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I hate the elite 4 D=

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Old January 6th, 2013 (2:45 AM). Edited January 6th, 2013 by fimbu1vetr.
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Figured I should post here since this looks like the random board. WARNING, rant ahead... an old man that once played gold, my sister asked me for help beating some Heartgold gym leaders(Pryce, Clair) which wasn’t too bad. Little did I know the pain that would occur when I faced the elite four…

Now back when I played Gold, I was a 10 yr old noob that just put sweeping moves on pokemon it was easy and it worked. Being 10 years removed from this game, I don’t really know anything about pokemon now. Gym Leaders not being complete pushovers was a quite a surprise.

So what I had to deal with the elite 4 was a lv 37 gyarados, 39 jolteon, 38 typhlosion, 36 scyther, and 45 ho oh. Man I thought I'd be okay since my team in gold was pretty underleveled as well. Boy was I in for a big surprise!

So Will, Koga, and Bruno weren’t too bad since Thunder, Fire, Water moves + Ho-Oh kill them all. Was kinda surprised that the E4 had actual walls which I don’t seem to recall in G/S.
+ that Muk that could 2 shot Ho Oh and not get 2 shotted by Extrasensory *sigh*

Of course pokemon on this team are fainting left and right since they’re underleveled and mostly 2HKOed. Oh wells I bought revives and hyper potions.

So I get to Karen after using a hugeamount of revives + hyper potions yey. And bloody hell what is this houndoom!!!1!1!ONEone!1!? It was faster than gyarados and 2 hits him with dark pulse (after a Nasty Plot), 1 shots scyther, jolteon, typhlosion, and Ho Oh (no earthquake) can’t hurt him. This SOB literally can sweep her team. God dammit. Forgot how I killed him but whatever (Thunder crit maybe?).

So I’m at Lance and I have 1 revive left after the aforementioned disaster. This is when I realize I have nothing that can kill dragonites on this bloody team. AND the Dragonites OHKO basically everything. Gyarados can take 2 hits but lv 39 gyarados cannot OHKO Dragonite with Ice Fang.

So it ended up being Ho Oh stalling forever with hyper potions until each dragonite runs out of outrage/dragon rush and THEN Lance using his full restores while I’m spamming hyper potions . This took like 30 minutes to kill those dammed dragonites…

In the end I had Ho Oh (named Charizard mind you. Oh the irony…) with like 60% hp and no potions vs Lance’s final pokemon, Charizard.

Unfortunately, Lance’s Charizard decided to flinch, hit, then crit Ho Oh. I hate this game…
2 tries later (Houndoom swept the team the 2nd time, and then I looked up Houndoom and saw that he had no defense) …

I was at Lance again. NOW armed with like 20 hyper potions left, 10 revives, and like 10 full restores left I confronted Lance again.

HOLY **** THOSE DRAGONITES ARE ANNOYING. For some reason I didn’t get thunder waved as much the first time around so SPAMMING hyper potions literally took 30 minutes until his Dragonites died. One dragonite literally killed itself with struggle -___________-.

By the time Charizard came out I literally used all but like 2 potions (And I bought more after the first lost). Holy **** her team was so godly that Charizard killed her Gyarados (with a crit to be fair) and it came down to having no potions and Jolteon hitting a Thunder after 3 tries to kill Charizard.

Yes! Victory after 30 minutes of potion spam! I’m so dammed good at this game!

And then I learned what reflect did after I won. Yey. (I don’t know what like half the moves in this game do lol). FML

For anyone of you that has played fire emblem 7, this was worse than Hector Hard Mode Cog of Destiny's 100 valkyries (literally) and max magic druids with sleep, berserk, silence staves.

This was worse than S ranking every mission of Advance Wars 2 on normal, hard, and the War Room. Holy shiiiiiiieet.

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Old January 6th, 2013 (4:41 AM).
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Figured I should post here since this looks like the random board.
I'm actually pretty sure that this shouldn't be posted anywhere and especially not here, a place specifically for threads which aren't about Pokémon. Since this is more a bloggish thing about something which is annoying you, you'd probably be best off either posting a blog about it here or on another website, since I can't think of a section on this website where a rant about how much trouble you had with the Elite Four would be an acceptable thread tbh. Maybe a thread like "Was the Elite Four overpowered?" or something like that'd be alright, but not this one. Sorry! For future reference, please read this and feel free to PM me if you have further questions.

s͎̭̚ ̪ͭͩy͔͚̰̻̗̩̺ͣ́ͨ̌͡ ̩̳̙̖̖̺͡m̷̱̘͎̝̘̣͒͌͒̚ ͇͖̔̐̔b̝̪͚̞̦ͬ ̢͔̱̟̞̝͙̮͌̅̈̓̿̿i͐̈̃͊ͯ̎҉̟̠͓ ͕̥̣̪̠̃͑͞ỏ̵͕̠̱̬̬̞͛̋ ̨͈̻̱̟̱͓̪n͒̒͂͊̀ ̻̰̰̜̅̃͒̂͞tͭ̍̈́ ͙͇̘͕͍̜̖ͫ̌̊̿ͫ̂̀:̵̾͒̔͂ ̟͉̜̽͒͌͜p͎͇͎̦̺̙͒͆͋́ͅ ̨̠̠̘͚͖̺ͫ͛̎̉a̲͍̫͖͗̄ ͓͖͍̯̤̼͙̿̆̂̂̄r̬̟̮͖̥̼̆̓͑̃̾ͬ̉͟ͅ ̬̼̗͊͛a̛̯̮ ̮̬͍̙̮̤́ͪŝ͊ͬ̒̎̃ ̧̝̮͎͙͆̓ì͈̹̻̱̾͝ ̘͉͕̭̊ͤ̉̓tͩͯ̉̐ͨͬ̚͏̻̺̖̮ ̞̘͂̋̋ͯ͑ͦ͗e̞͔̎̇ͫ͊͗
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