t find a source of heat or light, we’ll be spending the night cold and shivering.” “Oh?” the man said, shocked by such a possibility. “Don’t fret” he then said, “’l’ll lend you hand. I’m Rodger by the way, nice to meet you...?” he paused. “Oh, Oliver” Oliver replied slightly delayed. “Ah it’s a pleasure to meet you Oliver. I assume you’re a local Pokemon Trainer?” “Yeah” Oliver answered. “ I just started today, and already it’s been hectic.” “Sure sounds like it.” Rodger said, chuckling softly. “I’m a Pokemon Trainer to, but lately I’ve been more interested in the finding the many berries that only grow around these parts. Not to mention, I’m here to gather some more information on the suspicious thefts of Pokemon.” “Go on.” Oliver said, wide-eyed and deeply interested. “Apparently there’s a bunch of shady characters roaming Hoenn, stealing Pokemon and attacking big businesses. Weird huh!?” “Definitely.” The pair carried on, slowly walking back to Feebas and Tailow under Oliver’s lead.

Reaching the camp, it had finally reached night. Only the moon and the stars provided light now, even then, very little. “Now, time to make a campfire hey.” Rodger said. He took hold of one of his pokeballs that sat firmly attached to a trainer belt of his own. It clicked it open and out came a rather monstrous camel-like creature. “Meet Camelrupt.” Rodger said. Oliver new from such a Pokemon that Rodger was a much better trainer than him, and that he had ten times the amount of experience. “Camelrupt, use Flamethrower on those twigs and let’s get things warmed up. “ Rodger ordered. Camelrupt began gathering heat at the back of its mouth before released it in a burst of scorching hot flame. With a campfire, all they need was food and Rodger seemed to have exactly that. “I’ve got a conglomeration of berries we can roast. There’s more than enough for everyone so feel free to grab a handful.” Feebas and Tailow grabbed two each but preferred to eat theirs cold. The berries took on a different shape and colour to those Oliver had found earlier. They were plump and yellow with light orange spots scattered across their skin. “Sitrus berries.” Rodger muttered, “The best around!” Oliver and Rodger both snagged a stick each and stuck their berries on the ends. The berries bubbled as they roasted over the fire. “So, you’re planning to take on the Hoenn League after you acquire the eight Hoenn badges?” Rodger asked curiously. “Indeed, my first stop from here is Olddale Town. I’ve been trying to avoid the trainers here, since I don’t particularly want to battle at the moment. I mainly just wanted to train. I might battle some of them tomorrow actually.” “Haha” Rodger laughed before offering Oliver a proposal, “Why don’t we have a battle tomorrow? I’m sure it’ll be fun. “ Oliver was hesitant. How could he compete with Rodger? Having seen Camelrupt who knows what other powerful pokemon he might have? Despite his doubts however, Oliver accepted. “Alright. It’s set then.” The two babbled on through the night before finally falling asleep. The fire eventually faded and they became shrouded in darkness.

If it wasn’t for Feebas and Tailow who’d splashed loudly in the pond, Rodger and Oliver would have spent for most of the day. Still full from last night’s feast the two took the time to wake up. Oliver groaned, still tired. “Morning” Rodger whispered, stretching his arms and legs. “Morning.” Oliver replied. The two both washed their faces, the pond’s cool water preparing them for the intense day ahead. “So, what about that Pokemon battle hey?” Rodger asked. “Alright, let’s do this.” Oliver answered, eager to show Rodger what he’s got.

