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Old January 21st, 2013 (8:25 PM).
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Technology has changed our lives, therefore it has also changed education as well. So, having computers in school would make things easier when you learn stuff, right?

Well, kinda. xD

For those of you who are in school, whether grade school or college/university (whether past or present!). Tell us about the computers at your school. Are they super restrictive in terms of accessing certain websites like Facebook, Twitter, or even PC? What OS are they on? What are the models? Etc! You don't have to go all too technical on it, though!

In high school, the computers were extremely strict with their usage policy. Pretty much 99.99% of the internet was blocked. There was literally no use with them except for word processing. If I want to do homework that would require me to do some researching, I would have to wait till I get home at night to do so. Back then we were using Windows 2000 until my senior year, they finally upgraded to XP.

In college, the computers at the various labs around campus still carry this restriction, but it was less stricted than high school. Sites like facebook and youtube were blocked, but not Twitter. Although, the only worst part is that the majority of the computers had IE 6 (some with IE 7) which was literally HORRIBLE, because it was slow as hell. All computers had 4 GB RAM, and Windows 7 Professional. How could they NOT upgrade the browsers? >_>
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Old January 21st, 2013 (9:04 PM).
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When I was in high school we used Win 95 and didn't even have the internet. the only use we had for them was typing up reports if we didn't have a computer at home.

today though, I manage the computers used by the same high school on a volunteer basis until my degree gets finalized. We use Macs for the high school kids, but the elementary lab is all Windows 7 and managed by someone else. We still block many things like Youtube and Facebook, but I would have to say at least 50+% is still widely accessible including many great resource sites for the kids to use for topics and other projects.
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Old January 21st, 2013 (9:41 PM).
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Depending on what point it was when I was in school, we had anything from the pre-iMac Apple Computers, computers with Windows 98, all the way to the final generation of Windows XP computers around the time I graduated a couple years ago. And depending on the course, many of the computers had a lot of up to date programs, like AutoCAD, Adobe CS4, etc.

Internet access was actually pretty open, with only the major social networks being blocked (even YouTube was accessible). Even then, most people I knew used alternate web addresses to get on sites like Facebook and Twitter, and teachers never seemed to mind.
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Old January 24th, 2013 (9:53 AM).
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School computers in my middle and high schools were terrible. The only thing that got routinely upgraded was Microsoft Office, and even then it wasn't worth the upgrade because all we did was type essays and use PowerPoint. 99% of the internet was blocked , and if it wasn't blocked at the time then it's certainly blocked now. At some point in my junior year of high school they were forced to unblock Google Images for students and Youtube for teachers.

At some point a lot of schools in the district were rebuilt and given Smart Boards for the classrooms, but whatever seminars were given to the teachers went right over their heads and it resulted in some of the greatest misuse of technology that I've ever seen. Some teachers used them as $1,300 projector screens, some taped student art to them like display boards, I saw one accidentally write on one with a marker and then try to wipe it off when she realized that this thing protruding a foot out from the white board wasn't the white board. It kind of made me realize that upgrading the technology in such a generally stupid area would hurt the teachers more than it'd help the kids.
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Old January 24th, 2013 (10:45 AM).
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In Elementary we had Windows 98 and it was 'alright' since the research we did was pretty basic and didn't require much from the computer.

In high school, my class computer was a.... Windows 95. Yes a 95 during the 2000's era. It took about 5 minutes to start up and people were raging at it because it was just so slow. In the computer lab we had Windows 98 (at least) and nothing special about them. They had security mesurements to prevent us from going to Youtube, Facebook, 4chan and all those NSFW sites. But I still managed to hack into the school's security system and take off the sites they had. I also took off some of the keys and placed them in different parts of the keyboard.

During my 2 last years of high school, they finally decided to upgrade to XP. Not much difference there, only they upgraded the IOS.
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Old January 24th, 2013 (1:49 PM).
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We had Windows 98 in Kidnergarten, but after that it was all Windows XP until I got into middle school. After getting pulled out of 6th grade and going into a wealthy high school two years later, every computer has Windows 7, as well as a personal laptop for every student.

The student laptops at FFCHS all have 4 GB of ram and ~1.75 GHz processors, with ~180 GB hard drives. Of course, most students have flash drives for all their crap. :)
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Old January 24th, 2013 (3:22 PM).
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In elementary school, we had Macintosh computers that ran Max OS 9. Some were older PowerMac models and others were iMac G3s.. those all logged in with a special program known as KidDesk which bypassed the desktop on first boot. In the classroom the computers didn't have an Internet browser but in the Media Center and the computer lab, those came with Internet Explorer 5.1 for Mac. By my 3rd grade year, however, the school got computers that came with Windows XP. All of those computers had internet access (classroom or not) but were only teacher use at the time they first were given. By my 4th grade year, another shipment of XP-loaded computers came to the school and each classroom had 2 of the XP computers (one for student use). By the end of my 4th grade year, because of the XP computers in the class, the Computer Lab got disassembled and converted into a regular classroom. And finally, by the middle of my 5th grade year, all traces of Apple hardware were gone.

