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Old May 11th, 2011 (6:19 PM).
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I just want to submit an idea to this community that I've been thinking for quite a while would be a good idea. There should eventually be a Pokemon game with access to all regions. I just want to see your opinions on if you think a game like this would ever actually be made and what you think might/should be featured in it.

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Old May 11th, 2011 (6:29 PM).
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I just want to see your opinions on if you think a game like this would ever actually be made
Personally...no, I don't think so. The reason for that is because how Game Freak does it (no other company is going to use regions made by them after all without their express permission) is that at most any new game has one new region, and the most we have ever seen in terms of region count is two (Johto and Kanto in GSC/HGSS, latter being remakes of the former). [Mind you it's also rumoured that GSC were meant to for a bit to be the last main games...but if so then Game Freak realised more games = $$$, so!] Anyway, that's the system they have used for 5 generations and many years now, with a few remakes here and there, and it's worked very well for them with record sales consistently - so why would they change what is for them a winning formula? As they say, if it isn't broken don't fix it, and I see more of the same in years to come. Plus, trying something outside that tested and proven formula could end up failing and hence lose them money or reduced profits - there's a risk there.

After all, a game with multiple regions could potentially hurt sales in the long run - why go buy that slightly newer game with only one (new) region when there's that super game with every other region in it? Then there's memory issues, and what happens with your Pokemon when they hit level 100 halfway through it all? It'd defeat the purpose of the levelling system (be boring for many after a while), and if they gave you fresh Pokemon/sifferent 'save files' for each region then arguably they're making 5 different games in one anyways, in which we return to the first part - why sell 5 'games' as one and make a lot of sales as opposed to selling them separately as already done every few years and making record sales anyway? After all, Game Freak 9and Nintendo) are primarily a business at any rate, so sales are a main factor.
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It will never happen because it's far too much work to be done without the game being in development for much longer and costing far more to make than the usual Pokémon games - and the regions in games we see now are clearly unfinished when they're first released.

Kanto in Gold and Silver was rushed and barebones because the team had no time to fully concentrate on making the area, and the development period of GS was slightly longer than the recent games.
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    A lot of translation is needed. Because of this, cost of development might increase and this equals to more increased price of the game.
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    That may be cool.

    If it was to happen every Poke-fan would go mad!
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    I honestly don't think it would happen, and if it does happen then it wouldn't be until some time. It would be pretty nice to travel to each region without having to get a new starter every time tho. I'd like it if they did make one, tbh.

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      You know i don't belive this could happen, but game freak could do it a lot faster than you might think. it would just have to be on the DS, because gamefreak has created all the regions on ds now, in the same map format. now I'm no game develeper, but i imagine it as kind of a connect the dots, and fix bugs when they show up. it still would take them long, because of scripting and story.
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        I think it'd be great :D But at the beginning of each new region, you'd have your Pokémon stored away, because otherwise it'd be cheat Anyway, maybe they will release one when they're done making Pokémon games. And I think that will take some time ;P
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        Originally Posted by hikikker View Post
        You know i don't belive this could happen, but game freak could do it a lot faster than you might think. it would just have to be on the DS, because gamefreak has created all the regions on ds now, in the same map format. now I'm no game develeper, but i imagine it as kind of a connect the dots, and fix bugs when they show up. it still would take them long, because of scripting and story.
        Yeah like all that Hoenn on the DS...oh.

        More importantly, the graphical styles of BW, HGSS and DP are all different to one another, and that would require the tile sets and building geometry to be re-made in order to fit in with the style used in BW. It'd also need a very large cartridge to store all the grapics and map data, so you'd have to make the big jump from the 256MB carts to the 512MB one that only one DS game uses right now.
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        It could potentially happen when the series is about to die.

        If the series goes on a decline then why not release a game with everyone's favourite regions? A lot of old fans will come back for nostalgia and potentially buy future games after they rekindle their love of pokemon.

