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Old November 27th, 2012 (2:13 PM).
Chip Chip is offline
Pokémon Collector
    Join Date: Nov 2012
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    I do anything for that darkrai. ANYTHING! Does it know dream eater? Is he totally legal? I want to join competitions with it.
    I am looking for this pokemon; all shiny, with a good nature, not hacked or cheated, in a regular pokéball, I want to change their nick myself or you change it for me, with the selected moves, preferred male, good EV's, : gible/gabite/garchomp (outrage and dragon dane, no higher than lvl 55), gastly/haunter/gengar (under lvl 35), dratini/dragonair/dragonite (under lvl 50 or with outrage and dragon dance), larvitar/pupitar/tyranitar (under lvl 55, with some uber moves), abra/kadabra/alkazam (also some uber moves and good EVs), bagon/shelgon/salamence (dragon dance and outrage). If you can get me these pokémon (remember, shiny. I have them normal so I won't need them normal again.) PM me and we discuss about the trade. I have great offers as well. It has to follow all the restrictions. If you can give me them all at once, plus a shiny metagross (of course, I have an offer for him as well) you get a shiny rapidash above of my other offers as bonus! Thanks.

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    Old November 27th, 2012 (4:17 PM).
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    SuperSnivy SuperSnivy is offline
    Team Fireblast Member
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      I'm interested in the Shiny Charmander. I can offer a Lv. 40 Female UT Dream Radar Riolu (hidden ability: Prankster) for it. Give me a PM if you want to trade.
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      Old December 3rd, 2012 (5:58 PM).
      AnnabellaEverfree AnnabellaEverfree is offline
        Join Date: Dec 2012
        Gender: Female
        Posts: 0
        Want: Female Dreamworld Eevee
        Offer: Shiny Suicune, Raikou, or Entei from the event, zorua with extrasensory, dreamworld tangela, female oshawott with air slash, shint lv. 100 Luxray
        Friend Code: White - 3396 8369 2659
        Old December 4th, 2012 (10:07 PM).
        skywolf's Avatar
        skywolf skywolf is offline
          Join Date: Dec 2012
          Gender: Female
          Posts: 7
          What would you want for the meloetta
          Old December 14th, 2012 (8:14 AM).
          Dragonmage's Avatar
          Dragonmage Dragonmage is offline
            Join Date: Mar 2012
            Location: NY
            Gender: Male
            Nature: Calm
            Posts: 39
            I'd like the shiny Charmander, assuming it's untouched. What would you like for it, also, how are it's IVs/nature?

            Check out my trade shop
            Midori and I will both thank you!

            Pokemon White FC: 0905 2241 5057
            Pokemon White 2 FC: 3096 5973 8776
            Old December 14th, 2012 (9:29 AM).
            RivalGator's Avatar
            RivalGator RivalGator is offline
            I hate them all.
              Join Date: Oct 2009
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              Nature: Adamant
              Posts: 778
              I am interested in Meloetta. I have a couple legendaries and two of the Rejis and an Uxie. Is that okay? Let me know.
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              "Ah, the past... The only thing dead that smells good."
              Old December 14th, 2012 (10:20 AM).
              Elite Four Lucian's Avatar
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              Elite Four - Psychic User
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                IGN: Kai
                Join Date: Jun 2007
                Location: Sinnoh Region
                Age: 29
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                Hey, I see you have quiet the Trade Thread, so I am offering to make you a logo and some userbars for your shop, if interested, PM with the details :)

                Pokemon Moon FC & IGN: Kai | 4313 - 5276 - 2514
                Old December 18th, 2012 (8:31 PM).
                ForeverTorterra ForeverTorterra is offline
                  Join Date: Jan 2012
                  Gender: Female
                  Nature: Docile
                  Posts: 30
                  Is your Meloetta for sure legit? Sorry, i'm just terrified of hacked pokemon. Well if it is completely legit, would you be willing to trade her for a shiny tangela or tentacruel?
                  Old December 24th, 2012 (6:07 PM).
                  MelchiorFlyer's Avatar
                  MelchiorFlyer MelchiorFlyer is offline
                    Join Date: Nov 2012
                    Location: Oregon
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                    Nature: Naive
                    Posts: 221
                    How would you like a Cranidos? I'll trade it to you for this:
                    Shiny Rayquaza Lvl 70

                    This is my Black FC: 2495 2895 0189 in-game name is Nialler
                    My Diamond FC is in my siggy. I hope you don't need my HG code.

                    EDIT: VM me when your ready!
                    X/Y Friend Code: 4313-1485-3689
                    Friend Safari: Bug ~ Butterfree, Beautifly, Vivillion (I think)

                    PM Me if you add me~!

                    Flygon is my bby~!
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