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Old January 15th, 2013 (6:15 PM). Edited January 15th, 2013 by Miss Doronjo.
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    Now, first, I realized that while there are threads about the dual legendaries Yveltal and Xerneas, the trio legendaries, the 'mirage' legendary, and even pseudo legendaries, there is not quite a thread about speculations about the possible 'third' legendary, so here we go! Well first of all, as you know, while in the main stream of the recent pokemon games that have dual legendaries that represent each game respectively, there is a 'third' legendary that represents the third game in the trilogy of the generation of the pokemon games. (Eg. Rayquaza, Giritina, Kryuem)

    Well, the first question that this thread will ask is, what do you think this "third legendary" will be named, or be ~suggested~ to be named?

    I know... from the lack of info about these games that this miiiight be tricky to answer.. D= So, maybe we can take a look at a few theories just to bounce some ideas around. Fiiirst, there's the 3D- axis theory, that, you know, these games were named after the 3D-aspect of the Nintendo 3DS. Or, as this image suggests:

    So, with three directions, could the third legendary be named by something that begins with a 'Z'? That couuuld be a possibility, but then again, a lot of you guys, including myself, have speculated in the Third Game Name thread that the games could be linked to chromosomes, so maybe this pokemon will have a combined name that starts with XY or XX? Maybe it starting with ZX or ZY?

    Well, anyway, the next question you can prooobably think about is, What would you like to see them based off - what do you think or hope that this third pokemon will look like?

    Well, one idea that I had is that, since Yveltal is shaped like a 'Y'in the shy shown in the trailer, and if you look very closely at the pupils of Xerneas's eyes, you'll see it's pupils are Xs. So, how can this pokemon represent the letter Z? Maybe it'll be a snake / slim dragon / a possible leviathan?

    Another possible question you can think about is, what should it's type(s) be?

    Self explanatory; should it have one type, or two? And what should it be? Should it be like, a whole new type combo that we have never seen before? Should it stick to a 'dragon' like the others? Because see - the "third legendaries" are often dragon types: Rayquaza, Giritina, Kyreum...

    In any case, the last question that you may want to think about is, what background stories could this possible third legendary represent?

    Again, bouncing ideas around, I'm going to quote a possible representation based off of norse mythology:

    As a quick note associated with Legendary Pokemon Z (the serpent-like Dragon) names such as Zhalja and Zhelle meaning “A Z Pokemon hidden away/hiding beneath (halja) or a Z Pokemon living close to hell (helle). The name here could literally be anything associated with living in the roots of the tree, close to hell or beneath the earth so it corresponds with the other name origins of living in the sky and near earth.
    Mmm, that could be possible! Though, truthfully, I'm not that knowledgeable on Norse mythology, it could be one. Although.. a pokemon that resembles a being that lives close to hell? Could that be associated with Arceus (or the heavens)?

    Well, looking past my rambling, just to re-literate the questions for ya:
    • what do you think this "third legendary" can be possibly be named after, or be suggested to be named after?
    • What would you like to see them based off - or what do you think or hope that this third pokemon will look like?
    • What possible types can it have?
    • What possible background stories can it have?
    • Any other thoughts? (eg. possible plot?)

    EDIT: Oh note, you don't have to answer them question-by-question; they are just possible guides for ya!

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    what do you think this "third legendary" can be possibly be named after, or be suggested to be named after?
    Maybe a huge Anaconda? Called Zanakon.

    What would you like to see them based off - or what do you think or hope that this third pokemon will look like?
    A snake, a snake would look so awesome to complete the trio

    What possible types can it have?
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