        To some counter some of the issues made -

        When pokemon all hit level 100 halfway through - Quite simple really, reset pokemon each region but get the ability to export pokemon over to any region when you defeat every pokemon league. Obviously if you have lv100 pokemon and have completed all the pokemon leagues then it may get a boring so, it could be set out as an MMORPG with a hell of a lot more to do with other players online. All the little sidetracks/minigames in every region would be in anyway to extend playtime a bit.

        Memory - Admittedly this would be a huge problem so the game might have to be on a home console which would drag it even further from the normal formula. Then again, if the series was going to die, it would be worth risking. Considering there are probably a good few gens left in pokémon anyway, it is likely there will be a few handheld generations too so by then maybe it will possible.

        Just my little ideas. I wouldn't support an all-region game now though.
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          YES! I have wanted there to be a game with all the regions for years.

          It may not be plausible, but I think it would be really awesome. Imagine one game where you can explore every part of the pokemon world and get all pokemon in their natural habitat instead of having to rely on swarms or Sinnoh/Hoenn sounds.

          If the pokemon franchise closes, a game with all regions would be one epic conclusion.

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          That sounds like a cool concept, but I don't think it'll happen because it'll feel rushed, as said earlier.

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          In my opinion, there will come a time that Gamefreak and Nintendo would be out of ideas for a new pokemon and new region.. I think that time, they will think of something that would sell until they get new ideas for new regions and pokemons. That time, I think they will try to make a pokemon game with title of something like "Pokemon Generations".

          Containing all 5 regions (Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh and Unova) with extra regions (Oblivia and Orange Islands and some random island or city or half a region) and with 1 ultimate legendary and a feature where you can catch all the possible legendaries like (3 birds, 3 weather, 2 towers, 3 golems, 3 spirits, 3 creations, arceus, zek and resh and more..). And also in my opinion, it would also contain new storyline about the ultimate legendary and new trainer system feature (where you can choose from 4 different types of trainer - 2 males and 2 females each with different story backgrounds), pokemon musicals, pokeathlon, contests, etc..

          it would also contain of course a graphic enhancement (pokemon 3d), new battle system and also in 3d, new villians and a new evil group called "Team [insert name here]" that plans to conquer the world by befriending the ultimate legendary that came from another world but will be abolished because the ultimate legendary is planning to destroy the world itself. Then the 4 trainers will combine their strengths along with the gym leaders, ordinary trainers, and the evil team that is destroyed by the ultimate legendary. Arceus, Mewtwo and all legendaries will appear in a movie cut-scene and all will battle that ultimate legendary then BOOM... *epic*

          and it will be sold in 3DS and the 3DS sales will go BOOM! because of that game... Box art will be cool, and its color will depend on the color of the ultimate legendary and it will be the displayed mascot in the front of the box. It is possible also that they will make another pokewalker thing or accessory into that game.

          Sorry.. seems like my opinion just turned into a speculation, anyways, if they made a pokemon game like that then, it would sell million of dollars or [convert currency]. I for one will buy that game whatever will be the price... And I think that will be the downfall of Sony err i mean PSP...
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          I'd be perfectly fine with Orre replacing Hoenn, thank you very much.

          Anyway, such a game will present problems, both in terms of cartridge space, and how levels would work. We have five regions. Pokemon can have up to 100 levels. 100 didived by 5 would mean that at most each region could vary levels by an average of 20, which is way too tight for my tastes.

          And I would not be cool with starting over with a new team for each region. That kinda defeats the purpose of having them all in one game if you can't keep the same team for all of them.

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            Well, Game Freak would doubtless need a cartridge with much more space than the current standard DS card. If they made a card with more space, a all-regions game would be much easier to make, because the regions would not have to be bare bones.

            But yeah, I wish it could happen as much as anyone, but I highly doubt it will.
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              I've read a fair few forums relating to this subject and I have to agree that as a business they have no reason to do this, unless pokemon starts dropping in sales.

              To start off with the DS chip memory size, I dont believe this is an issue. Has no-one honestly seen a memory stick and the memory capacity of one of those? I think its easily upgraded if need be.

