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If you could receive ANY Pokemon for Christmas..

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Old December 20th, 2012 (9:33 AM).
Moltres Rider Moltres Rider is offline
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    If you could receive any Pokemon for Christmas, which one would you want???

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    Old December 21st, 2012 (12:37 PM).
    ~*!*~Tatsujin Gosuto~*!*~'s Avatar
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      I honestly would like to have all of the Ghost type Pokemon, but since this thread is about picking one, I would have to pick Giratina because it can fly me to places such as flying me back to college instead of taking a greyhound bus which takes 8 hours. Giratina would be able to use Shadow Force to get me some things and Giratina would be able to joke around with the people in my life.


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      Old December 22nd, 2012 (1:41 PM).
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      I'm torn between Nidoran Female and Abra. I have no real use for Pokemon (in a real world sense), so just having a Nidoran around the house would be no different than having a rabbit, except Nidoran would actually have some sapience. It's kind of a winning scenario no matter what Pokemon you ended up with, except maybe Slowpoke. The downside to Nidoran is being covered in poison quills, but I'm sure you just have to handle them the right way like a hedgehog. And have a lot of first aid serums.

      Abra, though, and assuming I couldn't just jump straight to Alakazam, would make a whole lot of my not-fun work easier. I'd see about getting it evolved into Alakazam as soon as possible. If he can get around to applying stubby fingers to keyboard, I'll let him write my thesis. I just wanna draw stuff. :(

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      Old December 22nd, 2012 (1:44 PM).
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        I would want a baby Cyndaquil.

        That would give me the ability to raise it from a small household pet, into a Quilava that could be an indoor & outdoor pet. Eventually turning into a Typhlosion I could take on nice long hikes with me (something for protection against wild animals).

        Also... I imagine a Quilava would make the perfect warm snuggly pet ^_^.
        Old December 22nd, 2012 (5:13 PM).
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        I'm torn between Meowth and Purrloin!! (both evolved forms are my #1 favorite) - so I can train and groom one of them and hopefully evolves!!
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        Old December 22nd, 2012 (5:38 PM).
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          As my UserName imples, I want a Vulpix for Christmas!:cer_nod:
          Old December 22nd, 2012 (5:41 PM).
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          curiousnathan curiousnathan is offline
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          I've got so many Pokemon I love; some based on their designs, their moves, their evolutions. Hmm, if I had to pin point one Pokemon, it's be Larvitar. It's cute, cuddly, and can put up a heck of a fight!
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          Old December 22nd, 2012 (6:49 PM).
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          I can't have a Reshiram or a Zekrom in my house, can I? Maybe a Pikachu, or a Piplup. Both are so small, so cuddly, and can be really powerful.

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          Old December 23rd, 2012 (12:16 AM).
          Elite Overlord LeSabre™'s Avatar
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          Mewtwo. Nothing says "holiday spirit" quite like a genetically enhanced freak of nature. Plus I could use it to help fulfill my New Year's resolution - to conquer the galaxy.

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          Old December 23rd, 2012 (1:49 AM).
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          Angeline plushxKikaito plush
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            I would want a stantler for Christmas it be helpful for I get snowed in.
            Old December 23rd, 2012 (3:32 AM).
            Kotowari's Avatar
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            Will be back eventually
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            Cyndaquil. : > Because it's adorable, and I just lovelovelove Typhlosion. It's also nice to snuggle with when it's cold. :'D

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            Old December 23rd, 2012 (1:33 PM).
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            Hikamaru Hikamaru is online now
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            The entire Oshawott line, given my heavy affiliation towards them.
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            Old December 23rd, 2012 (1:38 PM).
            TheFattestSnorlax's Avatar
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            New year, new possibilities
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            LOL, please count me in. Snorlax is a Pokemon that I would LOVE as a gift. I mean, really!
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            Old December 23rd, 2012 (2:40 PM).
            PikachuAddict's Avatar
            PikachuAddict PikachuAddict is offline
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              Like my username says Pikachu. I also wouldn't mind Cyndaquil or Oshawott.
              Old December 23rd, 2012 (6:31 PM).
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              Master of The Y
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                I Want a Garchomp nuff said
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                Old December 28th, 2012 (1:19 PM).
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                Ralts. It's cute, has the Christmas colors and its final forms are two of my favorites.

                Old December 28th, 2012 (2:14 PM).
                o Pikachu o's Avatar
                o Pikachu o o Pikachu o is offline
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                Probably a Pikachu or an Cyndaquil. Pikachu's my favorite Pokemon and Cyndaquil and it's evolutions are my favorites.
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                Old December 28th, 2012 (4:18 PM).
                Steve119's Avatar
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                  i would want a......MAGIKARP!! :P
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                  Old December 28th, 2012 (8:51 PM).
                  Sassy Milkshake's Avatar
                  Sassy Milkshake Sassy Milkshake is offline
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                    Tropius. Fave Pokemon, provides shade + transportation, and is a dinosaur. Couldn't ask for more.

                    Although Christmas is over btw.

                    Old December 30th, 2012 (10:14 PM).
                    pikakitten's Avatar
                    pikakitten pikakitten is offline
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                      Pikachu! That would be amazing, he could provide a low spark for heat, be adorable xD, furry, playful, good companion, just a great pet. xD
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                      Old January 27th, 2013 (5:27 AM).
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                        JOLTIK. It's so tiny...
                        Or spheal.
                        Or totodile.
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                        Old January 27th, 2013 (7:37 AM).
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                          Petilil, definitely. It'd be the perfect little companion for my day-to-day life.
                          Old January 27th, 2013 (8:30 AM).
                          Eeveelution Co-ordinator's Avatar
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                            Eevee! I love Eevee!!! Oh and when it evolves, Flareon= Heat And warmth, Jolteon= Portable Electricity , Vaporeon= Water, Espeon= Help with Psychic, Umbreon= Glow in the Dark, Leafeon= Make plants grow, Glaceon= Igloo/Ice Slide!!!

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                            Old January 27th, 2013 (8:33 AM).
                            François's Avatar
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                            Espeon would be my choice. I think it would translate better than any eeveelution to being an IRL animal (you can just tell it would be so SOFT) and I'm sure its powers could come in handy, somehow.

                            Old February 13th, 2013 (5:51 PM).
                            proN's Avatar
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                              I would want a Dialga...for my own purposes, in a way...heh, should be obvious why.

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