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Old January 17th, 2013 (1:57 PM). Edited January 18th, 2013 by CoolKnightST.
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    I was not sure where to post this but I had some ideas regarding some new fake pokémon:

    Raticate evolution: I had 2 ideas for this one:
    • Ratiking/Ratiqueen: Evolved by Dusk stone; Ratiking will learn more powerfull dark attack and can have the Intimidate ability. Ratiking focus stat will be physical attack. For Ratiqueen she will learn an lot of powerfull ghost attacks and will be more focussed on speed. Both of them will have an second type dark.
    • Ratiking: Evolves when learning hyperbeam.

    Both 2 ideas will ratiking have an lion related design. I got this idea because his evolution circle: Rat/Cat/Lion.

    Furret evolution:
    • Figret: Evolved by happyness ; Figret will have an second element fighting. He will now learn an lot of powerfull fighting attacks.

    Since sentret/furret was mostly usefull for his ability to learn elemental attack, this evolution look perfect.

    Nocowl evolution:
    • Hocowl: An fat bigger designed owl. This evolution finaly makes him an usefull defensive bird. He evolves on level 39.

    Linoone evolution:
    • Gonoone: An second type ghost pokémon. He evolves when faints holding an grave chard.

    Mightyena evolution:
    • Mightdos: An dual head design. He's still pure dark and evolves with an dusk stone.

    Ledian evolution:
    • Ledigross: Is an more powerfull special defense tanker. His special defense is legendary. His design comes back to his first form but now with increased size and beter tank abilities. He evolves with an sunstone and keep his original types
    • Stats: 95 HP, 55 Attack, 75 Defence, 75 Special Attack, 155 Special Defence, 90 Speed => 545 Total stats; Unlike his previous evolution his speed only increase slowly with 5 when his HP this this increase massive with 40. Still the most highest increase is the special defence with 45. In total his total stats increase with 155 points.
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    Old January 17th, 2013 (4:21 PM).
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      I love it when old Pokemon get new evolutions.

      Your Ratiking idea is bad. Sounds like a fake Nidoking. I also dislike your Linoone and Mightyena ideas. The former seems very random in the direction you went. The latter seems simply creepy.
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      Old January 17th, 2013 (4:36 PM).
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        Umm... I can depict what your getting at with Raticate and Furret,and maybe Noctowl, but the last two are kind of... unrelated to their pre-evolved forms. Theirs a few things you also gotta consider AFTER they evolve. For example, a normal/ghost type be immune to normal, fighting, and ghost, which make him WAY too powerful already. Then Mightyena, which is based on a wolf, suddenly gets 2 heads...? And on top of that all the ones you mentioned are the ones you get REAL early in the game, which breaks the tradition that the series set up.

        But I gotta admit the Noctowl idea seems like a reasonable idea that can be implemented. If it evolved at an earlier level then it can act as Staraptor's Defensive equivalent. Furret evo also seems like another cool idea.

        Also, do you have these ideas sketched out somewhere? I can't wrap my head around a Raticate evolution. Right now I'm picturing a giant rat mixed with Nidoking.
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        Old January 18th, 2013 (1:07 AM).
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          Names probaly wasn't the best idea, but I thought long enouge about there types to see how they could fit in combat. An raticate evolution would be logical when going to that direction. I only was not sure to keep it with 2th elem dark or with pure normal. Based on he currently elements dark should be the best aswer. The design idea was an white lion. Saidly all attempts on the current design have failed.

          The second figret design in fact kinda worked to get an full design idea for by using the standing design of Buizel and some modfication of the design itself.

          Nocowl I attempt an scetch but the design kinda failed. I probaly need some more ideas to full his design.

          I can agrea I didn't think the evolution out for Mightyena but Linoone probaly could work with the proper name and design. I nowtest linoone ability to learn an lot of ghost moves and his habitat seem to be dark. However his design itself isn't related to that on any point. I think about this and when looked to his design again I can see an ghost related look. Just think about how he will look like in gray when his body is longer.

          Mightyena is probaly the most hard evolution since his evolution almost seem to be solid. Still I think it would be kinda stuppid to desadvantage an III generation for these evolution circle. I'm sure an proper evolution could be found when looking to the history of the animal. What about an cerberus related design?
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