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Old December 26th, 2012 (10:32 AM).
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I've found that I think a lot when I'm trying to fall asleep, and I know that's the case for a lot of other people.

What are some things that keep you from falling asleep at night?
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Old December 26th, 2012 (11:30 AM).
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If I absolutely know I should be asleep right now but I'm not tired then the tiniest little noise can keep me awake. For example when I can heard people three doors down whispering, even if I can barely hear it it'll be enough for me to focus on and blame for not being able to sleep.
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Old December 26th, 2012 (12:12 PM).
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    Thinking actually puts me to sleep believe it or not haha.

    But my apartment makes a lot of creaking sounds when people walk around, and that definitely keeps me up.

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    Old December 26th, 2012 (12:27 PM).
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      The unquiet mind, my pets hogging the bed and dreaming out loud, the stress of not knowing whether or not my alarm clock will wake me up
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      Old December 26th, 2012 (1:56 PM).
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      I tend to obsess over my problems when I go to sleep, not the best thing, but I can never make my mind shut up. It causes me to have trouble sleeping.
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      Old December 26th, 2012 (2:01 PM).
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      I generally think about my life when I'm in bed. I usually just chill out, thinking and/or watching TV for a while before actually going to sleep.
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      Old December 26th, 2012 (8:52 PM).
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      Before I sleep, I usually think about random thoughts. Whether it be my sad past or my unknown future. It keeps me up until midnight, or even past midnight.

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      Old December 28th, 2012 (5:54 AM).
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      I often mull over the events of the day, but it's less mulling and more feeling like everything that happened has hit me like a truck. Thinking these things often induces reflections on each event, and thus thoughts on how to improve and/or make the next better by avoiding the mistakes I made that previous day. Song lyrics also run through my mind all the time so that makes for extremely long nights as well.
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      Old December 28th, 2012 (5:59 AM).
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        I can't sleep because I get these really awesome ideas at times and I have the need to bring those ideas to life or else I can't sleep.

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        Old December 28th, 2012 (6:00 AM). Edited December 28th, 2012 by Squidchan.
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          Originally Posted by Sassy Milkshake View Post
          Thinking actually puts me to sleep believe it or not haha.
          Same for me.

          I have trouble sleeping when I'm worrying about my daughter. I get up at least 3 or 4 times a night to make sure she is breathing.
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          Old December 28th, 2012 (6:23 AM).
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          YES. This happens to me all the time. I usually try to go to sleep, but my mind is just too busy juggling the events the next day will bring, reflecting on the happenings of that day, what the meaning of life is (even though perhaps it is 42), what my purpose is etc.
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          Old December 28th, 2012 (8:43 AM).
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          If I'm worried about something (anything, ranging from the silly to anything big), then mu chances of sleep have dramatically dropped. I have the bad habit of being obsessively anxious over things, and if I have a problem then good luck getting that off my mind to go to sleep.

          If I'm being randomly creative, that will also keep me awake. This isn't so much a problem if I feel I can get out of bed and go write down notes without taking away from my sleep (like if I had to wake up early the next morning). If I don't, though, then the ideas will keep bouncing around in my head, keep me up, and then make me worried I'll forget them in the morning.

          Usually it's the first, but yeah. Anxiety and an overactive imagination are what tend to keep me up. <_
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          Old December 28th, 2012 (6:04 PM).
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          I don't really think much at all before I go to sleep, but I [i]do[i/] have a terrible time trying to go to sleep in the first place. I have kind of an insomnia problem. Usually I just take my iPod to bed and play games until my body finally falls asleep. :\ Otherwise the lack of sleep drives me nuts if I notice that I'm up too late.
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          Old December 29th, 2012 (6:03 PM).
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          Nothing keeps me awake at night anymore, since I don't go to bed til about 3 or 4am I usually fall asleep pretty much immediately .

          I usually think a lot before I sleep but that doesn't necessarily stop me from sleeping.

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          Old January 1st, 2013 (11:44 PM).
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          Unfortunately, sitting in the dark in bed does indeed get my brain thinking about some (sometimes surprisingly deep) stuff, and so I end up not falling asleep, and sometimes even going back on the computer to look up things relating to the thoughts that enter my mind.

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          Old January 1st, 2013 (11:54 PM).
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          My sleeping times usually vary depending if I have work the next day and if my mother and brother are in a conflict then I do have trouble sleeping cos of the loud yelling.
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          Old January 2nd, 2013 (1:03 AM).
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          My brain is continually going at all hours of the night, so even after a long day, I still can't fall asleep even if I'm exhausted. I always find that listening to music on my iPod with my eyes closed for about half an hour relaxes me, and then I can usually fall asleep pretty quickly.

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          Old January 2nd, 2013 (11:52 AM).
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            Definitely. Worrying about the future or things I need to do the next day keep me up. Thinking about worst-case scenarios for things that need to be accomplished definitely keep me up. It's a terrible flaw I have that is really bad for my health. I'm working to fix it.
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            Old January 3rd, 2013 (12:15 AM).
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              Spriting, hacking, school, love, life and everything else keeps me up until I pass out xD
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              Old January 3rd, 2013 (2:18 AM).
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                I can't sleep when I think about random stuff and some family problems.
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                Old January 3rd, 2013 (2:23 AM).
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                It happens almost every night. Usually it's thoughts about my life, the day I had, family ,friends, and just random though sometimes deep thoughts are what keep me up at night. Also if my older brother is downstairs he would sometimes talk to himself loudly or if he's playing a video game that he's keeps screwing up at and bothering him, then he constantly yells loudly at it.
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                Old January 3rd, 2013 (4:01 AM).
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                  Thinking is not one of them that keeps me awake.
                  it's People talking at the top of their voices when playing COD, the neighbours having late night garden parties..Oh and my daughter not being able to sleep..

                  these happen quite a lot lately to me.
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                  Old January 3rd, 2013 (9:53 AM).
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                  Thinking is often the thing that will keep me up at night, and I'll start to get upset and need someone to talk to and then I realize there's no one to text and I get even more upset lol. :( I also can't tolerate silence. It really freaks me out to not hear something when I'm trying to sleep, like a fan or a video. I don't have a fan in here, so I usually just fall asleep to a video.

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                  Old January 3rd, 2013 (7:06 PM).
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                  I always think at night. I think about things I need to do the next day, and stuff that worries me. In short, I just tend to think about life things when im lying in bed falling asleep. I can't help it, also the same in the shower.
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