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    Warning, this has nothing to do with Pokemon what so ever

    Chapter 1: Running Away

    Zane could barely catch his breath, as red crimson blood dripped from his mouth. The boy laid in the middle of the fighting arena struggling to even stand. Three feet away was the man that caused him this pain, Maximus. Maximus rubbed a Frustraighted hand through his smooth blond hair. "Get up Zane you're not done yet." Maximus said in a growling tone.

    Zane picked himself up, but he knew that he had no more energy to spare. "Maximus please, stop I can’t go on anymore?" the boy begged.

    Maximus sighed and gave the innocent child an angered look. "Do you think your enemy would do that if you asked? I said try again!" he demanded. Zane could see it in the man's dark sky blue eyes that he wasn't playing. Frustration showed in Zane's piercing ink black eyes.

    "I don’t want to do this anymore Maximus, you’re always pushing me around and I’m sick of it!" He yelled. The man’s face turned into an angry frown and about five seconds later like a magic trick he disappeared. Zane turned his head franticly searching for where the enraged man would reappear but there wasn’t the slightest sign of where he was. Suddenly Maximus grabbed Zane by the throat and held him up in the air. The boy made a strange choking nose that sounded like he was coughing and gasping at the same time, he tried to remove Maximus's rough creamy white fingers but it didn't work.

    "Now you listen to me you sorry excuse for a fireball, you will do as I say understand, or there will be consequences!" Maximus yelled. Zane nodded his head frantically, scared out of his mind, adrenalin pumping through his veins. His spiky hair, as black as midnight, with a bang covering his forehead flowed through the breeze. Maximus smiled and let go, dropping Zane on the pure cement fighting arena floor.

    Zane held his neck gasping for air. "You're worthless, a child with a gift and can't even learn to control it! Nothing but a horse and I am the king!" Maximus yelled. The crazed man kicked Zane as hard as he could. He was sent flying across the arena and smashed into a wall of red bricks.

    "Ahhhh!!" Zane yelled in pain. Zane fell on to the ground leaving a human imprint on the wall. His vision began to blur, everything was turning black, and as his breathings slowed so did his heart rate. The boy closed his eyes unconscious. Hours later he regained consciousness and looked up at the dark sky.

    "What a jerk!" Zane yelled in anger. He picked himself up, dusting off his long sleeved red shirt and black pants.

    "I would learn to control my power if he would stop trying to kill me all the time, I don’t even know if I have a power…… Whatever, it doesn't matter anymore because I’m outta here." Zane said. The angered child ran out of the training field and into the forest. The scene was quite the beautiful, brown trees with pick petals falling to the ground. Zane looked up at the dark sky full of bright stars and the giant moon. He closed his eyes and felt the breeze brush up against his bronze brown skin.

    Snap! The sound of a twig breaking reached Zane’s ears; and the startled boy turned around only to see a hungry, blood thirty wolves in front of him. The first wolf with shaggy gray fur walked up slowly and stealth-fully with caution. "Grrrr!" The beast growled.

    Zane turned around and smiled. "Catch me if you can pups." He taunted.

    After his last words were spoken the boy darted deeper into the forest full of Cherry Blossom trees with the viscous pack of gray wolfs right on his tail. Zane leaped high into the air and landed on a sturdy tree limb and turned to face the wolves. "What's wrong the wolves can't climb trees? Too bad looks like you’re going home hungry.”He taunted.

    Suddenly one of the gray wolfs jumped off another’s back and was headed straight for Zane, the wolf landed on a tree branch right beside him. Zane stared at the wolf in shock, these where no ordinary animals, what were they? Last time Zane checked they couldn't jump on top of trees. "Uh oh." Zane said to himself.

    "Grrr!" The shaggy gray wolf on the tree limb growled. Now scared out of his mind the boy jolted off of the tree limb, somersaulted and bolted off as soon as he landed on the soft ground covered in Cherry Blossom petals. The pack of Demonic wolves chased the boy, yearning for the boys flesh and evoked to be on their hunt. Zane ran through bushes faster than he had ever ran before but the pack was gaining closer, inch by inch, paw by paw they got closer their hunger grew larger and larger the more they chased him.

    "Leave me alone!" Zane yelled. Adrenalin filled his veins, scared to lose his life but at the same time he was thrilled, never had he had this much excitement before it was both terrifying and fun for him. His heart felt lodged in his throat beating harder and faster each minute that he ran from the wolves. Suddenly Zane tripped over a tree root and fell face first to the ground, it was softer than the cement that he was always beaten into my Maximus but it still left a little sting.

    The pack circled Zane baring their fangs, drooling thinking about how good his flesh would taste. "I said leave me alone!" Zane yelled. Anger formed in his eyes, anger from being chased, anger from being thrown into brick walls because of his power the power he didn't ask for, a power that he was born with, a power that he doesn’t even know that he has. It all angered him, Maximus didn't care about Zane he just wanted his power.

    Suddenly one of the wolves bound towards the confused child and Zane quickly responded by getting on to his feet and jumping back. "I said back off!" He yelled.

    A warm sensation formed in Zane’s right hand and he held it out, as he looked at his bronze brown hand hot red-orange flames had formed covering his fist. The boy smiled and squeezed his right hand making the roaring red-orange flames grow. The pack of gray wolfs took a few steps back but still didn't leave they weren't going to give up their meal just because a little fire. Unexpected another wolf sprinted straight for Zane and he held out his right hand covered in fire and formed the blazing flames into a ball then threw it at the gray wolf looking hungrier than it did before .

    "Take this you stupid excuse for a rug!" Zane yelled. The sprinting wolf ducked under the hot fireball and leaped onto Zane, biting down on his left arm.

    "Ouch!" Zane yelled in pain. The boy struggled shaking his body trying to remove the gray wolf. It didn't work the wolf bit down harder on Zane's arm, crimson red O positive blood flowed into the wolf’s mouth it was tasty better than he had ever tasted before.

    "Get off of me!" Zane yelled. Hot red-orange flames covered Zane's left and right arm and he kicked the gray wolf high into the air. Zane bounced back up and leaned on a tree holding his left arm, he had to lose the pack or he'd be done for.
    "Grrr!" A wolf on his right growled.

    "Sorry I wish I could play more but I really should get going." Zane said. He smiled and leaped high into the air and landed on a sturdy tree branch. Suddenly the big, muscled gray wolf that Zane kicked softly landed on the ground and bared its fangs one last time.

    "Like I said, I wish I could play more but really I have to get going." Zane said. The pack surrounded the tree there was no place to run, and if he tried to jump tree to tree they would only follow. Suddenly out of the blue a girl with short black hair, eyes as blue as the ocean itself, creamy tan skin, a black short sleeved shirt, short black pants, black shoes, and two dark blue Bokken swords stood right beside him.

    "Wow who are you?" Zane asked. The girl smiled……………………


    Oh please tell me what you think, this is my own personal story and my friends told me to post it so i really want to know what the readers think. Please let me know
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      Chapter 2: Saved by water!
      The girl turned her head letting her short black hair flow with the gentle August breeze under the glistening moons light. She gave Zane a look of curiosity, “You can ask all the questions you want after this.” She said in a gentle tone.

      The young girl pulled out her two light blue, long silver tipped Bokken swords that were strapped in two black scabbards (The swords case) behind her back. She lowered her head and whispered, “Be gone Benju.”

      “Owl!” The entire pack of deadly gray hungry wolves roared in anger at the sight of her blades.

      “Wow, they seem to hate you more than they want to eat me.” Zane said. The girl smiled and jumped off the sturdy brown tree branch, somersaulting high up in the air, and landed in the middle of the pack of hungry demonic wolves.

      “It’s time to send you back!” She yelled. The stranger gripped her swords even tighter. The pack step by step, inch by inch they grew hungrier fantasying about how they would tear deep into her soft, tan flesh. Suddenly without further hesitation a smaller young demonic wolf behind the girl leaped straight for her neck.

      “Behind you! Look out!” Zane yelled. Without warning the muscular, shaggy pack leader still focused on the boy leaped straight for.