“Let’s settle for two on two.” Rodger called. Oliver nodded, accepting such an offer. “Alright then,” he began “Slakoth you’re up!” Rodger threw his pokeball sending the lazy, sloth pokemon out. It crawled across the ground snail-slowly. Oliver could tell it probably wasn’t that good of a battler. “Heh this will be easy.” Oliver yelled out to Rodger, with a smug look on his face. “Tailow, let’s go!” Tailow sprung to action, readying to battle the sloth Pokemon. “You may have the first move!” Rodger yelled. And so Oliver did. “Tailow, Quick Attack!” Tailow spun swiftly, then swooped down at Slakoth at a super speed. “Bulk Up!” Rodger screamed. Slakoth stood up and pushed its chest outward, it’s muscles soon were outlined and the Pokemon glowed a ddep brown. Tailow landed it’s Quick Attack, but, the small bird Pokemon bounced right off Slakoth and back into the air. “Stay close!” Oliver commanded. “Bad move.” Rodger chuckled sinisterly. “Scratch!” Slakoth sharpened its calws and began swiping at Tailow. “Try and dodge it!” Oliver screamed. Tailow swooped and ducked and spun out of the way. Slakoth was unable to land a solid scratch on the little bird. “Now, quick attack once more!” Tailow pushed off again, but was intersected by Slakoth’s sharp claws that dug deep into its feathers. “Taaaaaay” It cried before falling to the ground. It struggled to remain balanced. “Now finish it off with Brick Break. Slakoth’s arm became solid stiff before it sent out a slicing chop that it Tailow directly in the back. Tailow rolled across the ground weakly, fainting. “Argh!”Oliver grunted. He was shocked at such power, such a lazy Pokemon like Slakoth could hold. He definitely didn’t expect it to be so hard to hit. Oliver returned Tailow to its ball and Feebas took its position.

“Still want to battle?” Rodger called out. “I’m not giving up just yet!” Oliver yelled back. “Slakoth, use Brick Break once more!” Slakoth readied it’s arm and released another slicing chop. “Feebas, splash!” Oliver demanded. Feebas did exactly what it was asked and danced around frantically sending dirt everywhere. The dirt it flicked everywhere managed to hit Slakoth straight in the eye causing it to miss its mark entirely and chop the ground. Oliver noticed having done this, Slakoth became stuck. It’s fist was stuck firmly into the ground. This was his chance to strike. “Now Tackle Feebas!” Feebas thrusted itself into Slakoth repeatedly, causing a series of strong hits. Unfortunately for Oliver, it just wasn’t enough. “Slakoth, Counter!” Oliver felt a sharp pain of worry. He had forgotten that only one of Slakoth’s arms were stuck. The other was still free. He glanced at Feebas who was unaware of what was to come. “Noo” he yelled. But it was too later. Slakoth swung its furry fist around, hitting Feebas hard in the face. It flopped to the ground, exhausted. Oliver ran to it, devastated about his second loss. Rodger hurried over too, to shake his hand. “Take these berries too.” He told Oliver. “I had some spare from last night. Those berries will prove especially helpful in the recovery of your Pokemon. So don’t stress too much.” “Thanks.” Oliver said, smiling at Rodger before returning Feebas to its pokeballs and walking toward the end of Route 101. Although their goodbye was short, and somewhat odd, Oliver knew he’d see Rodger sometime in the future. He looked back to glance one last time at the helpful man, but he was gone. He had vanished; vanished into the tall grass and the tower-tall trees that he called home for this short part of his journey.
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Being a Trainer 101
Sarah Morgan- Route 101

“What’s that!” Sarah gasped looking at the territorial little pup growling at her, very cautiously removing her pokedex she was at least able to see what it was. “A Poochena eh” she said very cautiously moving back to her bag, it was on the ground right next to the sleeping Hera. “Crap!” she screamed. The young pup instantly began charging with a tackle attack.
“HERA!” the mammoth bug Pokémon dropped down in front of Sarah ready to go. “I forgot you were over there” Sarah said, giving her companion a slight smirk. “Hera use Nightslash” Sarah commanded.

Heracross once again, dipped its head low and fired a series of dark sickled attacks at the small pup. Poochena took the attack, seemingly unaffected by it. “What, that didn’t do anything” she gasped, trying to figure out what was wrong.

“GET OUT OF HERE YA MUTT!!!!” an old man screamed, scaring off the pup. “Hey, I was going to catch that!” Sarah snapped; turning to the white haired man. “You were about to take a beating, using a dark type move on a dark type pokemon is a no go young lady” the old man said, handing Hera an apple.

