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Old January 5th, 2013 (8:03 PM).
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    Can you play any instruments?

    (See...this is what happens when I avoid posting threads for a while...)

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    Old January 5th, 2013 (8:07 PM).
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    Nope. I've never bothered to learn anything, unless rolling my tongue counts.
    That there was my lame attempt at making a joke as well as keeping this post from being spam. :x
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    Old January 5th, 2013 (8:08 PM).
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    i play tenor sax in the marching southerners band. switching to baritone sax next season. i can also play soprano and bass clarinet and know a little flute.

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    Old January 5th, 2013 (8:10 PM).
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      Yep, I play clarinet but that's it unless like Slenderman said rolling your tongue counts along with whistling xD
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      Old January 5th, 2013 (8:52 PM).
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        Why I am a pianist. Here's a link to my soundcloud if you're interested in hearing me mess around. I play a little uke and mandolin and guitar, I'm best at the piano though. I'm trying to learn how to read sheet music so I can teach and write it.

        I suppose I could mention that I played the trombone, baritone, and tuba in school. I hope you can imagine little old me carrying a sousaphone twice my size around the football field in marching band. :s
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        Old January 5th, 2013 (8:53 PM).
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        I used to play guitar but my music teacher was a real kumquat so I quit.
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        Old January 5th, 2013 (8:58 PM).
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        I play the piano, but I'm pretty mediocre at it... I can only play the Disney song 'A Whole New World' completely, but besides that, I'm pretty bad =/

        Instruments aren't my forte.
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        Old January 5th, 2013 (9:05 PM).
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        In intermediate school, I learned the woodwind instruments available at our school. I learned the clarinet, the saxophone, and the flute.
        I started playing trumpet in 7th grade, and I can play that and the mellophone.
        I'm interested in starting to play the guitar or the drums.

        The one I'm most experienced playing is the trumpet. I don't remember how to play the clarinet, the saxophone, or the flute.
        My silver trumpet that I got for Christmas one year is my baby. <3

        I haven't played it in three years, though.
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        Old January 5th, 2013 (9:21 PM).
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        I can play the Clarinet. I also know .. very little of Flute and Trumpet. Perhaps I'll pick up my sister's Flute and teach myself a bit more, as well as my brother's Trumpet. As well as pick up my Clarinet more often. I become out of breath so easily now and my embouchure gets so bad so quickly it's terrible.
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        Old January 5th, 2013 (11:03 PM).
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        I played drums for quite a while, but went on a hiatus when I entered college.

        I'm wondering if I'm allowed to have them in my on-campus apartment now? I'd still have to deal with neighbors...a drummer's worst enemy.

        That said, I'm not all that good. I just randomly jam whatever pops in my head, but quite a few people have praised me.
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        Old January 5th, 2013 (11:12 PM).
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        in middle school, I played the flute for a short time. It was really fun! I wanted to continue through high school, but had to choose between school paper and I chose school paper instead. Kinda wish I chose the latter though.

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        Old January 5th, 2013 (11:36 PM).
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          Yes! I've been playing piano since I was very young (for about 13 years). I'm not a professional by any means, but I have played at a bar with my music school a couple of times. It's a lot of fun. :D

          I love playing music. It's a major (badum tsss) part of my life and I couldn't imagine not having that skill.
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          Old January 6th, 2013 (2:50 PM).
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          I currently play the trombone in my school's honor band.
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          Old January 6th, 2013 (2:53 PM).
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            I play multiple instruments, but I am mostly proud of;

            Cello, Lyre & Piano.
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            Old January 6th, 2013 (3:13 PM).
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            I used to play guitar, but besides that, nope.
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            Old January 6th, 2013 (5:30 PM).
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            I play the guitar pretty much every day and have done for around seven years. I like to think I'm pretty good at it by now as it's one of the only areas that I'm confident about my abilities in and I have absolutely no intention of giving it up any time soon. It's an area that I'd love to take on professionally but other than guitar teaching I'm not sure I'm willing to risk that as a career path given the uncertainty of a music career.

            Other than guitar I can also play piano, drums, bass and to a small extent violin. One that I'd really love to get better at is using my voice since it's great singing whilst playing guitar, but I'm not sure that's an area I'll ever progress much in haha.
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            Old January 6th, 2013 (5:42 PM).
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              Music is my life, haha.

              I can play guitar, bass, clarinet, trumpet, piano, violin, and cello. I can sing as well.
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              Old January 6th, 2013 (6:19 PM).
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              I can play simple songs on the piano and guitar (and maybe the recorder if I ever found one), but mostly just through memorization, and not because I can really play them. Other than that, no, I don't play any instruments.
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              Old January 13th, 2013 (9:06 AM).
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                I can play the piano. I haven't done so in many a year, but if one was placed in front of me, I'd probably be able to give it a lil' tinkle and rustle up some sort of tune. For the most part, I played by ear, mimicking stuff I heard on TV (so... mainly TV theme tunes, of which I'm quite good at a few!). But, if needs be, I can read sheet music. At least... I hope I still can! Like I say, it's been a while.

                When I was younger, I really wanted to learn the saxophone. Maybe I'll pick it up later in life but, to be honest, I think that ship has kinda sailed, unfortunately. Ah well...
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                Old January 17th, 2013 (5:17 PM).
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                  I can play Clarinet (been playing for 7 years, had a teacher for a bout 2 1/2 years)
                  I've been playing alto sax for about one year now..

                  I can play some piano, I'm not very good yet, but I can play a bit!

                  And I can play a very very very little bit of trumpet (gosh it's hard!)

                  And some flute as well! (I'm actually fairly good considering I hardly ever play, and it's all self-taught [I've played the flute maybe 10 times in my life and I can play tunes])

                  I can also play the recorder.

                  And I can sing... if you count that as an instrument
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                  Old January 17th, 2013 (6:02 PM).
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                    I taught myself to play the piano over the course of five years before I quit. It was a good run, but in the end I found things that were more gratifying and required less effort.
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                    Old January 18th, 2013 (9:14 AM).
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                    lol no.

                    Does clapping my hands in rhythm count though?

                    In high school my friends and I had a running gag about me trying to name the different instruments. Definitely not one of my highlights in life. So if I could barely name an instrument, just try and imagine me playing one.

                    Although, now that practically everyone here knows how to play at least something, I feel kind of embarrassed admitting this. Maybe I should pick up learning how to play the drums or learn the piano like my sister.

                    But then that would require learning how to play an instrument.
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                    Old January 19th, 2013 (10:02 PM).
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                    Yeah, I can play one instrument. The flute. I learned it in the fifth grade. Besides that, no.

                    beep bop boop
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                    Old January 20th, 2013 (8:07 AM).
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                      I am so not musically inclined that it's funny. I can't play anything to make it sound good... I can't even make any sort of beat using my hands by clapping
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