In middle school, it was all XP. Each XP computer had used domain logins for the accounts, so they were universal on every computer. The teachers had their own accounts, there was a general student account and there was an admin account. We also had laptops (probably from the earlier 2000s because these laptops were very slow and had Pentium M processors) that ran XP and served the same purpose. Also, each computer in the school had Google Earth installed on it. My middle school also had wifi spots all over the campus. And by my 8th grade year, I learned the Administrator login and password information.

In high school, its still XP. (at the start) However the computers here are more locked down then they are compared to my middle school experiences (the IT person uses remote control software to enforce school-purpose usage). You cannot change settings on the computer unless logged in as an admin (not even the resolution of the monitor). However, last year, my high school got computers that ran Windows 7! Those are only in some of the computer labs though. It's still XP in the classrooms and in the media center. The logins are the same as above (domain-run). There's a generic student login, teachers' logins and the administrative login. Unlike middle school, I do not know the administrator login information. However, I do have my own personalized login information and it works on both the XP computers in the school and the Windows 7 computers.

TL;DR? :\
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Old January 24th, 2013 (5:00 PM).
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Originally Posted by Leaf Storm View Post
In college, the computers at the various labs around campus still carry this restriction, but it was less stricted than high school. Sites like facebook and youtube were blocked, but not Twitter. Although, the only worst part is that the majority of the computers had IE 6 (some with IE 7) which was literally HORRIBLE, because it was slow as hell. All computers had 4 GB RAM, and Windows 7 Professional. How could they NOT upgrade the browsers? >_>
Maybe your college. At GVSU, I can't think of any sites that were blocked that weren't explicitly dangerous. I guess they figured (and rightfully so) that if you're paying money to be there, it's your money to waste if you want to screw around. And our campus IT was pretty competent, it sounds like you just go to a sketchy school.

If they did block sites, I'd just set up a VPN or proxy server with a low-power laptop I've had sitting around at my house forever. Can't block that.
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Old February 1st, 2013 (6:38 PM).
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In my school, i think they're Windows 8, not sure the model, PC isn't blocked but other things are, if you play any games on it, they take away your privileges to use it.
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Old February 4th, 2013 (12:31 AM).
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Mine are great. Hundreds of them, >20" screens, all with at least i5 CPUs. The internet access isn't too restrictive (YouTube etc. is still available), but the department of education here doesn't even activate it until 2 hours after each school day starts, so Facebook and whatnot is pretty much fair game for anybody, lol.
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Old February 4th, 2013 (7:00 AM).
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Computers at college are sooo much better than the ones at school. They've got the whole CS6 package as well as Autodesk stuff too. They run windows 7. Pretty much everything is unblocked barring the obvious porn sites aswell as gumtree for some reason o_o Most of the computers are HPs.
During secondary school for 5 years we just used XP and pretty much everything was blocked and people had long lists of proxies to get into Facebook and stuff when I was in my final year we got computers with Windows7 on them and lots of decent programs like Sibelius 7 in the music department [4 was better though :u] and I think CS4 in art computers. We also had laptops that we could borrow from the Library after that. We had Dells and RM(?) desktops iirc. One teacher was a staunch windows hater, she was a crazzzy mac fangirl.
Primary school was windows 2000 and was until I left in 2006? They've got Windows 7 now.

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Old February 4th, 2013 (12:58 PM).
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Basically it went like:

Middleschool/high school: Windows XP and a few macs
University: Windows 7 and Macs.

No vista for obvious reasons, and 8 isn't quite there yet.
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Old February 4th, 2013 (4:05 PM).
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Back in elementary/middle school the computer lab has all access computers, and it was awesome. Only 3 or so were working properly with XP, the rest were Windows 95/98 with various issues(I was the computer wiz of the class thanks to my dad's profession and the fact that I was the only one at age 7 able to use the mouseless one XD), and when we would use them it was great. We got to play neopets during class, go on AOL, and some myspace towards the 7th grade/8th grade. We even had one mac, and it was the most amazing, solid piece of hardware the Comp Lab held. It was the first of those All in Ones, white with very glossy plastic, kind of like the 3DS. It was all fun and games, until someone did the impossible and got a virus on it. That's right, somehow some way we managed to bork a mac on an OS level.

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Old February 4th, 2013 (4:38 PM).
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My high school uses all Macs, at least in the computer labs. I think they use PCs in the library, Dells, if I remember right.