      Zane turned around sensing something was about to happen and faced the head wolf. “Haven’t I told you already? I’m not in the mood to play chew toy!” he yelled. The flame wielding child jumped back and kicked the muscular, shaggy gray wolf in the face sending it plummeting to the forest floor.

      The strange girl turned around just in time to react to the young, small, gray wolf pup. She swung her right silver tipped sword, slicing through the wolf’s abdominal with ease. The tiny gray wolf exploded into soft neon purple dust and floated high into the air. It seemed so easy like cutting a piece of butter. “Wow, what are these things?” Zane asked both curiosity and fear flowing through his mind.

      The weapon wielding child continued fighting the pack of wolves not paying a word that he said any attention to. Zane jolted off the brown, sturdy tree branch, and landed beside the girl. Her short black hair and tan skin still sparkling under the moonlight. “You know you didn’t tell me your name.” He said.

      The pack took a step closer in an impatient manner, completely in sync. The girl turned around completely and smiled at Zane. “I’m Alyssa, a student from Crow Academy; we can talk more after I take care of our little problem.” She replied referring to the hungry demon like animals that wanted to eat every last bit of them.

      Alyssa held both of her light blue blades in the air and as she did tiny blue droplets of water formed in the air. “Now……. Flood Orosaki.” She whispered to her sword resembling a woman in prayer.

      Suddenly She swung both of her, long light blue, silver tipped blades. The collected water droplets then followed her duel swords making a crescent shape. “S-she’s controlling water with her swords.” Zane said in awe.

      “Now Benju, go back! Orosaki Chowshen (Aqua crescent waves)!” She yelled. The crescent shaped water droplets became thinner turning razor sharp and sliced through all of the gray, hungry, demon wolves in half. The pack burst into a neon powder and drifted away in the blissful breeze, floating under the full moons bright and beautiful calming light.

      “Thank you, Orosaki.” She whispered to her duel blades. She slid her two blue, silver tipped, long swords into the two black scabbards strapped behind her. After a minute of replaying what had just happened in his mind, Zane looked up and smiled.

      “Wow Alyssa that was amazing, the way you took out those things.” He said. Alyssa turned around and smiled at Zane.

      “Thanks, I saw your little display with the Benju wolves and if you wouldn’t have used your powers I would have been to late.” She said. The two walked deeper into the quiet dark forest with pink petals slowly drifting to the ground and began to talk.

      “So, you’re able to control fire?” She asked in a curios tone. Zane stopped and rubbed his wrist where the Benju wolf had bitten him there was no scaring what so ever, no proof that he had even been bitten.

      “Well… I wouldn’t say ‘Control’ but yeah.” He said. The boy looked up and saw a spark of happiness deep in Alyssa’s ocean blue eyes. Was she happy that he couldn’t control his gift? Or was it another reason? One he couldn’t figure out.

      “You should come to Crow Academy; they can teach you to control your power, and other really cool stuff.” She suggested.

      Zane thought about it, he wanted to control his fire power, he wanted one of those sweet swords, but of all things he wanted to get as far away from Maximus as possible. “Sure thing, tell me some more about this Crow Academy.” He said.

      Alyssa’s ocean blue eyes lit up with joy knowing that she just made a new friend. They continued walking through the inactive forest under the full moons beautiful, bright light. Hours had passed since the Benju incident and the two were far away from Maximus. “Okay so in Crow Academy there are three classes; the first ‘Hiashi’ is for beginner or Rooky students, the second ‘Orotagi’ the second level for advanced students, and the last ‘Arutaki’ for super strong students. Then After you surpass the last rank, you graduate and they send you on a team to protect a certain area.” She explained.

      “What class are you in?” Zane asked.

      “I’m in Orotagi rank,” She replied. “Come on we’re almost there.” Alyssa grabbed Zane by his wrist and the two sprinted towards a giant old factory that looked like it needed to be rebuilt.

      “Are you sure this is Crow Academy, it looks like a plain old abandon factory?” Zane asked in suspicion.

      “Don’t worry this is just the entrance, we have to make our entrances look like this so no normal people will accidently stumble apon us. Or at least that is what Mr. Yodahama tells us.” She answered. The two walked into the abandon factory, its pasty brick walls, it was pitch dark, and piles of broken rusty machines were everywhere. Alyssa walked behind a black door and opened it and it released a humongous amount of blinding white light. She walked through the door but Zane just stood there, he swallowed hard took another step. His breaths were heavy; his heart felt like it was lodged in his throat, blood pumped fast in his veins and adrenalin lots and lots of adrenalin.

      He took another step and peered out of the door to his amazement he was high. Higher than he had ever been before and below him was a campus the size of two colleges combined this would defiantly shut up Preston; so many buildings Zane could hardly believe his eyes. The astonished boy ran down the hill, and suddenly tripped. Minutes after smashing against the hard dirt floor, He crashed into the cement beside Alyssa and sat up rubbing his arm. “Ouch, are you okay? That looked like a nasty fall?” She asked.

      Alyssa reached her hand out towards Zane and smiled. “Thanks but I got it,” He stood up and dusted off his black pants, it seemed as if the crash didn’t affect him, because it didn’t Zane was use to being thrown into cement every time he did something wrong it was Maximus’s favorite punishment, “It seems like everyone is asleep I should wait until tomorrow.”

      “Where are you going to sleep?” She asked in concern. Zane smiled and scratched his spiky midnight black hair.

      “Don’t worry about me, you should get to your room before you get in trouble, and oh Alyssa I’m glad you came to saved me.” He said. He offered Alyssa a smile to show her that everything was going to be okay and she walked into a giant blue building.

      “Sleep well, Zane tomorrow you’re going to need all the strength you can use.” She said. Zane smiled and looked at the peaceful glowing white moon.

      “So long Maximus, I never want to see your face ever again.”
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        Chapter 3: Registration!

        “W-who are you?! S-state your name and business.” Someone said in a shy and shaken voice. Zane opened his ink black eyes, the sun temporarily blinding him. He covered his hand over his forehead so he could see and in front of him was a boy at least a year or two older than him, he had black gloves with the figure tips cut out gripping a long, silver, sword pointed directly at his chest.

        “Wow, dude take it easy!” Zane yelled in a shaken voice. Zane jumped back, twisting his body and landed on the burgundy roof tiles feet first. The boy in front of him had smooth yet spiky brown hair, dirt brown eyes, and creamy smooth white skin.

        Zane last remembered that he fell asleep on the roof and wasn’t sure how he was spotted. “Hey, let’s not be so hasty. I came here because I wanted to register for Crow Academy; I’m Zane by the way.” He explained as he noticed the regret reflecting in the boys eyes clouded with a little fear as well.

        “Oh, please forgive me, I thought you were a Benju or a scout, I’m Guss, class rank Hiashi.” The boy apologized.

        Guss slid his long silver blade back into its white scabbard with a golden dragon around it as a design. “Thank you Retilion,” He whispered. “Now, float into the gentle skies.” Suddenly his sword which had nearly pierced through Zane’s chest, turned into cold blue gusts of wind, Zane couldn’t believe his eyes as the wind scattered everywhere.

        “Wow, so um, do you think you can take me to the place where I can register?” He asked. Guss nodded took a step back he was literally on the edge, his unbuttoned white collar shirt flowed with the breeze, his white T-shirt stuck to his chest, he had black pants, black gloves with the figures cut out, creamy smooth white skin, and white sneakers. Man did this guy like white.

        “Of course, follow me it’s this way.” He said as he flipped off the roof and landed; sprinting forward with an incredible amount of speed that even Maximus would have a hard time trying to catch him.

        “Hey wait up!” Zane yelled as he sprinted off the roof top and towards the path Guss was rushing towards. The wind was loud against his ears and the Campus seemed to get even more beautiful and bigger as he passed. The shy boy turned around a corner and Zane leaped to the side of the building and stood gasping for air.

        “Man you really can run.” Zane said.

        “Thanks,” Guss replied. “You will meet Mr. Yodahama inside just tell him you would like to register and follow him, I’ll see you later, maybe.” Zane smiled but as the last word passed out of Guss’s mouth the smile almost faded away, was it a maybe as in Mr. Yodahama wouldn’t let him register or a maybe as in he might not make it out alive. Then he thought about what Alyssa said last night.

