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Old December 4th, 2012 (10:22 PM).
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Grass-types are among my faves as far as design goes.

I love most of the cute ones, especially the Roselia, Cottonee, Petilil, Sewaddle and Oddish lines.

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Old December 7th, 2012 (4:53 PM).
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    I wasn't too found to Grass type Pokemon really, so I'll have to go with Cradily because of it's high defense and special defense and its the type of Pokemon to mess with people.


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      There is no pokemon I actually dislike, and its very hard for me to pick favourites because there is just too many.

      Also, if I like say Kingdra, it means I like the whole Horsea line. Members of an evolutionary chain are inseparable to me and represent one pokemon species. I can't think about Lairon without having Aron and Aggron in the back of my mind adding to the opinion.

      So I tried picking one for each type (by primary types, and exclusively Normal/Flying for the Flying type, to give every pokemon an equal chance; in other words you are all doing it wrong, exploiting dual types to get more favourites on your list, ie Houndoom is Dark, pick an actual Fire poke too duh etc..), but by the end of writing this post, one of the favourites probably already changed, let alone in a few days.

      Here goes.

      Furret - Ive always liked Sentret and Furret, because they are so adorable compared to Kantos rodent and one of such that actually isn't pink.

      Typhlosion - It looks friendly and cool at the same time, doesn't have a cliche Fire-pokemon coloration and I love how each stage is different even though they are all rather simple designs.

      Milotic - It is a beautiful sea monster, which sounds like a contradiction. So elegant and mystic.

      Luxray - Just when I thought Ampharos would be my favourite Electric Pokemon forever, they introduced the Shinx line, which for me as a big fan of felines was instant favourite. It has a great exotic color choice and ends up extremely cool.

      Roserade - I did not care much about Roselia, because I just did not see much potential in it, but I was proven wrong when they fully expanded its line and did that very well. Every detail on Roserade is spot on.

      Froslass - When I first saw the alternate female evolution of the hilariously cute Snorunt, I was at a loss of words. Its simply magnificent.

      Flygon - It makes for a great antlion based pokemon and actually turns into a more dragonic than insectoid creature.

      Lucario - This pokemon has everything, it is cool, powerful, has canine features and an egyptian vibe, and was the first Fighting pokemon to take the special side of its type to a serious level.

      Drapion - What a creative take on a scorpion, with the symmetries and alternating purples, as nasty and creepy as the real thing.

      Staraptor - Its simply the coolest of its bird bros with that stylish haircut and the grey shades.

      Gardevoir - a green haired humanoid Psychic pokemon? I jumped in excitement when I first saw a picture of Ralts. Its one of those good-hearted pokemon in their world full of threatening faces. Not to mention it also got an offensive addition with Gallade, which caught me totally off guard and is an interesting shift.

      Weavile - It is a cold vicious predator, and it absolutely looks like it.

      Galvantula - A furry electric spider? Fascinating! Yellow and blue/purple contrasting shades? I'm sold!!

      Cradily - It looks the most ancient of all the fossils we have seen so far, very exotic and peculiar.

      Banette - Freaky and not here to play anymore. Just wish gamefreak would remember it and give it an evolution too.

      Salamence - Sleek and menacing. I love its evolution, mimicking insect metamorphosis was ingenious, there should be more of that in non Bug territory.

      Steelix - A huge but cautious boulder worm turns into a scary monstrous steel serpent. After 5 generations such a core elemental change is still rare.
      Old December 13th, 2012 (5:02 AM).
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        Why??? because I love it's design...
        Old December 16th, 2012 (1:13 PM).
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        Ah, neat, a brain excercise. I'm so used to just exclaiming Nidorina and being done with it (mostly because I can't remember anyone else 80% of the time) that this'll give me a chance to actually think back and evaluate.

        Normal: Er, well I'm already off to a bad start. I can't choose between Sentret, Rattata and Miltank, but the reasons are all the same. I just think all of them are cute. Rattata gets bonus points just for being a rodent, the type of animals I like iRL.

        Fire: Vulpix. Has been my favorite for over a decade based on the sheer novelty of being adorable, and having a voice to match. I know most people prefer Eevee, but I feel Vulpix outclasses Eevee at least ten-fold.

