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    [Fear in the Corridor]
    " How the hell did this happen?! "
    " Sir, no one knows, it just appeared "
    " Bull! You're telling me that scaly fire breather just appeared in the Princesses tower out of thin air?! "
    " Please Captain, you've got to believe me! The watch saw nothing! "
    <Klak! Klak! Klak!> the sound of metallic boots reverberated through the halls of the Castle. Silver slivers showed dimly on the walls of the dark stone corridors, reflected off the plate armors of the Royal Guard. In the entire History of Rinoah Dragons were never known to enter the valleys nor coasts where Humans made their stay, preferring the mountainous regions to the north, the thickly forested regions to the far east or the depths of the Roa'n ocean. But here, the hills were low, the valley was all around, no giant beast roamed here to sustain such creatures. So why here? Why tonight? Why us? His mind was racing, made Knight Captain little more than a fortnight ago, he was 'wet behind the ears', and fearful as you'd expect any nineteen year old.

    " Captain Gino! " - a voice peeped from the rear. "Speak now, and hasten your pace!" he retorted. Gino couldn't make out the voice over the sound of his heartbeat. Nor could a face be brought to these barely lit halls. "To the left!" the soldier called again. In less than a second Gino had bent the intended corner, his blue cape flowing behind him-the only thing his men could see of their leader. <Klak! Klump! Klak! Klak! Klak!> Gino's boot's climbed the Spiral staircase as quickly as possible, the corridors getting brighter and brighter, the brightness one could not attain from mere candles. At the final stair his entire body froze, a thing not the strictest of training could have avoided. Ahead of him was a mass he'd never encountered. It's scales were gold, though much of it's length remain hidden in the dark. It's eyes were the brightest emerald, horns protruded from each side of it's head bending back and re-curving forward at the tip as ivory as it's deadly Kitchen Knife-Teeth. It's tongue forked and black, holding between it a ball of flame no that exploded into wisps of death. It's tail slid across the ground clumsily, slapping the long rug across the now-dwarfed hall-ruined by tears from its claws. Gino could here only his heartbeat getting louder and louder, not noticing even his men arriving behind him -who found themselves in equally volatile states.

    "C-c-c-captain..." came a voice. Gino's dignity resurfaced, he turned to his men and spoke hard and even, "E-Guard Flank Left, G-Guard Flank the right, F-Guard we take the beast head-on. Scouts, Aid us as you see fit." His men were as unsure as he was at the moment even though he did not betray his emotion in his tone. "Screw it, the hell ah' we 'spose ta' keel a thin' like that? All we have here's a doz'n men, five leath'd Panzies and a so called Cat'n that finally learned to use the piss pot no more than a week ago" came a voice. Gino knew him all to well, it was Fitzgerald, from day one he'd been giving Gino problems since the day he was assigned to the position of Knight Captain, day-in-to-day-out. "For F**ks sake Fitz, this a Life and Death situation! The Captain is a bloomin' prodigy, he's the only one here qualified to lead, I'm not gonna die here tonight because of the likes of you" another soldier retorted. "Everyone prepare yourselves, I'm going in" Gino stated. He flew from the hallway <Klak! Klak! Llak!>, his right arm crossed his body to his Rapier on his left. He neared the monster's's throat-it's head faced the other end of the corridor-toward the Princess's room. His blade came unsheathed it shimmered and sparked, the ancient Lightning magics within awakening as his confidence became stable. <Shink!> the Rapier's tip struck the back of the dragon's head wear the horn and jawbone met, the blade bursting into lightning, the dragon's skin exploding on impact, scales flying across the hall as they withered into nothingness. The first strike was his, and he was afraid. Excited.Thrilled. Afraid.
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