        Sleep well Zane, you’re going to need all the strength you can use.” Her words still echoed in his mind. They knew something, something that he didn’t and it scared him a little.

        “Thanks I’ll see you around, maybe.” Zane replied. He walked up and opened the dark brown door; he was welcomed to a fuzzy purple carpet, a purple drape over the clear window, a brown bookshelf full of golden awards and well…. Books, a brown desk and a poster with several students on it. Zane stepped inside and took a deep breath.

        “Well, what do I owe this occasion?” Someone asked. Zane turned around and saw a man with a black fedora, short gray hair, intense black eyes, a light blue dress shirt, a dark blue dress vest, dark blue tux pants, and black dress shoes.

        “Yikes!” Zane yelled in surprise. He jumped back scared almost half to death.

        “Sorry, I always forget to give a sign that I’m in the room.” Mr. Yodahama said.

        “Anyway, hi I’m Zane, where do I register for Crow Academy? I really want to learn to control my powers.” Zane asked. The man smiled and pulled out a white piece of paper and put on a brown clip board that looked like it fought many battles itself. Mr. Yodahama handed him the clip board and offered a smile.

        “First fill out this sheet and then your judgment and if you pass you will start your classes tomorrow.” He replied in a soft tone, gesturing Zane to sit in his chair.

        “Wait a second what do you mean judgment?” Zane asked. Mr. Yodahama smiled and walked out of the fuzzy purple carpeted room. Zane sighed and rubbed his hand through his ink black hair, walking over to the desk he sat down and read the forum.

        “Let’s see,’ first name’, of course Zane, ‘last name’, Kiashimati,’ Age’ thirteen; ‘Power’, I guess that would be fire, ‘Name one reason why I want to join Crow Academy’. Hmm How about to control my powers, Name your strengths, I can withstand long amounts of pain. No how about I’m strong and fast,” Zane thought, “Name your weaknesses; well it’s hard for me to focus sometimes.” He wrote down everything as quick as he could, stood up and walked out of the fuzzy purple carpeted room.

        “Mr. Yodahama!” He called, “I’m done with the forum of registration.” Mr. Yodahama walked up the hall with a smile on his face.

        “That is great, let’s take a look.” The black fedora wearing man said receiving the brown clip board and reading the forum. After a minute or so, which felt like an eternity, the black fedora wearing man put down the clip board and offered another smile.

        “Well,” He said, “It has been a while since we have had a fire user, follow me and we will begin your judgment and if you pass you can start your classes tomorrow. “

        There it was again if not when, a chill went up Zane’s spine as they walked down the brown hallway with posters of students and their swords. “Um… Mr. Y-Yodahama can you tell me a little more about this whole judgment thing?” Zane asked. Mr. Yodahama turned his head from Zane and walked inside of what looked to be a gym before he could hear a word he said. Zane frowned and walked through the green, heavy doors.

        It was pitch dark; Zane moved his hands around him as he walked resembling a blind man with a cane. Suddenly he walked into something, a brick wall of flesh, hot breath that smelled like mint brushed against his face. Zane opened his eyes and they widen in surprise as they saw a familiar face. The smooth blond hair, those dark sky blue eyes, the pale but muscular features. “No! It can’t be you, I-I ran away, you would never come this far from your home!” Zane yelled in fear.

        The shadowy figure walked into the light. “Nice to see you Zane, long time no see after you ran away.” He said.

        A lump lodged in Zane’s throat, sweat dripped from his chin. Maximus, the reason why Zane was here, the man that caused him so much pain. “M-M-Maximus what are you doing here?” Zane asked in fright.

        “Well after you ran away, I decided to look for you. You couldn’t have gone far and that is when I spotted you, but you weren’t alone a girl was with you.” Maximus said.

        “Alyssa.” He thought.

        “It’s simple really, I am you judgment, your greatest fear. I’m flattered really, but I’m going to kill you nice and slow, since I no longer have a need for you.” Maximus said.

        “Yeah I’d like to see you try, I’m not the same kid who was scared to say what I thought, and now I’m going to knock you into the next century!” Zane yelled.

        An evil smile showed on Maximus’s pale un-trustable face. “You have awoken your power, but you’re still blind, this my friend is what makes you the horse and me the king.” Maximus said in a ruff tone of voice.

        What did he mean by Zane was a horse and he was blind. Last time Zane checked he could see clearly, and he walked on two legs not four. The hairs on Zane’s neck began to bristle. “You should have run the second you had the chance.” Maximus whispered.

        Zane bolted towards Maximus, sprinting faster than a cheetah on the hunt. His heart thumped roughly in his ears and against his chest like a drum. Suddenly out of the blue Maximus appeared right in front of him making a “poof” sound. He grabbed Zane by the throat, and the boy kicked and struggled rebelling against the man “This Zane is what I was talking about, the king and the horse are both the same, but the king is the one with instinct and you lack that instinct.” Maximus taunted.

        “Yeah Maximus I’m the horse, and every night I go over the mountain to meet my friend the Unicorn,” Zane said in sarcasm. “Cut the crap Maximus you made that up while you where overdosed on a bottle of Saki.” The young spirited young boy protested as he head butted Maximus in his paled pointy nose.

        The psychotic man let go of Zane and stumbled back holding his bleeding nose.

        “You worthless excuse for a heat lamp I am going to kill you!” He yelled in anger still holding his nose.

        “All that big talk with a broken nose, maybe I’ll put a dent in that face of yours for the pain that you’ve caused me!” Zane yelled back.
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          Chapter 4: Judgment!

          Zane stood up and a small smirk showed up on his face; he felt stronger and even faster after his power had awoken. “Tell me why Maximus, why did you come after me!” He demanded.

          A cold, evil smile crawled its way onto Maximus’s pink dry lips, and sent a chill crawling down the boys back. “Now Zane, you of all people should know that I hate repeating myself so listen closely,” Maximus said his whisper turning into a growl, “I am your judgment, your greatest fear; it really is flattering but if you don’t beat me boy……. You’re going to die!”

          “Great so I have to beat a psychotic teleportor with no weapon,” Zane sighed, rubbing his frustrated hand through his midnight black hair. “But then again, I’ve been waiting to kick your butt for a long time!” he smirked confidently, knowing that he could win; somehow he just knew that he could.

          “All of that cockiness will end up getting you killed!” The Psychopath yelled.

          Zane jolted towards Maximus with great speed, but the psychotic man just stood there in a bored manner. He jumped high in the air, somersaulting over the mad man and swung his right leg with brutal force, the man took a step back easily dodging the boy’s kick but Zane kept pushing. It was like they were dancers completely in sync, moving one after the other, Maximus ducked another swing and jumped back sliding across the floor with ease. “Well, I see you’ve gotten a little faster, but you’re still not fast enough!” He taunted.

          The second the boy landed on the wooden floor that had just been turned into an all out battle field, Zane stood ready for Maximus’s next attack. “I’m going to end your life right here and now on this poorly polished wooden floor,” Maximus yelled rage burning inside of his sky blue eyes. “Now Hirosanshi (Stands for Golden Death blade), lend me your powers!”

          Suddenly the air pressure was denser, Zane’s body felt heavier, like a brick in the ocean; out of nowhere like a sudden magic act, sparkling golden dust circled around Maximus’s body.

          “Wait don’t tell me he has a sword to!” Zane yelled losing what little hope he had thinking that he could win. The crazed man struck his hand through the circling golden dust, and a second later he pulled out a long, golden sword with a black grip.

          “Behold my mighty sword Hirosanshi.” Maximus said.

          “Is there suppose to be a reason why I should care?” The fire manipulating child asked in sarcasm pretending not to care. Maximus smiled and took a step back into the dark shadows.

          “Perhaps you will care when you’re begging me for mercy. You always were a smart alick.” The psychopath’s emotionless voice echoed within the darkness. Zane stood there in the light turning his head in the direction where he heard the sound of his feet moving across the cold gymnasium floor. He couldn’t see through the darkness but he knew Maximus could see him.

          “Hmm, you know I stopped begging a long time ago, you don’t scare me anymore Maximus. You’re not the only one with power now!” He said.

          “Well maybe you should start practicing!” The psychotic teleportor yelled. Suddenly Maximus appeared high in the air with his golden sword at the ready above his head.

