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Old July 31st, 2012 (9:14 AM).
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Wow, these are all truly beautiful! Especially Jumpluff, it's so cute :3.

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Old August 3rd, 2012 (10:34 PM).
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    I do sketches and line art mainly, and I wish I could do digital art like that. Alas, I'm too poor to afford a tablet. But really, your an amazing artist. I can't wait to see more of your stellar work.
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    Old August 10th, 2012 (9:40 AM).
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      These are all so vastly impressive.
      Old August 15th, 2012 (2:42 PM).
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        ^Couldn't agree more. Nicely done! :D
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        Old August 22nd, 2012 (9:22 PM).
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          Originally Posted by Cirno View Post

          Looking at this one in particular. But speaking for all of them, I do think that they all do look great. I do like the overall technique of soft shading and it does make them look pretty nice. I might suggest adding in more colors though to bring out more form. It doesn't necessarily have to be deeper shades of colors, but more colors might actually help to bring out more form while retaining the style.

          Now for this one. I like the understanding of perspective here, particularly the Jumpluffs. Though I think it should blur out the colors I do like how they are getting less detailed as they move back giving a sense of placement. The ocean does kind of lack the perspective though. I think you should try to find a way to make waves other then some lines and show that they are getting closer, as of now, there just is little perspective in that matter. The Background also does look a bit empty, I say work on the foreground first, then start drawing your Pokemon. I'm not sure of your process but a common mistake (that I use to make as well) is that people think you have to place background into the characters when it's actually place the characters into the background. You also have to realize that all the characters should be facing in a certain way to make some sort of interaction. Facing away from the canvas is a no no and will probably effect the overall impact in a bad way. You should also take into consideration that bubbles kind of reflect both light and refract certain objects, almost like little magnifying tools. Those are some things as far as my knowledge of Backgrounds go, I hope it helps out a bit.
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          Video game related top tens anyone?
          Old August 24th, 2012 (3:30 PM).
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          Originally Posted by Cirno View Post

          Cirno, that is quite possible one of the cutest things I have ever seen.

          All of these look simply amazing, you're good at this! I also like the Litwick, although I'm biased there. Litwick's a cutie to begin with. ;D

          Nice job!
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          Old August 30th, 2012 (7:24 AM).
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            Wow I am impressed.


            This one is freaking awesome. Do you take requests by any chance? If you do, could you sketch up a Hydreigon for me?
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            Old September 6th, 2012 (4:03 PM).
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              Awesome work definitely better than I can do when it comes to digital art. I do agree with leetcasualgamer though the background is pretty empty. I would try getting all the background figured out before drawing the character in the foreground. Either way though it looks awesone.
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              Ohhhh Cirno! *V* Your work is so beautiful, I always love seeing your clean, soft and soothing colors. Pretty much everything in this gallery I absolutely adore-- but perhaps this is just a personal preference, but the diagonal lines overlay is really quite distracting on the underwater picture-- It kind of disrupts the flow of the water for me, personally!

              I can't wait to see more though, thanks for sharing!
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              Cirno, these are really well done and cute! I really like the Jumpluff one and the one with Mincinno.
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              Old January 13th, 2013 (4:40 PM).
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              Cirno has asked me to close this till she gets outta her block and starts working on new stuff. So yes, gonna do that.
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