“Listen, if you’re going to be a Pokémon trainer, then you have to understand the basics of Pokémon training young lady” the old man said again placing his hands behind his back.
“What do you know; you’re just a senile old man!” Sarah hissed, commanding Hera to follow behind her. “Nope, you’re just a stubborn and confused woman trying to find her place in this world” he said, strapping the hat of an abbot.
“W-Wait…” Sarah said, halting the old-timer in his tracks. “Teach me what I need to know…” she said, letting loose a deep sigh. Her first win against Xin gave her almost too much confidence. The old man took a seat, pressing his brittle spine against a tree.

“Since you have some battle wherewithal, I’ll start with the basics. Catch Pokémon using Poke balls. Up to six can be in your party. Before throwing a Poke ball, weaken the target first. A poisoned or burned Pokémon is easier to catch. Some moves may cause confusion; confusion may make a Pokémon attack itself. Leaving battle clears up any confusion, People who catch and use POKEMON in battle are POKEMON trainers. They are expected to visit POKEMON GYMS and defeat other trainers.”
He explained, whilst closing his eyes. “Now then, Your Heracross is a dual type Pokémon; meaning it has characteristics of two different styles. “On one side it is a bug Pokémon, and on the other it is a fighting Pokémon” he continued.

“But I thought you said, Nights slash was a dark type move…” Sarah said, placing her hands on her hips somewhat confused. “Indeed I did, but pokemon can also learn different move types as well; I just pointed out to you that Heracross was both a fighting and bug type pokemon right?” He asked, pointing at Hera.
“Yeah….” Sarah replied, with her eyebrows knitted together. “Heracross has wings, which means” the old man started before Sarah finished.

“Which means, she can also learn flying type moves too!” she said, glancing down at the old man. “Precisely, there is a school in Rustboro city that can teach you more, but this should be enough to send you on your way” the old man said, once again standing to his feet.
“Oh, I almost forgot; if you use your pokedex you can see what moves your Pokémon knows” the old man said again. Sarah pointed her pokedex down to Hera. “Wow, Nightslash, Endure, and Fury Attack”

“Be forewarned young trainer, not everyone in this good ole land of Hoenn will aid you on your quest. There has been talk of people going around stealing Pokémon…” the old man said, leaning on his stick.
“Someone can try to steal Hera if they want to, but I’ll send them straight to the emergency room” she said, looking down at Hera.
From behind them, Hera could hear what sounded like a bunch of ruckus inside the tall grass. “Huh, what’s that…?” Sarah said, turning around.

Right on cue, four Poochyena’s jumped from the tall grass ready to engage Sarah and the old man. “Uh-Oh, looks like you made someone mad earlier” The old man said, glancing all around him.
“Stand back, I got this!” Sarah said, with Hera ready to go. “ohohohohho, you don’t think you’re the only trainer here do you miss?” the old man said, removing a poke ball of his own.

“Alright, Go Crobat!” the man said, tossing his pokeball on the dirty, the paralyzing light let out a purple flying pokemon. “Whoa, I knew you were more than talk” Sarah smirked. “Hera, engage now Fury attack!”

Heracross wasted little time in connecting with a powerful blow from the horn, the small pup’s body contorted as it was forcefully knocked back. As it regained its self, another one of its friends stepped up to battle.

“Tough little creatures aren’t they” the old man said, disposing of his two with ease. “Crobat Air slash now!” he commanded, the bat pokemon flapped it’s wings sending a powerful gust of razor sharp slashes at the pup.

“Alright now the last one” he said, pointing at the Poochyena Sarah had hit with a Fury Attack. “Wait…this one’s mine!” She said, removing a pokeball.
“Pokeball go!” she screamed, the pokeball smacked Poochyena in the head; only to materializing it into light. The ball closed and shook three times before it stopped.
“What happened?” Sarah asked, watching as the other Poochyena’s ran. “You caught it” the old man said, rubbing his bald head. “That little rascal was a pain…” she said, retrieving her new pokemon.