          “I have nothing to lose, so I’m totally going to kick your butt for all the pain you put me through Maximus!” Zane yelled. The sword wielding maniac swung down his golden sword but the boy jumped back already focusing on his next move and slid into the dark shadows.

          “Now it’s my turn, find me if you can!” The child taunted. Suddenly without another second to think, Maximus leaped into the shadows. Zane had no idea what he was planning but he knew it wasn’t a part of his strategy and now neither of them could see the other.

          The flame manipulating boy felt a cold, heartless figure push him and he flew across the room into the light with a thump against the hard wooden floor. Zane jumped back to his feet just as Maximus, the reason why he was here charged straight for him and swung his long, sharp, cold golden sword, the boy took a step back but he was too late. The freezing cold, golden blade cut into Zane’s bronze brown cheek just enough to make warm red crimson blood trickle down to his chin from the fresh wound.

          “Ouch!” Zane yelled.

          Maximus smiled and licked his dry pink, thin lips, and there it was again, that warm feeling; it felt like a hug a really, really warm hug. He looked down and as he did hot orange flames covered his entire left and right arms. With a smile Zane tightened his fist making the roaring flames grow bigger. “You creep, Maximus! If you want to fight me then fine, let’s get serious!” He yelled.

          Maximus stopped in his tracks and stood there with a crazed look on his face. “Prove me wrong Zane.” He whispered.

          “About what? What do you mean?” The boy asked his voice betraying him. Zane’s former psychotic teacher started to laugh; it scared him to see Maximus that way. Maximus had always kept his calm well, if you considered beating him until he passed out calm.

          “Prove to me that you are the king! Show me that you have the instinct to win!” Maximus yelled. Zane bit his bottom lip, Maximus was losing it.

          “Maximus get it together! You’re completely losing your sanity and after I beat you I’m sending you to the nut house!” He yelled in plea.

          “Enough talk!” The crazed man yelled. That crazed look appeared on Maximus’s face again. Zane had never seen that look before not ever, it scared him, the man that he once knew, the man that put him through pain, so much pain was quickly losing his sanity; if he had any from the start.

          It was true that Maximus put Zane through a lot of pain, but there were some good times. “Maximus stop!” He yelled.

          Hot tears of sorrow flooded down Zane’s light brown cheek mixed with a blood from his fresh wound, like a water fall. Maximus sprinted straight for Zane screaming in a crazed delight. The man that Zane knew was gone and was replaced with a crazier version. The fire wielding child tightened his fist, “Well I guess I don’t have a choice now,” He whispered. “I’ll just have to knock the crazy right out of you Maximus!”

          “You’re going to die boy!” The psychopath yelled.

          “Oh is that right? Let’s go!” He yelled in return. Zane held out his hands still covered in hot orange flames. A ball of orange fire formed in his right hand about the size of a baseball.

          “You think that pitiful fireball is enough to stop me!” Maximus yelled in anger. He swung his long golden blade multiple times at Zane.

          “No but I’m just getting started.” He replied. Zane jumped back dodging all of Maximus’s swings, and flung his hot orange fire ball!

          “I’m starting to think you’re playing around.” Maximus said. He gripped his golden sword tighter and sliced the hot, rotating orange fireball in half.

          “Well you keep thinking that.” Zane replied. The psychotic man leaped high into the air holding his sword Hirosanshi above his head. The boy focused and created another ball of hot orange flames.

          “Take this you psychopath!” The child yelled. He flung the flaming hot, ball of orange flames straight for the man that lost his sanity. Maximus shifted his weight to the right, dodging the fireball letting it smash into the roof leaving a burn mark. Mr. Yodahama isn’t going to be pleased that Zane was putting scorch marks all over his roof.

          With incredible speed, Maximus landed right in front of him and swung his blade, it cut deep in Zane’s chest. The cold, golden blade stained with Zane’s warm, red crimson blood slid out from his chest and Maximus licked his lips. “Ah!” He yelled in pain.

          Zane dropped to the floor, blood lots and lots of blood spraying from his chest. It hurt, bad worse than being thrown into concrete, or being bitten by the head Benju wolf. He slowly picked himself up the pain growing worse and worse by the second, and placed his right light brown hand over his wound. “I’m going to get you back.” He whispered.

          Maximus licked his lips at the sight of Zane’s thick O positive blood; he felt like it was calling him. “I’m sorry,” He whispered, “I’ll kill you quickly.”

          Zane sighed, “Fine Maximus, you want to play crazy,” He said, “I’ll play as well!”

          Maximus charged straight for him, and Zane sprung backwards towards the shadows. “Trying to do the same trick again, it didn’t work the last time!” He yelled.

          “Shut up and you’ll see.” Zane said as he leaped high in the air. The bleeding boy held out both of his hands that were engulfed in orange flames and formed two small, round fireballs barely the size of pool balls and flung it towards the teleporting psychopath. In the blink of an eye Maximus was gone and the spiraling fireball smashed into the dark brown wooden floor.

          “Your little tricks aren’t enough Zane, I’m only disappointed that you’re going to die so quickly you won’t even feel it, and not suffer a little longer.” Maximus whispered from behind Zane.

          The spiky black haired boy was in mid air and still the psychopath was able to teleport behind him without a signal of warning. Maximus prepared his blade, ready to cut deep into Zane’s flesh and swung the golden sword already stained with the boy’s rich O positive blood and was ready to have more. “Sorry Maximus but you’re not the only one who wants to win here.” Zane whispered.

          The determined young man threw down his body weight, flipping over and caught the golden sword with the heels of his black Adidas shoes. Zane kicked the sword from Maximus’s grip and held the orange ball of blazing fire in front of the crazed man’s face ready to release it. “Take this you creep!” He yelled.

          The fire wielding child released the blazing ball of orange flames and they spread across Maximus’s pale face. It burned him, scorching his entire face and as his body slammed against the hard wooden floor he yelped in pleading pain. Zane landed a few feet away from Maximus who was yelling in pain holding his hands over his scorched face. “You, little nuisance!” Maximus yelled.

          “What’s wrong Maximus, can’t take the heat.” Zane taunted. The psychotic man released a loud laugh that sent a humongous chill down Zane’s back. The crazed man removed his hands from his face revealing the damage the boy had done, Maximus’s pale face was no longer pale, it was covered in broils and his skin turned purple.

          “You did this to me! I will kill you Zane!” He yelled. Maximus jumped to his feet and charged straight for Zane a murderous look on his scorched face.
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            Chapter 5: Awaken Enceroso!

            “Die!” Maximus yelled screeching at the top of his lungs.

            “Sorry but I plan on staying a little longer!” Zane replied. The burned man bolted straight for the young boy with an incredible burst of speed and wildly swung his fist. Zane tightened his fist and covered his face blocking Maximus’s bone crushing punches.

            “You’re going to pay for what you did to my face!” The psychopath screeched.

            “Well if you ask me, I made you look even better.” The fire wielding child taunted. The boy jumped back, away from the psychopath that he once knew.

            “You can’t run from me, I am your Judgment!” Maximus screeched.

            “Who told you I was running? It’s time to end this here and now!” Zane replied in an excited manner. The young spirited boy tightened his bronze brown fist covered in bruises and blazing, orange flames covering his entire left and right arms.

            “The same trick won’t work twice, but I on the other hand have far more tricks up my sleeve!” The man growled. Maximus charged straight for Zane with an evil smirk on his face.

            “Oh yeah, I’m going to end thi….”

            In the Blink of an eye before Zane could finish his sentence, the deranged man appeared behind him faster than the speed of light. “How did you?” The boy asked in surprise, fear showing in his voice.

            “You’re even dumber than I give you credit for kid.” Maximus said in a low emotionless whisper. Before the child could react, the mad man struck his golden blade through the boy’s chest. Pain erupted in Zane’s entire abdomen as a pool of his own rich, thick O positive blood stained the gymnasium floor and his red long sleeved shirt. Zane looked down shaking uncontrollably and saw the golden blade skewing his chest.

            “Ah!” he yelled in spine busting pain. As the boy’s body clasped to the ground Maximus landed on his feet holding his golden blade Hirosanshi.

