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Old January 18th, 2013 (4:39 AM).
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    Actually, I'm leaning more towards the "past hero" theory now; could it be actually linked to BW? Since BW does mention a past hero who teamed up with Reshiram/Zekrom. Then again, could it mean that a new 'hero' theme could be in this game? Like, working with legendary pokemon, or within a prophecy?

    Could the statue link to that?


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    I think that it probably has no meaning and is just there to look pretty, similar to the way of the Munchlax rock in Sunyshore City. It does however hint that Golurk, Palpitoad and Eevee with be in the regional Pokédex.


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      It would be cool if the knight turned out to be a Steel-Ghost type and it's a haunted suit of armor, sort of like the Armadura (The Las Plagas possessed suit of armor) from resident evil 4.


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      Personally I don't think the statue has any significant meaning, it being there to look pretty beside a random rich person's mansion sounds good to me. But I do reckon it's a fairly strong sign that the pokémon shown in it will be in the game. And if Eevee is in the regional dex, it's probably likely that there will be new eeveelutions..

      (hai y'all btw)

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