              As for the leveling system, this doesnt need any changing what so ever nor do you have to restrict certain pokemon to regions. Out of all the forums I've read not a single person has thought that they could use the system they already have in place, (in the older gen games, not sure about the newer ones) what system you ask? Well what happens if you level a pokemon to 100 before you do any gyms? thats right, they dont obey you. They could quite easily do this region by region, for example you level all your pokemon to lvl 100 in the first region they wont obey you in other regions until you have all the gym badges in those regions. This would make you cycle pokemon through the regions, keep the game challenging and interesting.

              I've also seen people moan about the story and how every region has different time settings between them. Who said the regions have to have the same story as the previous games? Infact who says there has to be a story at all, personally I'd just want to catch all the pokemon and beat all leagues. Add in some of the minigames etc of earlier versions like the shows in r/s/e (I forget what they're called) and you have yourself a very playable game with untold game time.
              If this game were to be made I'd buy it for double or maybe triple what they sell the normal versions for.

              Sadly its all about the money and they will continue doing what they're doing while they're making the money they do. Hopefully one day they will decide to make the ultimate game and give us the ultimate experience.
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                The Wii U certainly has the capacity for an all-region game and it would be a great visual experience. The problem is there would be six (plus additional) regions and it would be extremely easy to fall into a cycle of
                >Start region
                >Get badges
                >Beat up bad guys
                >Elite Four
                >Move on and repeat
                A good story could make all the difference, but that story would have to bring together at least 120 hours of gameplay (giving 20 hours per region). Even with that good story, there would be no challenge beyond the 8th gym of every region except the first. You could coast through the Elite Four and Champion with ease. There would be no final battle that could satisfy six regions of adventure experience.
                Old January 14th, 2013 (2:39 PM). Edited January 14th, 2013 by MrMime.
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                  I agree a good story would make it a much richer experience, and maybe to face the Elite Four of a certain region you would have to use their regions pokemon. eg. kanto; the original 151 etc
                  This could be implemented by some sort of story(Rules set by the Elite Four or some sort of pokemon governing body) and after you beat the Elite Four from every region you can enter into some sort of pokemon battle world cup where you can use pokemon from any region and you face trainers with pokemon over level 100 (not too much over or it would be too hard). Maybe an endurance battle where you go up against infinite trainers back to back and you see how long you last(limit potion use etc)
                  There is a lot of things they can do as far as stories go, I think a totally original story seperate from the other games would work best. Maybe set like 20 years after the other games or something.

                  I get what your saying about the regions getting repetative but I think a good story could go a long way as to not make it seem repetative, but at the same time if you play all the games back to back what you've described is essentially what you do.

                  Finally your point about the elite four and champion being too easy, thats always been the case. There is nothing stopping you from getting all of your sqaud to level 100 before you face them in any of the games, this could be changed so they adapt to your level. eg the better you are the better they are(level wise). Or they could leave them as they are and make them slightly harder each time you face them, they would have to be limited of corse.

                  Also with regards to the story, it doesnt necessarily have to have anything to do with the leagues and elite fours. It can be completely seperate so you can do all the leagues in all the regions without doing any of the story, but if you dont do the story then you cant catch any of the legendary pokemon or have certain items(like the best potions/berries etc).

                  The addition of side quests that dont effect the main story directly would also add to the experience. (I'm not sure if they've done this already in the latest couple of gens as I havn't played them)

                  Personally I love freeroam games where I have the option to do what I like and play the game how I want to play it. They really could do so much with a game with all the regions and all pokemon(pokemon over two/three versions), I think it would be a MASSIVE hit and be one of the best and highest selling pokemon games ever but once again they have no reason to do it as they make stupid amount of money from what they're already doing.
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                  I can see there's a lot of discussion... but this was a thread from mid-2011. Please don't bump threads more than a month old since the last post, never mind a couple years. =p

                  Going to close. Feel free to make a new thread if you want to continue the discussion.
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