        Water: Oh, shoot. I dunno. Totod... Mudk, well, no, Squirt... AHA. Lapras. No. No, wait. Totodile. Definately, definately Totodile. Probably. As for why, well, it's one of those "depends on the artist" sort of things, but Totodile can be really cute, too. I bought a Totodile plushie from the Pokemon Store in NY way way way back, and it's the cutest chibification of it ever. Lapras is graceful, but I think Totodile edges it out just for its playful personality. And cute appeal if that's what the artist is aiming for.

        Oh shoot. I totally forgot Horsea. Horsea's probably a runner up. I just wish it wasn't edged out by Togepi in the anime.

        Electric: Flaaffy, no contest. Also cute as a button. Clearly, I'm aesthetically biased.

        Grass: It's between the first three generations of starters. Chikorita is on the far end of cute, Treecko's on the far end of cool, and Bulbasaur sits in the middle. My actual preference flucuates, typically between Chiko and Bulba, with Treecko poping in on the days I remember the poor guy actually exists. There's no way I can settle on one.

        Ice: Articuno, I guess. I can't remember a whole lot of ice types. But I always loved this thing's cry in the games. That's one thing I'll probably never forget.

        Ground: Is Trapinch a ground type? If so, him. Those starry eyes and that huge head of his on that little body, man I love it.

        Fighting: Hitmontop or Medicham (depending on the artist). Hitmontop is sort of funny looking, but not goofy funny. Like Charlie Brown funny. It's a very simple design that I can get behind. Medicham, it really does come down to who's drawing it, because it has potential, but it can also come off as too weird.

        Poison: Nidorina. The easiest one thus far. There's way way way way way too many reasons why I like Nidorina, that I can't possibly condense it into something bite-sized. You'll just have to trust me when I say Nidorina's my favorite Pokemon (but for the sake of the topic, I'll throw out good character design as one of the core reasons).

        Flying: Aye... Pidgey? It's a successful take on the common sparrow, I'll give it that. The name just doesn't match at all.

        Psychic: Kirlia for historical reasons, but otherwise I'm not sure. Mew may be a modern answer for me, though, sense I don't pay Kirlia any attention anymore. Also, sometimes it's Abra. Blah, this list really isn't working for me, is it?

        Dark: Sableye, if it's really dark-ghost and I'm not just remembering wrong. Funny looking creature that reminds me of Stitch from Lilo and Stitch.

        Bug: Parasect. If I don't like a Pokemon because it's cute, I love it because it's goofy. What a funny looking creature this guy is. I love how it has a face like 83. Paras is cuter, but Parasect makes me laugh, and that's good enough.

        Rock: Onix. I have to give Brock's Onix credit more making me think of it as more than a huge, mean ol' rock snake. It seems like there's some compassion underneath that rocky exterior. I'd like to think that Onix are contemplative to a degree. Imagining stuff like this is why I still like Pokemon.

        Ghost: Haunter. Much better looking than Gengar, and the character design is appealling overall.

        Dragon: Flygon. One of the few dragons I actually like beyond a superficial level. I mean, the Dratini line is a favorite of mine, too, but I never feel compelled to give them a lot of thought, either.

        Steel: Mawile. Almost solely on the basis that there aren't any other cute steel types that I can identify with, Aron being an exception. Whether or not they came up with some in the 4th generation and beyond, I wouldn't know, and I lack the will to find out. I have to go with what I know.

        Ugh, terrible. This is the result of someone who hasn't played Pokemon in ages, folks, but still loves them enough as characters.
        Old December 16th, 2012 (2:16 PM).
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          Let me try.

