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Originally Posted by dcjboi View Post
Pokemon Mystery Dugeon Sky/Darkness/Time: The gameplay from the first release in the series plus more pokemon more dungeons and a tearjerking plot. Although it's a spinoff, it isn't given the credit it deserved.

*edit* Paper Mario: The thousand year door: favorite game in the mario series and I had to give it to this game that I've replayed 3 times. All the characters are so likable and the plot is enticing to me as well as the plot

Also the Final Fantasy series: I've heard so much about this series that I've just had to play it. It is obviously longrunning and even though I haven't played FF7, it's influence has a wide margin
I absolutely adore Mystery Dungeon, great RPG and spin-off; it made me grow closer to Pokemon, because we see a different aspect of it where you are the Pokemon as opposed to the Trainer thus making it an amazing RPG for me, being a Pokemon fan and all.

As for Paper Mario and Final Fantasy, I am definitely gonna give them both a try, I have read a lot of good reviews that class them as some of the greatest RPGs to date, and by the looks of it, they don't seem too shabby.

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    according to my tastes, the best RPG was .....

    Final Fantasy VIII .
    Reason: This was my first RPG that i have played, and i like the combination between magic and technology that have that game. Besides, I loved driving the Ragnarok, and the design of Guardian Forces and the differents ways to obtain them. And the minigame Triple Triad was so adictive, but i still have the random, plus and wall rules.

    In the second place i must say that the Dragon Quest 8 that was a nice surprise for me, because the great amount of additional content, like the battles with monster (like pokemon) and the armors, and i like the change of some armors were reflected in the characters when you complete all the set.

    And in third place a tie between Chrono Trigger and the Final fantasy VII, because their fantastic stories, and in the case of chrono the posibility of multiple finals.

    Special mention for Final Fantasy X for the blitzball minigame, that was a great minigame, even the second time i played that game, the most part of the game i occupied in playing the blitzball and founding character for my team
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    Morrowind for sure... or Tales of Vesperia for JRPGs.
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      Chinese Paladin, hands down. (Or "The Legend of Sword and Fairy", I guess, if you know that name instead...) I had the fortune to play the game as a very young child (four years old ... yeah, I started reading early) and it is honestly the game that has affected me the most psychologically - I've replayed it countless times over the years. I honestly hate the TV series, for anyone that has seen it, because it doesn't at all convey the spirit of the game.


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