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    A/N This is my first time on the forms with a re-created Fiction over the years. Hope you Like it! Oh, i apologize in advance for any grammar/spelling/spacing errors, and spacing too! Feel free to drop a comment on how you feel about it! Enjoy!

    2035 ad

    The sky was reddish-brown, and there was a throbbing pain all over the young
    umbreons body.

    What happened? For a moment, he couldn't remember anything. Who was he, where
    was he, and where's everyone else? Eventually, he began to recall things. His
    name was Zaynik. He had 4 other brothers, and they were running for a cave to
    wait out a storm of lasers and fireballs. There was earthquakes and tornados,
    and a huge flying beast. He had tripped and fallen behind as the rest of his
    family was trapped in the cave by a falling rock, then a flash of light
    Zaynik felt his head. His headache was so bad, it echoed through his entire
    person. Despite this, he began to walk.

    He walked alone in the nothingness for a time, only coming across uprooted trees
    and scorch marks on the dry ground, when he spotted the cave. He brightend,
    excited to reunite with his mother and brothers. Running as fast as his legs
    could take him, he reached the heavy stone blocking the cave and began rolling
    it aside.

    It was eerily dark and quiet inside. Zaynik spotted the sillouhette of his
    mother and scurried toward it.
    To his horror, it wasn't a sillouhette. The Flareon had been burned to a charred
    statue, a look of absolute terror frozen on her face. The child looked down and
    saw his brothers in the same state. They couldn't be dead. They were Fire, they
    must have withstood the attack. Out of desperation, Zaynik poked the statue,
    hoping there was some sort of life left. Immediately, it collaped, leaving a
    heap of dust and ashes at his feet.

    He too fell, and wept.
    It felt like everything stood still for the longest time. All he could do was
    continue weeping when he spotted a heap of ash twitch.

    He must've been seeing things.

    The heap rose, and out emerged dirty Jolteon

    Zaynik sniffed. "Kanto?"

    The two embraced, happy that someone was still alive.
    "What happened?" Kanto whimpered.
    All Zaynik could say was, "I don't know."

    "Anyone there?" called a distant voice. It was feminine and soothing, a lot like
    their mother's.
    Unable to help himself, Zaynik dashed out of the cave and grabbed the thin leg,
    "Please, help us! My brother and I - we're the only ones left! Our mom... the
    The Gardevoir stood silent, staring at the small pokemon latched on her leg. The
    Zangoose next to her was stunned.
    "Kids? How'd they survive?"
    "I don't know," the Gardevoir replied, "but we can't just leave them here."
    She picked Zaynik up gently and quietly said, "You'll have to come with us. I
    wish there was something we could do for your mother..."
    Kanto piped up in the Zangoose's arms, "You don't have any doctors, uh.. those
    professor guys?"

    "All the humans are dead."

    Zaynik looked down and noticed the Gardevoir was walking, instead of floating.
    He had heard long ago that when Gardevoirs were sad, they couldn't float. He
    couldn't blame her; there was nothing happy about the world after an apocalype.
    They arrived at a house missing a roof. From a distance, there was a strong
    scent of cigarette smoke. The door hung dangerously on a single rusted hinge.
    The room was fairly packed. There was a table and a stack of crates, along with
    a slew of cigarette butts all over the floor.
    There was a Blazikin running around the kitchen, throwing things from every
    cabinet into a pot on what was left of a stove. An Infernape slumped beside the
    stack of crates, the flame on his head very low. Sitting on the crate was a
    Alakazam the only one in the house with a look of defiance.. or indifference;
    scurrying around the floor was a Glaceon trying sleep. Her face showed he was
    about the same age as Zaynik and Kanto, and about the same amount of stress and
    worry, if not more.
    "Good news," the Gardevoir called, "We've found some more survivors!"
    The Alakazam looked up . The Glaceon and locked a warm , friendly gaze at the
    "Children, Luna?" the alakazam groaned. He had a tinge of a British accent.
    "Just what we needed. Can they even talk?"
    "Yes," Luna replied sourly, "and we did not plan on leaving them out there."
    The Blazikin walked closer to Kanto for a closer view and grabbed his cheek. "I
    think they're adorable."