“Odale town is still a little ways off, I’d be cautious about battling to many trainers and wild pokemon if I were you” the old man said, recalling his Crobat.
“I’ll keep that in mind.” She said, returning Hera to her pokeball; continuing towards Odale town.
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ミハラ Ariel

Ariel's Treecko found itself watching its trainer lounge under the sun like a cat, her legs dangling over the small ledge on the route. They've spent quite sometime walking, encountering a couple of Pokemon on the way, but so far Treecko only had one battle, the one with the Poochyena. Now its trainer is resting, her Fedora covering her face to block out the afternoon rays. From her even breathing though, her rest became a nap.

All of a sudden, a sharp noise attracted Treecko's attention to the treeline. A disheveled boy appeared out of the treeline; sticks, leaves and berry juice covered his clothes. Upon seeing the road, he let out a whoop of joy and grinned, which turned sinister upon sighting the sleeping form of Ariel.

Treecko watched from its perch on the nearby tree as the suspicious boy approached its trainer. When his hands reached out, Treecko would have leapt down to protect Ariel. From their short time together, it deduced that she's air-headed at times, and if the other trainer is doing what it thinks it is doing, then she would be helpless against him. As it was about to jump down, movement from down below stopped it.

The boy grinned, finding easy prey for his slippery fingers, but as he was about to take the bag resting on the chest of his victim, the sleeping form's arm lashed out like a snake and painfully gripped his arm.

"Nani sundayo, Gaki?[3]" Ariel said as she stood up. She fixed her fedora with one hand, the other still holding on to the boy. The heated glare Ariel is directing at the boy is making him nervous, however. It doesn't help that she has his hand in a painful lock. "Give me a good reason why I shouldn't break your hand for trying to steal from me."

"Ahahaha~" The boy laughed in spite of the threat, but the panic is certainly there. His free arm flailed like a worm on a hook as his eyes searched frantically for an excuse. It was when Ariel was about to dislocate the boy's hand that he found his salvation. Treecko. "You're a trainer, right?"

Ariel shifted cautiously, looking at Treecko before coming back to the kid. "Yeah, what about it?"

"I challenge you to a battle!" He said triumphantly as he pointed at her, looking like a smug tax collector about to levy tax from helpless peasants. His expression changed to a pained one as the petite girl exerted pressure on her hold. "Ah- Ouch! W-wait! League rules state that no challenges can be turned down under normal circumstances!"

"This isn't exactly a a normal circumstance, now is it?" She grinned ferally, then an idea came to her. "Tell you what, I'm feeling uncharacteristically generous right now. I'll battle you, plus I won't report you to the league."

The boy's face actually lit up at that declaration, but Ariel isn't done.

"However, let's make the battle much more interesting. Let's wager."

"But it's standard practice to pay when you lose. Even criminals do it."

"Oh I know, I know." She waved "But I didn't exactly say I won't do anything to you or report you to the police, did I? I can, and will, let's say... Break your hand for example?"

When she said that, she added little more force on the grip. "You wouldn't dare!"

"Says the boy who tried to steal from an innocent, sleeping girl." The girl grinned, releasing his hand. "Also, I'll say it's self-defense when I snapped your hand in half."

"You're not that innocent, you sadistic..." Murmured the boy, but Ariel caught it. "Fine, let's get on with it!"

"I'm not." She countered, "But Ariel is."

"Go, Torkoal!" The boy threw a Pokeball, sending out an orange turtle with black volcanic rock acting as its shell. As it cried out its species' name, soot erupted from the holes in its shell.

"Treecko, let's run circles around that turtle." The green Pokemon nodded and jumped. Deciding to show off its dexterity to its new master, it summersulted in the air once before landing gracefully, its arms crossed as if this battle wasn't worth the trouble.

"So," The boy said, focusing on the two Pokemon. "What's in it for the winner?"

"If you win, you get away scot-free a few hundreds richer. If I win, I get you to do one thing for me, plus normal battle rewards." When the boy was about to protest, she simply reminded him that he tried to do something illegal. "Can we fight now?

The boy gritted his teeth before issuing an order. "Burn that reptile with Ember!"

'Aren't turtles amphibious reptiles?' The girl mused to herself before giving her own orders. "Move and use Leer."

Treecko dodged the barrage of embers before glaring at Torkoal. Besides looking slightly unnerved, the turtle showed no outward signs of distraction.

"Don't let up! More Ember!"

