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Some questions about scene and screen

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Old January 15th, 2013 (5:58 AM). Edited January 18th, 2013 by Krepusko.
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    Hello Community,

    I am trying to script a little 2-Player mode in Pokemon Essentials, but i don't understand the variables scene and screen. This lack of understanding gives me the following 2 problems:
    1. In order to change the team, I made an option to call "Bill's PC", but after leaving it, the game crashes.
    2. I don't know how to start the battle screen.
    Furthermore it is necessary to mention, that I am not implementing this function to use it from a map, but as an option right under "New Game", which replaces "Continue","New Game","Options" with "Host Game","Join Game","Edit Team", "Back".
    Can you help me out, please?
    It would really help me, because the Server and Clients seem to work (some problems with windows 7 but not with Ubuntu) and I would like to continue scripting.

    Thank you for your help.

    Now that I am finaly back on my machine, I can post the line, I suspect to solve problem 2:

    It is line 666 in the PokeBattle_Battle script. What I am trying out now is to copy the 2 methods (pbStartBattle and pbStartBattleCore) to the PokemonLoad script, where I define the variables in pbStartBattleCore with the ones reading from the savefile. Don't know, if this will work.

    I got the following lines for a random enemy in order to test:
    pbBattleAnimation(trainerbgm) {
    pbSceneStandby {
    if $PokemonGlobal.partner
    for i in $; i.heal; end
    if decision==2 || decision==5
    if canlose
    for i in $; i.heal; end
    for i in 0...10

    Problem is, that it takes 16 seconds to start the battle and the game crashes after the battle is over, which is not unexpected. Can you tell me, how I can fix the crashs?
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