          Normal-Kangaskahn. I used one once. It destroyed everything with outrage, crunch, earthquake, and the such.
          Grass-Ludicolo. As much as a stereotype as it is, I love it. Probably in my top ten with a good movepool and typing.
          Water-Lanturn. Same case with Ludicolo. Though it is probably the best Pokemon to use in rain (STAB never missing Thunder, plus powered up STAB water moves)
          Fire-Magmar. Not only my favourite fire type, but my favourite Pokemon. Balanced stats, great movepool, and let's not forget the Butthead.
          Electric-Magneton/Magnezone. I love them both. Are resistant to many types, with the addition to Magnet Rise.
          Flying-Crobat. Very fast, very powerful. Can wipe out whole teams when not prepared.
          Bug-Pinsir. Same case with Crobat, except not as fast.
          Rock-Shuckle. DAT DEFENSE.
          Ground-Flygon Family. Part of the first team I used in Ruby, and loved it immensely.
          Steel-Steelix. Like Shuckle, but can actually fight well too.
          Ice-Articuno. My favourite legendary. The first I raised to lvl 100.
          Poison-Drapion. Wiped my friend's entire team out with this guy and his cross poison.
          Psychic-Sigilyph. Really weird... And I love it.
          Fighting-Conkeldurr. Wiped everyone out on my first Black playthrough.
          Ghost-Spiritomb. I WANT AN EVOLUTION!!!
          Dark-Honchkrow. He always struck me as a Mafia leader, and I love him for that.
          Dragon-Hydreigon. Looks awesome. Powerhouse. And is overall amazing.

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          Old January 1st, 2013 (8:24 AM).
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            Maybe Grovyle, especially after Time & Darkness xD
            He also has cool design, good stats, etc. Just really awesome.
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            Old January 1st, 2013 (10:23 AM).
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              Grass is my favorite type.

              Petilil - probably my single favorite. Just so incredibly cute, and actually surprisingly tough.
              Lilligant - beautiful and deadly - the perfect evolution for Petilil.
              Leavanny - one of my all-time favorite sweepers, even with its weaknesses.
              Tropius - as noted, a prehistoric dinosaur tree that can fly. What could be cooler than that?
              Roselia/Roserade - I've always had a soft spot for Roselia, and often had one on my RSE teams. Roserade is just that much better.
              Cacturne - such a great concept, and perfectly executed - it really seems sneaky and vicious, and it is.
              Torterra - I wish I could live on a Torterra...
              Breloom - a long-time favorite - great typing, great moves, still a terrifying opponent, after all these years.
              Treecko/Grovyle/Sceptile - one of my all-time favorite starters, and Grovyle is easily my favorite middle evolution of any starter ever.
              Deerling - so cute and so perfectly executed - its Jump Kick is likely to either KO you or KO itself.
              Sawsbuck - surprisingly tough and the winter form is beautiful.
              Ferrothorn - absolutely my all-time favorite staller.
              Ludicolo - it just looks so happy, even as it's demolishing other pokemon.

              And... Victreebel, Leafeon, Cherrim, Abomasnow, Shiftry, Whimsicott.....
              Old January 2nd, 2013 (6:02 AM).
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                Breloom because he's so jacked. I have grown tired of seeing so many people use Spore/Focus Punch though. I also like Meganium (he's cool) and Jumpluff because I think it's hilarious that Cotton Guard and Amnesia can be spammed and all of a sudden it's a tank lol.
                Old January 2nd, 2013 (6:43 PM).
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                  I like a lot of the ones mentioned (like Sceptile, Breloom and Sawsbuck) but one that helped me out in a lot of early games was Parasect, so probably him
                  Old January 2nd, 2013 (6:55 PM).
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                    Turtwig would probably be my favourite Grass Type. It's just a personal favourite.

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                    Old January 3rd, 2013 (9:59 AM).
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                    Personally, I'm not much of a grass-type fan, but I sure love Snivy and Servine's design the most and also Pansage and Simisage too!
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                    My favourite Grass-type, without a doubt, is Ludicolo! Not only is it part Water-type (so its Fire-type weakness cancels out), but its design is really cool too.
                    However, I especially hate the generation five Grass-types (mostly the Snivy/Pansage lines though). Don't ask why, I just don't like 'em.
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                    Bulbasaur, Bellsprout or Chikorita. My reasons probably have little to do with the games and even less to do with how they look. Bulbasaur mostly because of the anime, Bellsprout because he's my friend's favorite and we'd draw Bellsprout doing stuff back in HS, and Chikorita because it's cute, but overall I think I enjoy specific characterizations of all three of them based on what I've seen, which is really all that matters to me.

