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Old December 6th, 2012 (6:49 PM).
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I choose Silver over Barry any day. Barry was annoying to me. Not only that, Silver has been my favorite character in Pokemon for the longest time. Though is is a jerk to his Pokemon, he learns that how he treats his Pokemon is wrong. I also like is story line better.

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Old December 6th, 2012 (7:04 PM).
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Did I mention Silver? Not only is he one of the only Pokemon characters up until Gen V to have a decent amount of character development, but I prefer him over Barry by far. Barry is just too annoying and right up in your face. I can't remember what his final team was, nor with Silver's, but even if Barry's team was better, I still like Silver a lot more. Silver also gives me a bit more nostalgia, because Crystal was my first Pokemon game.
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Old December 21st, 2012 (5:55 PM).
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Silver, any day. Silver was just so up front and confrontational about everything and he always pushed me to want to wipe him out in every single battle. He was mean and didn't like you, and that's why I liked him.
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Old January 8th, 2013 (9:24 PM).
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Silver is far better. Best character development of any rival in the franchise. Hugh and Wally come close, but Silver was more interesting in my opinion

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Old January 9th, 2013 (11:29 PM).
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I think Silver is the most interesting to me, mainly the story behind him, which is revealed through the Celebi event in HG and SS. Barry is not a bad rival, and his personality was shown well, being a fast-paced, reckless young boy. But for me, I would still say Silver. I think he has a good character development throughout the game, and I love his story, really.
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Old January 10th, 2013 (3:03 AM).
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Silver for me. He uses a lot of interesting Pokémon which rivals don't usually use, and his character development is very interesting. His rival song is also the best.

Actually, Silver is the best rival in the series, better than even Blue!

Barry's impatience was reminiscent of Blue always being ahead of you in the Kanto games. I hated that in 1st gen, and I hated Barry doing the same in 4th gen. It makes the player feel like an incompetent.

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Old January 19th, 2013 (2:24 PM).
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Giovanni Jr. FTW

Silver had a more interesting back story and he was one of the only few characters who developed and grew throughout the course of the story. Also, did I mention that he's Giovanni's son.

I found Barry to be (as most things I experienced in Sinnoh) very very annoying.

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Old January 21st, 2013 (3:07 PM).
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Silver, definitely. His development was amazing for a rival. It gave the impression that he was actually off on his own adventure trying to find himself instead of just off-screen for a bit before appearing and saying he got stronger.
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Old January 22nd, 2013 (5:35 AM).
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Now that's a rivalry. Silver or Barry...? I dislike them both. Silver is a jerk who thinks he's the best trainer in the world but he's team sucks. Barry is too loud, "Hey, player! Don't be late or your giving me 1,000,000 milions Pokedollars(or whatever it is.)!" Now that's a stupid line...but I have to go with Barry. At least his team isn't that weak. But in the manga, Silver is so much better than both Barry and Pearl.

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