"Move back, then Pound it."

Ariel's Treecko stepped back enough to dodge the Ember, but as Torkoal was about to make a sweep, the green Pokemon jumped high and smashed the turtle with its Pound-enhanced tail. It didn't seem to faze its opponent though, in fact it doesn't look like it did anything at all.

"Haha! Are you stupid?" The boy said. "My Torkoal has high defense, plus being a Rock-type it doesn't take much damage from Normal-type attacks."

'That's right... play into my trap.' Ariel thought while adjusting her cap.

"Use Smog!" Since Treecko was close to its opponent, it wasn't able to avoid the Poison attack it released. A lungful later, Treecko stumbled out of the poison cloud and nearly collapsed into the dirt.

'Ugh... forgot that one.' The boy could almost see Ariel cringe under her hat. This only fanned his ego, pressing his attack.

"Finish it off with Ember!"

"Roll to your left."

"Don't let it get away!"

Treecko did as it was told, sticking to the ground and rolling. It was unneeded though as the Ember moved to the opposite direction, but it was scraped by the attack.

"Your other left!"


Treecko recovered from the Smog, jumping up and charging its opponent. With a powerful punch, the turtle Pokemon was sent reeling from the direct blow to its head.

"Use Headbut!"

"Keep on Pounding. Left Hook, Right Straight, Right Hook, Left Uppercut." Ariel guided her Pokemon through the attack, both arms glowing with energy. Each attack is directed at the turtle's head, where its type and stat advantage didn't help it any.

Quickly, the Pokemon battle devolved into a boxing match with Treecko looking like a boxer. For every strike, the Torkoal is forced to take a step back, inching ever so closer to the ledge Ariel was sleeping on a while ago.

"Now, a Pounding Haymaker!" One last punch sent the Torkoal tumbling down the ledge. When it finally landed, it stayed motionless. Probably knocked out.

"... You win." The boy resigned as he returned his Pokemon. He turned to Ariel to await his punishment.

Ariel smiled, a genuine one, then hoisted Treecko to her shoulder. "That was great Treecko. You look like you've been doing this for a long time."

The girl then approached the boy, taking her winnings before voicing out her request.

"I want you to close your eyes for a few seconds. Don't move."

"Wait, you're not going to rob me, are you?" The boy looked incredulous at that.

"I don't do petty theft. Now, close your eyes before I do it for you."

"Hah..." Sighed the boy. "I already know where this is going."

"Are you sure?" Ariel winked and posed with her finger close to her pouted lips, an imaginary heart floating away from the boy's vision.

Eagerly, he closed his eyes. He began counting to five.

"Here I go..." whispered Ariel. Then suddenly, he felt soft flesh-

"... Do you think I overdid it?" The girl asked Treecko. It shook its head, before pointing to a man watching from the sidelines.

Ariel left the boy on the ground, motionless like a puppet with rusted joints.

"That was a nasty punch missy. What's your name?" Asked the man.

"Kyouko." Replied the girl, bringing out a potion for Treecko. "Mihara Kyouko."
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@Lilizuki -
Chanel the Ralts is now Level 8!

Adelaide earned 550 from the battle!
@Rune Alchemist -
Received Treecko (Level 5)!
Treecko is now Level 9!
He learned Absorb!

Ariel earned 500 from the battle!
@Curious -
Oliver caught Taillow (Level 4)! [Ability: Guts ; Nature: Brave]
Taillow is now Level 6!

Feebas is now Level 10!

Oliver earned 550 from the battle!
Oliver received 2 Oran Berries, 2 Pecha Berries, 2 Cheri Berries and 2 Persim Berries
@Sarah -
Hera the Heracross is now Level 10!
She learned Aerial Ace!