                    Oh, Treecko in the anime was awesome, too.

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                    Old January 4th, 2013 (1:22 PM).
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                      Id have to say shaymin sky form because its the ultimate grass pokemon
                      Old January 6th, 2013 (9:40 PM).
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                      Mine is Tangela. I just love how useful Tangela is in battle and how it has cool little red shoe thingys for feet. Not to mention it has a great Crystal sprite.
                      Old January 15th, 2013 (9:55 AM).
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                        I'd have to say Snivy is my favourite grass type pokemon due to its smug attitude and cocky smirk. Serperior is also pretty awesome, particularly in the fact that it arrogantly keeps its hands clasped behind its back. Badass.
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                        Old January 16th, 2013 (2:51 AM).
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                        My favorite Grass-type would be Grovyle and Shaymin. Grovyle because it's looks awesome, and Shaymin because it's Sky forme is cool!
                        Old January 18th, 2013 (2:16 AM).
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                          My favorite Grass type changes constantly. At the moment, I'd say I like Lilligant best.
                          Old January 18th, 2013 (4:45 AM).
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                          I'm not a user of grass-type Pokemon, but I do like their designs. The ones I like are Lilligant, Leavanny, Maractus, Sawsbuck, Grovyle, Tropius, Celebi, Cherubi, Leafeon, Shaymin, Snivy....I think that's it. Yup, I know that's a whole lot, but I like their designs a lot.
                          Old January 24th, 2013 (12:55 PM).
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                            My favourite Grass-type critter, because it's pretty much the least like a Grass-type Pokemon. It's also one of the least likely Rock-type Pokemon as well, which is why it's one of my favourite Rock-type critters too. Sure it's slow and it's ugly and its stats aren't the best... but there's something about it that I just can't say no to. Maybe it's those creepy eyes that aren't really eyes; maybe it's the fact that its typings - which, individually give craploads of weaknesses - cancel most of the weaknesses out. I don't know. All I do know is that I love Cradily.
                            Old January 24th, 2013 (2:01 PM).
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                              Lilligant. I use a Lilligant every chance I get to. One day I'll get to abuse Own Tempo by using Petal Dance, but I have to work up the courage to run that set because it's very gimmicky.

                              But yeah, Lilligant's really pretty and really useful in-game.
                              Old January 24th, 2013 (2:07 PM).
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                                For me, it's Venasaur because it's the first Pokemon I ever had, (I still have my very first Venasaur, transferred all the way to White 2 from Leafgreen) and because Venasaur is my favorite Pokemon ever.
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                                Old January 27th, 2013 (5:42 AM). Edited January 29th, 2013 by Chaos Fork.
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                                  I'll start with fave of each type then all time fave
                                  Normal: DittoCmon, it's a purple blob that copies things. Kewl
                                  Fire: ReshiramI'm normally not into fire types but reshiram is an exception. I'm kinda glad I chose black now.
                                  Water: FeraligatrBeing my first pokemon, I had to put him in.
                                  Grass: TorterraWhat a cool turtle
                                  Electric: GalvantulaIt's also my favourite bug poke
                                  Bug: GalvantulaSee?
                                  Poison: BulbasaurA classic
                                  Fighting: GalladeBlades for arms? Awesome
                                  Flying: SalamenceRawr
                                  Ground: NincadaEvolves into ninjask and shedinja
                                  Steel: Genesect Look at it.
                                  Ice: KyuremOne of my favourite legendarys
                                  Psychic: MewtwoFirst pokemon to lv100
                                  Ghost: Misdreavus Looks like Mephiles
                                  Dark: ZoroarkGotta love this guy
                                  Dragon: Kyurem Cool backstory
                                  Overall, it's a tie between Zoroark and Galvantula. If I had to choose, it'd be Zoroark. I even put his name on the rock in the Shaymin event.
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                                  Old January 27th, 2013 (8:44 PM).
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                                    Simple question I would like to know what's your favorite Fire-Type Pokemon both legendary and non-legendary? Well for me if your talking non-legendarys I'd have to go with Charizard if you are talking about legendarys defiantly Reshiram.

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