            Tears filled in Zane’s eyes as he laid in the middle of the battle field unable to move. A loud laughter screeched out of the psychopath’s mouth as he stared at his helpless ex-student. “Get up boy, I’m not done yet; I haven’t had enough of that rare blood of yours!” he shrieked.

            It looks like this is it; I don’t have a chance now if I can’t get up, it’s all over.” Zane thought.

            “I said you’re not done yet! Get up!” Maximus yelled madness filling his voice. The psychotic man jumped on top of the boy and began to violently punch him in the face. The thumping sound of Maximus’s fist slamming against Zane’s face filled the air as the man’s hands became covered in the boy’s thick blood.

            Everything began to fade into darkness, sound began to drain from Zane’s ears, and his body began to go numb. His breathing began to slow as well as his heart beat.

            “I guess this really is it, this isn’t fair; why me, why did I have to die? Why did my parents leave me with this maniac? Why was I treated so unfairly?” he thought. The boy closed his eyes being completely consumed by the darkness not wanting Maximus’s face to be the last thing he saw. He took one final breath and prepared for the afterlife.

            “Do you…….. Want my power?” Something asked in a soft low whisper.

            “Get up boy, awaken from your slumber.” it said.

            Zane opened his eyes to revile that he was no longer in the room with Maximus. He was on an island, the temperature was blazing hot, the moist air filled his lungs, and as he moved through the soft light brown sand he noticed a giant dark brown volcano. “Where am I? Did I……….die?” he wondered.

            “Come.” The soft nurturing voice called. Without a second thought the boy bolted up the island jumping over bushes and under tree branches. He didn’t know how he knew to run up the island, but he felt as if he been there before. The island was full of lively tropical trees but yet there were no animals, probably from the hot climate.

            “Come.” It called once more.

            “Hold your horses; there is only a certain amount of time a person can run up an active volcano!” The boy yelled. After 10 minutes of non-stop running he reached the top of the ticking time bomb. He looked at the edge of the volcano but no one was there.

            Zane didn’t know how he knew to come to the volcano he felt like he was there before, maybe it was just his imagination. “Do you want my power? Answer me child.” The soft voice said.

            “Where are you? Who are you?” the boy yelled.

            “I am…. above you.” The voice replied. Zane looked up and saw a strange figure forming in the sky.

            “What is that?” he yelled in amazement trying not to fall off the edge. The figure covered in flames slowly landed on the opposite side of the volcano. The roaring orange flames dispersed into thin air off of the figure’s body reveling its bright feathers made completely out of red flames, its calm black eyes gazed at Zane with curiosity, it was as tall as a tank if not bigger, the figure flapped it’s giant wings reveling that is was two times wider. Zane stared at its golden beak and then it’s giant black talons big enough to slice him in half at any second.

            “Come, boy.” It called again.

            “No way, it’s a…Phoenix, do those things even exist?” Zane wondered. The curious child darted across the edge of the volcano, sprinting towards the flaming creature. The young boy stopped running and stood beside the giant animal, which looked even bigger close up.

            “Do you need my power?” It asked.

            “What are you?” Zane asked.

            “Do you need my power? Answer me child.” he overgrown bird asked again in a soft growl.

            “What happens if I say no?” he asked.

            “Then you will die from both the lava in this world, and Maximus in yours,” replied the beast. Zane bit his lip in frustration, he forgotten about Maximus. “This shall be our contract in order for me to give you my power you must give me your trust and a part of your soul….. I shall become a part of you and we will merge as one.”

            “I need you if I’m going to defeat Maximus, what do I have to do?” Zane asked determined to do whatever it takes.

            “Give me your arm.” the phoenix answered. Zane pulled up the sleeve of his right arm and held it out towards the beast of fire with a look of suspicion.

            “Zane Kilogame this shall be our contract, in order for us to become one,” The Phoenix screeched. “Take my power!” The blazing bird stretched its wings, like magic an orange aura covered Zane’s body while a red aura covered the Phoenix’s.

            “What’s happening?!” Zane yelped in surprise. The boy’s eyes began to glow a bright neon red as the red aura transferred into his body and the orange aura flowed slowly into the beast.

            “Awaken boy, and use you new strength! Here my name as you as you fight in battle.” The beast roared. The giant Phoenix flapped its flaming red wings making Zane trip backwards.

            Booooooommmmmmmmmm!!!!!! Zane fell backwards into the active volcano thinking about what he had just done. “Did I just…… make a deal Phoenix?” he said dumbfounded.

            Zane plummeted into the lava which surprisingly wasn’t as hot as he thought it would be, the lava was warm against his bronze brown skin. The child closed his eyes one more time once again engulfed by the looming darkness. “This time I’m going to defeat Maximus.” Zane thought.

            The boy felt something wrap around his neck and as he once again opened his eyes he saw his former psychotic teacher leaning over him, his facial expression as crazed as the last time. “Oh so you decided not to die, what a shame.” The man said in an emotionless tone.

            “Get off of me.” The boy said slowly in a calm shaky voice.

            “Shut up!” Maximus yelled. The psychotic man clutched harder on the boys throat with a dark smile on his face.

            “I said; get off of me you jerk!” Zane yelled. The fire wielding child grabbed Maximus’s hand with a strong grip and flung him away. Zane jumped on to his feet and jolted for the air born maniac.

            “Where did you get this sudden surge of power boy?” The man yelled. Zane jumped behind Maximus with an amazing burst of speed and swung his right leg with brutal force strong enough to demolish a building.

            “I guess you can say I have a few more tricks as well!” the fire wielding child yelled. The psychotic man turned around dodging Zane’s kick and began to ferociously swing his golden sword. The two were in completely in sync as if they were dancing, throwing punches and kicks one after the other.

            “Now Zane, we are one; hear my name, call me forth.” The beast said from inside of Zane’s mind.

            “What do I have to do?” the boy asked. Zane jumped back away from his former teacher that lost his sanity and as soon as he was a safe distance away he closed his eyes.

            “Are you kidding me this isn’t a time to take a nap!!!!?” Maximus yelled in an aggravated tone.

            “Focus Zane hear my name being whispered in the breeze, call me and then your contract weapon shall appear, as long as we are one it shall never fully break.” The beast growled. The young boy took a deep breath and listened closely and as he did a soft whisper reached his ears. Blazing red-orange flames covered the child’s entire body as he reached out his hand.

            “Now………… scorch Enceroso (Flaming Sky King)! Queen’s Talon!” the boy yelled at the top of his lungs. The fire manipulating boy opened his eyes and the blazing red-orange flames circled his right hand, Zane pulled out a long shiny black blade with a red checkered grip.

            “Now things are starting to get interesting!” Maximus said. The teleporting lunatic burst straight for the powerful young fire wielding boy swinging his golden blade multiple times.

            Clank, Clunk, Clank! The sound of clashing metal filled the air as the two sword users slammed their weapons into each other. “Take this you psychopath!” Zane yelled.

            The boy flipped over the insane man and swung his jet black blade with massive force. The clash of metal filled the tense air as the two swords slammed against each other with brutal force. Zane twisted his body, quickly kicking Maximus in the face. “Lucky shot kid!” The man yelled as he jumped back spitting out blood.

            “You call it luck I call it determination, you might not be use to big words like that thou!” Zane tormented.

            “Why you little brat! How dare you speak to me in that way?!” The man yelled in an aggravated tone.

            In the blink of an eye the maniac disappeared into thin air leaving nothing but his solid shrieks of laughter in the air. “I’m going to kill you!” he yelled.

            Zane stood in the middle of the floor in a board manner as he waited for Maximus’s next move. Just as suspected the mad man appeared behind him at the speed of light and swung down his golden blade. “This time I will not miss!” Maximus yelled.

            The boy bounced out of the way and tightened his grip on his ink black sword. Maximus spun around and charged straight for Zane. Without a second to think the boy twisted his body completely around and swung his dark blade. Clink, clank, the two weapons smashed into each other with massive force and the two weapon wielders pushed back and forth with devastating blows. “Now Zane combine your flames with the sword.” The beast called.

            “Ok here goes nothing.” Zane thought. The boy flipped backwards and burst high into the air. Suddenly blazing orange flames began to cover the tip of Zane’s black sword as he held it close to his face.

