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Old December 10th, 2012 (8:46 AM). Edited December 10th, 2012 by IWearHatsIndoors.
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I came up with this idea and posted about it before, but only as an idea, so here's the Pokemon Card game challenge!!! WOO!!


After purchasing a booster pack, you have to use the Pokemon obtained in the pack to complete the game
This means you have a maximum of 10 Pokemon to create your team or to choose from. (IE, you are allowed to change the Pokemon in the party to ones you have stored in your box IF you have obtained them from the original booster)
Any energy cards/trainer cards don't count and are ignored... too bad you don't get the same amount of Pokemon as everyone else!

Thats the basics, here's where things change

Easy options

You only have to use the Pokemon's families in this game. Say if you pick up a Sandile in a booster, you will be allowed to evolve that Pokemon into a Krookodile if you so please
HM slaves are allowed
After every Gym, you are allowed to swap out ONE Pokemon for another Pokemon you obtain in another booster. (Yay spend even more money!!)

Hard options

You play with what you get. Your Sandile is staying as a Sandile. Better stock up on Everstones and get used to it!
No HM slaves. This is going to be hard if you don't get any water types in your pack :T
You use what you're given, deal with it!
You are only allowed 6 pokemon, you are not allowed to use the 4 other cards (unless you are using the swapping clause)

This is all really a shell of ideas, so if you have any other rules you think would work please feel free to hit me up! I'd like to see how this will develop

Also, you don't HAVE to use booster packs. Another option is selecting a starter deck from and selecting 10 Pokemon from it, or 6 Pokemon. However you have to stick to one individual set. The above clauses can be applied to using a set deck however. You will allowed to be the swap clause and you CAN stick to 6 Pokemon if ya want to.

AR can be permitted to get the Pokemon/everstones if you want to, but for nothing else.

I'm currently doing this on my copy of White 2, originally using the Emerging Powers booster. The Pokemon I can use are:
Sandile (From Black&White booster)
Chansey (From Dark Explorers)

I'm just getting into the card game again, so I thought I'd try and think of something to combine the two! Thanks for reading
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Old December 30th, 2012 (3:23 PM).
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Hmm well I just got some booster packs today

Name: TrollShammy80
Game: Blaze Black
Booster Pack: Boundriess Crossed

Samurott (Pulled a Dewott)
Lopunny (pulled a Lopunny) LOL
Scolipede (pullled a Venipede)
Scizor (pulled a Scyther)
Gothitelle (pulled a Gothita)

The Booster Pack Had-

Will do hard mode on a future booster, great idea I love this

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