Every computer in the damn school is really restrictive, sadly. Even PC is blocked, although I've managed to bypass the system once or twice. No clue as to how.
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Old February 4th, 2013 (7:11 PM). Edited February 4th, 2013 by Synerjee.
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In my primary school in my country, each of the classrooms have around a dozen or so computers at the back. They only ran Windows XP as that was the latest model that was out back then. Do you remember Friendster? Yeahh, those were the times~ Friendster and YouTube weren't blocked at first, but the school blocked them not long after as students (mostly male) were sneaking onto the computers to go online as well as to play DotA whenever the teachers' backs were turned. xD I remember that there was a site called Pokemon Crater where one could go about as a trainer, capture Pokemon by walking about on a map, train them, battle them with other people as well as battle Gym Leaders and the Elite Four! Sadly, this site doesn't exist anymore..

Secondary school was the same as well. My primary and secondary school were under the same name, so the facilities such as the computers at the back of the classrooms were the same. We were given a little more freedom, seeing as we were older and were expected to be more responsible.

I then switched to another school for my final year of secondary school where each student had their own laptop. There weren't any restrictions, but we were under supervision nonetheless.

During college, the computer labs ran Windows XP and Windows 7. Facebook and YouTube weren't blocked, thank goodness! I don't think any websites were blocked. Man was I glad! xD

Where I'm studying now, none of the websites are blocked. I don't think they had a reason to do so haha.
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Old February 5th, 2013 (1:57 PM).
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I can't remember precisely how our secondary school computers worked, but they were definitely Windows XP and they definitely had some restrictions. However, apart from the obvious porn ones, I can't really remember what they were. At uni, it was still on Windows XP, but the restrictions were much less strict. Indeed, I don't actually think anything was physically blocked, but we were told that our IT use was under constant moderation. However, no one really seemed to care all that much, as they were too busy genuinely doing work! (The hours peeps spent in the library, oh my days.) At work, I haven't really tested out the restrictions, but it's a very similar situation to that of uni: people mostly are very busy and have work to do; the IT systems - when not screwing up - are mostly there to be helpful, so allow for more openness.
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Old February 5th, 2013 (8:03 PM).
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My earliest computer memories were on an old Mac back in Kindergarten. Green and black display. Ick. But I spent a lot of time playing some Muppets game on it.

Then there was a model with a black and white display and I would spend time on "Kid Pix" (I think that's what it was called).

My class rooms for the actual "grades" (1-8) had computers although we weren't allowed to use them because the teachers either didn't know how or didn't want us to break something. Although we were allowed to research and type on them in Grades 7 & 8. It was either Windows '95 or '98 I think. With some weird custom interface where all the applications are school books and your selection is very limited. I managed to access the actual Windows Explorer though and installed other browsers and some prank programs (like making your screen look broken) :p

High school was fine. I guess. Memory's a little fuzzy. Might have been because I was in a computer class. Was on LiveJournal a lot. But they had some software that seemed strange like a colouring book

In university, computer labs are fine although our user accounts have very limited space
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Old February 6th, 2013 (10:32 PM).
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Growing up my elementary school used Windows 98, then from middle school onwards the computer we used was a mac. Nowadays I'm on the computer lab all the time and had a broadcasting class last semester and the former uses windows xp while the latter uses mac. I'm pretty sure the computers in the library use macs too but I rarely ever use them.

They block all the usual websites, but the computers in my broadcasting class had access to youtube since we were allowed to use it.
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Old February 7th, 2013 (2:40 PM).
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In my high school the computers have no net and there really isn't much you can do aside from the activity given by the teacher.
College, however there are no restrictions on the internet access, meaning one can facebook while doing the assigned activities. Youtube, other video sites and games cannot be accessed though because they slow the connection down.
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Old February 7th, 2013 (2:43 PM).
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Windows 95 was at my school for a short time my kindergarten year, then we made the switch to Windows XP. Once I hit high school, we had windows 7, which was amazing until someone decided it would be easier if we changed all of the operating systems to Knoppix. God I hate Knoppix more than I despise any Max OS.
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Old February 8th, 2013 (8:27 AM).
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In my school (left now) but last year, we had ****** computers, massive cube ones (apart from in the head of IT's room) and they were so slow, and they blocked absoloutley every game, they even went through our files for our flash games we brang in via memory stick, we had a couple of nerdy kids make a website with the games, and then when that got blocked, they made another etc, ongoing battle xD

Anyway, like 3 months before we were to finish school, they ALL upgraded to actually half decent slim computers, thanks a lot school.
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Old February 8th, 2013 (9:02 AM).
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When I was in high school, grade school only had them for the staff we had windows 98 with everything banned on it part from educational stuff.. O h the computers were Dell block shaped ones.
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Old February 9th, 2013 (12:17 PM).
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Ugh, our school computers (except for graphic design class) are TERRRIIIBBLLE.
Windows XP and sooo slow. They are just in general CRAP computers too.

Our graphic design computers are really nice though. Double monitors for everyone, nice, clean fast.. Just awesome.
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