    "Adorable's not going to help us here, Jupiner" the Alakazam replied.
    "They're Different types, Barty," Luna retorted, "We need someone to fill in for
    Jackson; he said so himself that he's not going to last much longer." She
    motioned toward the Infernape. Barty turned to the Glaceon , who was still
    focused on Zaynik. "Lyra. what do you have to add to this?"
    She was startled at the sudden turn of focus and could only stammer, "Uh...
    "You're not even paying attention!" He snapped, whapping Lyra upside the head
    with his tail. She whimpered.
    "harsh..." thought Zaynik
    "So... what happened?" Zaynik chirped. "Why is everything... you know.."
    "Destroyed?" Jupiner replied. "We're not entirely sure, but we believe it has
    something to do with the Legendaries."
    The Infernape groaned in his sleep, as though aware of what was being conversed
    "Basically bigger, more powerful pokemon," Barty said. "They have these, eh..
    superiority issues..."
    -He pulled out a box of cigarettes, taking out the last in the box.-
    "So if 2 of them cross paths, a war is bound to break out at the drop of a hat.
    What we think is that a bunch of them ran into each other..."--Using the
    Infernape's fire, the cigarette was lit--"..and then Hell broke loose."
    "Barty, what did I say about smoking?" Luna said.
    Barty groaned and spat out the cigarette, sending a thin trail of ashes on the
    floor and Glaceon who ran to stamp out the light.
    "What we're hoping," the Zangoose said, "is that we go find a way to contact a
    Legendary, and convince it to return the planet to its peaceful state."
    "Is that possible," Zaynik said, a bit of hope rising in him,"..reversing all
    "It has to be."
    Everyone turned to look at Jackson, who was sitting up and staring at the
    "If they have the power to destroy everything we loved, they have more than
    enough to fix it..." He turned to Barty. "How long have I been out?"

    The floorboards were thin, and the conversation could be heard from below:
    "Whatever hit us, it knocked us out for almost a month. You could tell with the
    dust collected on you."
    "And you didn't tell us this yesterday why?"
    "You were gone, hunting for children."
    "Barty, lay off already."
    Zaynik rolled over to look at the sky. He and Kanto were on the top floor, where
    the roof was torn clean off. The night was strange; no stars shone in the sky,
    and only a sliver of the moon dimly illuminated the pitch-black. A warm wind
    blew gently, and they shivered.
    "It's creepy tonight," Kanto said, breaking the eerie silence.
    "It's all just... black," Zaynik replied. Eager to take his mind off of it, he
    started a different subject.
    "So... What do you think of those guys down there?"
    "The yellow one's pretty cranky." Kanto got up and started marching around.
    "These children," he huffed, imitating Barty's accent, "are preposterous. Hand
    me a cigarette!"
    The two laughed for a while, mocking the "cranky yellow one" as the gardevoir
    appeared in the room.
    "I'm not interrupting anything, am I?"
    She settled between the two and looked up at they sky.
    "It shouldn't be like this. This never should've happened." She looked at the
    children. "We can't live like this, in this fear, this state of endless... end,"
    she concluded, for lack of a better word.
    "Fear," Zaynik repeated in deep thought. "That's it."
    "That was look on my mom's face, when that rock fell..." - the image was clear
    in his mind- "I tripped and fell, in the middle of it raining fire; she turned
    and looked at me, just as the rock blocked the cave. It was fear."
    "I saw it, too," Kanto said. "It was wierd. That was probably the first time
    I've ever seen her truly frightened."
    Luna sniffed. "I know that feeling. My children were obliterated by a stray
    Hyperbeam. It's terrible, in that last half-second, seeing their innocence and
    confusion, flash away... and you know there's nothing you can do to stop it."
    She was unconsciously holding Zaynik , when Kanto chirped, "Don't I get a hug?"
    The three embraced, and from below, came a banging:
    "Turn it down, we're trying to sleep!"
    Luna got up, and took one last look at Kanto and Zaynik before saying good night
    and closing the door.

    Thanks for all the views! If you guys like it, Tell me and ill continue making more! Or just view it...
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