Sarah caught Poochyena (Level 4)! [Ability: Run Away ; Nature: Naughty]
Sarah received 2 Oran Berries, 2 Pecha Berries, 2 Cheri Berries and 2 Persim Berries
That's about it~ Sorry for the delay guys. Chapter 2 is coming up

Chapter 2: Oldale Town

Oldale Town. A small town that is located at the end of Route 101. It is bigger than Littleroot Town, having more houses than the former, and is also surrounded by forest trees. The residents are friendly and rather close to one another. They welcome new trainers who pass by the town on their journey with freebies, though one of the reason they do this is because new trainers are usually the only people who bother to pass through their town. A Pokemon Center and PokeMart is located here. The Pokemon Center is a medium-sized dome-roofed building, while the PokeMart is small and blue-roofed. Flyers of different discount offers for newbies are posted on the glass doors of the Mart. This is part of their “welcome” for the new trainers.

To the far right of the town is Route 103. Normally, trainers pass through here to get to Petalburg City, but the path is currently under construction. If you ask someone, they’ll say that some crazy goon had decided to blow up that place. Police are scattered around that area, looking for clues on who has done the crime. They suspect that it was from one of those organizations who steal Pokemon.

To uppermost part of the town, however, is a path towards another route. This one leads to Route 102. You can’t pass through the path that’s blocked, so…

Pokemon you may encounter:
Rattata, Caterpie, Zigzagoon, Sentret, Lillipup, Wurmple, Burmy (Plant Cloak)

- 200
- 300
- 100
- 200
- 250

- NPC trainers can be found and battled in this area
- Players are allowed to interact here, but they are not allowed to “say” that they are from the real world. Just hint.
- Other players can figure out that they are from the real world, but no OOC metagaming, please c:
- Level cap is 13 (If people level up too fast, I’m probably going to have to lessen the amount of level you can gain from 1-5 to 1-3, or apply EXP if I see the need to)
- You can't pass through the path towards Route 103.

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daisies to push through the floor
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OWLsee you around

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ミハラ Ariel

"Just be careful little miss, and I'm sure you'll be fine." The man, a kind old Hiker that told Ariel about a crime syndicate going around stealing Pokemon waved at her as she entered the town.

A day has passed since she first arrived in Hoenn, and right now Ariel is rather tired. Last night isn't Ariel's most comfortable evening and she spent over half an hour awake staring at the stars above her. Treecko still hasn't returned to its Pokeball, not that she wanted it to. She rather likes its company, even if it was a Giant gecko.

Speaking of which, it is her Pokemon, and her very first one. Shouldn't she give it a Name? Oh, but first, she must learn the Gender of it. One Pokedex scan later, she has all the basic info about her Pokemon.

Treecko, Female, and it knows Pound, Leer and Absorb. The last is a new one, but not really all that surprising. She'll have to try it out later.

Her first stop is the Pokemon center. When the automatic doors slid open, she is somewhat awed by the contraption used for Pokemon healing. Striding her way in, bowing as she did so, she passed by some trainers milling about, hearing something about some incident in a route near here, thereby making it impassable.

The Pink-haired Nurse Joy gladly accepted her Treecko, so as she waited for the treatment, she claimed herself a seat on a bench, bagged her Fedora, and brought out a white brimmed hat with a pink ribbon tied around it.[1] She also unbuttoned her jacket, revealing a white dress underneath and laid it on the seat beside her.[2]

For some reason, however, the treatment is taking long, and caused her to doze off using the entire bench as a bed.

[1] It's a Brimmed hat, or a Sunday hat. It can also be called a Picnic hat. One of the Game's Sprite has one, it is used by the Grass using trainers. I forgot the name though.

[2] If you're asking why that many clothes, my cousin does the same. I'm just basing the same eccentricities.

[3] Yes, I ran out of things to type about. Also, it's 2 AM here. I'm just not asleep because I have been half the day.

[4] Yes, this is the 3rd personality.
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Adelaide Smith
Oldale Town

Before long, Adelaide's trail led her to the borders of Oldale Town. With Chanel at her side, the stylish young woman began a brief exploration of the town that ended in a mixture of disappointment and rationality. The former was because of the town's meager size, with barely enough room for the PokeCenter and PokeMart that were shoved in its boundaries, yet plenty of free trees to make room for them. For whatever reason, the people of the town didn't seem to want to cut down the forest around them.