            “Now Enceroso blend you powers with mine.” The boy whispered.

            “You’re not going to be the victor here! I am the king boy!” Maximus screeched. The psychopath hurtled towards the young sword wielding child and pulled back his fist ready to strike.

            “Here I go!!! Enceroso Tinigori (Flaming Crescent Talon )!” Zane yelled at the top of his lungs. With every ounce of strength he had left Zane swung his sword, as he did he sent out a massive amount of flames in the shape of a crescent towards the mad man.

            “Impossible you shouldn’t have this much strength left!” The psychopath yelled at the top of his lungs.

            Boom!!!!!! The giant crescent shaped flames sliced the man vertically in half and exploded creating a giant cloud of dark smoke. Thump!!! Zane crashed into hard wood floor making and ‘oof’ sound as he did and tried to pull himself up but his body was too weak. As the thick black smoke began to clear, Zane peered into the darkness to see if Maximus was still breathing and to his horror he saw a figure standing up, hunched over the ground his left arm hanging.

            “You win this round kid, but I’ll be back one day.” Maximus groaned. Instead of blood, neon purple powder oozed from the man’s wounds and as he clasped his entire body exploded and turned into neon powder. The purple glowing dust picked up in the wind and gently flowed out of the window.

            The boy took a sigh of relief and sat back trying desperately to catch his breath. “Yes, we did it Enceroso I killed, no we killed Maximus.” He though overjoyed.

            “No Zane did you hear his last words ‘I’ll be back’ there will be stronger opponents in the future and that is the reason you will get stronger. Until that day the past was nothing but that ‘past’.” The beast lectured.

            “Are you going to talk like that the whole time? But you’re right as of now the Zane Kilogame isn’t the same little kid who was scared to speak up for himself.” The boy said.
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              Chapter 6: The new Zane

              Zane slowly picked himself up feeling exhausted from his desperate struggle with his former guardian to survive. Slowly the boy trekked across the old gymnasium floor trying to regain some of his used energy. He was only a few steps away from the door, when out of the blue. Wam!!!!! One of the giant, green, heavy, swing doors burst open with no warning, smacking Zane in the face.

              The flame manipulating boy was sent stumbling backwards and landed on his rear, a stinging sensation filled in his cheeks. “Zane!” A soft voice called out.

              The teenage boy looked up robbing his head still in acing pain. As he did a girl darted inside the room her long, silky black hair with a blue stripe in the front moved in the smooth cool air. “A-Alyssa?” He asked.

              The girl smiled and sat down on the floor beside him. “So…….. How was the judgment?” Alyssa asked in a curious manner.

              “Well before you smacked me in the face, it was nothing I couldn’t handle.” Zane replied.

              “No, really what was it like?” she edged for an answer.

              “Well, I had to fight the person I ran away from, he nearly killed me and that’s when…..” Zane paused, he wondered if he should tell Alyssa about Enceroso, about the world he had traveled to while he was on the verge of death.

              “That’s when you met your Soul Sharer right?” She asked in a curious tone.

              “S-soul sharer?” The boy asked.

              “That’s how you got your sword; by making a contract with an you were given a contract weapon. That weapon represents the bond with your Soul Sharer, so what is it by the way?” Alyssa retorted.

              “Enceroso.” The boy replied.

              Clap, Clap, Clap!!!! The sound echoed across the gymnasium floor from within the luring darkness, and in a matter of seconds with his newly founded instincts the boy stood up in a confident stance with his red and black checkered scabbed in his right hand, searching for the source. “Who’s there? Show yourself!” The flame manipulating boy yelled.

              “Very good Mr. Zane, I was very impressed with how you fought.” A voice said through the shadows, the boy tightened the grip on his covered blade.

              Mr. Yodahama step out of the shadows with a cheeky smirk still on his creamy skinned face, as he tugged on his brown fedora he took a few steps closer to the two teenagers. “Congratulations Zane, you’ve passed your Judgment with flying colors, your skills are very impressive.” The headmaster said in a joyous tone.

              “Thanks, I guess,” the boy replied. Mr. Yodahama took another step closer.

              “Zane, I feel a disturbance is everything okay?” The inner beast called.

              Yeah, Enceroso everything’s alright……. I think” The boy replied.

              Alyssa stood up and took a few steps backwards in a cautious manner. “So, what do I do now?” he asked.

              “ Mr. Zane, please do not resist or you will only make it harder on yourself.” The headmaster instructed as his smile slowly faded away, he rolled up his long sleeved blue dress shirt. Zane took a step backwards gripping even tighter on his hidden blade.

              “And what exactly should I not be resisting against?” the thirteen year old boy said in a cautious tone.

              Mr. Yodahama held out his right hand, spreading out his creamy white fingers the man gave the boy an agitated glance. Almost instantly dark violet, roaring flames covered the tips of his fingers.

              Sonzigori, dark seal.” The man whispered.

              “I think I could use a little help now, hello Enceroso!” The flame manipulating child called out.

              Suddenly without the slightest warning as the dark violet flames danced on the tips of the fedora wearing mans fingers. The man bolted towards Zane with an incredible burst of speed, and out of pure instinct the boy uncovered his ink black blade reveling the long, shiny steel. “Queen’s talon!” the child yelled.

              The boy swung his sword with a mighty amount of force, but the founder hurdled to the side dodging the incredibly sharp rapier with only centimeters to spare. The child took a step backwards fearing that the worst was about to happen. “What are you doing!” the boy screeched.

              “I told you not to resist or you will only make it harder on yourself.” The man retorted.

              “Are you trying to kill me!?!” Zane shouted in a frustrated tone. The flame manipulating child sprinted towards Mr. Yodahama who had a mischievous grin on his face. Within a matter of seconds Mr. Yodahama leaped in front of Zane, lifting up the bottom of the teenage boy’s red shirt enough to see his abdominal. The man struck Zane with his right fist which was covered in screeching violet flames. Seconds later the boy was sent flying across the gymnasium.

              “Ahhhh!” the boy yelped in agony as a burning sensation filled his lower abdomen, it felt as if his insides were melting, quickly his body smashed into the dull, gray, wall. Easily the boy slid down the wall and plummeted six feet in the air face first, on the old, creaking floor.

              “Seal completed.” The man whispered.

              “Are you insane!?! You could have killed him!” Alyssa nagged as she darted to Zane’s side.

              “Yes well he did better than I expected him to, his reflexes are amazing, and a good amount of speed for his age.” The headmaster said as he pulled down his light blue, dress shirt sleeves. As the headmaster left the room he pulled out a golden card and tossed it towards Alyssa.

              As the man headed towards the door, he pulled out a golden card and tossed it at the long, silky, black haired girl. Without hesitation she grabbed the card and placed it in her jacket pocket. Zane slowly began to regain consciousness allowing him to see where he was. The boy stood up feeling relief that the burning sensation had left his lower abdomen. “What was that all about?” he asked in a confused manner.

              “I’ll tell you everything you need to know later, but for now let’s just get out of here.” Alyssa retorted. The girl sauntered down the gymnasium and into the white tiled hallway.

              “Hey w-wait up!” the boy called out. Quickly Zane bolted out of the violent, death trap like room to catch up with the high spirited girl and the two ambled down the hall. The light brown painted walls seemed to glisten of off the ultraviolet rays from the sun.

              “I want you to meet some of the students before you start your classes tomorrow.” The aqua molding teenager asserted.

              “O-ok,” the flame manipulating boy responded. Minutes later after walking through a maze of hallways they were only feet away from the door leading to the courtyard. Alyssa pushed the jet black, door; sunlight temporarily blinded the thirteen year old boy. Shielding his eyes with his bare hands the child blindly strides forwards. BAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Zane collided into another obstacle knocking him back; as his eyes adjusted, he could see a boy about a few inches taller than him with an enraged glare on his visage.

              “I’m sorry!” Zane apologized.

              “Watch where you’re going, brat!” the boy yelled. The boy in front of Zane looked about three to four years older than him; he had medium, light violet, shaggy hair. His sky blue eyes stared at Zane with rage but not just anger at Zane; it was something else, something entirely more important.

