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Old December 8th, 2012 (2:49 PM). Edited December 10th, 2012 by Captain Gizmo.
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Let's have a gym leader contest! For each type of Pokemon, we have a gym leader that uses them. Vote on who you think is the better gym leader in their respectable type of Pokemon they use!
First gym leader to get 50 wins!

Brock (0) Roxanne (0) Roark (0)

Misty (0) Wallace (0) Juan (0) Crasher (0) Wake (0) Cress (0) Marlon (0)

Lt. Surge (0) Wattson (1) Volkner (0) Elesa (0)

Erika (0) Gardenia (0) Cilan (0)

Koga (0) Janine (0) Roxie (0)

Sabrina (0) Tate & Liza (0)

Blaine (1) Flannery (0) Chili (0)

Giovanni (0) Clay (0)

Falkner(0) Winona (0) Skyla (0)

Bugsy (0) Burgh (0)

Whitney(0) Norman (0) Lenora (0) Cheren (0)

Morty (0) Fantina (0)

Jasmine (0) Byron (0)

Pryce (0) Candice (0) Brycen (0)

Clair (0) Drayden (0) Iris (0)

Brawly (0) Maylene (0)
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Old December 8th, 2012 (3:03 PM).
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I'd vote for Wattson. He's the only Gym leader who's brought me down while being at my same level.

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Old December 10th, 2012 (5:17 AM). Edited December 31st, 2012 by Serperion.
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Blaine is my No.1 for having Rapidash and Arcanine

My top 5 would go

Blaine - Fire
Winona - Flying
Koga - Poison
Drayden - Dragon
Marlon - Water

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Old December 30th, 2012 (10:09 PM).
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brock, misty, surge, cilan, chilli, roxie, sabrina, clay,skyla, bugsy, norman, morty, byron, brycen, iris, and brawly
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Old January 5th, 2013 (6:50 AM).
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Whitney was perhaps the only challenge in GSC
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Old January 5th, 2013 (7:04 AM).
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Whitney, absolutely Whitney.
She humbled me, especially her Miltank.
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Old January 5th, 2013 (7:45 AM).
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Whitney is the only gym leader that was hard for me. Her Miltank isn't that hard, BUT HE ALWAYS DRINKS MILK TO BECOME HEATHY AGAIN. Lucky I had a Heracross, who can learn fighting type moves.

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Old January 5th, 2013 (3:31 PM).
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I also vote for Whitney. She kicked my ass so many times when I was younger.
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Old January 13th, 2013 (9:57 AM).
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Are you still counting the votes?
Because I'd go against everyone else and vote for Norman.
My Blaziken had a though time bringing his Slaking down.

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Old January 25th, 2013 (3:49 AM).
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