But that was not the true issue, for Adelaide remembered that the second location in any story often has a fickle fate befall it. Whether it was through returning there later, or while the protagonist was present, there was a hook to capture the interests of whichever appropriate peruser of media. Though, she could not possibly imagine what it was. Perhaps the denizens of her dream were also savvy to the ways of the world, and specifically didn't anger the forest's denizens to avoid such a fate.

That would serve as an interesting dilemma, if she were to come into conflict with them, or at least she thought it was. Subversions were her game, however, and she was sure that being able to outwit herself was within her capabilities. After her exploration was done with, Adelaide concluded that there was almost nothing to see in Oldale Town, despite the encouragement from Littleroot Town to head there. There was, however, a perfectly usable PokeMart that she could use to stock up on healing items.

Adelaide's first steps into the shockingly sanitary confines of the PokeMart were cut short, as, with a burst of air conditioning and the scent of cleaning fluids, came a greeting woman in a uniform to match the clerk's; a man who sat behind the counter with a goofy smile on his face. "Hello! Welcome to the Oldale Town PokeMart, trainer!" The attendant greeted Adelaide by shaking her hand almost a tad too eagerly, before waving to Chanel, and grinning again. "It's dangerous to go fighting Pokemon alone, so take this!"

Again, before Adelaide could try to summon a response, a potion was pushed into one of her pockets, while the Attendant smiled at her. "Thanks. Excuse me." Adelaide said softly, slipping away from the strange woman's mien with all her skills of dodging conversation that served very well on the New York streets. With Chanel following swiftly on the ground beside her, albeit taking care not to trip over her own dress, Adelaide managed to choose the items she wanted swiftly enough.

There wasn't a great selection in the PokeMart, despite its size, which Adelaide imagined to be a result of understocking and little commercialism from the townsfolk. There were only so many trainers that could visit the town every week, but almost everyone needed what the PokeMart did have in store. The meeting with tthe clerk was just as brief as with the Attendant. She made sure of that. After swiping her card, Adelaide stuffed the items into the pockets of her jacket and fled the PokeMart.

Upon turning the corner of a house, with the intent to find something to do, Adelaide's gaze settled on a young woman lying on a bench, with a scattering of clothes that surrounded her like some kind of messy aura. Doing such a thing was unthinkable back where Adelaide came from, unless one was a hobo, yet the girl seemed to be neither poor nor dirty, but certainly seemed to be firmly into her sleep. It would have been easy to walk away, but Adelaide didn't want her fellow young woman to be attacked by a wild Pokemon or those thieves the man warned her of.

With Chanel beside her, Adelaide approached the bench where Ariel laid and loudly cleared her throat, in an attempt to wake the dozing girl.
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Sarah Morgan

“There’s Odale town” Sarah pointed, the journey thus far left her somewhat gassed, needless to say the copious amount of running didn’t help either. “My legs are killing me” she complained, bending at the waist to stretch her tendons.

The moment she entered Odale Town there was a mature woman, about roughly in her late 30’s; who greeted her at the entrance. “Welcome to Odale Town, New Trainer!” she screamed, handing Sarah what appeared to be a potion.

“Uh thanks…” she said, placing the item in her bag. “Hey what’s all the commotion?” she asked, nodding in the direction of the screaming trainers. “Oh, both route 102 and 103 are blocked so most trainers are stuck here, at least until the police finish investigating” while exchanging in conversation, the woman escorted Sarah to the nearby Pokémon Center.

“So, how many Pokémon have you captured?” the woman asked, Sarah unclipped her Pokémon from her belt and placed them on the counter for the nurse. “I captured One, I had given the other” she responded, trying to see what exactly the nurse did to heal her Pokémon.

“You can stay at my place until the police are finished their report.” Sarah followed the woman intently, as she exited the Pokémon center; her eyes caught the site of a red hair man entering the Pokémon Center.

“Who is that?” she whispered, subtly. “Oh that’s Leon; he challenged the elite four a few years ago and lost” she explained whilst opening her door. Sarah was amazed at how handsome he was, she nearly forgot that she was in a game.
“Wait…Elite Four?” the name rang a bell, her brother Jared had rage-quit so many times from not being able to beat the elite four. “All trainers strive to beat the Elite Four, doing so means you are the Pokémon champion”

For Sarah that meant she would be able to go home, if defeating the Elite Four was what it took; then she’d have to make it happen.