              “Hey a-are you okay?” Zane asked in a concerned tone.

              “Just stay out of my way!” the adolescent boy shouted. Suddenly the violet haired teenager’s eyes began to glow bright neon blue.

              “Hey!” Zane jumped on his feet and began to franticly shake the boy. Quickly the boy snapped out of his trance and with no effort he cast Zane backwards more enraged than before.

              “Get off of me!” the adolescent Vociferated.

              “What’s your problem? I was only trying to help you!” the hot blooded child clamored. The boy clutched his fist. Soon, students began to crowd around the two wondering if a fight was about to break out.

              Zane you have very ill luck.” Enceroso said.

              You’re telling me.” The boy agreed.

              “Enceroso.” The boy whispered.

              “Excuse me?” Zane replied.

              “Your Soul-Sharer, it’s the Phoenix; queen of the sky.” He said.

              “How did you know that?” the flame manipulating boy pondered.

              “Zane!” Alyssa shouted. Out of nowhere Alyssa appeared beside Zane offering a friendly smile at the purple haired boy.
              “Where did you come from?” Zane asked.

              “Does that even matter right now? I see you’ve met Stark; he’s the second strongest student here at Crow Academy. Stark this is Zane Kilogame and he’s going to be a new student here.” She announced.

              “Hmm, just stay out of my way and we won’t have any problems. Get that brat?” Stark demanded as his dark brown tie drifted with the swift, cool breeze.

              “Hey you two let’s not get too provocative.” Alyssa said standing in between the two and staring at Zane as if she had missed something.

              “And what type of problems, would we have exactly if I somehow didn’t stay out of your way?” Zane asked in a reproaching tone.

              “Do you really wanna find out?” The sky blue eyed boy said.

              Zane shifted his weight on the hard, gray concrete and as he did cold steam began to come from Stark’s pale, white hands. “Alright now you two…. That enough! Zane you’re in no condition to fight; the same goes for you Stark.”

              “Look at them.” A girl whispered.

              “Do you think that kid in the red is poor or something? I mean just look at his cloths there all ripped and singed.” A boy replied.
              “Who does he think he is, talking to Stark like that?” Another girl joined in. Zane could hear every word that was being gossiped about him. Infuriated the boy twisted his head toward the trio of students and gave them a hateful look.

              The air pressure became denser, as a gentle mid-August breeze blasted in-between the three students. “Come on Zane, it’s time for us to leave.” Alyssa called.

              With one final glance at the adolescent boy, the two began to amble away from the scene. “What was that all about?” She asked.

              “He was acting like a complete jerk!” Zane yelled. The two began to travel deeper into campus grounds, not knowing exactly where they were headed.

              “Still Zane, you should try to stay away from him. You wouldn’t want to get on his bad side.” The girl advised.

              “I think it’s a bit late to worry if I’m on his bad side.” retorted Zane. A cool, gentle breeze brushed up against the boys brown skin. His clothes were singed, slashed, stained, and looked as if they had fought more battles than Zane and Alyssa combined.

              “We shouldn’t worry about that now though. There’s a place I wanna show you.” The girl enthused.

              “Where is it?” he asked overflowing with curiosity. As the two headed towards a set of multicolored buildings, Alyssa paused and lifted her head upwards; her gaze directly at the blue two-story building with the sign.

              “We’re already here.” She said with a display of excitement on her visage.

              The flame manipulating boy examined the sign on the top of the building and pondered for the reason they were here. “I’m sorry but, why are we here.” He asked.

              “You’re joking right? You didn’t think you’d be going to school dressed like, that did you?” She inquired.

              “Let’s go already.” The boy replied. As the two walked inside of the aqua blue, two story building, instantly the smell of sweet vanilla perfume filled their nostrils. The walls were painted a light yellow, and as Zane looked around he spotted a variety of different sets of cloths hanging on racks. From cozy, cotton hoodies, to elegant, silk dresses. As he glanced around some more he discovered professional looking blazers, and traditional Indian frocks. Alyssa stood in front of the counter and opened out her arms in front of Zane.

              “Welcome to the Fashion Battle Field! Where we fight, for your dressing rights!” She cheered. As the aqua manipulating girl chanted the stores slogan cheerfully, Zane gave her a ponderous look.

              “Why is she so mirthful all of a sudden? Is she trying to get my mind off of Stark?” The boy interrogated from within his thoughts.

              “Alyssa is a very nice girl, you should thank her for all of the good deeds she’s done for you and stop being so ponderous.” Enceroso lectured in a mothering tone.

              “None of my thought are going to be private anymore, are they?” the young flame manipulating boy asked in an annoyed manner.

              “Sadly, I’m afraid not my young partner.” The inner beast retorted.

              “I’ll be right with you!” A voice shouted from out of the blue. Almost immediately the two looked up only to see a girl who looked about Alyssa’s age. She had long, smooth, straight white hair; sparkling brown eyes, pale white skin, and a pair of black skulled bunny earphones covering her ears. As the girl landed she glanced at Alyssa and smiled exuberantly.

              “Breanna!” Alyssa squealed with joy.

              “Alyssa!” the long white haired girl shouted with joy. The two gleeful girls jumped around and began to squeal with glee as they jumped around with excitement. Moments past and the two were still jumping around the boy let out a loud interrupting cough.

              Breanna stopped bouncing around and peered at Zane’s outfit, his cloths were still stained with his O positive blood. “Welcome, by the looks of things I’d say you’ve just gotten out of Judgment?” She asked.

              With a nod from the flame manipulating adolescent, Breanna walked up to him and carefully began to examine him as if she were a detective at a major crime scene. “What exactly were you thinking about buying, um…”the girl paused.

              “My name is Zane.” He replied.

              “Breanna, we’re here because he needs clothes for the year, and a little touch up to his hair would be nice.” Alyssa requested calmly.

              “I think my hair is fine.” Zane murmured. The white, long haired girl who wore vanilla perfume walked up to Zane, a gentle smile on her pale but smooth visage.

              “I guess we should start looking then.” Breanna stated.

              The three walked around the first floor of the clothing store eager to find outfits for the young adolescent boy. After a multitude of head shakes, no’s, absolutely not’s, and are you crazy’s. The trio found at least six dashing outfits.

              The first outfit which lay in Zane’s right arm was a sleek, ink black blazer with a white dress shirt underneath it. To with that there was a pair of khaki pants, and a pair of finch-plain-toe Saddle Lace toe dress shoes. The second outfit that laid in Zane’s left arm consisted of a black hoody, a burgundy T-shirt, black faded ‘jar’ jeans, and jet black Nike Air Royal Mid Knit tennis shoes.

              The next outfit which lay within Alyssa’s grasp was a black and gray Cardigan Jimjay, ink black slim jeans, black Jordan’s, and a black beanie. “Well, it looks like you have enough cloths for at least the rest of the week, now upstairs we go!” Breanna cheered.
              As the employee who wore bunny skulled headphones darted towards the back of the store. With an eager look on the mirthful adolescent girl’s visage, Alyssa and Zane gave each other a slight glance and trekked along. “Your friend sure is helpful, and energetic.” said Zane.

              “Yeah, we’ve been friends since I first came to this school.” Alyssa replied.

              “So, am I….. You know, your friend?” the boy questioned. Almost immediately the aqua manipulating teenage girl looked at the boy in amuse.

              “I thought you already knew.” She retorted.

              “Already knew what?”

              “Of course you’re my friend silly.” The girl answered with a cheeky grin on her face. Hearing her words the boy was greatly pleased. The two finally caught up with the long, white haired employee who stood at the bottom of a round staircase. The young adolescent male looked up only to see that the round staircase went up about nine to eight feet higher than they were.

              “Why are we going upstairs?” the flame manipulating boy inquired aloud.

              “The hair salon is upstairs.” Breanna stated.

              “Well unless we’re going to fly up to the next level, move your butts!” Alyssa complained.

              With a loud, weary yawn from the ink black, spiky haired young boy; the three cantered up the stairs. Minutes past, with multiple mournful sighs from the customers they finally reached the top of the spiral, brown stairway. “We made it.” Alyssa chanted.

