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    Snivy yawned sleepily. It was finally time to start on her journey. Professor Juniper had told her a new trainer named Daniel would come to pick her up soon.

    She looked impatiently out of the window. When is he coming? she wondered.

    "Snivy!" Juniper called. Snivy scuttled out of her place under the bed and stared up at Juniper. She wondered how her new trainer would be (if he chose her as his starter.)

    Juniper patted Snivy on the head. "Come on!" Snivy returned herself to the Poké Ball.

    Seconds later, she was called out along with Tepig and Oshawott, her slightly wimpy co-starters.

    She glanced up at Daniel. He stared down at the three of them, eyes wide in awe. "Wow," he murmured.

    She looked over him. He was of medium height. His clothes were winter ones, complete with mufflers and sweater. Oh, yes. Winter had set on Unova. His face was bright and sort of handsome.

    His eyes lingered on Snivy, who perked up but tried not to show it.

    "Hm," Daniel muttered. "I'll take..."

    Snivy looked up hopefully.


    Snivy blinked twice in shock. Oh, no! she thought. I didn't get picked!

    Daniel returned Tepig to the Poké Ball. "Sorry guys," he told Oshawott and Snivy.

    Snivy turned away mournfully. Her hopes of going on a journey with Daniel were dashed.

    Juniper returned Oshawott and Snivy to their Poké Balls, telling Daniel what he needed to know about the Poké Dex, blah, blah.

    Snivy felt a tear slide down her cheek.

    After half an hour, Juniper sent out the two of them. "Hey, don't worry," she said. "Someone else is coming here. She might choose you!"

    Snivy sniffed. Not likely.

    "Hey, Juniper!" someone called and a girl dashed in. Snivy looked up hopefully.

    She had long, shoulder length hair, a cap shadowing her bright eyes and ever-smiling mouth. She was docked out in winter clothes just like Daniel.

    "Wow!" she gushed. "I want...."

    Snivy opened her eyes wide.


    Snivy fell back in dismay. No, this wasn't happening. Being rejected by two trainers in a row.

    Juniper tried to console her, but Snivy ignored her. Finally, after telling the girl about the Poké Dex, she let out Snivy.

    "Snivy," she said kindly. "You'll have a great time here!"

    Snivy sniffed and dashed away.

    Juniper leapt after her but it was too late. Snivy had escaped from Juniper Labs.

    Well, there it is, my first fanfic here. Part II will come along soon. Oh and this story is in the adventure genre, not romance or anything (sorry).
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