“So what’s your name?” the woman said, taking a seat in a rocking chair. “My name is Sarah” Sarah replied also taking a seat.
“Oh, I’m Julia; tell me about yourself Sarah” the woman said, crossing her hands in the chair slowly getting comfortable.

“Well” she started, but the only thing she could think about; was always being placed in handcuffs; getting caught smoking in the bathroom, Fist fights, pick pocketing, Court dates and her girlfriend. “I’m not that interesting” she said, with a guilty chuckle.
The commotion from before grew louder and more intense; Sarah quickly ran outside to see a group of guys antagonizing the people of Odale Town.

“We’re the best Pokémon trainers here, we’ll prove it to anyone!” the leader screamed, holding a poke ball.
Once again from the corner of her eye the red haired man stepped forward. “Let’s do this…” He whispered. Opting to rest her Pokemon, she wanted to see the man’s battle mechanics.
Pokemon White 2: Sarah
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ミハラ Ariel

When Ariel is woken by a rather bookish looking woman, she hasn't reached her REM cycle yet, so her little nap couldn't have lasted for more than two hours. She checked a nearby wall clock, it proudly displaying 9:30 for all interested people to see.

She rubbed the sleep from her eyes, fixing herself up as she did so. The woman who woke her up stood vigil like a castle gargoyle which slightly unnerved her. Well, sorry if she fell asleep. Is it her fault that her Treecko's checkup is taking this long. Oh, right. She still has to name the little fellow.

"Ohayo~ Atashi wa Ariel." Ariel chanted, slipping the hat back into her bag. Suddenly, she remembered that people around here speak in English and immediately moved to correct it. "Sumimasen... Would you like a seat? I'm waiting for my Pokemon to heal."

[1] Yes, this is Ariel. I'm going to color code the Personalities' texts. This destroys my Penmanship, but it should be easier for you. Although next time I'm also going to make it clearer on which personality is active, as each are quite distinct.

[2] I haven't set a personality for the 3rd yet. I was thinking of a Yandere-type character...
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Adelaide Smith
Oldale Town

Both Adelaide and Chanel watched with tilted heads, as the apparent vagrant took her time to wake up from the apparently comfortable bench. Ariel's mien brought to mind many different tropes, but it would take Adelaide a little more time to decipher this aspect of her dreamworld completely. The hobo thing wasn't true, at least, for she seemed to be multicultural, and immigrants were rarely poor, at least to the teen's knowledge.

The invitation to sit down was not unwelcome, as Adelaide came to notice just how much walking she'd been doing that day. "Thanks. I'm Adelaide, and this is Chanel." Adelaide smiled kindly in response, taking a seat right beside Ariel; her personal space was far smaller than most, thanks to time spent in densely-packed New York streets. As she sat, Chanel climbed aboard her lap and gazed at the trees, a shade covering the small Pokemon's face thanks to her cap. "Sorry for interrupting your nap, but there are a bunch of thieves causing some aggro across the region. Didn't want somebody to be vulnerable, y'know?"
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Sarah Morgan
Odale Town

“Seviper, use Bite!” Leon screamed, sending his dark snake Pokémon out to attack the trio’s Zangoose. “These guys look like the cream of the crop…” Sarah commented, watching as the well-trained Zangoose countered with a quick attack.

“I really should start buying some items from the mart” she said, thinking about how empty her bag was. With the exception of the one potion, the berries she had received from the old man and her pokedex. “Wait…I know…” she said, with a sly smirk.
Slowly backing into the crowd, she moved towards the part of the crowd she knew were Pokémon trainers.

“Zangoose slash!” she heard coming from the battlefield, many of the trainers kept their eyes focused on battle. Using her adept skills as a pick-pocket; she slid her hands in the open ends of large trainer bags taking any items she felt would be useful on her journey.
Despite not knowing what half of the items were meant for; she felt she was a little more prepared as a trainer.
Casually walking away from the scene of her crimes, she picked up haste and went to check on the status of the police work.
Pokemon White 2: Sarah
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