              Panting for air, the young flame manipulating boy stumbled backwards tripping over his own feet. “Yikes!” Zane yelped as his body tipped backwards, it seemed as if everything began to slow down. Quickly with no time to spare, the boy jolted into the air holding his cloths tight in his arms.

              “Zane!” the blue eyed adolescent girl screamed. With great ease Zane ascended five stairs down away from the second story door. With tremendous relief, Zane and Alyssa both let out a loud sigh.

              “Let’s all hurry up and get in the salon before you hurt yourself kid.” The employee remarked.

              “My name is Zane.” The young adolescent replied.

              Breanna twisted the golden doorknob and pushed the brown door open. “Welcome to the Strands Of Love Hair Salon.” The employee announced. As the two girls walked inside of the hair salon, the boy continued to climb up the stairs exhausted to the full extent. When the flame manipulating boy reached the top of the stairway, he slowly peered inside to see what the others were doing. The room was dark; hence there weren’t any lights on.

              As Zane stumbled around in the pitch black room, holding his arms out so that he wouldn’t fall or bump into anything. “Alyssa, Breanna, someone. Where are you?” he called out.

              “Hold on, I’ll turn on the lights.” shouted Breanna.

              Thump!!!!! The lights turned on and Zane once again tripped over his feet landing flat on his rump in the middle of the salon floor. “Jeeze kid, you’re like the king of clumsy, you know that?” stated Breanna.

              “Sorry.” The boy apologized.

              “Done be so hard on him, he’s just a first year and it’s not even his first day.” Said Alyssa.

              “I’m just teasing him.” Breanna replied. Zane picked himself up and dusted off his ratted black pants. As he looked around the bright orange room, he saw a set three chairs beside each other behind a stack of fashion magazines laying on a brown coffee table.

              “This doesn’t look like a hair salon.” Said Zane.

              “That’s because this is the waiting room.” Replied Breanna.

              “Oh,” said Zane as he rubbed a hand through his spiky, jet black hair, “What do we do now?”

              “Well first I’m going to wash your hair and then a little trim to your hair. Oh and while I’m at it well cut down those bushy eyebrows of yours.” The girl replied.

              Quickly as if she were in a hurry, Breanna grabbed Zane by the wrist and charged towards the next room. “Hey wait a minute, what wrong with my eyebrows!” the boy shouted.

              Alyssa quickly bolted behind the two as the darted inside of the next room. Breanna swiftly turn on the light of the next room and swung Zane into a black chair with a sink attach to the back of it. Instantly the feet of the chair lifted up making Zane lay flat in the chair with his head inside the sink. “Be still why don’t you, you’re going to get shampoo in your eyes!” Shouted Breanna.

              Breanna turned the sink faucet on Luke warm and water splashed Zane in the face making his jet black hair soaking wet, the girl turned and picked up a shampoo bottle off of a brown shelf labeled, “Hair-poo: get’s the stink out,” and gently massaged it into the boys scalp. Minutes later as she washed out the soap from the boys hair, she placed a white towel on his shoulders and sat him down in a black and white, leather Hair Dryer Chair. Breanna then grabbed a bright red, cylinder shaped bottle labeled, “Toxic.” As she squeezed the liquid into her palms, she began to rub it deep into the boys hair. “Hey, what’s that!” shouted Zane.

              “Oh calm down clumsy king, it’s just conditioner. I’ll leave it in for about ten minutes under the dryer and then we’ll give you a little trim.” The white haired girl explained as she placed her black, bunny skulled headphones over her ears.

              “O-ok.” Said Zane as he sat back, trying to relax as warm air pushed against his damp hair. The boy took a deep breath and let out a loud sigh as he thought about his current position. He then thought about earlier in the day, about the boy he angered.

              “What’s wrong Zane, you seem tense? Are you still thinking about Stark?” asked Alyssa as she knelled down in front of his chair.

              “It all happened so quickly.” He replied.

              “What do you mean?” she asked.

              “His eyes started to glow, and I didn’t know what to do or how to react.” The boy remarked.

              “That’s because,” Alyssa paused, “He was looking at your soul.”

              “What do you mean, looking at my soul?!” The boy shouted

              “It’s a special skill that all students learn in order to do what we do best.”

              “What is that?” the boy asked.

              “It’s simple really. We protect the world, from those destructive beast known as demons.” Breanna informed nonchalantly.

              “D-d-demons!” the boy shouted bumping his head.

              “But why did he use it on me?” asked Zane as he rubbed the knot on his forehead.
              Breanna stood up and removed her bunny sculled headphones. “Because that skill, known as Soul Sight, is not only used to detect demon souls in a high population of humans. It can also be used to glare at anothers soul and soul sharer since after you make the contract, you not only carry your soul inside your body, but you carry your partner’s soul as well.” Informed Breanna.

              Taking in all the information just given to him, Zane sat back in the dryer chair. “That just makes me feel like an idiot.” Murmured Zane.

              “Cheer up clumsy king, that guy can be a real jerk sometimes.” She said as she walked behind the checkered dryer chair.

              “Your ten minutes should be up. Let’s see how it came out.” stated Breanna. Carefully the girl removed the hot, mechanical hair dryer and focused deeply on what she was doing.

              “Close your eyes Zane I want you to remember what you use to look like.” instructed the worker.

              Zane obediently closed his eyes, seeing nothing but empty darkness. Curiously, Alyssa stood on the tip of her toes just to take a peek, and then as she looked it was as if disaster had struck. She quickly turned her head towards Breanna with a giant look of fear o her visage. “Breanna! Look at what you did! Zane’s going to freak when he sees this!” shouted Alyssa.

              “What’s going on, is everything okay?” questioned Zane.

              “I don’t understand what could have happened. I read the instructions and everything.” Breanna murmured.

              “What happened?” the boy asked. Zane opened his eyes only to zee a shocked expression on Alyssa’s face.

              “When I show you Zane, you have to promise you won’t freak out.” Breanna said calmly.

              Out of nowhere, the white haired employee pulled out a small green mirror and held it in front of Zane. The boy looked in the mirror, everything looked normal, same face, same smooth tan skin, and the same dirt brown eyes. Then he looked at his hair, it was no longer its ink black color, it was as if it had been replaced with a flaming red color. “M-m-my hair!!!” Zane screeched

              “It’s not all that bad Zane, really. I’m sure Breanna can fix it.” Exclaimed Alyssa, as she tried to calm the flame manipulating boy down.

              “I thought you weren’t going to freak out.” stated Breanna.

              “Not that bad, my hair looks like a ripe tomato! And I never agreed not to freak out!” the boy shouted even louder than before.

              “I’m very sorry, but I think I can fix this,” the white haired employee stated. Breanna grabbed a pair of silver clippers and began to cautiously cut off strands of the boys flaming red hair. In a matter of minutes, she was done turning the boy’s red spiky hair into red medium hair with a short band in the middle.

              “That’s better.” said Alyssa.

              “Check it out for yourself, clumsy king.” stated the employee with a sweat vanilla aroma. Zane grabbed the miniature, green mirror and hopefully glanced.

              “My hair!” he shouted.

              “I apologize clumsy king, I must have grabbed the wrong bottle.” The girl apologized.

              “How do you mistake a bottle of hair dye for conditioner!” shouted Zane.

              “Calm down, I’m sure it’ll come out in a week or two. Right?” asked Alyssa.

              Breanna grabbed the bottle of hair dye that she used on Zane’s head and read it aloud. “Toxic, permanent red hair dye…… Ooops.” she remarked.

              “P-p-p-p-permanent!” the boy shouted.

              “Oops!” shouted Alyssa.

              “I’m sorry, how about you get the clothes free of charge.” The employee bribed.

              Zane realized that, crying over what happened wouldn’t change anything. The red haired adolescent boy stood up, and gave a calming smile to both Breanna and Alyssa. “It’s ok, accidents happen. I mean, it could have been worse right.” he reassured.

              “I’ll just give the clothes to you, on the house.” Retorted Breanna.

              Zane peered out of the window only to see the beautiful sunset. “It’s getting dark Zane I should take you to your dorm.” Alyssa insisted.

              “Oh, ok.” Replied Zane. With a final friendly smile, the two ambled down he stairs eager to get to their next destination.
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